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#76 - Borderline Drum and Bass Mix

New Zealand born Rich Gibbins is the face behind the production / dj force that is Borderline.With a discography of release’s stretching well beyond his years, show casing a broad spectrum of material on record labels that stand there own ground.You can find material on Project 51, Dispatch Recordings, SOM Music, Optiv’s Redlight Recordings, BTK’s Dutty Audio & Samurai Music just to name a few.Fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the underground dance music culture Borderline stamps his name in bold letters in 2014 with his debut album ‘ Flashes of the Future ‘ releasing on State of Minds imprint SOM Music.The Full Length CD of 12 tracks of accomplished drum and bass. From the darker end to the liquid minimal tip, it’s all there. The LP features stellar vocal contributions plus a cameo from State of Mind themselves.Feelings, a vocal collaboration taken from the LP with vocalist Bailey Wiley gaining creditable plays on Air New Zealand flights, winning The Audience wildcard chart award for the month of December and featuring on the June serious of NZ ON AIR ‘Kiwi Hit Disc’. Borderline has no sign of letting up in 2014 pushing his production boundaries with material already confirmed to expand his catalogue to greater heights, only adding to the arsenal of tracks that lure people to clubs and festivals from around the globe. Keep yourself informed on the name that is Borderline, he is setting the benchmark for underground dance music. TRACKLISTING1. Borderline - Feelings feat. Bailey Wiley - SOM Music 2. Borderline & Subtension - Reaction - Samurai Music3. Borderline - Things I Need - SOM Music4. Borderline - Turn Over - SOM Music5. Borderline & Safire - Rebellion - Dispatch Recordings 6. Borderline & Dose - Outspoken - Anodyne Audio7. Borderline & Menace - Wiseguy - SOM Music8. Borderline - Convenience - SOM Music9. Borderline - Two Sides - Syndrome Audio10. Borderline feat. Mc Fava - Immortal Soul - SOM Music11. Borderline - See Thru - Dutty Audio12. Borderline - Flash Bang - Dutty Audio 13. Borderline feat. Jabz Mc - Air Tight - Free Download14. Borderline - Synthetic Man - SOM Music15. Borderline - Meteorite VIP - SOM Music16. Borderline - Colossus - SOM Music17. Borderline - Edge Of Space - SOM Music18. Borderline & State Of Mind - Square One - SOM Music19. Borderline - Flashes Of The Future - SOM Music20. Borderline & Hooves - Rockhop - SOM Music21. Borderline feat. Coppa - The Watch - SOM Music

22 Jun 2014

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#75 - BTK and Optiv Drum and Bass Mix

Over the last year the duo known as Optiv & BTK have dominated the drum & bass scene with their unrelenting output of high quality, strictly for the dance floor releases and worldwide DJ sets.Both producers have had a long history of releases in the scene and between them have appeared on an impressive list of revered labels like Renegade Hardware, Subtitles Music, Virus, and many more. Optiv from the UK and BTK from Brazil joined forces in their new home town of Bern in Switzerland after meeting up at various drum & bass events in the area. Once inside the studio, the collaborative vibe and rapid results made it clear that consequences would never be the same.Thanks to the farmhouse fresh beats of Optiv & BTK, far more than just the hills are alive with the sound of (sick) music. TRACKLISTING01. Optiv & BTK - Blackjack feat. Rymetyme (Virus Recordings)02. Optiv & BTK - Telepathy (Virus Recordings)03. Optiv & BTK - Subterranean (Virus Recordings)04. Optiv & BTK - Shredder (Virus Recordings)05. Optiv & BTK & Mindscape - Intruder (Virus Recordings)06. Optiv, BTK & Cold Fusion - Void (Renegade Hardware)07. Optiv & BTK - That Sound (Virus Recordings)08. Optiv & BTK - Dirt Box (Virus Recordings)09. Optiv & BTK - Ground Shaker feat. Nuklear MC (Virus Recordings)10. Optiv & BTK - Snake Bite feat. Rymetyme (Virus Recordings)11. Mindscape - Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix) (Commercial Suicide)12. BTK & Nymfo - Drink Until This Night Makes Sense (?)13. BTK & Mindscape - Nemesis (Virus Recordings)14. Optiv & BTK - Midnight Nation (2am Remix) (Commercial Suicide)15. Optiv & BTK - Weapon Of Choice (Virus Recordings)16. Optiv, BTK & Black Sun Empire - Heart Shaped (Virus Recordings)17. Optiv & BTK & Mindscape - Goin' In (Virus Recordings)

11 Jun 2014

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#74 - Utah Jazz Drum and Bass Mix

Luke Wilson AKA Utah Jazz, is one of the original liquid funksters. He started mixing Drum & Bass whilst still at school, inspired by LTJ Bukem & Alex Reece and his DJ career soon blossomed – randomly adopting the name ‘Utah Jazz’ from the US Basketball team to showcase his preference for the mid 90s ‘Jazz-Jungle’ sound.In 2008, his debut album ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ was released worldwide to both commercial and critical acclaim - cementing Utah Jazz’s position as one of the major cross-over D&B artists this side of the millennium. Pipped at the post by worthy winners Chase & Status, 'It's A Jazz Thing' was also the 2nd highest placed Drum & Bass album in Mixmag's famous 2008 Top 50 poll, with Pendulum coming in 3rd.Since the release of 'It's A Jazz Thing', Utah Jazz has now joined the likes of High Contrast & Danny Byrd as one D&B's leading remixers with reworks for Wiley (Atlantic Records / Warner), Tricky (Domino Records), Lethal Bizzle (Search & Destroy / V2),Serani (Island Records / Universal) & Yo Majesty. TRACKLISTING1. Utah Jazz - January Silence (Spearhead Records LP)2. Utah Jazz - Survival Of The Fittest (Spearhead Records LP)3. Utah Jazz - Money's One Things feat. MC Conrad (Good Looking Records)4. Utah Jazz - Don't Look Back (Spearhead Records)5. Utah Jazz - You Walked Away feat. Hannah Eve (Spearhead Records)6. Utah Jazz - Endless feat. LaMeduza (Spearhead Records)7. Utah Jazz - Broken Home (Stamina MC VIP) (Vintage Recordings)8. Utah Jazz - Roll That Blues (Dub Version) (Spearhead Records)9. Utah Jazz - Runaway (Liquid V)10. Utah Jazz - Take No More (Vintage Recordings)11. Utah Jazz - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Spearhead Records)12. Utah Jazz - Riddim Track (Liquid V)13. Utah Jazz - Neckless feat. 4eVerest (Spearhead Records)14. Utah Jazz - Could You Handle It feat. MC DRS (Vintage Recordings)

