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The Quantum Mechanics

Tangled in the equations of Quantum Mechanics, Parham Shafti & Dominic Plaza are riding the sine waves as a system in unison. Having music as their palette, their interpretations during this excursion have resulted in a series of releases under various monikers, the prime one being The Quantum Mechanics. Follow this podcast to get quantified by their musical expeditions!

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Episode 04: Interference

The Quantum Mechanics Episode 04: Interference Tiefschwarz - Corporate Butcher (Rampa & Re.You Remix) [Watergate] Extrawelt - Herz Aus Blech [Cocoon] Terranova – So Strong Feat Khan (Twelve Inch Mix) [Kompakt] Agoria Feat. Scalde - Singing (Dixon Dub) [Innervisions] Dominik Eulberg - Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Dirt Glow Remix) [Traum Schallplatten] Space Dimension Controller - Confined To Deep Space [R&S] Holger Zilske - Druckraum (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) [Playhouse] Apparat - Goodbye (Instrumental) [Mute] Robag Wruhme - Wemmel (Original Mix) [Kompakt] Ripperton - Lost In Colors (Tobias Welcome Song) [Systematic] I:Cube - Jah Menta [Versatile] The Black Dog - Eden 353 [Soma] Maurice Aymard - Dimensiones Imposibles [Galaktika Records] The Quantum Mechanics - Release Room [Unfokused] Matthias Vogt - Under The Radar [Lazy Days Music] Sei A - Frozen Flower (Youandewan Remix) [Turbo] FC Kahuna - Hayling (Max Cooper Remix) [Skint] Like this? Join us and get quantified. http://listn.to/TheQuantumMechanics

1hr 11mins

16 Dec 2011

Rank #1

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Episode 03: Deceleration

The Quantum Mechanics Podcast Episode 03 - Deceleration On the third TQM podcast we decrease the pace substantially and delve into a deeper area to give you an hour of forward thinking electronic music. Biosphere - Inner Ohm Asc - View Form Above Vakama - Yemaya Kuedo - Ant City Desolate - Endurance Radiohead - Little By Little (Shed Rmx) Brian Eno - Vanadium Move D/Namlook - Home Shopping Seekae - +Dome Boards Of Canada - Kaini Industries Asc - The Touch (Vaccine Remix) Jean F Cochois - Stadtlichter John Beltran - Collage Of Dreams Sven Weisemann - Rootless Nils Frahm - Keep Apparat - Ash Black Veil To quote the french composer Claude Debussy "Music is the silence between the notes". ::::::::::::::::: Like this? Join us and get quantified. http://www.listn.to/TheQuantumMechanics

1hr 2mins

20 Oct 2011

Rank #2

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Episode 02: The Wave Theory

"Wave Theory unites quantum mechanics and classical physics by introducing a fundamental structure that exists in all the universe’s elements: one wave that is formed by two loops." We hope you enjoy our second podcast. The Quantum Mechanics Episode 02: The Wave Theory Kawabata - Feelin It [Drumpoet Community] Nadja Lind – Downunder Dub (Trinity & Beyond Remix) [Pinksilver Music] Matthew Burton & Nick Lawson - Playdo - Inxec's Remould [Leftroom] Black Coffee-Juju Feat Zakes Bantwini (Halo & Atjazz Deeply Minded Dub) [CityDeep] Roman Flügel - How To Spread Lies [Dial] Mark Henning & Den - Sin City [Soma] Azari And III - Infiniti [Turbo Recordings] Gui Boratto - Destination Education [Kompakt] Willie Graff And Tuccillo – Go Deep [Circus Company] James What - It Feels Wrong [Poker Flat] Inxec Droog - Unhinged [Crosstown Rebels] Daniel Stefanik - Six [Kann Records] Cut Copy - Blink & Youll Miss A Revolution (Das Moth & Kenji Takimi Remix) [Modular Records] Jacob Korn & Cuthead Aka Kornhead - Ooohja [Permanent Vacation] Chmara Winter - Powidlo [Pets Recording] Like this? Join us and get quantified. http://listn.to/TheQuantumMechanics

1hr 5mins

16 Sep 2011

Rank #3

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Episode 01: The Signal

Check out the first ever set from this turbo-charged show of ours! Here we are going to bridge the boundaries between the quantum and the everyday world, in order to push the levels of your mind. Now and then we are going to inject you with ecstatic sets, where we fuse together the organic ambience of dub to the hypnotic groove of house and the explosive sound of techno. To kick this off we have put together an extended show to get you into the mood. The Quantum Mechanics Episode 01: The Signal Tanner Ross & Soul Clap - Intro Track [Wolf + Lamb] Luomo - Twist (Cut) [Mood Music] Geoff Wichmann - Lazarus feat Suzi Q [Ready Made] Ddisco - Lightbluemover [Hafendisko] Alexander Maier - Heslach (Prommer & Barck) [Mood Music] Tigerskin - Searching [Suruba] Azari & III - Manic (Borderline) [Turbo] Sello - With You [Wazi Wazi] Daniel Söllscher - To Get Her (PothOles) [Oh!] Luomo - Form In Void [Mood Music] Unknown - Unknown (Life & Death Remix) [Unknown] Sebastian Russell - Morning Sunglasses [Fenou] Daniel Sanchez, El Mundo & Satori - Ammonia feat. Fat Fingers [Bla Bla] Dark Sky - The Lick [50 Weapons] Audiojack - No Rest for the Wicked (H.O.S.H) [Gruuv] WestBoy - S L I V A (Chaim Remix) [Inmotion Music] Phreek Plus One - Sottocosto [Compost] Jacob Korn - She [Uncanny Valley] Gregorythme - Too Big To Fail (Digitaline) [City Fox] Totally Enormous Extinct Dinos - Trouble (Jamie Jones) [Phonica] Piemont - With Small Pupils (Jay Haze) [Suchtreflex] Phreek Plus One - Passion feat Mr White (Sportloto Tahion) [Compost] Tiger Stripes - A Touch Of Class [Gruuv] Larry Heard - Winterflower [Rebirth]

1hr 31mins

16 Aug 2011

Rank #4

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