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An Apolitical perspective, interview with Robyn Scott | 043

In this episode, J. Richard Jones, publisher of Canadian Government Executive announces a new partnership that will provide readers and listeners with vital news and information from around the world. He interviews co-founder of Apolitical, Robyn Scott, about her organization and its mandate. Hear Robyn’s perspective from around the world as well as her views on top issues that affect Canadian public sector and more. For more on Apolitical: https://apolitical.co/


27 Feb 2018

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Deliverology with Craig Szelestowski & Health Tips for the Long Weekend

In this episode of CGE Radio, Craig Szelestowski from Lean Agility delivers the goods on deliverology. Canadian Government Executive provides updates on their June 7th event. And Shawn Nisbet provides helpful health tips on how to enjoy the long weekend.


19 Apr 2018

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Implementing projects with less capacity

What is transformation going to look like? That is the question on the minds of many who are going through digital transformation. But it's not the "what" that is the challenge, it's the "capacity" to implement the what. In the show today, J. Richard Jones talks with Craig Szelestowski, President and Founder of Lean Agility Inc. Craig is a Lean government and transformation specialist with close to two decades of experience implementing dramatic turnarounds in Canadian government. He started Lean Agility Inc. in 2010 to apply Lean exclusively to government organizations. With his coaching, his clients have reduced lead times by up to 80 per cent, increased capacity by up to 200 per cent and created outstanding levels of employee engagement. Craig will be speaking at the Lean Government Summit 2019 that will be held on October 1-2, 2019 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. This summit brings together global public servants and thought leaders to share breakthroughs in the delivery of products and services through improved processes, innovation and energized people. https://leanagility.com/en/lgsoct2019


10 Sep 2019

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AI for business decision-making and change management

In the show today, J. Richard Jones talks with Dean McKeown, Associate Director, Global Master of Management Analytics at Smith School of Business, Queen's University. Dean is responsible for creating and managing a variety of entrepreneurial initiatives at Queen's University, including new academic programs, marketing and IT. He is currently studying the application of artificial intelligence systems for business decision-making and change management during digital transformations. Hear more about some new and exciting programs within the Smith School of Business for public sector executives, a project with the Canadian Revenue Agency to encourage Millennials to interact with the agency using “MyAccount” and incorporating machine learning and natural language processing to better understand the needs of Canadians and what’s new in the analytics field. To learn more, go to https://smith.queensu.ca/index.php


16 Jul 2019

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When it comes to sleep, are you “counting sheep?”

In this episode of health talk, Shawn M. Nisbet, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor, talks about the value of sleep. Listen in as she discusses why sleep is so important, how hormones regulate your sleep, the relationship between a good nights rest and weight management and much more! All this in this episode of “Health Talk,” brought to you by CGE Radio.


26 Jun 2019

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Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Did you know? The health of your digestive system affects your food cravings, moods and sleep patterns. Why do you crave sweet foods or carbohydrates when you feel sad? That is because 2/3 of the serotonin ‘happy hormones’ come from cells in your digestive tract and not your brain. In this episode of CGE Radio Health Talk, J. Richard Jones welcomes back Shawn M. Nisbet, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher & Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor, to talk about gut health. Tune in to learn more. Link to article: https://www.nutritionwithshawn.com/2017/01/17/digestion/


5 Jun 2019

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The future of transport, an interview with Colin Earp, KPMG

In the show, J. Richard Jones talks with Colin Earp, Partner and National Transport Leader at KPMG. Mobility is going to be a large part of the future but just what that future would be like? Today, we can see what the next generation of transport would be like - spending more time in traffic congestion. From a transport perspective, how do we use the technology and thinking to avoid this problem and drive better cities and remote access in the future? To lead in the transport transformation, we need to understand the key indicators of readiness, timeliness for adoption, and how to manage the opportunities and risks associated with this customer-led transit transformation. In the next 10 years, the transport industry is estimated to become a $22 trillion per annum market. Colin talks about autonomous and connected vehicles and how these will continue to expand in the next few years. He also points out that the adoption of new technologies will result in fewer cars on the road and less space for parking and garages. To learn more about the future of transport and mobility, register to attend the 2019 Mobility Hackathon: Developing practical answers to ‘future mobility’ questions. This event will be held at KPMG at the Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto on May 9. You can register by going to https://events-meetings.kpmg.com/events/2019-mobility-hackathon-developing-practical-answers-to-future-mobility-questions/registration-39269d03a1b1442a9b3e4d9219265373.aspx?fqp=true. Thanks for listening.


30 Apr 2019

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Ep. 60 - The misuse of measurement and accountability in government

In his article, Gaming the System, How the misuse of data impedes innovation, Ken Miller, founder of the Change & Innovation Agency, a firm dedicated to increasing government’s capacity to do more good, writes: “Public sector has invested great hope and massive fortunes in the promises of performance management. From dashboards and scorecards to STAT systems and big data platforms, we’ve bought into the idea that “what gets measured gets done” and if we want better results, we need to hold people accountable for the achievement of measurable goals. But after all this time and investment, what have we really achieved? Has all of this measurement produced great insights and innovations? Has performance management increased engagement and overhauled performance?” These are all great questions that give us lots to think on. In this episode of CGE Radio, J. Richard Jones talks with Ken Miller and also Craig Szelestowski of Lean Agility Inc. about measurement and accountability in government. To learn more about this, you can hear directly from Ken as he will be presenting at the Lean Government Summit, which will be held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa on Jan 24-25. To register, go to http://leanagility.com/en/leangovernmentsummit_2019.