1 Jun 2014

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#73 - A Sides and MC Fats Drum and Bass Mix

A true veteran DJ, producer and engineer, A Sides has an epic collection of releases to his name making him one of the most prolific and versatile artists in drum & bass. Over the course of his extensive career, A Sides has never limited himself to a single style and has proved to be a highly capable selector whatever style he is drawing for. He established his own label Eastside Records in 1996 and has since put out over 85 releases, including two compilation albums (Eastside Jamz Volumes 1 & 2) as well as A Sides solo albums "Follow The Groove" "Worldwide" "Mysterious Vibes" and the most recent album album "Based Upon Bass"A Sides has also recently added a digital arm to Eastside Records and made the entire back-catalogue available for mp3 download from digital store Beatport. For most of 2013 he has been the figurehead behind a fundraising album for his good friend MC Fats who has been suffering with health problems. He has managed to compile the We Gotcha album project boasting 40 tracks from many high profile artists.Other projects set for 2014 are a new A Sides solo album and also a joint collaboration album with Japanese producer Makoto. The future is looking bright! TRACKLISTING1. DJ SS & MC Fats - Revival 2. Need For Mirrors, HLZ & MC Fats - BUMP3. Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Dirty 784. A Sides & MC Fats - Rebel Rouser (Cabin Fever Remix) 5. A Sides & MC Fats - Dreaming (Serum & Bladerunner Remix)6. Will Miles & MC Fats - The Last Breath7. John B & MC Fats - Drop That Rhythm8. A Sides & MC Fats feat. Regina - What You Don't Know (Makoto Remix)9. Vignette - Eveson10. DJ Zinc & MC Fats - Move That Sound (Mr Joseph Remix)11. A Sides & MC Fats - Moment In Time (S.P.Y Remix)12. XRS & MC Fats - Lovin' (Random Movement Remix)13. Bailey & MC Fats - For The Love14. Squarewave & MC Fats - Special Moment (D-Bridge Remix)15. HLZ, DJ Chef & MC Fats - Souljah16. Mackadena. MC Random & MC Fats - Around The World (A Sides Remix)17. Alix Perez & MC Fats - Soulseeker18. S.I.N & MC Fats - Snuck VIP19. Mr Explicit & MC Fats - Play That Game20. A Sides & MC Fats - Crazy (Czekki Remix)21. Brother & MC Fats - True To You

13 May 2014

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#71 - Ewol & Espired Drum and Bass Mix

The 16-year old duo Ewol & Espired, are a prime example of the talent and initiative teenagers have within the industry today. Being on completely different sides of the planet, (Ewol being Australian and Espired being Norwegian), they managed to come together over the internet with a mutual love of production. Having both only taken on production in late 2012, the pair rapidly developed their skills and a year later sent a bundle of tracks over to Most Addictive Records, which evolved in to the mighty Copperhead EP. With such high production levels so early on in their career, there is no doubt that these boys have serious potential to push through the ranks of the drum & bass scene. TRACKLISTING1. Ewol & Espired - Copperhead (Most Addictive Records)2. Akov - Rubix3. Phace - Electronic Frontier (Neodigital Recordings)4. Ewol & Espired - Showdown5. Priority One - Ambition (Forthcoming Most Addictive Records)6. Ewol & Espired - Visions (Most Addictive Records)7. Mediks - Come Back Down (AudioPorn Records)8. Emperor - Monolith VIP*9. Ed:it - I Would (Shogun Audio)10. Teddy Killerz - New Message11. Mediks - Cannibals feat. KJ Sawka (AudioPorn Records)12. Emperor - Phamel Cat13. Loadstar - Terror Drone14. Xilent - Twisted (AudioPorn Records)15. Xilent - Boss Wave (James Marvel Remix) (AudioPorn Records)16. Conduct - Eternally (Lifestyle Recordings)17. Ewol & Espired - Fraction (Most Addictive Records)

14 Apr 2014

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#68 - Submatik Drum and Bass Mix

Submatik are a Drum & Bass trio hailing from Hamburg (Germany) & Brugge (Belgium) consisting of 3 individuals, each with their own unique talents that not only complement each other, but help to create the distinct sound that makes them so recognisable. Founded in 2012, Reinout Roose (DJ & lyricist) brings to the table deep and moving lyrics that complete Oscar Oomens' (production & DJ) energetic yet wide productions. The trio is completed by the newest member, Philip Dakowitz (production, guitar & DJ) whose personal taste of production, melodies and wicked guitar licks contribute to the sound of this rising artist collective. 2013 has been an incredible year so far with Submatik being on the bill of sell out gigs such as Liquicty Antwerp, as well as having the pleasure of playing alongside some of the biggest names in the scene such as Shockone, Culture Shock, Maduk, Murdock and Niskerone to name but a few. It’s going to be a big year for this rising trio, with tracks being signed and released in the summer, featuring on various compilations throughout the year and no doubt some more ground breaking collaborations in the pipeline, Submatik are a talented threesome whose passion for creating exceptional music will ensure that they leave their mark on the Drum and Bass community. TRACKLISTINGSubmatik - Sunset (feat. Greg Cooke)Submatik - Chasing StarsMatrix & Futurebound - All I Know (Submatik Remix)Submatik & Dualistic - Let Me Feel - Liquicity RecordsMediks - Blown Away (Submatik Remix)Submatik - Stories Can WaitMasoombo Bass - New York (Submatik Remix) - Broken MusicSubmatik - EndeavourVirtual Riot - All I Need (Submatik Remix)Submatik - Funk ThingSubmatik - Shine - Radar RecordsSubmatik - Silent Stranger (feat. Charli Brix) - Limitless RecordingsSubmatik - FireflySubmatik - Tempted (feat. Charli Brix)

