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Join your hosts Tom and Julie as we discuss developing Resilience through Simple Living, Gardening, Homesteading and Building Community. As we leave the city behind, and we are going back to the land to build a Barndominium at our Eagles Ridge Homestead in Western Wisconsin. Let’s learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday!

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SSG: What is Small Scale Gardening?

Welcome to the Small Scale Gardening Podcast on the Small Scale Life Network! Why is Small Scale Gardening important? You might be new to gardening, a grizzled veteran of many summers or new to this Small Scale Gardening platform, and you might be asking that very question. After all, what can you really do with a small garden? Can you grow anything in a small garden? What is the point? After all, bigger is ALWAYS better! Au contraire, my friends! In this post and episode, I am defining Small Scale Gardening, and I discuss why it could be a game-changer for new gardeners; veteran gardeners; older or physically challenged gardeners; and renters. This post and podcast episode will serve as a framework for future gardening projects, articles, podcast episodes and videos. Let’s begin! For more on this topic and to see the show notes, please go to the corresponding article on Small Scale Life titled "Why Small Scale Gardening?"


24 Jan 2020

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Urban Farming in Dallas with Michael Bell - S2E24

This is Season 2, Episode 24 of the Small Scale Life Podcast, and I have a great interview lined up for you today.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you will have a break from my monologues with this podcast.  I am SURE there is much rejoicing with that news.  In this episode, I am interviewing a husband, dad, teacher, small business owner, body builder, trainer, and urban farmer!  This gentleman’s name is Michael Bell.  He is a fellow kindred spirit from down in Texas, and in Part 1 of our two part interview, we are talking urban farming! He is not only a mountain of muscle, but he also owns and operates Half Acre Farm.  Inspired by some of my heroes including Gary Vee, Curtis Stone and JM Fortier, Michael is carving out his organic footprint in a quiet spot six miles from down Downtown Dallas.  It is pretty cool talking with Michael, and I learned a lot from him.  Whether it is starting your own small business (not necessarily urban farming) or getting fit, I think there is something for everyone in these next two podcasts! Topics In this podcast, Michael Bell and I discussed the following: Introductions Who is Michael Bell? What was your first gardening experience? Urban Farming Why urban farming? Influences and inspiration Property Crops Business model and clients Challenges and solutions Future projects In Part 2 of this interview, we discuss body building and the journey to develop a healthy lifestyle. Links for Michael Bell https://www.instagram.com/p/BZpYPKuBQLq/?taken-by=dallashalfacrefarms You can find Michael Bell with the following links: Michael Bell on Instagram Dallas Half Acre Farm on Instagram Michael Bell on Facebook Small Scale Life Facebook Group - Yes, folks, I added him....shhhhhh! *Friends of Small Scale Life * Introducing Aussie Flame Weeders, a new friend of Small Scale Life! Aussie Flame Weeders makes stainless steel flame weeder manifolds.  They are making manifold set available this month, and they expect to start shipping them all by the start of November.  The manifold set up will contain: Custom manifold to suit 30-inch bed Five stainless steel German made burners that can removed to be cleaned, changed or replaced LPG equipment to suit a standard propane bottle Flint lighter To help promote this deal, Aussie Flame Weeders are offering all customers who purchase a custom manifold the chance to win Coolbot!  These are perfect tools for your urban farm! To be in the competition all you have to do is: Order a manifold before the October 31, 2017 Like the Aussie Flame Weeders Facebook page or share the page with fellow urban farming friends. Help by providing feedback in a short survey they will email to you if you agree to participating To find out more: Check Aussie Flame Weeder out using the following links: Aussie Flame Weeder website is www.aussieflameweeders.com Aussie Flame Weeder on Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/aussieflameweeders/?ref=bookmarks

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6 Oct 2017

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How to Declutter to Make a Simple and Intentional Life

