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How do archaeologists investigate and understand ancient sites and civilisations? Interpreting archaeological evidence accurately and methodically is the key to obtaining a critical perspective on the development of the human race. This album provides an introduction to archaeology and its methodologies for excavation of sites that can be more than 12000 years old. Like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle but without a picture guide, archaeologists can establish how cities and civilisations developed, why humans started farming, and how empires formed and collapsed. This material forms part of The Open University course A251 World archaeology.

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Excavating empires

Exploring the development and function of empires, looking at Mayan, Aztec, Roman, and Chinese societies.


3 Sep 2008

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Studying human development

Exploring how humans have developed by looking at the remains they have left.


3 Sep 2008

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The challenge of defining a city

What evidence do we need to define archaeological remains as a city?


3 Sep 2008

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Understanding empires

Archaeologists discuss the formation of empires and how to interpret archaeological evidence left by them.


3 Sep 2008

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World Archaeology

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13 Apr 2010

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