14 Feb 2014

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#65 - Levela Drum and Bass Mix

After years of learning the art of DJ'ing from his older brother, a 13 year old Levela wanted to know how the tracks were made so he tried his hand at production. Spending each and every waking minute in the studio, Levela began to build a large back catalogue of tracks that he believed were good enough quality to release to the public. So he sent several demo CDs & e-mails to a number of labels for some feedback. Soon after this, DJ Phantasy from Easy Records spotted the young talent and invited him to work exclusively with his label. For 5 years, DJ Phantasy became like a mentor to Levela by giving him production tips and guiding him into the D'n'B scene by setting up collaborations with high profile names like Skibadee, Funsta and Harry Shotta to name a few. This brought about Levela's debut solo 12" on Easy Records "Dubstyle Ft MC Funsta" & "Stamina" followed by the hugely successful 5 track "Stark Ravin' Mad EP" which topped the Drum'n'Bass Arena Album Charts as well as taking the top 5 places on the Nu Urban Download Charts. Other releases throughout this time include his collaborations with Dub Zero entitled "Overdrive" & "Messy" which also reached no 1 on the DNBA charts, no 1 on the Nu Urban Download Charts and was a hand picked, Featured Release on Trackitdown.net. These releases saw Levela get many DJ bookings all over the UK and Europe as well as becoming a resident DJ for Innovation and Devotion events. Levela has performed to tens of thousands of people over the last few years in a number of different countries including Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Czech Republic and Austria. Crissy Criss from BBC 1xtra has supported several of Levela's tracks on his weekly radio show as well as having extensive club play from almost every major DJ in the scene. April 2010 saw Levela set up his own record label, Multi Function Music, which has consistently released tracks from himself as well as other up'n'coming and established artists, with each release hitting the sales charts without fail. Soon coming up to release number 32, Multi Function Music is going from strength to strength with high profile artists wanting to work with the label. In 2010, the dubstep A-Lister Datsik head hunted Levela and suggested they work together on a few projects which brought around the highly anticipated "Levela Drumstep Remix" of Datsik's biggest track to date, "Firepower". This track was supported by Excision, Datsik, Skrillex, Downlink and many others before being released on Excision's label Rottun Records in April 2011. More recently, Levela has remixed for Benny Page, Dope Ammo, Konichi & Decimal Bass (Annix) & more. Now with Levela's YouTube track uploads totalling over a million views, there's no surprise he has high studio demands, a busy DJ diary, remix offers flying in and a Europe wide Multi Function tour in the making. TRACKLISTING1. Point.blank (feat Anna Yvette) - Divide (Levela Remix) (Dubsaw Records)2. Levela (feat Jayline) - Unreal (Multi Function)3. Levela (feat MC Funsta) - Warn You (VIP Mix) (Multi Function)4. Dope Ammo - Kill Bill (Levela Remix) (VIP Mix) (Dope Ammo Records)5. Majistrate - Hibernate (VIP Mix) (Low Down Deep)6. Levela - Human Race (Random Concept Digital)7. Hizzleguy - Take Off (VIP Mix) (Multi Function)8. Levela - Gassed (Multi Function)9. Levela - Imaginary Friend (VIP Mix) (Multi Function)10. Levela - Cologanist (3Flow Records)11. Too Greezey - Passion For Anger (Multi Function)12. Levela - Scumbag (Dub)13. Levela - Rumple Stinkslit (VIP Mix) (High Culture Records)14. Levela - Phaze One (Multi Function)15. Agro & Hizzleguy - Back To The Future (Multi Function)16. Levela (feat VV-Elle) - Louder (Multi Function)17. Freek - Face (Dub)18. Eko - As We Roll (Levela Remix) (Snatch & Run Audio)19. Pleasure - Popcorn (Killa Bytes)20. Levela - WTF! (VIP Mix) (Multi Function)21. Levela - Ecstasy Love (Simplistix Remix) (Multi Function)22. M.A.M.F - Gun Man (Multi Function)23. Levela & Substainless - Washed My Soul Clean (Multi Function)24. Levela - Engage (Multi Function)25. Levela - Dilemma (Multi Function)26. Levela - Never Let You Go (Multi Function)

14 Dec 2013

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#64 - Audio Drum and Bass Mix

Full time DJ/producer since 2006 and needing no introduction, Audio performs across the globe on a weekly basis; from the biggest festivals in Europe to smaller intimate settings, shaking the foundations and leaving a trail of destruction with every single show! -Since forging his own very distinct brand of techy dance floor drum & bass, honed superbly on his first highly acclaimed LP with Technical Freaks “To the Edge of Reason”, Audio propelled a light speed into the Drum and Bass limelight, and quickly snapped up by his musical heroes, Virus Recordings. His first album for the legendary label, “Genesis Device”, literally tore through dance floors across the World, from Europe to Australia, with tracks like “Collision” and “Stratosphere” to name just a few of the most popular. Pushing himself to the limit, he swiftly followed with “The Journey” EP, and then in October 2012 unleashed his sophomore Virus Album, “Soul Magnet” with the seminal track “Headroom” played out by anybody lucky enough to have it! . Now considered by Ed Rush & Optical as a core member of the Virus camp, Audio continues to churn out massive techstep stompers without exception. Tune in and let me know what you think of Audio's mix in the comments! TRACKLISTING1. Cause 4 Concern - Peepshow (Audio Remix) - Virus2. Audio - Botfly - Virus 3. Audio - Trinity - Virus 4. Audio ft. Stapleton - Carcass - Virus 5. Audio & InsideInfo - Recluse6. Audio - Fathom - Virus7. Audio - Nomad - Virus8. Audio - Pusher - Virus9. Audio - Mudshark - Virus10. Audio - Airbourne - Virus11. Audio - Headroom VIP - Virus

27 Nov 2013

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#60 - Current Value Drum and Bass Mix