In Season 3, Episode 14, we had a very special guest for our 80th episode: my wife Julie. We had a great discussion about the 5 Steps to Developing a Simple and Intentional Life, and you, the listeners, responded!  We had 1000 downloads of this podcast, and we had a lot of engagement from the audience.  Julie wanted to come back to build on that podcast, and in this episode, we are coming back to discuss one of the 5 steps in more detail.  We are going to discuss how to declutter to make a simple and intentional life. Topics Discussed on this Episode Julie and I discussed the following topics on this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast. Julie is back on the show! 5 Steps to Developing a Simple and Intentional Life Hey Mom and Dad, we don’t want your stuff Four generations are practicing Minimalism in the current year: Greatest Generation, Boomers, GenX and Millennials “Right-Sizing,” Trendies and Millennial NomadsDave Ramsey and the 2008 Collapse “Working very hard to earn money to pay for houses we can’t afford and impress people we don’t like” Expectations, time preference and delayed satisfaction Learning from the Crash of 2008Julie’s Work to Declutter the Basement Declutter the basement over the weekend Clear it out and start fresh before you begin more projects5 Steps to Declutter Determine your timeline and formulate your strategy Create 4 bins to sort items as you purge For items in the “Give” bin, take them immediately to your car For items in the “Keep” bin, ask yourself two questions Does it serve a purpose? Does it bring you joy? For items in your “Undecided” bin, keep 1 month and revisit the bin. Make sure you keep the bin visible for the entire time.  IF you haven’t used or thought of the items in the bin, get rid of it! Once Decluttering is Complete.... Restock the shelves and drawers in an organized manner. Julie’s tip; “USE LABELS!” Question from the Audience "What was the biggest benefit you saw from the Minimalist Lifestyle Change?" - Jay Dolan Members of the Small Scale Life Facebook Group had a number of great questions, but they came in after the show was recorded. We will record a new show where we answer these questions, so if you have questions, please add them to the thread in the Small Scale Life Facebook Group or add them as a comment to this show on smallscalelife.com. Friends of Small Scale Life Aussie Flame Weeders – My friend Mick at Aussie Flame Weeders is offering flame weeders to reduce your non-revenue producing workload. If you want to eliminate weeds from your garden beds, a flame weeder is an efficient way to do it.  I mean, who doesn’t want to burn pesky weeds with fire?  Mick’s flame weeders are perfect for 30 inch (80 cm) garden beds and feature five stainless steel burners, 16” wheels and an ergonomic design that carries a propane tank so you don’t have to.  Even if you don’t purchase a flame weeder, sign up on the Aussie Flame Weeder e-mail list to get access to videos and information. Gnarled Knot Design - From the Land of Illinois, our good friends Phil and Jen love to create furniture and home décor items to make your house feel like a cozy home. Since they were running out of space in their own home, they decided to share our items with others. So, if you are looking for customized and personalized furniture, signs or other items, connect with Phil and Jen at Gnarled Knot Design on Facebook, Instragram or Etsy. Connect with Phil and Jen today!

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4 Apr 2018

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Our Journey towards Financial Freedom

Julie and I are on vacation and podcasting on location! In this episode, Julie and I discuss our journey towards financial freedom. We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, and we hope to inspire you as you begin or continue on your own journey! For show notes and more resources, check out the article titled Our Journey towards Financial Freedom on Small Scale Life!


1 May 2019

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BellCast: Profitable Urban Farming

This morning I received a message on Instagram from Scott Hebert asking me when Michael Bell from Half Acre Farm was going to be back on the podcast.  It has been a while since the first BellCast (Season 3 Episode 5) in January, and a lot has happened!  Fortunately for all of us, Micheal Bell returns to the Small Scale Life Podcast to discuss progress at his urban farm in Dallas, Texas. Michael and I discuss a number of topics including the great weather in Texas right now (and the crappy weather in Minnesota), what he has planted and some of his profitable urban farming strategies. Michael is using some really interesting and simple marketing techniques to develop business opportunities and increase his urban farming operation.  As you will hear, he is employing techniques with great success! Michael feels that there are a lot of growth opportunities for profitable urban farming in the future, and he provides some positive encouragement to those who might be considering an urban farm as a side business. Topics Discussed on the BellCast: Profitable Urban Farming Micheal Bell and I discussed the following topics in this podcast: Welcome Back to the Show Texas weather Minnesota weather What’s Growing on the Farm? Tomato varieties Peppers Squash and zucchini Greens Onions Radish Beets Tomato Tips Septoria Leaf Spot Pruning Tomatoes Watering - low and slow Marketing and Customers for Profitable Urban Farming Instagram Strategy Telling the story How to sell a superior product Vegan Body Builder - YouTube Video Try to get restaurants for the Summer Start Profitable Urban Farming: 100 families = $100,000 Community Building Other farms are starting in the area, but there is a big market Rose Creek Farm Singing Frogs Farm Scott Hebert at Flavourful Farms Opportunities to collaborate and work together Diego Footer's Farm Small; Farm Smart Podcast Connect with Michael Bell on Instagram Putting It All Together As Michael stated, you can start profitable urban farming using simple techniques: connecting with people who are looking for great tasting, fresh produce in your area using Instagram. By starting small, you can focus on your client’s needs and share you story as you sell your produce.  As Curtis Stone has said on many occasions, your customers want to share your story with others, and once you sell your produce, customers will share their experience with others.  Michael experienced that very thing with the ladies who spent time at the farm and essentially sold his product to the whole office! You can do this, and there are people out there that can help!  We will continue to explore these topics with Michael in future BellCasts!


