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Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.

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Olleh oppressed, Doublelift cheating w/ Biofrost, best fans

O0:00:41 Intro00:05:11 DoubleLift Wingman Story00:06:39 Olleh Fan Girls00:09:23 How HLL Works00:10:29 MSI00:18:37 Valorious: State of Support, Mobis in low elo, & poke champs?00:26:23 Praer: Learning from IMT's Worlds & Impact/DoubleLift00:37:27 Damian Estrada: Music and Olleh focused content00:45:01 laggyloser: team culture by regions & life out of LoL00:52:09 Shirayuri: Should Riot partner w/ Celebs for exposure01:04:02 NotDatBoi: Hanging w/ teammates and Olleh's type01:11:08 RoboTrigger: Riot marketing players01:22:34 Christy: Roster changes & Mickey replacing Hai01:33:11 jenelle: Fans by region01:40:50 Vaqqui: GGS roster change was good01:50:07 bluejay: best/worst thing about DoubleLift & best team to scrim01:56:31 Expodential: TL not doing Korean bootcamp02:03:58 OutroFollow OMENbyHP: http://twitter.com/omenbyhp https://www.twitch.tv/omenbyhpPatreon: http://patreon.com/travisgaffordSupport: http://travisgafford.com/support

2hr 11mins

25 Apr 2018

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Casters Stranded, Monetization Mires, and 100T boring?

Timestamps for Episode 42 00:05:05 english broadcast 00:12:46 Mickey leaves NA 00:16:58 How to Call In 00:21:29 meddling kids: purpose of lolesports 00:42:15 sam goes ham: TSM is focusing on Fortnite over LoL 00:52:38 tictactoe ninja: TSM wins because FOX sucks 01:01:15 Horizon: scaling down NA LCS 01:24:56 Chewbacca101: If TSM beat C9, they'll win NA 01:31:56 SirMalafact: Tencents pressure on Riot and Casters 01:43:18 viochi: 100 should not go to Worlds 01:52:16 sportsctc: path to pro for LoL 02:01:16 Outro

1hr 49mins

29 Aug 2018

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Nadeshot nominated, CaptainFlowers, World Finals, 100t problems solved - Hotline League 52

Timestamps00:01:00 Captain Flowers casting Finals00:07:10 How to call in00:12:00 op_tsm_fan: This years Worlds hasn’t been poor quality gameplay00:22:51 andrew: Reapered trolling champion select00:33:05 omfe: legacy of Sneaky00:43:50 Jade: teams are burning out during the tournament00:51:21 fnc kayys: FNC 3-0 finals and C9 is the most overhyped semifinalist01:06:40 Nadeshot addresses 100T hate01:51:17 Fez: Orgs need to protect themselves more than they are01:59:40 MrJPistachio: What are some aspects of running an esports org that you didn't expect compared to CoD02:08:52 dennynukes: explanation on 100T merch because limited

2hr 33mins

31 Oct 2018

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Dash Destroys, spiciest 2019 LCS predictions, will TSM make playoffs?

We're BACK for 2019 with Episode 60 of Hotline League with Dash as our guest. Sorry about the audio issues! 00:00:32 Intro with Mark and Dash 00:04:17 Big stories for 2019 00:06:59 How to Call In 00:09:41 balielx - Prolly doesn't adapt well and 100T will end 4th 00:19:02 TheStar?? - GGS will make Semi’s Spring and Summer 00:31:23 Alienware 00:35:56 SpacePope20K - TSM isn't getting to playoffs 00:51:38 Razleplasm - TSM will end #1 Regular Season Spring Split 01:09:39 Shárpie - OPT will finish top 4 because of P1 synergy 01:29:32 Wunsock - TL isn't any better then last year 01:43:35 Swaggyboog - LCS preseason hype and sponsors are non existent compared to LEC, LCK, and LPL

1hr 57mins

17 Jan 2019

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LCS vs OWL, were bo1's better, does GGS care, LPL boyfriends

