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(Formerly Everyday Attraction) Get ready for a new season of our new podcast The Last Self Help podcast. Based on the Teachings of Abraham (abraham-hicks) and many other enlightened channels and teachers. We uncover that the only satisfying and sustainable place to find your answers is within you. We'll show you how to uncover your inner wise-one and never again need another self-help book for your wellbeing. Discover the divinity within YOU.

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Unconditional Living!

We explore how to live beyond circumstances. Stop dealing with reality and start creating it! It's all about your vibrational atmosphere where the air is clear.


18 Apr 2014

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Living in The Vortex

We cannot overlook the fact that the very act of observation is in itself an act of creation. How we choose to think and where we focus IS the act of creation itself. So how do we daily choose to construct the thought ways we want to live, and deconstruct the thoughts we don't want to live?Can pulling your attention away from things be the most powerful step into fully realizing the life you came to live? Join us.


8 Apr 2011

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From the Communion of Light: Lazy Cash—How to Work Less and Bring in More

Rae Zander introduces you to the work of Frank Butterfield and the Communion of Light. How can you align yourself with a flow of abundance? According to the Communion of Light, cash/dollars/euros come via alignment, not action. Especially not by running around. All income is passive.


26 Jan 2019

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The 'New' 12 Steps—How to Level-Up Substance Recovery

This week we dive deep into Abraham's revibing the traditional 12-Step program of recovery from addiction. This is a whole new way of seeing who you really are, whether you are or have been an addict, or not. They have done it again and shared more "flip-side" living. Our websites are everydayattraction.com and feelgoodsisters.com.   


12 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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Nothing Has to Change for You to Feel Better

We talk about true freedom on today's show. Unconditional living, loving, and happiness. You can find your alignment right from where you are because it is always an emotional journey first. If you'd like to support our show, check out www.patreon.com/everydayattraction. Thank you!


13 Dec 2014

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Romancing the Dream

How do we stay true to our authentic desires? Today on Everyday Attraction, we talk about our intimate relationship with our desires. Should we learn to compromise? Accept disappointment? Be resigned to seemingly impossible circumstances? Let's go deep about our relationship with our dreams and desires.   


18 Feb 2012

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The Change Has Already Been Made

The concept of "it is done" is a big one in metaphysics—we create in nonphysical consciousness first. But how do we find the change vibration and bring it into the experience of our lives? We'll also talk about how the key to happiness is about managing contrast, not avoiding it.


14 Jan 2012

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How You Are Feeling Right Now Is Everything

Abraham tells us that the universe doesn't hear what we say—only what we feel. Our feeling vibration right now is saying to the universe, Bring me more of this. Is what you are feeling now what you are wanting more of? If not, right now is the perfect time to choose again.


17 Jan 2015

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Power Manifesting

Abraham shows us how to powerfully manifest in our own lives as well as how to positively influence others. This week, it's all about playing in the premanifest world! 


26 Jan 2013

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The Importance of LETTING GO

Abraham reveals that cleaning out "old beliefs" might be just the opposite thing to do when you are trying to change or uplift a situation in your life. It's time to just lay some NEW PIPES and learn how to let go and drop things that are not serving you. This is an art form of alignment. Join us. Also, check out our sponsor: www.sendoutcards.com/attraction. To connect with Heather directly, see her website at www.resetyourmindset.net.


12 Jul 2013

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Wobble-Free Thinking

We discuss expansion and stability. The ability to stay connected and synced with Source in any and all circumstances. It's time for unconditional living and loving. The only way to fly!


29 Aug 2014

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The Remedy for Feeling Overwhelmed

First, we discover what is going on vibrationally when we feel overwhelmed. We will then uncover what the heck to do about it. As usual, the answer will surprise and delight you. Get ready to be ready. Our website is everydayattraction.com.


14 Apr 2017

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The Reason You ...

In this episode of Everyday Attraction we'll focus on the reason you do anything, desire anything, want anything, strive for anything. Let's go beyond the surface of our wanting and uncover the only thing we ever ever really want. Really! I'll be joined by Janice Campbell, creator of the Receive Your Life methodology and host of Receive Your Life on Unity Online Radio.


14 Oct 2011

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It Just Gets Easier and Easier

How you are feeling in this moment is everything. It is your point of attraction. Being conscious of what you are feeling is as important. Today on Everyday Attraction, we focus on it getting easier and easier because that vibrational stance in this moment makes what's coming easier still.


14 Dec 2013

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You Have to Be Happy, to Be Happy (and Other Metaphysical Musings)

We discuss how to become a creative, deliberate, and happy creator with Source Energy. We'll explore key concepts from Abraham that unlock the path to being truly happy and a powerful influence for good.


12 Jan 2013

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Unlock Your Direct Connection to Source Energy

On today's show we explore how self-appreciation or truly understanding your worth directly unlocks your endless connection to Source. Want to get more intuitive ideas, bring in infinite intelligence, and never feel alone in the world again? This show is for you.


3 Jun 2016

Rank #16

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Beautiful From the Inside Out: Energy Medicine

This week on Everyday Attraction we interview the modern mystic, healer, teacher, speaker and leading-edge dweller Rev. Julie Renee Doering. She talks to us about how to work with Spirit, our Inner Being, when things are good, when we are healthy, so as to keep the momentum and connection to Source when contrast arises. These practices not only make life easier in the future, they allow more joy and fulfillment today. Also discussed: How to rejuvenate your body, every day. Join us for the discussion on the power of energy medicine. Rev. Julie Renee's website is www.julierenee.com.


23 Sep 2011

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No need to Be Bold, Just Joyful

Our hosts dove into understanding the systems of creation that lie just below the energy of our emotions. Find out why being bold might not serve you as well as finding the powerful cocreative force known as joy. Our website is everydayattraction.com. 


20 Oct 2017

Rank #18

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Acceptance Is Not Allowing

We are fine-tuning our ability to receive all we have asked for. Part of that tuning is understanding, at a feeling level, the difference between accepting what is happening as opposed to allowing what is coming. This subtle but profound understanding might usher in things you have wondered, Why are they not here? We'll talk specifically about money and how to powerfully move into the flow.


4 May 2012

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Can You Let Yourself Have It All?

This week we talk about how to balance the energies of wanting and contentment. How to be at peace will all that is, to choose the path of least resistance but still be a passionate, desiring person asking for MORE. This is leading-edge fun. Check out our website at everydayattraction.com and check out our sponsor doTERRA Essential Oils for emotional alignment.  


26 Jun 2015

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