11 Apr 2018

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Stoic Farming and Tribalism with Scott Hebert - S3E2

Welcome to 2018, everyone!  Back in 2016, one of my first interviews was with a guy who was kicking off his small market farming operation in Chilliwak, British Columbia. That guy is Scott Hebert, and his farm is called Flavourful Farms.  Since that interview, Scott has been working hard on his farm, landing new clients, and starting a new podcast and Vlog!   He is a busy guy.  I am thrilled to Scott back on Small Scale Life to kick off the new year.  In this podcast, we discuss a number of topics including farming, stoicism, his podcast Stoic Mettle, launching his Vlog, developing a tribe and growing and maintaining his beard.  I had a lot of fun on this episode, even with a minor technical glitch and some background noise (on my end) that will be addressed in future shows. One cool thing that happened during this interview was that Scott announced starting a weekly Vlog on his YouTube Channel.  Scott Hebert and I discussed the following topics in this interview: Who is Scott Hebert? - Flavourful Farms and Farming - Starting the Farm - Mindset - Cost of Entry for Farming - Case for Being Debt Free - Pricing and Customers - Plan for 2018 - Physical Requirements for Farming - Bees and Chickens - What would Scott do differently? Stoic Mettle, Stoicism and Tribalism - Why stoicism?  How does this relate to farming? - Starting and revising the Stoic Mettle Podcast - Stoicism, Tribe, and Friend Gap - Future of Stoic Mettle Growing and Maintaining a Beard Key Take-Aways from the Interview

1hr 19mins

9 Jan 2018

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Small Scale Gardening Podcast: Start with the Why

In this episode, I am trying something new! This is the pilot episode of the new Small Scale Gardening Podcast. In this podcast, I am focusing on gardening and food preservation, which are my passions. As I learned from my good friend Greg Burns, I need to "Start with the Why" as I begin this effort. I talk about the following topics in this podcast including: Why I started blogging, podcasting and vlogging in the first place Our elders and their knowledge and experience Important Questions: Why start this podcast? Why split it out from Small Scale Life? What do you hope to accomplish? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.... Goals and objectives The future: interviews and garden tours; livestreaming on YouTube Call to Action This podcast will be hosted on Small Scale Life, and I will also provide links on Small Scale Gardening. Let's learn, do, and grow together! Special thanks to Hyde Free Instrumentals for the Acoustic Folk Instrumental. For more information, please see the following: Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals https://soundcloud.com/davidhydemusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/acoustic-folk-instrume... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/YKdXVnaHfo8


20 Aug 2019

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Day 6: Meal Planning and Food Prep for Success

Hey, Lifers! Do you want to know a little secret Tom and I have figured out that is absolutely KEY to setting us up for success to meet our health and fitness goals??? Actually, beyond the 24 Hour Plan and sticking to the basics of drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and doing some kind of daily intentional movement, this is THE most important thing you can do. Yup, you guessed it (really smart of you, based on the title of the post!)....It's Meal Planning and Food Prepping! To get useful tips and information for your Health and Fitness Journey, check out the following articles on Small Scale Life: Day 6: Meal Planning for Success Day 6: Food Prepping for Success Feel free to join the Health and Fitness Renew You Campaign on Small Scale Life by clicking the link! Go get em, Lifers!


