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You're Too Show: A Sonic the Hedgehog Fancast

A weekly dive into the seriously silly world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Indie game developer Nick Splendorr and author Caleb Zane Huett study everyone's favorite blue guy to learn about games, stories, and maybe even ourselves. There's also a lot of goofing.

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017: A Grownup Game For Adults w/ merritt k (Shadow the Hedgehog, 2005)

Special guest merritt k (@merrittk) joins us to talk about the game where Sonic finally does a swear: Shadow the Hedgehog. This whole episode is rated NSFW10+, which means it's not safe for work, especially if you're older than ten.

1hr 11mins

13 Mar 2017

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0027: EMER/AL/D (Sonic X, s1e10)

Take us out to the game grass, in this sports-oriented episode. See if you can “Mitt” all the SportsFacts, including: What is Turf; What shape ~is~ a baseball field, really; and why do grandpas love Humanity’s Worst Creation so much?

1hr 1min

13 Jun 2017

Rank #2

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0029: The Hundred Year Plan (Sonic the Hedgehog 1993 / SatAM s1e01)

It's Sonic's 25th birthday, and we take the opportunity to review the first quarter of SEGA's ultimate plan. SatAM is gritty, silly, and Sonic almost commits actual murder.


26 Jun 2017

Rank #3

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0038: Da Vinci’s Octodad (Sonic Underground, s1e09)

Get your Parabolic Inverter and unhinge your limbs as we return to Sonic Underground and get SUPER real about Sonic’s body parts. We also cover sitcom trivia, classic cinema, and ask what the stakes really are for Sonic and friends.


6 Feb 2018

Rank #4

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0031: Sabotage Mode (Sonic the Hedgehog TV 1993 / SatAM s1e03)

Join us as things really heat up in SatAM. We dig into why Sonic stories can feel genuine or forced, the different configurations of Sonic’s crew, and then we get super real about the correlation between Energon, the Zeo Crystal, and global politics.


17 Jul 2017

Rank #5

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Mania Zone #1: Robber Baron Power Rangers (Sonic Mania, Intro and Green Hill Zone)

SPOILER ALERT! Sonic Mania just came out, and we played the first zone! We talk about the opening animation, our initial story impressions, and how it feels to lace up this shiny new pair of big red shoes. (It feels REALLY GOOD!)


15 Aug 2017

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0035: Bird-Legs (Sonic the Hedgehog TV 1993 / SatAM s1e07, “Hooked on Sonics”)

Join us as we finally discuss the famous episode where Sonic invents mouth-kissing, a gift that keeps on giving to all humanity every day. (Antoine doesn't appreciate it very much.)


17 Aug 2017

Rank #7

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011: That Alien We Call Laughter (Sonic Boom, s1e01)

Keep your hands and arms inside the time machine at all times, folks, cause Caleb and Nick are jumping right out of the nineties into 2014 to see what the French company OuiDo! has done to our sweet baby blue boy.


8 Jan 2017

Rank #8

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003: It's Cool to Steal from Despots (Sonic Underground, s1e03)

Gather round, kiddos, and listen while Sonic Underground reveals the solution to all of your problems: stealing. That's right! Thievery will get you everywhere. It helps to have good type coverage in your hedgehog party, too.


31 Oct 2016

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0039: The SSBCU (Smash Bros. Ultimate, Detective Pikachu, & The Sonic Movie)

Nick and Caleb are back! Dip your sneakers into this hot & fresh discussion of Smash Bros. Ultimate, Detective Pikachu, Jim Carrey, and the impending Sonic the Hedgehog movie — everything we’re excited about right now. It’s the perfect time to return.


29 Nov 2018

Rank #10

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0034: Hey Toothbutt, Chomp This (Sonic the Hedgehog TV 1993 / SatAM s1e06)

Sonic is juicin' and so are we on this fresh new ep of your favorite podcast! We're watching SatAM and starting a new volume of SPEED READING! Consider us the masters blaster of your Sonic experience. Consider us....X-TREME.


7 Aug 2017

Rank #11

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Mania Zone #2: Opposite Skeleton Relationship (Sonic Mania, Chemical Plant and Studiopolis Zones)

Let’s get gooped up and on TV with SONIC MANIA! We’re talking mean beans, weather chickens, and the immortal juggernaut Tails “Miles Tails” Prower. This game is a gift.


6 Nov 2017

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GsOTY 2017, Part 1: The Collective Funconscious (Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nier: Automata, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania)

We planned to do a short Super Mario Odyssey episode, and ended up making a multi-part episode about how all games made us feel this year. Whoops! Please listen to the spoiler warnings, keep your hands inside the hat at all times, and enjoy the ride!


1 Dec 2017

Rank #13

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GsOTY 2017, Part 2: The High Five (Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nier: Automata)

We talk a little about the tonal weirdness of Mario Odyssey, big-picture lesssons from this year in big games, and whether Sonic Team needs to keep trying to make “big games” to reach Sonic’s true potential.

1hr 14mins

20 Dec 2017

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005: Picking Up the Key (Sonic Underground, s1e05)

Last week was rough, folks, but this episode of Sonic Underground is here to help. The silly and the serious co-exist within Sonic, and in our conversation. It’s never been a better time to talk about dystopia.

1hr 9mins

14 Nov 2016

Rank #15

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015: Get Out of There, Sasuke Uchiha! (Sonic Boom, s1e07-08)

We forgot to do a special Valentine's Day episode, so this is that one. Or should we say...Eviltine's????? (No)


21 Feb 2017

Rank #16

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004: All the Way to Robo-Biden (Sonic Underground, s1e04)

Sonic Underground quadruples its costume budget in the fourth episode, and Nick and Caleb are here to tell you about all the what-nots and say-yeses they have to offer. Guest Starring everyone's favorite Robo-VP.


7 Nov 2016

Rank #17

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010: This Game Spoiled Itself (Sonic the Hedgehog, 1991)

Sonic the Hedgehog (1492) is a classic. What hasn't been said about this hedgehog's journey to defeat Robotnik and then eventually travel back in time to raise his greatest enemy as his own son? Nick and Caleb find a few things.


2 Jan 2017

Rank #18

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0036: Knuckodile Dundee (Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, Part 1)

YEAR 2, BABY! We're kicking off our anniversary month with a return to what we do best: watching anime! Sonic and Tails are saving Eggman from Eggman. Knuckles is waking up in his boyfriend's clothes. Aerith from FFVII is there for some reason. It rules!


9 Oct 2017

Rank #19

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0023: #CHUCKGATE (Sonic X, s1e06)

Your two hosts become detectives to uncover the tip of the iceberg of the truth of #CHUCKGATE and you won't believe what we find out.


8 May 2017

Rank #20