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The KitchenKillaz LIVE Weekly Music Show

Each week the acoustic musical duo known as the KitchenKillaz tours the country crashing kitchens performing music and entertaining both live audiences and online fans alike. This band can only be described as a touring acoustic duo "Krashing" Kitchens and sharing food, fun and lots and lots of happiness with their online "KillazKrew" every Friday night Live At 9:05 p.m. that's #LiveAt905 every Week!

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Kitchen Kronicles: Volume 1 - Chapter 5 - Meet The Mad Scientist

Kronicling our "Kitchen Crashing Journey" one kitchen at a time!Chapter 5: Leesburg, FloridaHost: Dennis "The Mad Scientist" CutterOn the Menu: Crab Cake Sliders, Snow Drift Cake, and Cherry Cola CollidersJoin us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as we wrap weeks, rock tunes, and crash kitchens!M: 705 W: 705 F: 905 at fb.com/billyfloydmusicClassified as a touring acoustic duo crashing kitchens around the country, the KitchenKillaz are bridging gaps, pleasing souls, and filling bellies everywhere they go! Be sure to log on, tune in, and turn up! Peace!Help fund our first album: https://www.paypal.me/kitchenkillaz


6 Oct 2019

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