13 Jan 2019

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Day 1: How to Complete the 24 Hour Plan

In this episode, Julie and Tom are here to provide you with realistic and doable steps to kickstart your year and set you up to finally achieve your health and fitness goals this year. And it all starts with the 24 Hour Plan. The plan is a one-page document that allows you to plan out: What you are going to eat How you will exercise 3 mediation/prayers 3 things you are grateful for 3 things you want to get done during that day. We complete a sheet before the day begins (night before or morning of), and we will be intentional about all of these items. On the bottom of the plan, there is a section where you can review your day and write what worked, what didn't and what you can improve on tomorrow. Remember: don't beat yourself up! Learn from deviations from the plan and recognize patterns and trends. You will be surprised what you will find out the longer you plan and document deviations. To get the 24 Hour Plan, go to Small Scale Life and download it before listening to this podcast. You can also follow along with the post titled "Day 1: The 24 Hour Plan - Part 1" on Small Scale Life.


7 Jan 2019

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Three Questions for 2016 - S1E3

In this podcast, Jay and I discuss the following topics: 1) Blog Merger - Why I decided to merge smallscalelife.com and smallscalegardening.com 2) Snow Apocalypse 2016 - Snowstorm that hit the Eastern Seaboard and how people are not prepared for a life's disasters. The photo on the cover for this podcast is Jay's from the snowstorm 3) Jon Acuff's Three Questions for 2016 - setting a path for success in the new year 4) Learn Do Grow - What are we doing over the next week? Links in this podcast: I mention or discuss the following sites and articles in this podcast: 1) Small Scale Life Blog - www.smallscalelife.com 2) Small Scale Gardening Blog - www.smallscalegardening.com 3) Jay's A Crash Into Life Blog - acrashintolife.wordpress.com/ 4) Beatsby_Roi Lemon Water Chronicles Volume 1 - Beatsbyroi – Lemon-water-chronicles-vol-i

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1 Feb 2016

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10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips

Life for all of us gets crazy and out of control. We are on the run and go, and it can feel like we are getting out of control and stressed out. It is when we are out of control that we find ourselves making snap decisions that can cost us in the long run. Our Lifer Community on Facebook has been providing some great tips and ideas for saving money all year. In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I am going to discuss 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips from our members, and hopefully you can use some of these tips to take back control of your life and budget while saving some money in the process. Topics in this podcast episode include the following: Introduction Thank you for Ratings and November Lifer of the Month 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips Next Steps Your Turn: Challenge Yourself For more information and links, check the show notes in the article titled: https://smallscalelife.com/10-kitchen-thrifty-thursday-tips.


31 Oct 2019

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Midweek Motivation: Preparedness

Live on the Small Scale Life Podcast, it is Midweek Motivation featuring Tommy Cakes. Hey, how are you? I am Tommy Cakes. Who am I? I'm a guy from someplace, friends with some people and doing some things. Don't worry about it! What I can tell you is that I am in the import and export business. I import knowledge I export that information at premium prices! I will give you a little coastal cosmopolitan insight and motivation weekly on Small Scale Life. Story Time Let me tell you about the very short-lived government shutdown. Did you even know it happened? Since we don’t do the political thing on Small Scale Life, I will tell you a story instead. On Friday last week, a lone Federal employee got a phone call from his boss in a far off regional office. The boss told him that the shutdown was most likely going to happen. Since this guy was classified as a “non-essential employee,” the employee would be on furlough (unpaid leave). The boss provided instructions about what to do if the shutdown occurred and hung up. As the employee completed his work, his mind drifted to what this shutdown meant and could do to his family’s budget. No work meant no pay. This could hurt since his paycheck went to pay a lot of the bills. If this was a long shutdown, the loss of this source of income could hurt in the long run, and the rhetoric out of Washington was not good (meaning this could be a long shutdown). The employee started to think about what he had been doing over the past couple years and how he had not followed through on some ideas and plans. His side hustle was merely a hobby, and the work he had done to prepare for a major disaster was not enough. He and his family were not ready to outlast a major event, even after everything he had read and researched on the topic. The employee stewed and resolved to take care of those things once the shutdown occurred. There were a lot of details to be worked out, but it just needed his undivided attention and focus. He planned his Monday, knowing that the shutdown was inevitable. Sure enough, the politicians could not agree, and the shutdown happened. The non-essential Federal employees were on furlough, and that included the hero in our story. Our hero was ready to act. Even though this would hurt in the short run, he would begin the process to develop that side hustle into something. As he sat down at the computer to implement his plan, the phone rang. The boss called and informed him that he was no longer non-essential, and that he had to report to work (without pay)! Our hero, thrown for a loop, made some phone calls and got rolling with his regular work day. Later that day, the government re-opened for business for another couple weeks. He resolved to implement his plan and start preparing for the next disaster right away. Midweek Motivation Lesson So what is the point of all of this? The point of this Midweek Motivation is this: [tweetthis]Be vigiliant. Be ready. Be prepared. Life comes at you fast, and if you prepare, you are set up to adapt and overcome life’s challenges. [/tweetthis] How do you do get prepared? Save some money, get out of debt, store some food and water, and get healthy. Stop dreaming and researching. Start doing and executing. Prepare for the worst. Boom! If you want to learn more about HOW to prepare, stay tuned to Small Scale Life. More to come on that. This is Tommy Cakes, and I see you next week!