LCS vsOWL, how bo1's helped viewership and fandom, does GGS care about Team, Froskurinn compares LPL and NA LCS content, & more!00:01:28 - Kelby’s Weekend00:02:56 - MarkZ and OfflineTV00:10:18 - Kelby Rants about Clutch Gaming’s Social Media00:13:16 - Discord Directions00:16:39 - Micspam: Doesn’t care about live venues.00:28:29 - Rocketman239: What was the affect of having new orgs in semifinals and finals viewership00:42:59 - biotrace: GGS doesn’t care about their LCS Team01:00:35 - Slasher: Winning vs content01:25:15 - Ateyo, Esports clothing brand01:31:46 - Dragonmancers: Best of 1’s are good for viewership01:39:47 - Mighty: Roster Volatility01:49:00 - Froskurinn: Marketing and Content of LPL vs NA LCS02:03:56 - SnuffyTheSeal: LCK region has the best production02:08:29 - OutroFollow OMENbyHP: http://twitter.com/omenbyhpCheckout Travis's friends at Ateyo: http://twitter.com/ateyo_Patreon: http://patreon.com/travisgaffordSupport: http://travisgafford.com/support

2hr 13mins

18 Apr 2018

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Riot visits, is Doublelift right? NA LCS pro problems

Episode 36 with special guest Riot Blaustoise (Gameplay Insights Lead) and Hunter Leigh (GGS Head of Esports).00:01:33 Riot Blaustoise00:04:46 Rate of Change00:07:04 Aatrox Changes00:10:36 Providing Data to Balance Team00:11:55 CertainlyT Champs00:14:30 Popularity vs Fairness vs Game Health00:18:39 How to Call In00:21:12 Sushi: Should NA have multiple servers00:24:34 Correlation between updates and engagement00:24:31 !Danx0r: Research behind defeatist mentality00:41:41 Veels: Voting for Patches00:52:56 killingy0uguy: power creep due to the map01:04:22 Champion Popularity01:06:28 Teemo and Weeb Champs01:09:14 Last Words from Blautoise001:14:51 Hunter Joins01:16:03 Hunter Improving NA in the past01:34:39 Sushi: Multiple Servers in NA01:38:48 Ben: CLG is going to win NA01:45:57 DivideNZL: Source of GGS Improvement this split01:57:28 OutroFollow OMENbyHP: http://twitter.com/omenbyhpSupport: http://travisgafford.com/supportPatreon: http://patreon.com/travisgafford

1hr 59mins

18 Jul 2018

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Damonte Demonstrates! Does Akaadian fix TSM? Ranking NA mids. HLL 65

Episode 65 Timestamps 00:02:38 Damonte Intro 00:04:43 Damonte talking about CG 00:10:28 Discussing Preseason Ranking to Now 00:14:24 How to Call In 00:16:48 The Sword Of The Morning - Akaadian's Chad jungling is good for TSM 00:26:12 PhantomEd - What does Huni and LirA's relationship look like? 00:31:57 Poonoply - Game time for NA 00:44:27 What does Damonte do outside of League? 00:46:24 Inferno526 - NA talent > non-english speaking imports because communication 01:00:29 JoseNor - Riot doesn't want trash talk 01:14:18 labudamike - Ranking Mid laner in LCS 01:26:59 Inero - Worst Team in LCS 01:34:37 Nikluos - LCS isn't doing as much promotional content 01:45:33 Rasenkin - GGS and OPT will get the last spots for playoffs 01:52:31 VentusOfficial - Pros and Cons of being a pro 02:00:13 outro

2hr 3mins

27 Feb 2019

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Sjokz styles, Saint's situation, C9's bootcamp, TSM's roster, and more - Hotline League 58

