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The Photography Podcast brings you photo tips, tricks, product reviews, and interviews. Whether you bought your first camera yesterday or have been shooting for years, you'll find something here to inform, educate, and entertain you.We hope you enjoy the newest addition to our photography family.

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Episode 5 – An interview with Ashley Rodriguez from “Not Without Salt”…

One of the very cool things about doing what I do is the fact that I get to talk with folks who I admire, and Ashley Rodriguez from “Not Without Salt” is one of those people. Not Without Salt is a wonderful (and equal) mixture of the things most important in her life, her family, food, and photography. So once you finish listening to her interview you need to rush right over to her blog and drink it all in. We covered a few other things in today’s podcast. Like the fact that we have the good fortune of a Nikon D800 in my chubby little hands and instead of doing a review telling you what I learn/like about it we want your questions, things you might be curious about regarding this latest offering from Nikon. So if you have a D800 question please email it to us and we’ll add it to the growing list and do a show in the near future covering/answering all of the questions we get. In our last show we reviewed the latest book from Kevin Kubota, “Lighting Notebook“, since that show it has been released as an iPad app. Three things that make this an attractive option, it’s more portable, costs 1/3 less than the book, and the app also contains videos. Another app you might want to take a look at is Moose Peterson’s BT Journal, a magazine (app) that will take you nature photography to new heights. The first issue is free so what do you have to lose? You can check out our video tutorial, it’s an easy and inexpensive setup for shooting shiny and reflective objects. Thank you to Adorama for sponsoring this podcast. And last, but certainly not least, something that needs to be said every episode, a BIG thank you to Steve over at Home Recording Weekly for mixing this show. He takes a bucket full of sound files and makes this podcast sound so darn good. Please feel free to download the show for later listening.

10 Apr 2012

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Episode 4 – Review of Kevin Kubota’s “Lighting Notebook”…

Kevin Kubota's "Lighting Notebook"Let me share with you what I like so much about Kevin Kubota’s “Lighting Notebook“.The first 6 chapters cover most of the important things you will ever need to know about lighting.Chapter one – is a brief history of lighting that will actually walk you back to the 1930’s.Chapter two – goes over the “lingo of lighting“. So as you read this book (or delve deeper into your lighting education) you’ll understand what is being talked about, things like 2-point lighting, Rembrandt lighting, back-lighting, etc., if there is a lighting term, Kevin covers it in this chapter.And just so you know Rembrandt lighting comes from, who else, Rembrandt and references the lighting style he would use when painting portraits, here is an image that is a perfect example of what this lighting style represents: Example of Rembrandt Lighting Chapter 3 – talks about metering, balancing natural and artificial light, high speed and rear curtain sync, white balance, color temps and more. Chapter 4 – covers lights and lighting tools like softboxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas, triggering tools, etc.. Chapter 5 – will help you build your own lighting kit, selecting the kind of tools that will best fit your photography style and practice. Chapter 6 – demonstrates creating light in software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, and Aperture. I know this is not the “fun & sexy” part of taking photographs, but you can’t build a house without a solid foundation and these first six chapters are the solid foundation you will use to build your “house of lighting techniques” on. It’s once you have finished with the foundation that the fun truly begins, because what follows are 101 different beautiful photographs and everything you would need to know about how they were shot. Each image is a two page spread and is set up like this: On the left hand page is a key in the upper left corner telling you what type of lighting was used, be it Natural, Artificial, or a combination of the two. It will also tell you if any assistants were needed, and if so, how many. Last of the keys is a cost key. It will let you know at a glance if the image was inexpensive, expensive, or somewhere in between shoot (related to the gear needed to make it happen). The rest of the page has the finished image and a description of how the shot was setup and taken. On the right page you will find camera settings, gear list, a lighting diagram, and two or three action shots of the photograph being taken. If there is an alternative piece of gear that could be used to get the same results, you will find that listed here as well. An "inside look" The Lighting Notebook is one of those books that is a true page turner, once you pick it up it won’t leave your hands until you get to the last page, then again you may start going through it a second time before putting it down. Just in case you aren’t picking up my “vibes” the review is two thumbs way up for this book. This is not the first thing from Kevin that I have truly liked, as I have been a big Kevin Kubota fan for some time and have posted about what he has to offer to photographers more than once (or twice) on Weekly Photo Tips. Like: You will find my interview with Kevin Here. I had the pleasure of attending his seminar in Vermont, which was HUGE fun. In this post I shared his trick on how to correctly synchronize the capture times in Lightroom for images shot from 2 or more cameras, so they will all the images will appear in the correct chronological order. And I have raved in more than one post about his Lightroom training DVD’s, because they contain so much useful information, much more than just editing in Lightroom. OMG, this kinda makes me look like a stalker! I am sure if you buy this book you will find it as educational and useful as I did. A big thank you to Adorama for sponsoring this podcast. And last, but certainly not least, something that needs to be said every episode, a BIG thank you to Steve over at Home Recording Weekly for mixing this show. He takes a bucket full of sound files and makes this podcast sound so darn good. Please feel free to download the show for later listening.

