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Each week, Hotel Interactive presents This Week in Hospitality, an in-depth discussion on the week�s most prevalent hospitality industry issues. The show features top industry leaders, as well as critical news and analysis sure to educate, empower and entertain anyone in the lodging business. Other special interest programs are also included from time to time.

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Jim Spitzig, How to Own Your Own Hotels

At some point he realized while design is great, ownership is where people are finding the most success. We learn how he started with small slices of ownership investment and how he is building a major property portfolio. He’s even bringing a major Chinese hotel brand here to the United States, a very interesting strategy we haven’t seen before. They also discuss how to keep creative and how to keep pushing yourself so you never rest on your laurels, giving back through charitable efforts and more.

7 Aug 2015

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Grit and Gumption with Wyndham's Eric Danziger

The guys also discuss the myriad changes taking place at Wyndham’s hotel brands, specifically the changes you can expect with the iconic Howard Johnson’s brand and what else you can expect in years to come. Oh yeah, you’ll get a peek into his leadership style too. Then we switch gears and chat about how to boost your revenue with the guys from Duetto. We have CEO, Patrick Bosworth, and Scott Edgington, Chief Revenue Officer. Topics discussed include why revenue managers are so cool and how they can make your hotel a fortune, what to do with all that ‘big data’ you’ve been collecting and how to manage demand. These guys are much smarter than us so you’re sure to learn a ton from them.

4 Oct 2013

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Skiing to Success

During the chat they break down $7.1 billion ski-industry and what that means for tourism in a top ski town. Additionally, Bill also shares his marketing expertise with us revealing how a city can come together as a collective to all find success. Did you know that Park City is the biggest ski resort in the USA after Vail Resorts bought Park City Mountain Resorts (PCMR) for $182.5 million this Sept. and announced they’ll connect Canyons Resorts and PCMR to form a 7,000-acre+mega resort. And did you know Park City is home to the Utah Olympic Park, the venue for several events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and Sundance Film Festival. Approximately 45,000+ visitors spend on average a total of $63.9 million during this 10-day period (happening every January), making this world-renowned destination an expert in hosting major events in the tourism industry. You are going to find inspiration here and how to make successes in your market too

23 Jan 2015

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The Golden Steer and Old School Las Vegas

Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman sits down with owner Michael Signorelli to chat about how the restaurant still remains relevant and incidentally delicious all these years later. We also hear great stories from the past regarding, Elvis, The Rat Pack and many more. Even Mario Andretti races his way into this tale. We’re also joined by Kevin Ball, who’s not just Corp. VP - Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing with American Casino & Entertainment Properties (you know the Stratosphere, right? It’s these guys) but also a huge fan. Then Bruce Ford of Lodging econometrics joins and everyone discusses what is right and wrong with modern Las Vegas and what the future beholds.

7 Nov 2014

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Steve Joyce of Choice Hotels and Focus on EB5 Financing

We also get a little insight into how he sees the state of the industry and gives clues as to how everyone can be more successful. Then we get into an interview with the inimitable Bruce Ford, SVP of Business Development at Lodging Econometrics and David Bennett SVP – Head of US Commercial Real Estate, Salmon Run Capital. Of course we discuss the state of the industry and all sorts of mishegoss (that’s Yiddish people for crazy insane behavior of chatter) before getting into understanding EB-5 financing. David is an expert and he shares how you can use this mechanism to help get a project done utilizing foreign investment dollars.

27 Sep 2013

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Hard Rock Making Rocking Changes

This week he’s at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas and dives in deep with Assistant General Manager Gary Scott. We all know Hard Rock set the stage for cool Las Vegas when it first opened back in the mid-1990s. And we also know it expanded in a huge way by opening up new towers and an expanded casino. But ack! They did it just as the Great Recession destroyed the economy. Management fell, ownership changed a couple of times, management changed up again and now the property is looking to get its mojo back. Their execs are looking to become the champion of cool once again in Sin City. They’re already doing it with cool residencies such as Kiss, but there are many massive changes in store for this modern classic. . Since we recorded this interview the property announced a Journey residency this spring. Let’s get some tickets and meet up there! Scott shares how he sees the future of the property, how it’s going to make its core 45 year old plus clientele happy and how Hard Rock will again rule in Las Vegas. You’re going to love this interview because it’s honest and really shows these guys have the knowledge, wherewithal and gumption to make this property, well, Rock!

9 Jan 2015

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Hilton Garden Inn Going Global

But he is super happy because he had the chance to line up two great interviews with amazing Hilton executives. First up is Jim Holthauser, EVP Global Brands for Hilton Worldwide. Jim also happens to be one of Glenn’s all-time favorite industry people and they have a great conversation on the state of travel today and how Hilton wants to overall up the experience quotient at its hotels through technology. It’s all about turning a transaction business into an experiential one. Then Glenn speaks with Mark Nogal, Regional Head, Focused Service Brand Management Europe, Middle East & Africa about Hilton Garden Inn expanding around the world. But even cooler is they chat about cultural differences that must be recognized as brands like HGI expand around the world. Great lesson and a fun listen too.

16 Jan 2015

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Trend Forward Food & Elizabeth Blau

This week we’re once again in Vegas and talking food. Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman sits down with one of the most preeminent restaurateurs and industry influencers, Elizabeth Blau. (http://elizabethblau.com/) Now you may not know her name but she has influenced food across the country in a very real way. She owns restaurants in Las Vegas with partners such as Rock and Roll Chef Kerry Simon (Palms Place) and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro (Ventian/Palazzo) plus several of her own including the highly rated Honey Salt. She just reopened the famed Rainbow Room in NYC, and worked with many major hotel companies like Marriott and Ritz-Carlton and bigboy food chains like TGIFridays and IHOP. The show focuses on her story, current food trends and empowering you all out there how to make more money from your food. This show is a can’t miss experience and perfect to play at your holiday party. Christmas carols can wait!