25 Jan 2018

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7 Steps to Winterize Your Garden - S2E26

A chill is in the air.  The winds have blown the leaves off the trees, and the nights are getting short.  Here in Minnesota, we are getting our first snowfall today!  The garden season is over, and it is time to prepare for winter.  In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I am going to discuss how I will winterize the garden, tools and other gardening gear for winter. Fall in Minnesota We have been having a gorgeous fall here in Minnesota.  The temperatures have been perfect, and the leaves on the trees have been fantastic.  One comment on the leaves before we jump into the main topic: the progression of fall colors seems to have been sporadic this year.  If there was a stand of trees, we would get one tree changing, and then another.  It wasn’t like other years where they all changed at once.  I would say that the peak colors in the Twin Cities happened around October 15th, and I took a lot of pictures of trees this fall.  Julie and I will be traveling down the Mississippi River this weekend, so hopefully we will find some good views and fall color downstream! First Snow in Minnesota We are getting our first snow in Minnesota - 10/27/17 As I mentioned at the start of the podcast, the local news media has been sounding the alarms all week that we would be getting our first snowfall today (Friday).  While the local weather forecasters are usually wrong about the size of these events, they were right: it started snowing last night and it is snowing as I speak.  The 2017 garden season is over.  It is time to get ready for the inevitable: winter is here! This podcast and corresponding post are essential a To Do Checklist for me (and perhaps for you as well) before we get an accumulation of white stuff and the ground freezes.  Once the ground freezes, it is all over here in Minnesota.  It really does turn into permafrost, and if you have any dead plants in the ground, they will be stuck there until the spring thaw.  Trust me: it has happened to me before with my wicking beds. As I look at the current state of my garden and garden area, I realize I have a lot to do before that happens!  As of today, I have not pulled any of my plants.  I had tomatoes and peppers on the plants last night. In fact, the basil is still sprouting new leaves and there are buds on the tomatoes and peppers, even though we got our first frost on October 10, which was exactly on the National Weather Service’s average frost date for this area. So, let’s get down to what needs to be done, shall we? 7 Steps to Winterize Your Garden Harvest remaining vegetables and herbs You worked hard to grow those plants, so you should reap the rewards! Don’t let frost, snow and the deep freeze take that from you! I was looking at the forecast yesterday as the front moved in, and I saw that temperatures were going to plummet. Last night I got home and started harvesting tomatoes and peppers by flashlight.  Yeah, that isn’t too sexy, especially when I dumped the container and had tomatoes all over the ground, but it worked.  I am glad I harvested those last night!  Now, what to do with a pile of green tomatoes? Remove Plants from the Garden If any plants have signs of blight, remove plants and dispose of them. Do not throw them into your compost pile!  If you throw infected plants into your compost pile, you could be infecting your compost with blight spores.  Get rid of the plants with blight! If there are no signs of blight, throw the plants into your compost pile. Remove Trellis String and Tomato Cages Unwrap and untie trellis string from the around the plants and conduit. If any of the trellis string wrapped around plants with signs of blight, dispose of the string. You don’t want to infect next year’s plants with blight. Otherwise, coil up the strings and use twisty ties to keep them organized. That way you won’t have a Christmas Vacation-like snarl of strings in the spring.  Organization goes a long way, and it does help. Remove any tomato cages and throw them away. I am serious.  I am still not a fan of tomato cages. Prepare your Beds for the Spring If it was earlier in the fall, I would recommend planting an over-winter crop such as garlic, onions or carrots. These plants can get a start growing in the warm soil and fading fall sun and will start growing during the spring thaw.  As a gardener, there is something magical about seeing a green onion shoot or garlic shoot popping up in April after a long, hard winter.  I am not planting any over-winter crops this year due to changes I am going to make next spring. If it was earlier in the season, planting a cover crop is a great way to add nutrients to your soil. I purposely planted sugar snap peas and bush beans because we eat both vegetables and they add nitrogen to the soil.  That is why farmers have a planting cycle between corn (which takes a ton of nutrients to grow) and beans.  The beans naturally replace nutrients to the soil!   