Current Value has been creating hard-hitting Drum and Bass for almost a decade now. Taking the production of Drum & Bass' dark sub-genres from roughly produced and pushing it to more refined and polished sound, while maintaining its aggressiveness. He's in the mix for us now for almost an hour, so tune in and as always let me know what you think! Berlin's Current Value (Tim Eliot) represents the forefront of the underground DnB scene, and is a rapidly emerging force in the harder, more techy end of the Dubstep spectrum. His forward thinking production combined with a highly technical approach to music and lean, tight arrangement, makes for some of the most instantly recognisable music currently released. Following substantial training in classical piano, Tim initially began dabbling in electronic music in 1992. Several years later he began receiving recognition from local Berlin radio stations and a series of irrefutably classic 12"s followed. Seminal works on Don Q and Position Chrome catapulted Current Value into a position of iconic status. Shortly thereafter, he began playing live across Europe and the USA; with his unique sound catching dancefloors afire worldwide. The early Position Chrome releases like 'Creative Robot', 'Skybreaker' and 'Bass Riot' were very well received, with the decidedly dark and often dissonant sound of the techstep revolution resonating with many disenfranchised junglists, as well as electronica listeners. The numerous singles and LP's to Current Value's name, he made an indelible impression on the DnB and techno genres. Subsequent appearances on renowned labels such as DonQ Records (Ger), Ruff-Teck (NL), Klangkrieg (Ger), Phantom Noise (Ger), NoBreaks (Ger) and Soothsayer Recordings further solidified his status. In 2004, after 1 year of education, he received his Diploma at the School of Audio Engineering SAE - enhancing his production values and abilities even further. In mid 2005 Soothsayer released the first of several Current Value 12"s. Successive releases including a split 12" w/ Kid Kryptic (Soothsayer/Theoretic) and the monumental "The Unspoken" EP underscored the growing quality of Current Value releases. In 2006, Current Value continued to deliver ever more complex and precisely created music, with his new work for Soothsayer Recordings, Intransigent Recordings, Obscene Recordings, Algorythm and the US based Evol Intent Recordings. Current Value began to collaborate with SPL (Tech Itch, Freak, Lost Soul), Limewax (Freak, Tech Freak, Tech Itch, L/B), Counterstrike (Algorythm/Future Sickness) and Raiden (Offkey, Freak, Position Chrome); providing tunes for some of the finest afore-mentioned DnB labels. In late 2009 he released his next full length album on Freak Recordings called "2012 - The Day Of Silence". In early 2010 Current Value presented a further album available on Subsistenz on the 12th of April 2010 on 5x Vinyl, Double CD & MP3. 2011 saw Current Value remixing Noisia's track 'Purge' featuring the Foreign Beggars, from their 'Split The Atom' album on Deadmau5's Mau5trap label. This brought a significant amount of further recognition, taking Current Value's sound to a much wider audience. This was in addition to a slew of other releases on Subdivision, Barcode, Section 8, Nekrologik Records and Tantrum Records. 2012 so far has brought some of the highlights of Current Value's career, with the crowning achievement being without doubt his collaboration with Bjork. He contributed the beats to the track 'Sacrifice' from her most recent album 'Biophilia'; with these beats also being included in the highly successful and award-winning Biophilia phone application. Following this collaboration, Current Value was given the first and fourth releases of a series of Biophilia remixes, alongside other electronic artists at the forefront of their genres such as Hudson Mohawke and Alvo Noto. This is in addition to releases on Subtrakt, Position Chrome and Section8. A further album is set for release on the consistently epic Barcode label. His highly acclaimed side projects include "Machine Code" and “Underhill”. Machine Code is Tim Eliot working with Dean Rodell, working on a fusion of DnB, Techno and Dubstep to create forward thinking, genre-combining experimental dance music. 2011 saw the release of their first full length LP – 'Environments' - released on Subtrakt; following a number of successful singles put out through Subdivision Media's various labels, as well as Combat Recordings, Yellow Stripe Recordings, Mentally Disturbed and Union Recordings. Tim worked with Dean Rodell and Ivan Shopov on the Underhill project up until after the release of their first LP – Silent Siren. Another genre-fusing project, Silent Siren was released to critical acclaim – drawing together elements of Dubstep, Witch-House, Hip-Hop and Techno. TRACKLISTINGCurrent Value - TBA (TSM)Current Value - Rollin' Hi (CV Barcode LP)Current Value - The Arrival (Stay On This Planet LP)Machine Code (CV & Dean Rodell) - Elephant (mc Subsistenz LP)Current Value - Ghost Rider (Stay On This Planet LP)Current Value - Command (Stay On This Planet LP)Current Value - Wide Awake (PC)Current Value - TBA (TBA)Current Value - TBA (TBA)Current Value - Captain (Freak Dub)Current Value & Nanotek - Code Of Chaos (PRSPCT)Current Value - Stay On This Planet (Stay On This Planet LP)Current Value - Cyclop (Stay On This Planet LP)Current Value Feat. Snow - Lifetime (CV Tech Freak LP)Current Value - Crusader (CV Barcode LP) - VIPCurrent Value - Stop Them (Stay On This Planet LP)Bjork - Thunderbolt (Current Value Remix) (One Little Indian)

7 Sep 2013

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#57 - Silent Code Drum and Bass Mix