12 Mar 2012

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Episode 11 – Our interview with Erik Almas…

Welcome to season two, episode one of The Photography Podcast. Today we are proud to announce that we are giving away 100% of our affiliate sales, do a quick review (more like a gushing) of the Scott Kelby iPad App Light It, and finish with an interview with commercial photography Erik Almas. So here we go, and in order: 1. For awhile now we have been giving away 50% of all of our affiliate sales to support two food banks and one soup kitchen here in southern Maine, but have decided that these projects (and all the families that they support) need this money far more than we do. So if you are looking for photography gear if you buy it using our Adorama affiliate links you will get great prices, equally as good customer service and will be helping those who are truly in need. 2. We have been Scott Kelby for some time and we love his iPad App since its inception, there are many things to love about it and you can find on iTunes, on the web, and I would strongly suggest you check our our originally review on Weekly Photo Tips. Not only can you read all the details of what makes it a great resource for photographers, you’ll also how to get two complete issues for free. 3. And finally, our interview with photographer extraordinaire Erik Almas. Our interviewer is a guest as well, it’s Mike Bowker, studio manager and digital retouch artist of the studios of Irvin Serrano. Mike has been a big fan of Erik and also wrote the outstanding review of Erik’s DVD “Aspects of Image Making“. You can read the entire review over at the blog. Here are just a few shots from Erik’s gallery, you will really want to visit his website and check out his stunning work. Click on any of these images to view larger. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this interview and am sure you will as well. Hope you enjoy episode 11 as much as we enjoyed making it  for you.

15 Apr 2013

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Episode 10 – Our interview with Michael Clark…

Here are the show notes from our conversation with my new photography crush, action, adventure, and sports photographer Michael Clark. How this all got started was because Peachpit was kind enough to send us his latest book, Exposed: Inside the Life and Images of a Pro Photographer, for review and the admiration started there. And as I learned more about the type of photography he does and the stunning images he captures I was hooked. There will be more images in this post than we have ever included before, because I just couldn’t narrow it down any further than this, so check these out. We talked about one of his portfolio images and how it was lit: Base jumping (pure insanity): Surfing: Outdoors: And the Patagonian Expedition Race: Now there are important links you will want to check out, like his website and his blog. Michael writes a newsletter 3-4 times a year, that really should be called a magazine, its full of reviews, tips, tricks, and still more of his work. And of course there are his books. Take a peak inside his camera bag, not only will you see the gear he shoots with, you’ll be able to read reviews on all of the equipment as well, it might help you in purchasing the special piece of equipment you’ve been looking for. If you are interested in attending a Michael Clark workshop (and who wouldn’t be) he has two this August (in Maine Michael will be teaching on the subject of Adventure Photography and Chicago will be a Mentor Series Photo Trek), you can also find him in Santa Fe in October (another Photo Trek, this one of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta), and you can shoot surfing with him (and Brian Bielmann) at Turtle Bay Hilton Resort, Oahu North Shore, Hawaii. You can find the details for all these workshops right here. Should consider these or any other workshops be sure to read the article Michael wrote that covers how to choose a workshop and what our responsibilities as attendees are in preparing for  a workshop, he provides great insight and it will help everyone get the most for their money and their time. I feel fortunate to have “discovered” Michael Clark and want to make sure others do so as well, because he has so much to offer. Enjoy everyone.

23 Jul 2012

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Episode 9 – Our interview with Nikon Legend Lou Jones…

Here are the show notes with contact info and links to different things we discussed in the photography podcast. We would love to hear from you, if you have a question, a comment on the show, photography gear you would like to know more about, or an interview you would like to hear, please email us because we would love to know. If you could leave a rating and/or comment on iTunes it would help make the podcast more “visible“, so that when others search photography in iTunes they will have an even better chance of finding us, you can use this link to iTunes…. and thanks in advance! As we mentioned in this (and other episodes) Adorama is our sponsor, this not only helps us cover the cost of producing content and hosting our sites, we also take 25% of what we make to support (and stock) food pantries here in southern Maine, as well as Operation Smile. So by listening to this show and using our affiliate links you will get great photography gear at outstanding prices, while supporting folks who are less fortunate than us and can really use the help. A true win/win. Now on to our conversation with Nikon Legend Lou Jones. You can use these links to read our review of his book “Speedlights & Speedlites” or to learn more about Lou Jones workshop “Boston: A Nikon Legend views his Hometown“. If you head over to Lou Jones blog you can get a free copy of the his photography eBook on Speedlights . You can also find Lou Jones over on Vimeo and check out his Speedlight videos , or Lou’s website to look at his photography portfolio that includes his work at the Olympics. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the photography podcast.

16 Jun 2012

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