Sjokz joins us for Episode 58 of Hotline League!Timestamps!00:02:11 Sjokz at All Stars00:03:31 Is Sjokz Leaving Riot?00:08:28 How to Call In00:11:43 TomShoe - What can we learn from Saintvicious’ release from FLY00:31:05 Elofys - What is the future of English stream of LCK and LPL with casters leaving?00:47:42 CallMeProto - Event Numbers this Year from lolesports that were highlighted and excluded01:01:59 adishawn - C9 going to Korea to bootcamp now01:08:18 adishawn - Sjokz hosting a CS:GO event01:17:56 Netflix Teaser!01:27:44 Devin - TSM should've kept Zven and Mithy, grabbed Dardoch, and found an NA Top01:39:32 Send Mail to Travis and Brodin01:41:25 Meteos and Dardoch on Optic01:50:27 Outro

1hr 54mins

12 Dec 2018

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Doublelift curse, lacking ADCs, Rekkles benches himself

Episode 3500:03:00 Rift Rivals and Doublelift00:11:45 How to Call In00:17:14 Houck: Other regions had better Rift Rivals00:31:04 Mattias: Rift Rivals is better than All-Stars00:43:58 SableFlag: Misses seeing ADC's come back00:58:37 And The Blowfish: ADC career security01:11:11 Peggy: FOX's playstyle will make NA better01:27:38 Dr Manhattan: NA's goal to getting out of groups01:38:32 MechaLaura: Rekkles Benching Himself01:45:47 rgibbins92: Meteos trade was good01:53:19 Zentrix: Decline of LoL in the West02:17:13 Outro

2hr 19mins

11 Jul 2018

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Meteos MEDITATES, TSM flops, how far can NA go at Worlds

00:03:47 How to Call In00:06:02 Theifco - NA will make it to Semis00:20:01 Mardux - NA needs to make more native talent00:37:372 Colin - What changes should TSM make next year?00:57:25 DaniGrim - No team should qualify for Worlds by Points01:09:10 FriXtion_is_Here - NA franchising hasn't increased competitiveness01:20:10 nrj6490 - Should NA copy Korean playstyle or play their own style01:34:28 Outro

1hr 37mins

20 Sep 2018

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Dropping roster rumors and a disappointing World Finals | Hotline League 99

00:00:00 Intro : Finals Talk 00:20:50 Jae's take: While G2 underperformed, chances are even if they played their best they would still have lost. 00:35:17 Kon thinks FPX disproved the "scaling comps meta" in Finals. 00:47:55 Alienware break 00:50:00 LEAKS LEAKS LEAKS! Rumors, offseason talk, etc. 01:48:00 Locodoco joins to talk TSM rumors and more. 02:04:45 MVMT break ~LIGHTNING ROUND CALLS!~ 02:07:16 cClaim says Zikz to 100T would be the most influential move of the offseason. 02:10:02: quickscope420 is relieved to hear C9 Licorice is staying. 02:13:44 D0P3ST wants to see the TSM squad back together (minus DLift) 02:17:22 Houck likes the lack of import rumors, wants NA to focus on NA talent. 02:20:20 ... But will anyone be able to overtake TL anyway?  02:21:30 Outro

2hr 22mins

12 Nov 2019

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New Year, same old LCS? Getting ready for Spring 2020 | Hotline League 104

00:00:00 Intro  00:13:40 GraysView predicts LCS will be the usual 2-team race, this year between C9 and TL  00:26:15 Dr. Manhattan returns to speculate that NA has enough talent to add more teams to the LCS  00:34:00 icydecay calls in to speculate on what Riot can do to increase LCS viewership  00:46:50 Alienware! Yay!  00:51:38 !Danx0r wants voice comms in solo queue and more local LAN tournaments  01:04:25 Grandmaster Magi has little hope left for a good Fantasy LCS product.  01:17:35 Austin is super jaded about LCS. Will it ever change??  01:29:00 blate45 thinks the rumored change to a 3-day/week broadcasting schedule will be beneficial for viewers and the LCS overall... Travis pops OFF  01:51:05 Outro / Gaffies are coming soon!

1hr 57mins

8 Jan 2020

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Coaches Fired, can C9 make World finals, TSM Zven problems?