Panda presents Silent Code. Most of us in D&B probably know one half of the duo as Missrepresent. She's become a drum & bass legend over the years helping to pave the way for female DJs in the genre. She's had her entrepreneurial fingers in many pies, including founding the now defunct radio station Aftershock Radio, as well as starting her own label Sliced Note Recordings. She's played all over the world and now as part of the duo Silent Code, she's putting her hands in to drum & bass production. Also back when I started my channel (as PandaDNB) in 2008, both of us were one of the very few Drum & Bass channels on YouTube. So this feels a lot like a re-union for me! Silent Code's "4 Corners EP" is out now and available from iTunes. Tune in and let me know how it sounds! TRACKLISTING1 - DJ SS - Black 2012 (Silent Code Remix) (Formation Records)2 - Silent Code - Bassline Shut Up (Sliced Note Recordings)3 - Kraze & Lymitless - Stolen Dice (Silent Code - (Why So Rotten)4 - Dirty - Ragga Muffin (Silent Code Remix) (Free Download)5 - Silent Code - Step Back (Easy Records)6 - Silent Code - Play Pause Stop Rewind (Sliced Note Recordings)7 - Silent Code - East Star (Physmatics / EA Games)8 - Borka - Little Something (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Elektroschool)9 - Silent Code - Escape (Sliced Note Recordings)10 - Bionic 1 - Manic (Silent Code Remix) - (Forthcoming Physmatics)11 - Silent Code - Engaged - (Viper Recordings)12 - Silent Code - Sanctum - (Easy Records)13 - Silent Code FT MC Zadok - Cold - Free Download14 - Silent Code - Powerslide - (Easy Records)15 - Picota - The Beast (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Rogue Beatz)16 - Silent Code FT Jerome Price - Bounce Back (Easy Records)17 - Silent Code - Pyhthagoras Theorem (Forthcoming Physmatics)18 - Silent Code - Box Your Chimp (Easy Records)19 - Silent Code - Alright (Forthcoming Sliced Note Recordings)20 - Silent Code - Never Change - Free Download21 - Silent Code FT Jerome Price - Forever - Unreleased22 - Silent Code FT Ragga Twins - Dutty Gal VIP (Physmatics)23 - Nebula 2 - Flatliners (Silent Code Remix) (Forthcoming Kode 5)24 - Silent Code - 6 Million Dolla Man - (Dirt Lies & Audio)25 - Divided By Zero - Silent Code Radio Edit - Panic Attack (Philosphy)

11 Jul 2013

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#52 - Concord Dawn Drum and Bass Mix

This week, we have Drum & Bass icon Concord Dawn on as a guest on the show. Concord Dawn currently consists of producer Matt Harvey hailing from New Zealand. Concord Dawn released their debut album in 2000, reaching massive success worldwide. After touring the album throughout New Zealand they released their second album Disturbance in April 2001 and received "Best Electronic Album" and "Best Independent Release" at the 2001 bNet Music Awards. Following this they started working on their third album: Uprising. Tracks like "Morning Light" and "Don’t Tell Me" found very high international acclaim well before the album’s release. Uprising was released in New Zealand in September 2003 and reached gold sales status in three months, going on to eventually reach platinum sales in New Zealand. Concord Dawn have become established internationally and their catalogue is distributed worldwide. They went off on a world tour, traveling through the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. At the 2003 bNet music awards "Morning Light" won "Best Song" and "Most Radio Play". At the 2004 bNet music awards Uprising received "Best Album" and "Best Electronic Release". Concord Dawn were nominated for "Best Electronic Act" at the 2004 New Zealand music awards. Concord Dawns live sets are well regarded as encompassing the full spectrum of drum and bass music, and this has seen constant tours and performances in Europe, Russia, Australasia, Asia and North America since the turn of the century. Concord Dawn now only features member Matt Harvey, Evan Short left the group for reasons unknown. Following after his departure was "The Enemy Within LP" in 2010. The first solo Concord Dawn EP entitled "The Race To Zero EP" was released in 2011. (also titled "The Race To Zero Volume 1" on 5 September 2011. The "Wipeout EP" featuring New Zealand's TREi was released in early 2012 and in late 2012, Concord Dawn releases the Air Chrysalis LP, released for free via the artists Facebook and SoundCloud pages, which won "Best Electronica LP' at the 2012 RIANZ New Zealand Music Awards. TRACKLISTINGConcord Dawn - LoopholeMindscape feat Coppa - CrittersConcord Dawn - WarehouseConcord Dawn and Trei - TaurusConcord Dawn - Codename JavelinState Of Mind and Concord Dawn - Two Perfect MomentsConcord Dawn - Square DanceConcord Dawn - Raining BloodDub Phizix feat Strategy - MarkaConcord Dawn and Trei - CapricornTrei and State of Mind - BreedConcord Dawn - AmnesiaConcord Dawn - Ghost RockConcord Dawn feat Thomas Oliver - These Prison WallsGridlok - Warrior CodeConcord Dawn - EvaporateConcord Dawn feat Rikki Morris - One TearConcord Dawn - ElectrocuteState Of Mind and the Upbeats - DeviantsConcord Dawn and Jade - Tear Down The SkyTrei - MindlessProlix and Dose - No One ElseConcord Dawn feat Tiki - Dont Tell Me

14 Mar 2013

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#37 - Ram Records Drum and Bass Mix

Download the mini mix here - http://on.fb.me/MiniMIXDownload For nearly 20 years Ram Records has been at the forefront of dance music and 2011 has been no exception! Reaching their landmark 100th release, this year has proven to be jam packed with quality bass music from the almighty Ram camp. To celebrate this, Ram have compiled an annual which includes a collection of 24 tracks from their outstanding artists and guests including: Basher, Break, Commix, Culture Shock, Cyantific, DC Breaks, Delta Heavy, Fresh, Hamilton, Loadstar, Mind Vortex, Noisia, Optiv & BTK, Origin Unknown, Ram Trilogy, Sub Focus & Wilkinson.. Rounding off the package nicely is a bonus mix from Hamilton with all the tracks superbly blended into a rollercoaster journey through 2011. Ram Records Drum & Bass Annual 2011 provides an overview of this years highlights from Ram and covers the multi facetted face of Drum & Bass. Simply this is an essential digital album for any fan of bass music. Pre-order it now for £4.49 (iTunes) ★★★★★It's a busy month for the show with weekly mixes now to get you through the holidays. This week I'm bringing you an exclusive Ram Records' showcase of some of the best tracks in Drum and Bass of 2011. For nearly 20 years now, Ram Records has been churning out smashers and this year they reached their 100th release. Still as fresh as ever, Ram has compiled a collection of 24 essential tracks of 2011 by a roster of artists including Culture Shock, Noisia, Loadstar and Sub Focus. It is out now and this mix gives you a quick preview of the album. Go and get it @ http://j.mp/t0Z46m Let me know in the comments what you think of it and as always, don't forget to subscribe and like or dislike it if you've not yet done so. We're just a step away from 100,000 subscribers, you can still help me get there! (Panda)

