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News, reviews, and conversation about Guild Ball, the tabletop game of Medieval football.

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Episode 81: You're Not Wrong (Repost)

April 23, 2018 We wrap up the exiles with Harry and Honour, get a glimpse of what it's like to pull together a huge event, talk about donuts, and rap about team building. Oh and congratulations to Kevin Finch for winning the Bonesaw. Phil is moving so we might not be doing this in May. See you on the other side!Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight (Reposted due to a feed issue)

1hr 46mins

1 May 2018

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Episode 82: He is Fixed Bonesaw

July 20, 2018 Yes, it's been a while. The move was crazy and then we lost a show, but through thick and thin we have returned! Hear us spill the tea on season 4 previews and Horizon. Phil evangelizes the Combo Key, and bill talks about new players. Bonus chat with Jamie P about gaming in general as opposed to Guild Ball in particular. Best of all, garageband didn't crash.   Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight

2hr 25mins

21 Jul 2018

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Episode 84: The Blind Agoraphobic has Opinions

September 10, 2018We return to kvetch about season 4 with limited information. We also throw shade at Phil's day job by trashing the use of apps. It's a podcast. It's free.Join the Conversation:guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@thatphilbowentwitch.tv/thatphilbowen

1hr 28mins

12 Sep 2018

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Episode 10: Greenskeepers Leak Details

April 20, 2015:Act 1: Shipping, Mats Campaign, Podcast BusinessAct 2: Tournament pack rumors and leaksAct 3: Twitter Questions - Best legendary, Teams for beginners, Most dangerous striker.Like I wasn't going to say Flint.

1hr 20mins

22 Apr 2015

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Episode 78: The Boys From Ipanema

Bill and Phil set out to talk about a lot, but in the end they spent so long talking about errata and gameplan cards that they ran out of time for the rest. Come for the news, stay for the light jazz. Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight

14 Mar 2018

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Episode 79: International Incident

March 29, 2018 With Bill on the road Phil puts on his snow shoes and heads for the great white north for a guest host. Listen in as Kevin Stewart and Phil talk about OP Documents, the Exiles (so far) and propbably poutine. Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight

1 Apr 2018

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Episode 86: Nashville Hot

October 29, 2018 It's our Steamcon US afterparty. Like two weeks overdue. Also, Phil wonders what we're supposed to be excited about with this draft thing. Bill is excited about Alchemists though! Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@thatphilbowentwitch.tv/thatphilbowen

1hr 46mins

1 Nov 2018

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Episode 80: Hey Phil

April 9, 2018The exiles take center stage as bill professes some uncommon opinions then reports on Adepticon, and then we accidentally talk about Godtear for like twenty minutes. Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight

13 Apr 2018

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Episode 85: Pride & Prejudice

October 1, 2018Come along on a properly purple podcast as Phil, Bill, and guest companyman Jamie P reveal Union and Order Season 4 stuff. See you at Steamcon!Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight 

1hr 54mins

1 Oct 2018

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Episode 83: Sailing the Seas of Cheese

August 8, 2018 This week we dig into the rest of the Navigators and why they're the best 1/3 of another guild in the game, then Phil has a massive rant about the way Cooks look before eventually saying they're great (in context). Maybe we talk about Big League too.  Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@thatphilbowentwitch.tv/thatphilbowen  

1hr 23mins

11 Aug 2018

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Episode 74: Obligatory New Year Show

January 8, 2018 The guys cast the bones and read the tea leaves and discuss what they're looking forward to in 2018. We don't discuss 2017, but the listeners do.Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight  

1hr 8mins

10 Jan 2018

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Episode 73: The Phil Rule

December 18, 2017 This time around we revisit steamcon and Bill gets his rants in, talk about how weird the plastic fish thing is based on some huge presumptions, and go over the best OPD change ever. Sorry about the barking.Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight

21 Dec 2017

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Episode 70: Minor Guilds, How do they Work?

November 21, 2017 Phil's on his own this week giving a recap of the Steamcon  UK Keynote's major points.  Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast

21 Nov 2017

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Episode 67: I'll Still Paint Them

August 27, 2017 Phil talks about the new plastic minis now that he's had a few days with them.There's good, there's less good, there's a real change in what it means to be a Guild Ball mini - and that's ok.  Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast


29 Aug 2017

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Episode 65: Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

July 28, 2017 Bryce and Phil run down the latest in Guild Ball errata and Phil learns that thing is called "table-topping" which seems like an appropriate effect for a minis game.  Get GBTimer before August 10th.  Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast

1hr 5mins

28 Jul 2017

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Episode 64: Back on the Horse

July 11, 2017 News:- #ApprenticePony- Wave 2 Team Boxes- New Deployment Scheme & Public PlaytestingInterview :- Season 3 Fluff (with Sherwin)Twitter Questions:- Short then long seasons (Chris Smith)Then we get all misty about the kickstarter days because Phil is a hot mess. But hey, we're on schedule and interviews are back!Recorded in front of a live studio audienceJoin the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast

1hr 33mins

12 Jul 2017

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Episode 63: The Boys of Summer

June 27 2017 News:- Farmers release date- Breaking News: #ApprenticePony- Travel and events recap Twitter Questions:- Releases before SteamCon (Andrew Mossoura) - Worst playable lineup (Bert Miller) Recorded in front of a live studio audience Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comn  guildballtonight@gmail.com@thatPhilBowentwitch.tv/guildballtonightfacebook.com/gbtpodcast

1hr 27mins

28 Jun 2017

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Episode 62: Phil Plays Guild Ball

May 22, 2017 News:- Places we went, things we didTwitter Questions:- Which players should switch guilds (Jase Fox)- Union changes in S4 (Chris Smith)- What ability carries teh most restrictions (Burt Miller)Recorded in front of a live studio audience Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comn  guildballtonight@gmail.com@thatPhilBowentwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast

1hr 53mins

25 May 2017

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Episode 61: Hunterering

Episode 61: HuntereringMay 2, 2017 News:- Travelling men [1:55]- All the new things [16:48]Twitter Questions:- Farmers Mascot (Steve Price) [1:02:40]- Nonstandard paint schemes (Bert Miller) [1:09:01]- Favorite s3 model (Dylan) [1:11:48]- Oh, and Steamconses [1:21:27 ]The mascots were particularly participatory tonight, enjoy the backing track. Recorded in front of a live studio audience Join the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@thatPhilBowentwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast

1hr 26mins

3 May 2017

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Episode 58: By the Fans, For the Fans

Episode 58: By the Fans, For the FansFebruary 28, 2017When Bill has life happen at the last minute, the Twitch chat room jumps in to save the day!News:- New models (with Byron Sanchez and Hi Alex) [3:40]- Las Vegas Open (sort of) (with Tate) [26:30 ]Interviews:- Season 3 Plot Card Rundown (with Maurice Kent) [33:58]- The Organized Play Pack (with Jamie Giblin) [1:05:18]Twitter Questions (with Lon Simms and James Brannon)- Favorite s3 Model (James) [1:15:21]- Extra Time after pre-assembled Models (Spencer Stevens) [1:30:07]Recorded in front of a live studio audienceJoin the Conversation: guildballtonight.comguildballtonight@gmail.com@gbtpodcasttwitch.tv/guildballtonight facebook.com/gbtpodcast

1hr 45mins

1 Mar 2017

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