Hotline League Episode 39 Timestamps:00:03:43 Travis trip to Michigan00:07:40 Fired Coaches00:14:05 NA LCS Results00:22:08 How to Call in00:25:26 How Can More Women be Involved in Esports00:32:16 CLG letting go Zikz00:34:04 Moonizzle: CLG bring Inero and Froggen00:46:02 op_tsm_fan: TSM failure is good long term00:55:43 the nova prospect: CG should get a Korean coach01:03:46 Micspam: People don't know what they want from a live event01:16:57 i am sandwich: teams gaining understanding of the coach role01:23:07 inero: consulting coaching, zikz01:33:01 mario: C9 will make it to Worlds01:42:47 qazaqwertz: Season 9 will be the best or worst season01:53:54 tostman: NA LCS top teams will perform well at Worlds02:01:18 Call me Proto: TSM Zven is the problem02:12:07 Outro

2hr 14mins

10 Aug 2018

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All Stars Spring Split predictions and potential LCS broadcasting changes | Hotline League 102

00:00:00 Intro / What happened in Vegas... 00:11:03 How HLL works 00:15:56 LeShmoltz, the self-proclaimed Prophet of HLL, predicts the most competitive split in LCS history with TSM overcoming TL. 00:28:50 danny0304 enjoyed the TFT portion of All Stars and said the casual vibe fit the event better. 00:40:24 supicasupica and TheGraphicTruth call in - Truth says the synergy b/w new TL mid/jg could make up for difference b/w Xmithie and Broxah. 00:52:40 Alienware break 01:02:17 proximategalaxy predicts TL will stay on top in Spring. 01:14:35 Eさん says All Stars in its current form shouldn't be held as it is; money would be better spent elsewhere. (Long tangent about season format) 01:29:17 Jade's take: LCS broadcasting format should absolutely change.  01:38:00 Travis takes a poll about potential format changes + discussion 01:46:48 Travis addresses Reddit thread on his inability to interview :) 02:05:11 Outro

2hr 5mins

11 Dec 2019

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Kobe kidnapped, TSM loses, CodySun benched, finals looms

Episode 43 timestamps 00:03:07 C9 vs TSM 00:07:12 100 CodySun 00:15:35 Call In HLL 00:19:12 Tostmin: 100 is the new Breaking Point 00:33:54 Zack: C9 will stomp TL 00:46:50 Chris: 100 Rikara wasn't the problem, they didn't play around Ssumday 00:55:01 NA LCS WoW Guild 00:57:33 abaxial: TSM lost bc Grig's small champ pool and team not using Bjerg’s pressure 01:09:14 Boss Johnsky: How does TSM make Worlds? 01:18:37 Hobbes2: C9's 6 man Worlds Roster 01:29:12 Opt: C9's coaching helped GoldenGlue's rise 01:43:02 Thiizic: TSM's weak year helps NA franchising 01:50:04 Thoughts on NA Finals 01:52:02 Outro

1hr 55mins

5 Sep 2018

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Doublelift Dances, Kelby Kackles - EPIC off season announcements on HOTLINE LEAGUE 100!

00:00:00 Intro 00:12:00 Duncan thinks this will be C9's year. 00:25:00 Kaito's take: Kkoma's departure is the end of an era for SKT. 00:37:20 D0P3ST is optimistic that C9 and TSM could be contenders against TL. 00:53:41 IZK calls to discuss Svenskeren rumors. Doublelift explains why he doesn't participate in MVP voting. Kelby argues it was unwise for Bjerg not to explore his options. 01:05:25 Travis thanks the viewers for 100 episodes uwu 01:05:54 Will D1 Thrill calls to discuss DIG letting go of Vulcan and putting tons of money into Huni -- huge mistake?! 01:15:15 ThaGovna, a CLG fan, is not a fan of the Smoothie trade. Wants to discuss Ssumday/Ruin too. 01:24:45 Gravis Tafford thinks it's tragic for Goldenglue to go to GGS. 01:33:50 sry im bad's take: One of NA's biggest issues as a competitive region is that lacking opportunities for prospective pros to compete at the highest level prior to Leagues such as Academy LCS, or Collegiate. (What IS NA's problem?) 01:51:00 T Rob's hot take: 100T will wind up bottom 3 again this split. 01:58:16 Outro

