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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? Have you gotten burnt out on “believe in yourself” trainings that dont ever show you exactly HOW to get from A-Z in the industry? With these proven social marketing strategies each week you will leave empowered to overcome obstacles & equipped with a roadmap to success so that you can live the life of your dreams. Are YOU here for it? Because sis, we are on your team. You belong here and the world NEEDS you to show up for your life and for those dreams.🖤 So Join our movement- where the dreamers learn to do.

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How Does She Do It?

Do you constantly find yourself asking how she does it? You know who I’m talking about.... the mom that always has her kids in color coordinated outfits. The business owner who’s name is always on the corporate leader board. The friend who’s always traveling and hash-tagging yet another bucket list destination.... How does she do it all?? Today we are bursting the bubble. And I’m telling you the things that I did NOT do on my way to the top. Let yourself off the hook sister. You got this. Don’t worry about her- she’s just your proof that it’s possible, not your competition. 


27 May 2019

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In a world exploding with influencers how do we make any headway let alone standout? Today’s episode will give you tangible takeaways for how to serve your audience and do the hard work that it takes to stay just two steps ahead. Trust us- It’s a game changer! 


3 Jun 2019

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3 ways to finish STRONG

Don’t wait... Don’t start the next month and the new year in defeat. Don’t begin a new chapter wallowing in the “can I really do this?”. The answer is Y-E-S. You’re not alone and you CAN do this! So join us today & learn 3 ways to finish the year strong. It’s time to get our hearts right, gang!  and don’t forget to share this episode with a sister who needs some motivation juice for the new year! 


2 Dec 2019

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5.) Why hasn’t she joined you yet?

Still trying to figure out she just won’t jump off the fence already??? I mean come ON!!! It should be a no brainer.... this is a killer opportunity. You’re ready and willing to support her. She JUST won’t Leap. Well in this episode we’re uncovering WHY she hasn’t join you yet and HOW you can help her overcome the obstacles we all face before saying “yes” to the beauty of this industry.


10 Jun 2019

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27.) How to Crush Your Goals in 2 hrs. a Day

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we sit down to work our business. What do we do first? What about the days when we only have a couple hours to fit it in? What should be the priority? In today’s show we cover the top 3 things that will keep the needle moving on the daily. DM me on IG and let us know which one you need to beef up the most in your daily routine! 


13 Nov 2019

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31. 5 laws you NEED to implement in 2020

Purpose. Peace. Productivity. Perspective. and Privilege. 5 things we desperately need to wrap our brain around and start operating in if we’re going to make lasting changes in this radical new decade.  2020  Today on the show we’re tackling the hot buttons of “burn out” “shame” and misusing the phrase “lack of peace” as a way to dodge our God-Given responsibility. You guys asked for MORE tough love here on the show so we’re here to bring it 🏽 Tag a friend who needs a shot of truth serum to kick off the year with a bang! There’s no one I would rather be on this journey with than all of you 🖤 Happy new year, Friends!


2 Jan 2020

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18.) 5 ways to Level Up in your business right now

We’re going LIVE! Today’s episode is a LIVE recording of a training I did for my own team this week. So often we tend to hyper focus on one light bulb moment instead of looking at the big picture and assessing everything that needs to happen in order to get UN-stuck in our business. Make sure and tag us on the gram and tell us what you lover or share it with another girl boss who needs some fresh business inspo! 


9 Sep 2019

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21.) Put a ring on it- how to overcome every fear & excuse that’s ever held you back

Have you Ever felt like if you could just find the key to unlocking your fear that you would finally be able to do this thing??? Today we are getting to the root of every excuse that’s ever held you back and NEWSFLASH- you won’t need another 267 pages of that self help book to crack the code on this one. The secret lies in today’s show.... #commitment Don’t forget to screenshot this episode and share it on the gram if this truth bomb hits you in the feels. 


2 Oct 2019

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6.) Is your magic measurable?

This episode breaks down the nitty gritty of the daily magic required for success! Regardless of whether it’s your first day or you’re a veteran who’s been in a funk and is ready to start making magic again this one is for you! We’ve all been there..... We know where we want to go... We’ve got our WHY, our dreams, and our goals in place but what does “working” this gig actually look like every single day? We’re finally pulling back the curtain and showing you! Take a listen and then share it with a teammate who needs some encouragement or tag us @abbeycappa to tell us what you love about today’s episode! 


