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Cybersecurity is a regular podcast produced by the Hoover Institution in conjunction with the Stanford Cyber Policy Program. Cyberspectives provides insights and analysis on the technology, policy, and legal issues associated with ensuring cybersecurity in an increasingly complex technology environment.

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Adam Segal on China, Cybersecurity, and Global Trade

In this episode, Adam Segal of the Council on Foreign Relations discusses US-China relations in the context of cybersecurity, the digital supply chain, and trade. (Playing time: 33:36)

4 Jun 2019

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Fiona Cunningham on China and Cybersecurity

In this episode, Stanford researcher Fiona Cunningham discusses cybersecurity in relation to China, addressing areas including military strategy and computer technology in the context of China’s overall strategic and geopolitical goals.(Playing time: 36:14)

25 Apr 2019

Rank #2

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Exploring Cybersecurity and Geopolitics with Chris Bronk

In this episode of Cyberspectives, Chris Bronk discusses the geopolitical implications of cybersecurity, including how control of information—and misinformation—impacts international relations.

16 Jan 2019

Rank #3

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Ex-Facebook security head Alex Stamos on cybersecurity, elections, and the Internet of Things

In this episode, ex-Facebook security head Alex Stamos discusses cybersecurity in relation to disinformation and elections, the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, the breaches we don’t read about, and the challenges of securing social networking services. (Playing time 27:20)

12 Nov 2018

Rank #4

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Lillian Ablon on Global Markets for Zero-Day Exploits and Stolen Data

RAND Corporation researcher Lillian Ablon discusses global markets for stolen digital data and zero-day exploits, the longevity of zero-day vulnerabilities, and the resulting impact on business risk profiles.Did you like the show? You can rate, review, subscribe. (Playing time:40:34)

4 Sep 2018

Rank #5