17 Jan 2019

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Ep. 58 - Four major challenges in government

In this episode of CGE Radio, J. Richard Jones talks with Craig Szelestowski, President and Founder of Lean Agility Inc., a Lean government and transformation specialist with about 20 years of experience in implementing dramatic turnarounds in the Canadian government. Hear about four major challenges in government from program delivery to measuring results, strategies to clear backlogs and transformation. These issues will be addressed at the upcoming Lean Government Summit 2019, which will be held on January 24 and 25 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa. The summit will bring together global public servants and thought leaders to share breakthroughs in delivering products and services through improved processes, innovation and energized people. It will feature a range of speakers and subject matter designed to address the top issues of current and aspiring Lean government practitioners. To register or learn more about this event, go to http://leanagility.com/en/leangovernmentsummit_2019.


19 Dec 2018

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Ep. 55 - Voting and Elections: A Pertinent Issue

In addition to the CGE Radio show, Canadian Government Executive is pleased to announce our latest podcast: The Last Word, with Lori Turnbull. In this inaugural episode, CGE Radio host J. Richard Jones interviews Deputy Editor of Canadian Government Executive magazine and Dalhousie professor of political science Lori Turnbull in setting the stage for this new series. In The Last Word, Lori Turnbull will air her viewpoint and opinion as they relate to federal, provincial and municipal governments in Canada. Visit our website at https://canadiangovernmentexecutive.ca/ Interested in subscribing to our weekly newsletter? Click here.


22 Nov 2018

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Ep. 54 - The Government's Transformation Journey With GCWorkplace and how to Have Success in Digital Transformation

In this episode, J. Richard Jones explores the journey to digital success in government. He chats with Sonia Powell, Director General, Workplace Solutions, Real Property Branch, Public Services and Procurement Canada and Owen Taylor, National Public Sector Leader, PwC Canada. Hear about the government's current transformation journey with GCWorkplace, the challenges, the successes, and the employee experience. Learn more about how government can set itself up for success in digital transformation and what top technologies are currently disrupting government. All this and more on this week's episode of CGE Radio. To learn more, visit https://www.pwc.com/ca/digitalgovernment Visit our website at https://canadiangovernmentexecutive.ca/ Interested in subscribing to our weekly newsletter? Click here.


5 Nov 2018

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Enterprise Performance Management and the Demands for improved services | 053


5 Oct 2018

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The Future of Digital Government Is Here, with Jeff Smith | 049

Digital government transformation is a massive opportunity. Advanced technologies allow Governments to create potential value across departments and agencies. Apps are becoming the common preference for many citizens. A change toward catering to citizen’s needs through online and mobile applications. On today’s show, J. Richard Jones interviews Jeff Smith. Jeff is COO, Global Advisory, Infrastructure, and Healthcare at KPMG. They discuss who is doing it well, and what Canada can do to really become a global leader in digital governance transformation.


10 Jul 2018

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Leadership in Satellite Communications | 047

In this episode of Canadian Government Executive Radio, J. Richard Jones speaks with Brent Perrot, President of Hunter Communications. They discuss the recent contract awarded to Hunter Communications by CBC radio to provide Satellite Space Segment Services and their recipe for success, how technology is tackling the challenges of satellite communications and the future of satellite communications  All this and more on this episode of Canadian Government Executive radio.


7 May 2018

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042 | Evaluation - Systematically gathering information. With Marcello Sukhdeo & Harry Cummings, President CES

Evaluation - the systematic gathering of information. An interview with the President, Canadian Evaluation Society In this episode, Marcello Sukhdeo talks with Harry Cummings, President of the Canadian Evaluation Society on evaluation. Hear about the evaluation, who can be evaluators, why evaluate, why it is special and needed, challenges and the future for evaluation. This episode is brought to you by Lean Agility. ABOUT LEAN AGILITY Lean Agility is obsessed with making Lean practical and achievable for government. They combine Lean thinking and proprietary tools developed over 23 years implementing Lean in the public sector and apply it to teach public servants how to eliminate backlogs, find capacity, improve quality and deliver products/services faster. To learn more about evaluation and to download guides, go here. Thanks for joining us on CGE Radio.


8 Feb 2018

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041 | Is your department implementing Lean strategies effectively? Interview with Craig Szelestowski

For more information on the Canadian Lean Government Summit, visit: http://leanagility.com/en/leangovernmentsummit_2018 Use the promo code CGE for a discount! The Lean Agility Mission: "Equipping government organizations with Lean know-how so they can do their work faster, better and more efficiently by improving processes and engaging their people." http://leanagility.com/


17 Jan 2018

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038 | Complex Leadership - An Executive Masters program for public sector executives w/ Jocelyn Turgeon

Successful delivery of complex projects is at the core of being an effective executive in public sector service.  Today we talk with Jocelyn Turgeon, the Director of the Masters Degree, Complex Leadership Program at Telfer, University of Ottawa.


10 Nov 2017

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031 | International students in Canada, Working from Home, and Encryption of the World Wide Web

In this episode J. Richard Jones examines the rise in international students attending colleges and universities in Canada, explores employee trust and answers the question: does working from home make for happy employees? And the inventor of the web talks “why the need for encryption.”   All this and more in the week’s episode of CGE radio.   Links:   http://canadiangovernmentexecutive.ca/international-students-in-canada/ http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/management/learning-to-trust-your-employees-to-work-from-home/article34562276/ http://www.wrlwnd.com/world-wide-web-inventor-says-governments-not-break-encryption/


6 Apr 2017

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029| Importance of Cost Estimation, Web accessibility, and more


27 Mar 2017

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027 | Netflix poses challenges for Canadians and building a lasting legacy

Video steaming is gaining in popularity, but as this continues to grow it is posing some challenges for Canadian producers and consumers. In this show, we will talk more about this and share five strategies in building a lasting legacy.


16 Feb 2017

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