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Episode 236: How to Defensive Fire During the Holidays Like a Pro

Dave editing at his local Photos dining place. Greetings Cheery Holiday Listeners,We believe you will forgive our slightly longer than usual banter, when you hear the heartfelt sharing that is included therein. Please remember to see your doctor.  In our Rules segment we cover First Fire rules and marvel that it took us nearly eleven years to get to them.  Learn all about First Fire in our

17 Dec 2019

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ASL Extra 21: Hammer to the Teeth

What? Another ASL Extra episode? Isn't that three extra episodes in as many months? Yes, it is, and thanks for noticing. Now just because we have achieved that high level of production recently doesn't mean you can take it to the bank -- or to the dentist. We just thought it was time to offer up some extra Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit material to our listener-ship, and so we got busy.Hold

13 Apr 2015

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Episode 166: Beefy BFP and Yanks

In this age of rampant consumerism and consumption, we're all for cutting back, de-cluttering and simplifying in all things -- except when it comes to Advanced Squad Leader! Case in point, regardless of the fact that we already own a copy of Yanks, we had to (yes, HAD TO) get a copy of Yanks Second Edition. And tonight we open it up with the same giggly, giddy glee (after all, it was In the Box)

14 Sep 2016

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Episode 161: Get the Gifford

After several episodes of lame content we decided to finally get some serious history of Advanced Squad Leader stuff to you.  You can't beat this discussion with the wonderful Russ Gifford as he covers GENIE, Play By Email, Avalon Hill, The ASL Ladder, At the Point, SPI Games, Rex M, Don G, AREA Ratings, material in The General and a history of the development of ASL. This one is for the older

9 Jun 2016

Rank #4

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Episode 143: Kelln, the Canuck

Tonight we have the pleasure of speaking with George Kelln, the man behind Lone Canuck Publishing, makers of fine scenarios, campaign games and maps for Advanced Squad Leader. If you've ever wondered how a lone -- but not lowly -- Canuck can contribute so much to the greatest game in the world, have a listen. Then order some stuff!SHOW LINKSLone Canuck PublishingBloody Buron at Boardgame

15 Jul 2015

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Episode 162: Sounds Like Algebra

Critical Hit Meets the MammothGreetings Advanced Squad Leader fans across the world. Jeff has been really busy lately so he gave Dave permission to record a show on his own. That usually means a little less humor and a lot less banter, which is good news to those of you who don't like the banter.  Dave has read Critical Hit's 10th Anniversary Best of Critical Hit Compendium Edition, and he

28 Jun 2016

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Episode 158: Sacre Bleu! Carriers, Ambush and More.

Sorry for the slight delay, we have been a bit busy launching our other podcast Spine and Sprocket. Check it out; we think you will enjoy it!Tonight in "the box" we discover ASL Journal 4 and take you through the article, step by step, with some extra special attention paid to the strategic and tactical advice that can be found therein, So much so, that we have listed said  articles in the

3 May 2016

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ASL Extra Episode #24: WO18 A Quick Strike

Opening set-up. In this ASL Extra we are proud to present Mike Stubits and Rich Spilky as our special guests.  Join Dave Kleinschmidt as he provides a play by play of the Advanced Squad Leader scenario WO18: A Quick Strike. Mikes Americans move against a crafty Japanese defense around the Munda Airfield in New Georgia.  Break out your PTO rules, boards 74 and 75 and follow along.   Photos

16 Apr 2017

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Episode 164: Hammada, Hammada, Hammada!

Photo shopped photo. Scrub the dust of your shoes, write your "Deir Jane" letter, figure out wadi you talking about, then prepare yourself for the second episode of The 2 Half-Squads that covers the desert rules that were released in the Advanced Squad Leader module West of Alamein.  That was the one that introduced the desert stuff. We dust off our desert terrain rules and cover Scrub

15 Aug 2016

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Episode 174: ASL Hazing

Hello again ASLer's!Would you be so kind to join us for an inside look at ASL Journal Twelve?By inside look we mean we look inside and talk about the contents. We don't have any special connection to Mult-Man Publishing. Although we have interviewed Perry several times. This one has many great articles that range from advice for the rookie to advice for the grognard.  There is a nice

27 Feb 2017

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Episode 218: LFT 14 and the Italians

Add captionGreetings Brothers of the ASL Rule Book, We hope you are doing well and that you will enjoy the wonderful opening song performed 100% (and we mean it when we say it this time) by Jeff Hallett.  We remind our listeners of our contest to win Arnhem: The Third Bridge by Critical Hit.  Enter by April first, and no, we are not fooling. The majority of this effort centers on Le Franc

30 Mar 2019

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Episode 170: OtO with Dennis & Rich

All is fair in love and war.Misery loves company.C'est la guerre.The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.For hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.It seems all the great classical writers had something to say about Advanced Squad Leader! Today Dennis Donovan adds his own odes of woe to the stable.

21 Dec 2016

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Episode 178: A1.5 Eh?

The world may be spinning out of control . . . or not, but we wouldn't know, as we have been down in the broadcast foxhole slaving over our computers and microphones in order to create this show for your entertainment. Our entertainment was provided by you, the listeners of this show, since you wrote the material we cover as we dive into your informative and amusing letters.  Thanks so much for

18 May 2017

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Episode 187: Cool Katz in Korea

This is why we had to title the episode as we did. When you can snag interviews with people the likes of Ken Katz, you've got an excellent show with very little effort on the part of the interviewers.You also don't need to edit a whole lot. Ken brings us the inside scoop on the soon to be released (well, soon is a relative term) Multi-Man ASL product The Forgotten War, Korea 1950-1953.  Ken

2 Dec 2017

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Episode 169: Dear Comrades

In this show we have a bit of fun while digging out of a yuge... and we mean yuge backlog of letters. The postman had to request that we clear out our mailbox as it was overflowing into the street and blocking traffic. That means we cover a variety of questions, concerns and ASL ideas. It is a great chance to hear from you.....the precious and rare fans of The 2 Half-Squads.Then we take a look

7 Dec 2016

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Episode 237: The Fight for Seoul on New Years Day

Greetings Listeners,Best wishes for the New Year from our broadcast to yours!We want to thank you for all of your amazing support over the years. We owe so much to you all.Listen and see if you have won the French Counters.The drawing happens now.Dave Kand Dave T played Trap by Mishap SV12 from the Swedish Volunteers. There is an after action report in this show. Photos can be found on our

1 Jan 2020

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