11 Dec 2011

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#19 - Rollz Drum and Bass Mix

Panda presents Rollz. The young new talent from Leicester has been shaking up the Drum & Bass scene for the past year. His debut track "Voice of the Mysterons" was supported heavily by Grooverider on BBC Radio One, as well as his track "Plugged In" which Zane Lowe marked as one of the best tunes of the year. From there it quickly led to an exclusive artist signing to the illustrious Formation Records. His music reminds of the late jump up sound with a lot of sophistication added to it. Rollz released his self-titled EP this week on Formation Records which is sure to go straight in the Drum N Bass charts. In this label-only one-hour Drum and Bass mix, Rollz blends 19 of his and Formation's latest exclusives in just over 40 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for Rollz in the comments! TRACKLISTING1 - Greenlaw - Less of a Star (Rollz Remix) - Formation Dub2 - Medicin - Summer Drummer (Rollz Remix) - DL @ http://bit.ly/aXfDnu 3 - Rollz - Addict (The Rollz EP) - DL @ http://bit.ly/bcba9I 4 - Critical Impact - The Shining - Formation Dub5 - DJ SS - Black (Bladerunner Remix) DL @ http://bit.ly/bQoswG 6 - Rollz - Voice of the Mysterons (VIP) DL @ Original here - http://bit.ly/dC8EH7 7 - Rollz - Fatality - Formation Dub9 - Rollz - Need for Speed - Formation Dub9 - Rollz - The Truth Hurts (The Rollz EP) - DL @ http://bit.ly/bcba9I 10 - Amaning - O.S.T - Formation Dub11 - Rollz - Plugged in (VIP) - DL @ Original here http://bit.ly/dC8EH7 12 - DJ SS - We Came to Entertain (Sub Zero Remix) DL @ http://bit.ly/bQoswG 13 - Rollz - Action (The Rollz EP) DL @ http://bit.ly/bcba9I 14 - Rollz - Super Sonic - Formation Dub15 - Supreme Being - Tune In DL @ http://bit.ly/9OSTpK 16 - Rollz - Solid State (VIP) DL @ http://bit.ly/aUlHpx 17 - Hotwire - Duck Down - Formation Dub18 - Rollz - Sustain (The Rollz EP) DL @ http://bit.ly/bcba9I 19 - Supreme Being - Just Teasing DL @ http://bit.ly/9OSTpK 20 - The Prototypes - Breathless - Formation Dub21 - Rollz - Soul Caliber - Formation Dub

16 Sep 2010

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#11 - Wickaman Drum and Bass Mix

Panda presents Wickaman. The UK Drum & Bass artist is most known from his work with J Majik in creating records such as the 2008 classic "Crazy World" that hit the UK Top 40 Charts selling over 20,000 copies, the Drum & Bass remix of Deadmau5's "I Remember" and founding Infrared, one of the most popular labels in Drum & Bass. On his own he has worked with Jah and Rah Nation on the track "Feel About You" which got playlisted on BBC Radio 1. Forthcoming now are Wickaman's debut album entitled "Mosquito" and a release with Sylo on Rong Robot called "Get Mad". In this artist-only mix, blending 28 tracks less than 75 minutes, Wickaman show us solely his and his label's latest tunes... Leave your appreciation in the comments! TRACKLISTING0:00 - 1. Mosquito - J Majjik And Wickaman - M0squito1:30 - 2. Menacing Vibrations Mavrik And Wickaman Rongrobot3:19 - 3. Bay 12 - Powski And Wickaman Rongrobot4:46 - 4. The Rothschild Skank Mavrik And Wickaman Rongrobot6:56 - 5. New Hydroponics Cabbie Pollination Recordings12:22 - 6. Anything You Say Rv And Wickaman Blackwidow14:33 - 7. Blue Dreamers Wickaman And Hector Rongrobot18:53 8. So Real Hoodlum And Wickaman Dubplate21:47 9. Deap Throat Rv And Wickaman Blackwidow24:41 10. The Mine J Majik And Wickaman M0squito27:35 11. Dubplate Mavrik And Wickaman Rongrobot29:23 12. Get Mad (dnb) Sylo And Wickaman Rongrobot32:06 13. Get Mad (dubstep) Sylo And Wickaman Rongrobot33:29 14. Dubplate Sylo And Wickaman Dubplate35:12 15. Dubplate Dubplate M0squito38:17 16. The Assassin J Majik And Wickaman M0squito39:39 17. Deathrow (dubstep Mix) The Amegos Versus Wickaman Rongrobot/dirty Love42:24 18. Get Mad (dnb) Sylo And Wickaman Rongrobot44:45 19. I Remember (j Majik And Wickaman Mix) - Deadmou5 - Mousetrap, M0squito, Virgin48:01 20. Dubplate Dubplate Dubplate49:27 21. Freedom Hoodlum And Wickaman Blackwidow53:05 22. Free Beat Wickaman Feat. Jah Nation - Blackwidow56:20 23. Dubplate Human Error Rongrobot58:52 24. Kermit Wickaman Versus Freefall Rongrobot62:07 25. Flatline J Majik And Wickaman M0squito63:33 26. Royal Flush Dubplate Dubplate66:48 27. Feel About You (original Sin Rmx) J Majik And Wickaman M0squito69:42 28. Rage J Majik And Wickaman M0squito

18 Feb 2010

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#5 - Agent Alvin Drum and Bass Mix