For other ideas about cover crops, check out Old World Garden Farms articles on the subject here: https://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2017/09/28/no-till-garden-cover-crops/ https://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2016/09/09/fall-cover-crop/ Mulch your beds. As seen in the pictures and accompanying video, we have an abundance of leaves here in Minneapolis. I use the push mower to shred the leaves, and I add a thick layer of shredded leaves and grass to the beds.  The snow and ice compress the leaf layer, and in the spring, I work the wet leaves into the soil.  The leaves break down fairly quickly, adding to the richness of the soil.  You will notice the earthworms and night crawlers love it too! Winterize and Store Hoses and Rain Barrels You will want to empty your rain barrel! Water expands by about 9% when it freezes, and that is why containers that have a lid and water in them break when frozen.  At the same time, water weighs about 8.3 pounds per gallon, so our full 40 gallon water barrel will weight over 330 pounds!  Yeah, you want to empty that rain barrel out before moving it. I will also need to change the downspout. I replaced the standard downspout with a short one so that rain water would be directed into the rain barrel.  Once I remove the rain barrel, I want that water to be directed away from the foundation of the house.  We don’t want a wet and moldy basement!  It is a quick and easy project: I just have to change a couple screws. Like the rain barrel, it is time to empty your hoses and drain the outside hose connection. Remember, water expands by about 9% when it freezes, so if you have water freezing in your hoses and your outside hose connection, you can run the risk of broken pipes in the middle of winter.  That could create a REAL disaster inside your house!  Take the time and disconnect your hoses and drain everything.  Spending a few minutes now can save thousands of dollars later! Clean and Sterilize Tools and Containers With blight infected some of my tomato plants, I want to clean and sterilize my tools and containers. I don’t want next year’s plants to come in contact with any blight!  I will use Lysol or a solution of 90% water to 10% bleach. It is important to dry metal tools after cleaning, so they do not corrode. Organize and Store Containers, Soil and Materials I will be organizing and storing the various bins, containers, soil, buckets and other odds and ends I have acquired as part of my gardening efforts. After the move, I stored them along the house near the garden bench, but I have to admit that the stack of materials does not look great. I also will be shoveling the walkway, and those materials are going to be in my way.  I need to move those materials into the garage and store them there.  Of course, that will kick off a garage organization and storage project as well! BONUS: Cover Chairs and Tables We will be covering our wood patio furniture (swing and Adirondack chairs with tarps). Weather (sun, rain, snow and ice) are hard on wood furniture, and we have found this helps preserve these wood pieces. Julie has talked about spray painting the chairs before the snow hits; we’ll see if that happens. BONUS: Drain and Store Lawn Equipment We will be draining all lawn equipment in the near future. It isn’t good for the lawn mower, blower or weed whip to leave old gas in them. I usually run the equipment until they run out of gas.  Using old gas and an old spark plug are typically the reasons why your lawn equipment won’t start in the spring. Can you tell we are going to be over the next few days? These are pretty quick projects, and you can get them done in a day or so. Take the time; it is worth getting organized and ready for winter.  You will find that being organized and having clean tools and containers will lead to a strong start this winter when you start seedlings and gear up for the new year!  After all, we will be starting tomato and pepper plants in February, which is right around the corner.  Do the work now, and set yourself up for success. Next Steps and Your Turn The final harvest of 2017! Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast.  Please help the podcast and blog grow.  How do you do that?  Subscribe on iTunes, leave a rating and share this podcast with others.  Share this post and podcast; maybe they will get moving before those first snowflakes hit the ground.  You probably know someone who might need a little help getting organized and ready for the winter season.  Help them out!  The snow is starting to fly….winter is coming! If you have any comments on the show, feel free to leave them on the contact us page or as a comment under this blog post.  Reach out.  Engage.  Become part of the community in the Small Scale Life Facebook Group. Thank you again for tuning in and reading this article on Small Scale Life.  Remember to grow, explore and be healthy!  This is Tom from the Small Scale Life Podcast, and we’ll see you really soon!


