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Once a week I report on the lessons learned as a student in the Digital Filmmaking program at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) at Boston University. I review my classes, talk about relevant technology news and emerging trends in the motion graphics field. If I have time I’ll include Interviews with students, instructors, professional filmmakers and creators of the technology we know and love.

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#265 Fork in the road

An update on this podcast and news about a new podcast that's in the works. See the show notes on the main blog.


31 Oct 2014

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#264 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers – Post Production

Episode 7 in this series about producing audio and video interviews is about things to do immediately after the interivew is finished. See shownotes and hear the episode on the main site.


6 Jun 2014

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#263 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers – #6 Onsite Production

Up to this point in this series on interviewing for Storytelling I've focused on the preparing for the interview from the interviewer and Subject's perspective. In this episode the focus is on the productiong team on the other side of the lights. You'll find more show notes and the interview on the main site, videostudentguy.com.


6 May 2014

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#262 Interviewing Techniques for Storytellers - #5

Here is episode #5 in my series on journalistic interviewing for film, audio or print. For a change, I want to present the experience from the interviewee's perspective. Show notes and podcast are also available on the Main site.


4 Apr 2014

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261 Interviewing for Storytellers

What considerations does the Interviewer need to make once the day of the interview arrives. Listen to the podcast and read the show notes on the main site,


28 Feb 2014

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#260 Writing Questions for Interviews

These questions are for researching events for stories through individuals who have direct experience. You'll find the show notes, links and the podcast on the main blog.


10 Feb 2014

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#259 December 2013 Slideshow

You'll find both the audio and the slideshow on the main blog here.


9 Jan 2014

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#258 November 2013 Slideshow

Here's November's review of photographs. You can find this audio and the slideshow on the blog or here at Flickr.


29 Dec 2013

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#257 October 2013 Slideshow

Here's the link to the show notes and the podcast


21 Nov 2013

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#256 September 2013 Slideshow

Click here for the link to the main blog for the show notes for this and other episodes. Here are the links for the Flickr sets I've mentioned in this episode. Septtember 2013 Slideshow set http://www.flickr.com/photos/videostudentguy/sets/72157636440247403/ Clouds and Light set http://www.flickr.com/photos/videostudentguy/sets/72157636440013356/ Green leaves set http://www.flickr.com/photos/videostudentguy/sets/72157636440257784/


12 Oct 2013

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