Agent Alvin - August 2009 Studio Mix Panda presents Agent Alvin. The acclaimed New Zealand Drum N Bass producer is just finishing off collaborations with Viper Recording's own Futurebound which will hit this year. Agent Alvin's single "Don't Look Back" has become a straight-out Drum N Bass hit. Alvin has mixed his most recent work exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV. Tune in to hear New Zealand's best. Out now: Agent Alvin - Super Highway (Hospital Records)Out now: Agent Alvin - Wicked Man (Viper Recordings)Out now: Agent Alvin - Don't Look Back (Viper Recordings)Out soon: Agent Alvin & Futurebound - Untitled (Viper Recordings) █ ABOUT █Music has always been a part of Agent Alvins life. Alvin aka Warren Field was brought up on a steady diet of classical composers, later giving way to the experimentation of jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop. It was in his teens that he picked up the guitar and set upon learning everything he could about the music he was listening to. The guitar would have to give way to samplers and keyboards however when Field caught the rave bug in the late 90`s. His first tune, a laid-back dub affair, was released by New Zealands LOOP recordings, gaining nation-wide airplay and hinting at a sign of things to come. In 2004, he released his debut album on New Zealands Capital Records, featuring Spikey Tee, Ruth Minuit, MC Kyla and Meg Martin to great critical acclaim. The self-titled album was nominated for best Electronic release in New Zealands 2005 B-net Awards. It was around the same time that Alvin released his first Drum & Bass 12 with his debut release on the New Zealand based Random Recordings.

 Fast forward to 2006. It was a big year for the Agent, with tunes released on labels as diverse as the legendary Full Cycle, Klute's imprint Commercial Suicide, Gain, G2 and Resin Records. His tunes were getting airplay on the BBC's Radio 1 by Zane Lowe, Grooverider, Annie Mac and Ras Kwame. As well as high radio play, DJ's such as High Contrast, London Electricity, Roni Size, Pendulum, DJ Craze, The Scratch Perverts and countless others have been playing his music all over the world cementing him as a serious player in Drum and Bass. 2008 heralded the debut release for Agent Alvin on the highly regarded Hospital Records. Super Highway was released on the Friendly Fire EP alongside tracks by Blame, Makoto & T-Ak and Fracture & Survival. This year also saw the release of the massive Wicked Man, featured on the Watch the Ride CD mixed by High Contrast. Wicked Man was picked up by Viper Records and included the long-awaited Dont Look Back on the flip, both of which received support from Radio 1. The Agent has also showed his versatility, with the Autobots picking up two tracks for their Breakbeat label Broke. On the remix tip, the Agent has recently finished tracks for Antiforms Got to be You and The Nomads Sunny Day. Coming up in 2009, look out for a collab with the infamous Futurebound as well as New Zealand's breaks/drum 'n bass rising stars Antiform. 2009 will also herald Agent Alvins first UK/Europe tour. TRACKLISTING00:00 - Agent Alvin - Drift Away (Hospital Records)02:34 - Minuit - Daddy O (Agent Alvin RMX) (???)05:29 - Agent Alvin - Super Highway (Hospital)07:43 - Agent Alvin - Circuit Breaker (Full Cycle)09:33 - Agent Alvin - Pick Me Up (Full Cycle)11:46 - Agent Alvin - Pinata feat. Fiasco (???)13:58 - Agent Alvin - On the Run (G2)15:48 - Bulletproof - Beirut (Agent Alvin RMX) (Cyanide)18:01 - Antiform & Agent Alvin - Artificial Intelligence (System Wide)19:30 - Agent Alvin - Dont Look Back feat. Fiasco (Viper)21:42 - Agent Alvin - Love Lost (???)

28 Jul 2009

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#81 - Document One Drum and Bass Mix

Producers Matt King and Joe Froud, better known as Document One, have risen rapidly to become a serious force within the bass music scene. Their background as songwriters has resulted in an ultra harmonic and melodic take on club music, creating broad appeal even to those less familiar with the sound of electronic dance music. Document One's extensive remix catalogue ranges from mainstream artists such as Moby, Professor Green, Connor Maynard, all the way to heavy metal bands such as Rob Zombie and Asking Alexandra.The duo have received recognition and DJ support from such heavy weights as Knife Party, Excision, Modestep and Rusko; as well as radio plays from Mistajam, Fabio and Grooverider, Trever Nelson, Crissy Criss, DJ Target and Skream and Benga to name a few. Since 2010, Document One continue to play global live shows in over 28 countries including tours with Borgore, Modestep and Ministry of sound. Document One have featured a number of guest mixes and interviews for BBC Radio 1 DJ’s; Mistajam, and Annie Nightingale. The duo's online presence is testament to their success with over 48,000 fans on Facebook, total views on YouTube in excess of 9 million and their last release racking up over half a million plays on their personal Soundcloud alone. Document One have had a run of successful releases for Buygore, Never Say Die and Max Records, and are currently residing at Metropolis Studios, London working towards their forthcoming record. TRACKLISTINGDocument One - Are We AloneTantrum Desire - NightmareReid - Tarnished (Document One Remix) L Plus - EveryoneTantrum Desire - Fly AwayDrumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm2db - MotionDocument One - RevolutionDigital - In The BasementDrumsound & Bassline Smith - Can You Feel ItErb N Dub - ParrallaxTantrum Desire - Adventure Through SpaceL Plus - The Lost MoonErb N Dub - Paper ChasingSpectrum - BackfireErb N Dub & Skope - Let Me FlyL Plus - Time Travel VIPDrumsound & Bassline Smith - Violator2db - TeethgrinderAshley Roberts - My Song (Document One Remix)Crissy Criss - Create The FutureCommits We Fall - Falling Skies (Document One Remix)

19 Sep 2014

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#80 - Histibe Drum and Bass Mix

Histibe is a music producer, sound designer and DJ who has been doing his own thing for the past seven years, creating exciting new electronic compositions for the new digital world which have been published on strong platforms such as Vimeo Staff Picks, JAY Z's Life+Times, UKF, Dezeen, Complex, BBC, OFFF Festival, Loopmasters - to name but a few.His SoundCloud music page has amassed more than 16,000 subscribers plus over 500,000 plays from around the world. His works as a music producer could be heard at a fashion shows in Russia or as a soundtrack for the Norwegian photography award show Gullsnitt alongside with positive comments from popular DJs like Noisia and Rob Babicz. As a sound designer Histibe published five exclusive sample libraries for well known brands such as Loopmasters, 5Pin and Samplephonics.Histibe's remix on Kanye West's "Cold" from his independently released mixtape "HISRMXBOX" was featured in "The 15 Best Remixes of Kanye West Tracks" on Complex Magazine's website. Make sure to check out the premiere of his latest music video "So Far" on JAY Z's Life+Times and “Millennium Drum N Bass” album which includes a spectacular design from Joe Perez (Art Director at Kanye West's Donda). TRACKLISTINGHistibe - MicrocosmosHistibe - Third MillenniumHistibe - FairylandHistibe - Tears Of A MachineHistibe - Aqua Cypher XlHistibe - ConnectionHistibe - The Coming FilmHistibe - Forgotten StationHistibe - Cyber EchoHistibe - Marathon MoonHistibe - One Of The NamesHistibe - So Far (LifeAndTimes Edit)