28 Oct 2017

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Regenerative Agriculture with Doneil Freeman - S2E30

We have a great podcast for you today.  Today’s show is an interview with Doneil Freeman, who is a husband, father (a Regenerative Dad), permaculturist, farmer based on regenerative agriculture principles, beekeeper, teacher and a fellow podcaster.  Doneil Freeman operates Freeman Family Farms located in Calhan, Colorado.  Doneil has experience beekeeping, rebuilding soil in arid places and regenerating overgrazed pastures using principles from regenerative agriculture and permaculture.  He has run a successful CSA program, and he has a lot of advice for those of us who are starting small businesses which includes market gardens, urban farms CSA programs and even a blogs and podcasts. This will be a two part interview.  In this podcast, we cover a lot of topics including attending Hogtoberfest, beekeeping, starting and running a CSA program, and regenerative agriculture including rebuilding soils in arid environments.  Part 2 will include a discussion about Doneil’s wicking beds and the Regenerative Dad’s podcast. Topics - Regenerative Agriculture with Doneil Freeman Doneil and I discussed the following topics in Part 1 of our two part interview: Hogtoberfest 2017 with Greg Burns, Drew Sample and Michael Jordan Origin Stories My Story Doneil's Story Doneil's Bees Regenerative Agriculture, Restoring the Land and Farming Boom to Bust CSA Program Freeman Family Farm Links Doneil and I covered a lot of ground in this podcast including the following links: Doneil Freeman on Facebook Freeman Family Farms Regenerative Dads Podcast Website Regenerative Dads on iTunes The Sample Hour Episode 171 - Hogtoberfest 2017


30 Nov 2017

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Minimizing Time Commitments while Maximizing Life

Do you feel stressed out? Does it seem that there is too much noise and information out there? How do you sort through what is important and what is not? In today’s fast paced world, there are incredible demands on our most precious resources: our time, our energy and our money. How do you prioritize your time commitments and focus on what is real and what is important? In this episode, Julie and I discuss how to minimize time commitments while maximizing life. We talk about the following topics: Move-Ember Upcoming Small Scale Life Health Challenge Reviewing the 5 Steps to Building a Simple and Intentional Life Time Committments - Introduction Dealing with Family Obligations 4 Steps to Minimizing Time Committments and Maximizing Life Slow down and enjoy the eagles; have your eagle moment The photo that is the cover for this episode was taken on County Highway A in Burnett County, Wisconsin. We rounded the curve and there they were: a dozen eagles taking flight right in front of us. If we had not taken the time and been in a hurry, we would have never appreciated the eagles and the moment. For more information and pictures associated with this podcast, go over to the the article titled "Minimizing Time Commitments while Maximizing Life" at Small Scale Life.


14 Nov 2018

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Living in the Analog with Terrance Layhew

As a content creator, there are times when we are on a crazy race to put up the next piece of content for our friend, followers and fans. We are in a mad dash to keep the dopamine hits coming and the fans liking our photos, blog posts, podcasts, videos, tweets and pins. At times, we are doing things to just DO things, and we are completely missing out on what is happening around us. Terrance Layhew from the Intellectual Agrarian Blog and Podcast and I had a chance to sit down and talk about this very subject. Terrance called it "living in the analog," and this whole discussion left me with a lot to think about. In fact, based on this conversation, I re-evaluated some of the things I was posting on Instgram and actually scaled back on some of the content there. I discontinued the Black-and-White Photo Challenge as I thought long and hard about the purpose of this effort and once again thinking about the WHY behind it. As you will hear in the podcast, Terrance is a fellow people collector, and he has used his networking, communicating and writing skills to become an organic inspector, podcaster, writer and intellectual agrarian. Terrance and I have a great discussion about his journey from inquisitive teenager to organic inspector, living in the analog, some trends happening in the organic farming world and his Intellectual Agrarian Podcast. Feel free to grab your favorite mug filled with coffee or tea and tune in to Living in the Analog with my friend Terrance Leyhew. As always, for links to the Intellectual Agrarian, head to smallscalelife.com and find all the links and notes for this podcast.

