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What’s Your Wrinkle®, the plastic surgery show with Dr. Arthur Perry

Beginning in December 2005, board certified plastic surgeon Arthur Perry, MD, FACS, has hosted What's Your Wrinkle on New York City radio, first on WOR, for 5 years on WABC, and now back on WOR. Tune in to this podcast to listen to news and information about America's favorite topic. No…not baseball…not sex…but cosmetic surgery and your appearance.

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Oct 5, 2013 WOR show. Noninvasive fat removal. Lipomas. Gummy bear breast implants.

Fat destruction by injection and by ultrasound. Lipoma removal. New gummy bear breast implants


5 Oct 2013

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Fat Grafting, Facial Rejuvenation, Melasma and Teeth!

An action packed show! We discussed problems with Botox, facial rejuvenation with Ulthera or facelift, and how I get rid of wrinkles around the mouth. We also discussed a new treatment for melasma hyperpigmentation. My guest this evening was prosthodontist Dr. Dean Vafiadis, of the New York Smile Institute. Dean discussed how dentists can improve the overall health of patients.


17 Sep 2016

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Facial Rejuvenation with Lasers

Aging skin can be rejuvenated with Botox, Fillers, Ulthera, surgery, Peels, and lasers. Tonight, we discussed how Intense Pulsed Light, and the Erbium and CO2 lasers can be used to improve your appearance. And, I found the dumbest procedure of 2018 - cutting the nerves to the leg muscles to make the calf slimmer! So what if you won't be able to run or dance - your legs will look better! This procedure is not one that I recommend!


23 Jun 2018

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Facial Rejuvenation - April 27, 2019 WOR show

In tonight's show, we discussed the safety of botulinum toxin (Botox) and my 22 year experience injecting it.  There is NO EVIDENCE that long term use of Botox is harmful in any way.  We also began the discussion of how to choose between peels, lasers and Ulthera for facial rejuvenation. My guest this evening was Dr. Nanda, Chairman of neurosurgery at RWJBH, who discussed new advances in stroke management.


29 Apr 2019

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Protection from the sun - why the UV index is important

You've heard about the UV index, but do you really understand what it is? As the sun begins to shine again, it is important to use sunscreen when the UV index hits 3. Tonight, we discuss my DayThyme sunscreen and answer a wide variety of questions from callers


21 Mar 2015

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How to look good in midlife: skin care, noninvasives, and surgery

At 30, the wrinkles begin...a skin care program is useful. By 40, Botox and fillers begin to become important. Ulthera is useful by the end of this decade. But by 60, the noninvasive procedures are less useful and facelifts and eyelid lifts become important for maintaining a youthful appearance.


28 Mar 2015

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Dec 7 2013 WOR Show -Breast Reductions, Wrinkle Fillers, Plant Stem Cells in skin creams

This episode was the official 8th anniversary show for What's Your Wrinkle. We discuss various topics on tonight's show. I expose the fraud in skin care products that contain "plant stem cells".


7 Dec 2013

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How gummy bear implants and galaflex make complex breast augmentations simpler

Breast augmentations are the most common cosmetic surgical procedure. The new gummy bear (form stable) implants have revolutionized these operations. But sometimes implants droop below the breast crease and sometimes they drift over to the side of the chest wall. These reoperative cases can be very difficult. But with the textured form stable implant and the new galaflex mesh, these can be readily handled. Tonight we discussed this, as well as the choice of implant and why MRIs are important after surgery.


11 Aug 2018

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Getting married - here's the cosmetic surgery procedures you can do before the wedding... WOR show June 16, 2019

I get so many calls just a few weeks before the big day - from the bride but more commonly the mother of the bride - to help them look better and younger...  The focus is on you, and it is important to time it correctly so that you can look your best but not put yourself at risk for a day destroying complication!So, on tonight's show, we discuss the time course for performing fillers, Botox, lasers, and surgical procedures.  This is a must listen to episode - if you are getting married, or your child is getting married, or if you have an important event coming up and you simply want to look as good as possible...


19 Jun 2019

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The myth of charcoal in skincare - WOR August 10, 2019 show

There are dozens of skincare products that tout the "detox" benefits of charcoal.  But it turns out that there's absolutely no science to this ingredient.  Find out why on tonight's show.  We also discussed the hidden benefits of Botox - it can actually decrease symptoms of depression.  And finally, we discussed the California phenomena of Botox being done in your home or in parties.


18 Aug 2019

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Rejuvenating the face with lasers

I've been using lasers since my days at Harvard Medical School beginning in 1981.  One of their most spectacular uses is to rejuvenate the face.  They can erase wrinkles and even out splotchy skin in a matter of minutes.  On tonight's show, we discussed the benefits and the problems with the fractionated CO2 laser.  Tune in to my last show on WABC before returning to WOR radio on January 5, 2019.


16 Dec 2018

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Wrinkle Filler Complications

Wrinkle filling is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. And it is so safe...but not perfectly safe. There's a rising number of complications such as blindness and loss of skin. We discuss these complications and how to prevent them.


24 Oct 2015

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Eyelid lifts, body dysmorphic disorder, and dentists doing cosmetic surgery

Tonight we discussed one of my favorite operations - eyelid surgery. We also discussed body dysmorphic disorder, an unhealthy predisposition with one's appearance. And all over the country, dentists want to inject Botox and wrinkle fillers...without doing a plastic surgery residency. We discuss the American Society of Plastic Surgeon's position on this matter. It's no surprise that they, and I, think they should stick to dentistry...


29 Oct 2016

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Reversing summer sun damage

As the season changes, so does your skin. There are predictable changes in the skin that can make your skin look less healthy. And the summer sun has created wrinkles, splotches, and even skin cancers. We talk about the different types of skin cancer and our guest from the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital spoke about a brand new treatment for brain cancer. And last, but not least, we discussed vaginal rejuvenation.


9 Sep 2017

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What's Your Wrinkle, the plastic surgery show

Another action packed show with Dr. Arthur Perry


12 Sep 2015

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Does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) help your appearance? June 1, 2019 WOR show

Platelet Rich Plasma is your own blood - minus the red and white blood cells.  It's plasma with platelets and it's being used to rejuvenate your skin...amongst other uses.  But do you think it works?  Turns out it may not do anything at all for your appearance.  Listen to tonight's show to learn about this (not so) new procedure.


6 Jun 2019

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Straight Talk about Cosmetic Surgery

Another great WABC show!


17 Oct 2015

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Fixing Gummy Smiles

People who show a lot of gum when they smile have "gummy smiles".  Plastic surgeons work with dentists to fix this problem.  Dr. Dean Vafiadis discusses how he removes gum tissue and places veneers on teeth to reduce gummy smile.  As a plastic surgeon, I inject wrinkle filler into the upper lip to drop it downward and I also inject Botox into hyperactive upper lip muscles.  Tonight, we also discussed the meaning of board certification and how the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the "real" plastic surgery board.


7 Jan 2019

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The benefits and perils of fat grafting

Fat grafting has been around for decades. There's new information about fat grafting that you'll want to hear about. And today, we discuss a new study that looked at the danger of smoking in cosmetic surgery patients.


20 Jan 2018

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How to make Botox work faster

A new study showed that exercise immediately after receiving Botox injections caused it to work faster.  That's good news for the most popular procedure in all of plastic surgery.  We discussed Botox and also a woman who has had 200 procedures to make her look like a cartoon character....  This is an example of plastic surgeon that has gone awry...  We also discussed how rhinoplasty (nasal reshaping) can not only improve your appearance, but your likeability!  We also discussed shoulder injuries with an orthopedic surgeon and more...


27 Oct 2018

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