12 Sep 2014

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#79 - Body & Soul Drum and Bass Mix

The D&B duo Body & Soul have been dedicated to the dance floor-smashing beats their audience loves them for since their introduction into the scene many years ago. For Body & Soul though the ability to keep crossing musical (and mental) borders, experimenting with different musical genres and throwing in new sounds to create something just a little different from your usual drum and bass anthem is essential. The outfit has become known for their versatile and unprecedented sounds that wow ravers all over the globe and attract new audiences everywhere they go.Since their debut in 2004 Body & Soul have been honing their abilities in creating music that at once both adheres to and subverts the traditional definition of the term ‘Drum & Bass’; a dystopian sound that for all its aggression and energy carries that distinct Body & Soul eccentricity and melody throughout. Having toyed with the idea of an album project for a number of years, the duo are now ready to release their debut long-player Rebirth: the most diverse, free-form and comprehensive exponent of the Body & Soul sound to date. TRACKLISTING1. Body&Soul feat. MC Daxta – Just A Story (Mainframe)→ Body&Soul – Iridiscent (Mainframe)2. Naked Fish feat. MC Delight – Better Day (Body&Soul Remix) (Mainframe)3. Optiv & BTK – Tapout (Dispatch)4. Body&Soul – The Puppets (Mainframe)5. Body&Soul – Neighborhood (Mainframe)6. Body&Soul And Fourward – Carnage (Virus)7. Body&Soul – Chemicalz (Nasca)8. BTK – Drop It - Optiv & BTK Remix (Dutty)9. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic (Nasca)10. Body&Soul – Stir Up (Mainframe)11. Fourward – Street Knowledge (Audio Porn)12. Body&Soul – Auto Sequence (Mainframe)13. Body&Soul – Rebirth (Mainframe)14. Body&Soul – Thing On A Spring (Mainframe)15. Body&Soul And Camo&Krooked – The Big Rush (Nasca)16. Mindscape – Ultrasonik (Mainframe)17. Body&Soul – Pop Some (Mainframe)18. Body&Soul – Under The Radar (Mainframe)19. Body&Soul – Hydraulic (Mainframe)20. Body&Soul And Defilla – These Side (Mainframe)

9 Aug 2014

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#78 - Madcap Drum and Bass Mix

Madcap (Elliot Payne) started DJing in the early 90's. Son of a Rock N' Roll Musician Father & Piano teaching Mother, he was exposed to music from a very young age. Being so young was a stumbling block at first, but this changed in the summer of '95 when securing a job at local record shop Buzz Records, High Wycombe. This was associated with DJ Pulse and the influential Creative Wax label. Meeting with punters and promoters alike, Madcap soon found himself being booked up & down the UK for sets, including the infamous Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.One particular highlight of his DJing career so far was winning the Movement / Technics DJ Competition in 2002 at The End Night-club, as featured in DJ Magazine, this resulted in several bookings for Movement at London's Bar Rumba & across the Capital. Other notable features on Madcap is his appearance in The West Country's IDJ Magazine January 2004 after winning "Mix Tape of the Month" The competitions certainly helped and has continued to get him bookings throughout the UK. Madcap has had several long term residencies in Oxford, London, Aylesbury & now Birmingham (Liquid Sessions). TRACKLISTING01. The Anthill Mob 'Black Rushin' (Anthill Remix) Anthill Records 02. Scott & Keith 'Get Busy Cru' Reinforced Records 03. DJ Hype 'Weird Energy (Hells' Bells Mix) Suburban Base 04. Randall, Dego & Goldie 'The "R" Reinforced Records05. Rufige Kru 'Rollin Like Scottie' Reinforced Records 06. Nasty Habits 'Mayday, Mayday' Reinforced Records 07. Tango & Ratty 'Tales From The Darkside' White 08. Tom & Jerry 'Papillon Love Song' Tom & Jerry 09. Tom & Jerry 'Let Your Spirit Rise' Tom & Jerry 10. Metalheads 'Terminator' Synthetic 11. Scott & Keith 'Deranged' Reinforced Records 12. Manix 'Turn Away Skull' Reinforced Records 13. Cool Hand Flex 'Mars' In Touch Records 14. Noise Factory 'Breakage #4' 3rd Party 15. Cool Hand Flex 'Must Feel' De Underground Records16. Skool Of Hard Knocks 'Kan Ya Feel It' Grand Larceny 17. Dillinjah 'Deadly Deep Subs' Deadly Vinyl 18. DJ Trace 'Final Chapta' (Rollers Mix) Dee Jay Recordings 19. The Committee 'Final Conflict' (Tango Remix) Creative Wax 20. Omni Trio 'Soul Promenade' (Nookie Remix) Moving Shadow 21. Omni Trio 'Feel Better' (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow 22. 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 'Drowning In Her' Tone Def Records’

31 Jul 2014

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#1 - Panda Drum and Bass Mix

Drum N Bass Mix = http://j.mp/_Subscribe | http://fb.me/pandadnb ============================== ========= #1 Drum N Bass video on YouTube* 2,000,000+ views @ 2 May 2010* 2,500,000+ views @ 16 July 2010* 3,000,000+ views @ 21 September 2010* 4,000,000+ views @ 7 May 2011 Watch the official DNBforum.nl Podcast now in promotion of Panda's new album Retake Manhattan. HTTP://WWW.RETAKEMANHATTAN.COM Press/bookings: info@pandadnb.com

12 May 2008

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