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28 Mar 2019

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Growing Easy with GrowOya at Dallas Half Acre Farms

Welcome to Spring, friends! Hallelujah and pass the Dombucha Kombucha; the snow is melting! We have a great podcast lined up for you today, and we are kicking off Spring right by talking urban farming and gardening. I had a chance to talk with my good friend Michael Bell from Dallas Half Acre Farms about what is happening on the farm. While he has been very busy selling and buying a house, moving, teaching and of course being a dad and husband, things are really busy on the farm as well. Michael has made several improvements to the farm including installing new tunnels, increasing the number of seedlings he needs, improving his seedling growing processes and growing easy with GrowOyas! You might be asking: what is an GrowOya? GrowOyas are a method for watering your gardens using a clay pot that looks like a gourd. The water seeps into your soil and the plants get what they need. It is another method to water your garden without timers, hoses, drip tape or other methods. Michael is lining a tunnel with GrowOyas and experimenting with tomatoes this season, and it is another self-watering system that could be used on any size garden! To find out more about GrowOyas, check out the links at smallscalelife.com! When you buy some, tell them Michael Bell from Dallas sent you! For more information, check out the article titled "Growing Easy with GrowOya at Dallas Half Acre Farms" at smallscalelife.com


21 Mar 2019

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How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them

"Your goal is your destination; your budget is your roadmap." - Julie Domres Do you have dreams and goals? Are you making progress towards achieving those goals? For some people, it is difficult to dream. Others have big plans and goals, but they do not execute and take steps towards making those dreams a future reality. In this podcast, Julie and I discuss How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them. Dreaming big and setting those goals are the "Secret Sauce" behind budgeting. You are developing powerful "whys" for those times when you are tempted to engage in retail therapy, splurge on meals or rack up massive credit card debt to impress people you don't particularly like! As we discuss in this podcast, you need to start with your powerful why. Before you begin budgeting, you need to do some deep thinking and dreaming about what you want your life to look like in 10 years, 3 years and 1 year. Once you have this vision set, you can focus on developing your budget that will set you up to achieve your dreams! We'll share with you how to dream big, set goals and take the steps to achieve them in this podcast. How do we know they work? Because we are using this to achieve our goals too! For more information on this post including getting the show notes, head to the article titled "How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them" on Small Scale Life


15 Jul 2019

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Transitions and The Growing Greens Challenge - S1E4

In this episode, I discuss the following topics: 1) Further discussion about transitioning from Small Scale Gardening to Small Scale Life. Facebook has been a bit slow due to rules in place for pages, but that change should occur this weekend. UPDATE: I made the change on Valentines Day 2016. 2) I am kicking off the Growing Green Challenge this weekend. For this challenge, I am going to grow enough greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, etc.) in my basement to effectively knock those items off our grocery list. I am setting up and planting the first round of greens on Valentines Day weekend. Links: I mention or discuss the following sites and articles in this podcast: Small Scale Life Blog - www.smallscalelife.com Small Scale Gardening Blog - www.smallscalegardening.com Small Scale Life Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/SmallScaleLife Small Scale Gardening Group Page - www.facebook.com/groups/821558261269485 Beatsby_Roi Lemon Water Chronicles Volume 1 - Beatsbyroi – Lemon-water-chronicles-vol-i


16 Feb 2016

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Health and Fitness Renew You with Karen Mangieri

For this 133rd Small Scale Life podcast, Julie and I talked about the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart with Karen Mangieri. Karen is Julie's sister living in Georgia. For those of you not in the Small Scale Life Facebook Group, Karen was our most active member during the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart. In fact, Karen had the title of "Uncrustable Queen" prior to the kickstart, and she has made considerable progress on planning her meals, prepping food and staying consistent using the 24 Hour Plans! We have talked about Karen on previous Small Scale Life Podcasts, so in this podcast, we decided to interview her. We talked about the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart, what she learned, what she is doing and give us some feedback about the Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart. For more on this topic, go to the article titled "Health and Fitness Renew You with Karen Mangieri" at smallscalelife.com! To join the Small Scale Life Health and Fitness Renew You in 2019 Kickstart, head over to the dedicated page and sign up today! The Kickstart is free!


7 Mar 2019

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