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Elder Scrolls off the Record: An Elder Scrolls Online Podcast

Greetings Traveler! Welcome to Elder Scrolls off the Record! The first Elder Scrolls Online podcast and the oldest Elder Scrolls podcast! Join Evarwyn, Liz "Mistress Lebeau", Rob "Rage Philosophy", Mike "The Tamrielic Historian", Mark "The Scenarist" and Zeffin every week, as we travel Tamriel and bring you our in-game experiences, latest game/community news, game features, and the occasional pro tip/trick and advice surrounding "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrolls Online". Our goal, has always been, to present information in an informative and entertaining format while capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of the hosts and help to draw fans of Elder Scrolls from all over, together, as a community!

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Classic Elder Scrolls 57: The Choice of Evil

Finishing our series on the Dark Brotherhood, we delve into what it means to choose to be evil in the Elder Scrolls series. We’ll talk about the gameplay options, lore, [...]Source

1hr 56mins

30 Jun 2016

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Classic Elder Scrolls 27: The Ayleids

After spending the last episode on The Dwemer, many of you wrote in, requesting that we go ahead with our idea to make a similar show on The Ayleids. Sure [...]Source

2hr 4mins

14 Dec 2014

Rank #2

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Classic Elder Scrolls 26: Lore Of The Dwemer

One of the greatest and most well known mysteries of Tamriel: “What happened to the dwemer?” In this episode Mike shows us the history of this race as told through [...]Source

1hr 42mins

30 Nov 2014

Rank #3

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Classic Elder Scrolls 59: The Lore of Black Marsh

Black Marsh: One of, if not the most, mysterious province in Tamriel. This week, we explore the lore of this unique land the argonians call ‘home’ and what it has [...]Source

1hr 41mins

30 Aug 2016

Rank #4

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Classic Elder Scrolls Night 4: The Good, The Bad and The Dave

On this episode of CES, we welcome Dave “Dienforce” Adams as a guest to the show (we apologize in advance)! We cover topics such as “Magicka’s Decline”, “Will We Ever [...]Source

25 Jan 2014

Rank #5

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Classic Elder Scrolls Night: Pilot Episode

Classic Elder Scrolls Night: the weekly QGN YouTube stream turned podcast! You asked for a show that goes right back to the roots of QGN: “A show that focuses on [...]Source

28 Dec 2013

Rank #6

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Elder Scrolls off the Record 207: A Little More Morrowind

TONS of news this week from ESO and even Morrowind (YES, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind!) We intro a new segment with Zeffin and issue a new gameplay challenge! Elder Scrolls [...]Source

1hr 50mins

14 Apr 2018

Rank #7

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Classic Elder Scrolls 61: Argonian Rhapsody

Our Recap episode of the Argonians and Black Marsh series. The guys jump into Elder Scrolls Online and fight the denizens in the “Cradle of Shadows” while simultaneously presenting tonight’s [...]Source

1hr 51mins

6 Oct 2016

Rank #8

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Classic Elder Scrolls Night 2: Breaking Shank

As Evarwyn plays Oblivion we welcome Shank as a permanent host to CES! We discuss such topics as “Is it worth coming back to Oblivion” answer some of your tweets [...]Source

11 Jan 2014

Rank #9

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Elder Scrolls OTR Episode 56: Horse Thief

This week’s headlines includes: Hearthfire releases to PSN and Digital Spy interviews Matt Firor who speaks on first person perspective in ESO. The Mage Challenge soldiers on as we chat [...]Source

22 Feb 2013

Rank #10

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Elder Scrolls off the Record 185: Skyrim: Special Edition

Skyrim S.E. is finally here, and we take a look at the info and the rumors surrounding its release, whats going on with mods and more! Elder Scrolls off the [...]Source

1hr 49mins

4 Nov 2016

Rank #11

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Classic Elder Scrolls 29: The Divines of Daggerfall

This week, Mike, Mark and Evarwyn take on The Divines…in Daggerfall! Yes, as Evarwyn streams “The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II: Daggerfall” and takes quests from The Church of Akatosh, Mike [...]Source

1hr 49mins

19 Jan 2015

Rank #12

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Episode 106: Elder Scrolls Online: Our First Week!

This week we get together to talk about their first week in-game, after the official launch of Elder Scrolls Online! We discuss what we love about the game and what [...]Source

11 Apr 2014

Rank #13

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Classic Elder Scrolls 78: The Blades

The Return of Classic! We delve into the enigmatic guild of The Blades and present their history and some of the prominent people within this secret society that, for thousands [...]Source

1hr 39mins

27 Jun 2018

Rank #14

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Elder Scrolls off the Record 189: Morrowind

ESO’s first “expansion”, Morrowind, and all the news & info you need + Homestead Updates. TES Challenge: ‘Do something kind for someone in ESO and expect NOTHING back’ Elder Scrolls [...]Source

1hr 49mins

2 Feb 2017

Rank #15

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Episode 96: Is ESO For You?

Its a big show this week, despite the lack of news on all fronts of Elder Scrolls! We bring you some of our best around the TES community, and discuss [...]Source

17 Jan 2014

Rank #16

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Classic Elder Scrolls 60: Mephala Yo Mama

The guys dig up Mephala in “History Of…”, How to meet Mephala in “Scenarist Archives”, Its fun when NPCs beg! How we’d like to see that happen in future TES [...]Source

1hr 49mins

20 Sep 2016

Rank #17

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Episode 99: Our Gameplay in Elder Scrolls Online

This is it: The first episode we’re actually able to give you our in game experiences in The Elder Scrolls Online, done the ESOTR way…host by host. We dive into [...]Source

14 Feb 2014

Rank #18

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Episode 93: Christmas in Tamriel

In our final episode of the year, we discuss this week’s latest news in Elder Scrolls Online! Tons of information was released, if you knew where to look! We cover [...]Source

20 Dec 2013

Rank #19

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ESOTR 215:Hugs for Hircine

HAIL, Tamrielic traveler and welcome! Hircine needs love too, and in our final show about Lycanthrope, we give the fuzzy little hunter just that – some love and attention. Also, [...]Source

1hr 33mins

1 Feb 2019

Rank #20