17 Dec 2014

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How to Achieve Excellence with Matt Woodruff of HVMG

To help us discover that excellence within you, we have Matt Woodruff, SVP Brand and Guest Excellence of Hospitality Ventures Management Group. They talk about creating the ultimate guest experience by imbuing an attitude of excellence in their associates which leads to better customer service. It’s a lot more complicated than just an attitudinal shift by creating the ‘excellence’ mindset. It’s completely different than being ‘good’ and we share how you and you

17 Aug 2015

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Extended Stay and Marriott’s Loren Nalewanski

The guys chat about many issues including the state of extended stay and how Marriott is emphasizing its extended stay brands such as TownePlace Suites, ensuring guests are empowered to keep their home routine while on the road, embracing new technology such as mobile check in and how to keep customer service up to par in this new world. Very informative chat where you are sure to learn much more than expected.

5 Aug 2015

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The Leadership Gap with Larry Broughton

To Larry Broughton there is a severe leadership gap in the hotel business and we explore the reasons why. But he also has an answer and in this wide ranging podcast we talk about leadership and what that really means. Beyond that we dissect American society to better understand how our psyches and life experiences mold our attitudes and points of view when it comes to our professional careers. We also talk about why grit is so important and how Larry coming from an army Green Beret background shaped the way he does business. He’s also the founder of yoogozi.com, a site dedicated to making you a better leader. This is a truly fascinating interview that not only gives insight to an amazing hospitality professional, but provides a great examination of the human condition.

16 Jul 2015

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La Quinta CEO Wayne Goldberg

They talk about so many topics in this free flowing conversation it’s a great ride listening to it all come together.Topic include: The effectiveness of humor in advertising, successfully mastering humor to break through advertising clutter, utilizing microsites to enhance branding, finding the right way to connect with your guest through marketing, debunking the myth of the millennial traveler while also deciphering how to earn their future business as they age, the company’s new Del Sol construction prototype, and most importantly we hear Wayne’s journey to the CEO position and the skills he developed to get him there.

10 Jul 2015

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Transforming the Group Meeting Experience

Camelback is a major ski area and they’ve been upping the summer fun quotient too. So we took opportunity to speak with Michelle Wescott, Director of Group Sales on how the new property will change the area’s dynamic for both families and meetings. Mind you this is no ordinary hotel, but houses the largest indoor water park in the northeast United States as well as a host of other indoor and outdoor amenities. So we chat with Michelle about all sorts of topics such as how to attract families to your hotel and what’s hot in group meetings when it comes to a new era of team building events. So much to learn from in this one. Plus, Glenn survived zip lining which was certainly not expected.

30 Jun 2015

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Like a G6

This wide ranging interview covers the state of their brands, the rapidly changing face of economy/budget hotels, what consumers really want and we get a better understanding of the man himself with some great tips for career minded people to find success in this business.

19 Jun 2015

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WoodSpring Springs To Life

To understand the philosophy about the company’s new direction, we spoke with Bruce Haase, CEO and Mike Varner, SVP Brand Strategy and Marketing. The share all the info you need to know about why they made the big change, how it affects current hotels and the reason they feel this move is great for owners and customers. And of course we learn about the genesis of their newest and more upscale brand Woodspring Suites Signature. This is an amazing conversation about brand and consumer behavior evolution you don’t want to miss!

5 Jun 2015

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Best Western’s Miami Vib

In fact he has Ron Pohl, SVP Brand Management; Mike Muir, VP North American Development and the developer of the first ever vib Richard Morello of Rebuild Miami Edgewater. Miami is a great place for the brand to debut and we get into all the specifics of the brand and why Rebuild Miami Edgewater has confidence this brand will deliver strong returns.

29 May 2015

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Red Lion Roars

Glenn chats with Red Lion CEO Greg Mount and Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Bill Linehan about their just closed deal to buy the GuestHouse International and Settle Inn portfolio, which will add 73 hotels to the company’s portfolio. But more important transforms the company from a regional player to a national powerhouse. They also discuss the new RL Hotel concept and many of the other exciting things going on throughout the organization.

8 May 2015

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Train, Train and Train Again

So this week Glenn is chatting with HM Bookstore founder Rick Tomjenovic, who also happens to be a Partner in Tri-Star Hotel Group (http://www.tristarhotels.com) who’s in charge of operations and more. Rick is a guy who totally gets the importance of a well-trained team and wants to empower others to find new heights of success. In fact, he started HM Bookstore (www.hmbookstore.com) to give hoteliers the tools they need for success. They have amazing materials hoteliers can use to make sure their employees are the best at what they do. He’s joined by Pamela Barnhill, president and COO of InnSuites Hospitality Trust (NYSE: IHT) with 2 divisions, InnSuites Hotels & Suites which is her Owner/Operator group and InnDependent Boutique Collection (www.ibchotels.com), a group of 20,000 independent hotels. Pamela is not only a strong believer in training and customer service but also uses HM Bookstore with her team. The two groups have a new partnership, which they discuss too.

27 Apr 2015

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Del Sol Rises at La Quinta

He’s chatting with Rajiv Trivedi, La Quinta’s Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer all about the new Del Sol prototype, the first of which is about to open. And to share his thoughts on the opening we also have the owner of that very hotel Mike Patel on the show too.

8 Apr 2015

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This and That

He’s chatting with the legendary Bruce Ford, SVP Business Development with Lodging econometrics about pretty much everything hotel industry related. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and there is a possibility you will learn something.

30 Mar 2015

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