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A podcast about the wisdom of irreligion, and all that entails.

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2.67 Halloween Origins from a Christian Perspective

E'er wondered where fundamentalist evangelical Christians think Hallowe'en came from? Well buckle your seatbelts, kiddies, as we take you on a trip down insane lane, AiG style!

1hr 6mins

29 Oct 2017

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2.50 Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

So this episode is about a little movie called "Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas," where famous 80s sitcom star Kirk Cameron saves Christmas from a Christian named Christian who mopes around about pagan trees, snowglobes, and Saint Nick.

1hr 20mins

25 Dec 2015

Rank #2

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2.9 The Gospel of Mark

We tackle the first of the good news to be written about the life of Jesus, which includes his bread-multiplyin' shenanigans, as well as some wonderful stories about pig herders, fig trees, and inflicting bodily harm on some money-changers. Join us and re-live the Messiah's glory days before it all went to shit in Jerusalem. Spoiler alert! He comes back.

1hr 8mins

1 Jun 2013

Rank #3

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2.46 Founding Fathers III

Rounding out the list of American founding fathers is the extremely intellectual John Adams, the infidel Thomas Jefferson, and the father of the Constitution, James Madison.

1hr 15mins

17 Sep 2015

Rank #4

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2.54 Egyptian Mythology

Join us for Matt's dive into the mythology of ancient Egypt, where gods can be attributes and attributes can be negative. Also, lots of walking in profile.


16 May 2016

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44: Jehovah's Witness Guest Interview

We talk with Tall Penguin, a former Jehovah's Witness, about all things JW. Topics include odd sexual doctrines, weird stuff about blood transfusions, shunning, and Tall Penguin's personal encounter with a JW "disciplinary council."

1hr 3mins

11 Dec 2009

Rank #6

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38: Bob Price

In this guest podcast we interview renowned New Testament scholar and Jesus Seminarian Robert Price. We cover a broad array of topics, ranging from the New Testament borrowing material from the Old, Josephus and the Testimonium Flavianum, and just who was this Jesus character anyway, and how wmuch can we really know about him. A fascinating discussion with a fascinating guest.

1hr 6mins

2 Oct 2009

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53: Scientology

In this episode we decipher all those crazy acronyms and optimistic euphemisms of that transparent scam masquerading as a religion called Scientology. We talk about its history, beliefs, controversies, and gadgets, and even give details about our own visit to the local Church of Scientology.

1hr 18mins

2 Mar 2010

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2.6 Spontaneous Generation and Abiogenesis

WARNING! Explicit science content! We discuss spontaneous generation, creation myths of various cultures, and what we know of abiogenesis. If scary words like Krebs Cycle, deoxyribonucleic acid, or Günter Wächtershäuser scare you, stay far away from this podcast.

1hr 18mins

15 Apr 2013

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35: The Story of Job

Leighton and Chuck take on God for his gambling problem as evidenced in the ridiculous story of Job, an upright and blameless man who Satan wagers will curse God if only God will kill all his children, take away all his riches, and cover him with excruciating boils. God's response? Sure thing!


11 Sep 2009

Rank #10

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22: Did Jesus Exist?

Leighton and Chuck discuss the evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus. We cover pagan sources, Jewish sources, and the books and letters found in the New Testament.

1hr 6mins

5 Jun 2009

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ANN 32: Mormons, Gays, and the American Legion

Herein we discuss the recent passage of pro-gay rights legislation right here in Salt Lake City, Mormon Headquarters, with the endorsement of the Mormon Church itself. Also, we cover the actions of a group of small-minded Christian veterans who were pissed off that they were prevented from violating the 1st Amendment to our Constitution by a high school principal.


11 Nov 2009

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39: Haunting in Georgia

In honor of Halloween, we tackle some popular ghost stories. First up is "A Haunting in Georgia," a tale about a little girl who sees dead people, the Oxford-trained parapsychologist who fails to help them, the two psychics who fail to help them, and a fat preacher who fails to help them. Yeah, after all that, they're still haunted. Maybe all they really need is a good counselor.


11 Oct 2009

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2.12 Matthew

Our second in a series of hard-hitting investigative exposes of the four gospels covers the book of Matthew, covering such astounding events as GPS stars, virgin births, tempting Satans, sermonizing messiahs, and more jewiness than you can shake a menorrah at.


5 Aug 2013

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59: Dead Sea Scrolls

So, what are these Dead Sea Scrolls, how were they discovered, and who wrote them? A brief look into selected scrolls such as the Community Rule, the Halakhic Letter, the Damascus Document, and the War Scroll sheds light on this ancient Jewish sect.

1hr 4mins

14 Apr 2010

Rank #15

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16: Pagan Precursors, New Testament Edition

Chuck's research into the pagan precursors of ideas found in the New Testament and Christianity.

1hr 2mins

25 Apr 2009

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2.55 Mother Teresa

So what can we say about this holy, holy woman who supposedly devoted her live to the poor and downtrodden of Calcutta? I guess you should listen and find out.

1hr 4mins

11 Jun 2016

Rank #17

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58: Ethics without God

This week we discuss an ethical system built on two simple questions as developed by Dominick Cancilla, author of the book, "Ask Yourself to be Moral." Great for a quick, easily understood rejoinder to anyone who says that morals and ethics are impossible without God.

1hr 2mins

6 Apr 2010

Rank #18

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79: Baptism For the Dead

Wherein we explain the roots of the bizarre Mormon practice of baptizing dead people by proxy, featuring a brief guest segment with Jessica, an actual person who got suckered into doing it.

1hr 8mins

7 Sep 2010

Rank #19

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47: Kent Hovind's Dissertation

Wherein we examine creation evangelist, dinosaur guy, and tax evader Kent Hovind's 1991 doctoral dissertation, which is filled with an impressive amount of buffoonery, even for Kent Hovind.

1hr 13mins

7 Jan 2010

Rank #20