17 Jun 2019

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26.) 4 tips for balancing babies + business

Working mom’s can get a bad rap because truly doing ALL the things is never easy and something has to slide.... and while that’s true and no one is super woman these 4 tips will help you stay ahead of the curve as both a mama AND a CEO. Shoutout and let us know which tip helped you the most on today’s show! 


4 Nov 2019

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28.) To DM or not to DM....

Things are getting touch-y   There’s endless controversy on whether or not sending DM’s is acceptable in the world of business + sales. And while I’m ALL about attraction marketing (cause it’s the best!) I’m definitely not above sending an authentic, personal, & converting DM. Tune in to find out WHY this is such a vital part of your business, how to do it right, and remember that next time you’re on the gram don’t be afraid to initiate. 


18 Nov 2019

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7.) Your business - Your way

We’ve all been told that in this industry we can do it our own way.... so how much of what we are taught is a true necessity? And When is the right time to run in our own strength zone? This episode breaks down the pillars of success as well as key strategies in creating your own business that  will last!


26 Jun 2019

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11.) A roadmap for the trenches part 2.) You + Them

It’s all fun and games until it’s not all about you.  But seriously... One of the most BEAUTIFUL things about this Industry is the ripple effect and the impact that you can have on hundreds and thousands of families through your willingness to say “yes” and to be HERE for this. The daily decision to show up and to serve them by showing them how to do this- it’s not easy. In fact.... it’s quite trench-y.  Good things we’ve got a road map for ya. Make sure to share this one in your  Insta Stories & tag another boss babe who needs the keys to the duplication kingdom today!


22 Jul 2019

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3 ways to stay ✌🏼two steps ahead of the Game

Today’s episode is short and sweet but it’s jam- packed with 3 simple things you can implement TODAY that will keep you ahead of the game. Let us know which tip helped you the most!  


21 Oct 2019

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29. The secret to getting it all done - Holiday Edition

If you’re thinking about the fact that it might take you 26 Months to hit 6-figures you’re going to throw in the towel today... And if you’re  thinking that you’re going to “have more time after the holidays” you’re never going to make headway in the first place. But just for TODAY? Just for these next 12 hours— You absolutely have what it takes. 🏼 Don’t forget to share today’s show with another sister who’s changing the world! Happy Monday fam! 


27 Nov 2019

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41.) Creating Content with Compassion (LIVE)

Welcome to our first ever LIVE show! ⚡️We started by diving right into the hard questions like—  “how to show up authentically as a Leader when your own life is in chaos?” and “how do I create content that is relevant to my audience’s pain while still presenting my product well?” 🤍   Today’s episode is literally bursting with content creation hacks that are niche-specific to YOU and your industry! Make sure to take notes  and if you do you will have your content set for the week!    If you have more questions just shoot me a DM @abbeycappa if you want more ideas of what to post or how to create during a season of transition & crisis. And remember- we are all in this together! 🖤


16 Apr 2020

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32. Signs in the Sky

Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend every day of our lives looking for “signs” that we’re doing the right things and headed in the right direction. We want allllll the assurance that good things are coming. But as followers of Jesus we are held to a higher standard of “faithful obedience” and also given the gift of free will. Our life is full of choices that we get to make and decisions that we have been given to decide. So what “signs” should we be looking for? Tune in today to find out!


9 Jan 2020

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8.) Adding Value 101

It might be one of the most over used phrases in the industry but HOW do we actually execute it? This episode breaks down the top 3 ways to add value to your audience and your team. Get ready to take action because everything in this show can be implemented TODAY! 


2 Jul 2019

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25.) How to know if the Shoe Fits 👠

I hear you... You might be thinking- “no way! I KNOW I was made to do this!” And that’s probably true  but regardless it’s always helpful to have a refresher course on everything that’s required to rock this entrepreneur lifestyle. Today’s show will also give you a list of things to look for in your dream clients! Make sure to shout out and tell us what you loved most on the gram @abbeycappa


28 Oct 2019

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9.) Do you know how to ride the waves?

It’s not secret that this industry is full of Highs and lows. But so often as driven leaders we spend our time swimming against the current instead of riding the waves and creating our own swells of momentum. Tell us what you love about this episode!


9 Jul 2019

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