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DC125 Brainstorm New Content with Aaron, Andrew & Ryan

The first time we've had three people on the show, Ryan Andrew and Aaron discuss many aspects of the show and blog. An idea was worked on to extend the content on the site. At DesignChat we believe that the community is what makes the discussion great, so we wanted to think about a way we could open a door to inclusiveness. We know that many of our friends are just as passionate about discussing design as we are, and have debates and chats daily. How great would it be if those chats could be captured and shared with the community? We would encourage people to record their conversations on their phone and submit them to the community chat page. The best chats would be released as a podcast episode. Then we moved on to talk about how there needs to be a better way to sign off the show. Given the example of The Nerdist Podcast that says, "Enjoy Your Burrito," we thought about what the DesignChat version of that could be. Ryan made a joke about "Enjoy Your Taco" and unbeknownst to him, Patrick Stewart had made that exact same joke on a recent episode of The Nerdist. Andrew brought up and idea to have the front page be a constant evolving chat that was spurred on by a rotating image possible served up by Behance. The image would be accompanied by a chat area that anyone could chime in to. Chat logs would exist as an on-going discussion. The content could then be published occasionally as a blog post. Two sites with great UX and discussion were mentioned:http://usepanda.com/ http://thetypefight.com/


10 Sep 2015

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DC124 Andrew & Ryan discuss intern program and relaunch

Andrew and Ryan discuss and brainstorm a bit about how the internship program should work. What should the positions be? What do the interns get? What will their responsibilities be? How will we get the word out? How will they apply for the job? Then they move on to more general topics about the website and the show in general. The idea that the show should have more recurring panel hosts was brought up, Andrew agrees to be one. They also started an idea bout how new content can be generated by asking people to record their own "design chats" with their phones. The next talk will be a brainstorm for new products.

1hr 1min

2 Sep 2015

Rank #2

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