2hr 6mins

21 Nov 2019

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Looking back at Season 9, and the rise of League in the past decade | Hotline League 103

00:00:00 Intro / Hotline DRINK? Travis and Mark reminisce on the past year/decade in esports/careers 00:08:08 Mark asking the big questions 00:11:19 hitstreak calls in to look back on his time at Riot, OWL, esports in general 00:23:08 Rawnblade offers his biggest disappointment and biggest hype moment of 2019. 00:37:45 ggotchu says they're surprised LoL has survived this long, thinks Riot will remain successful moving forward. 00:54:43 MozerellaMoose recalls the best HLL episode of the year 01:04:30 Thanks Alienware <3 01:07:00 101 damontetions wants to talk about the G2 victory at Worlds : ) 01:13:30 ethixz wants to know what Travis and Mark's "Mount Rushmore" (top 4) players of League would be. 01:24:43 Deadlypenguin thinks this year of competitive LoL has been one of the most fun to watch 01:33:56 Travis asks Mark for 1 disappointment and 1 exciting thing from LCS in 2019/ moving ahead / Outro

1hr 43mins

18 Dec 2019

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Crazy patches, NA LCS fiesta? ADC's dead? College esports

Episode 3100:03:29 Who is Riot Sherman?00:04:42 2018 LoL College Championship00:07:36 How to Call in00:08:57 More Sherman00:11:44 Sknue: Culture vs Infrastructure00:28:24 Anna: Ex-pros in Collegiate00:33:35 Ray: Getting Influencers to hype Collegiate LoL00:43:55 Mhubb: Avoiding NCAA methods00:53:50 Mark and Travis on The New Meta00:57:06 Omen by HP00:59:34 Is Riot Design is Broken?01:04:11 Kon: Riot will change the meta back01:11:30 BabyKangaroos: Variance in meta brings more content from teams01:18:03 Mhubb: Meta change is the worst for NA01:26:56 MattyFreg: Riot won't shift bot lane too much because of the big ADC pros01:34:31 EventNexus: Meta will highlight adaptable players, FOX and TSM predictions01:43:16 Outro

1hr 45mins

13 Jun 2018

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Prolly prostrates, 100 steals 1st, playoffs begin, and more

Prolly joins the cast to talk about 100 Thieves, playoffs, and more. All on episode 18 of Hotline League.Follow OMENbyHP: twitter.com/omenbyhp Patreon: patreon.com/travisgafford

2hr 24mins

21 Mar 2018

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TL wins finals, were they the best ever? Zven BMs Jensen, will G2 beat TL? - Hotline League 72

Timestamps: 00:00:00 Intro  00:06:45 Finals recap: was it the best ever?  00:13:30 How Hotline League works  00:17:30 Mikey's take: Broken Blade played out of his mind, he was the Player of the Series.  00:23:15 Mikey's other take: the Skarner pick was a game changer, should've been banned  00:26:13 High School Dom's take: Doublelift only got Player of the Series because of the narrative; CoreJJ was the real PotS.  00:32:20 Doublelift's montage  00:32:54 Was Zven's BM okay? Discussion.  00:42:30 Alienware unboxing  00:48:15 snarf's take: comparing Bjerg and DL as the GOATs is a dumb comparison.  00:58:20 KikiCat's take: TL was able to win games 3-5 through draft; specifically Xmithie  01:06:03 OGCush's take: Looking toward MSI, G2 is pretty overrated. TL looks way cleaner.  01:21:05 Dolan's take: LoL subreddit mods are inconsistent with what they do/don't allow.  01:38:40 Perone's take: esports has, at least domestically, a big branding problem. Possible solutions...?  02:03:00 Kelby's conversation: TSM Regi's tweet about TL "buying talent" was ironic.  02:13:00 Travis' sweet new jersey  02:14:45 Outro; Kelby's feelings for The Chainsmokers 

2hr 18mins

17 Apr 2019

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