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Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing Inc.

Being a great attorney doesn't mean you'll retain quality clients or build a successful, respected law practice. In fact, if you don't have a significant online presence, positive reviews, and a powerful website, you're going to lose out to young, aggressive, web-savvy attorneys with a third of your experience. Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing offers the unvarnished truth about how to market your solo or small law firm to become the pre-eminent firm in your metro and practice areas. Subcribe for frequent updates of secrets of attorney marketing.

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Episode 277 - The 80/20, Finding Time to Create and Innovate - Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

In this informative podcast, Ron Sheetz interviews Richard Jacobs, serial entrepreneur, inventor, and the president/founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. Jacobs explains how to carve out important time to create, and ensure success. Jacobs discusses the importance of freeing up your time, in order to fully realize all your ideas and implement your vision. This, as Jacobs bluntly states, requires that you systematize your business. While this task can be boring and arduous, it simply must be done, and once it’s done it will allow you to free up crucially important time to do more, to succeed more. To be a true visionary, and successful entrepreneur, you absolutely must systematize and reduce your work load, which will lead to more free time and allow you to maximize your potential and innovate.  Jacobs goes on to state that once you step outside the daily functioning of your business, and get it running efficiently, you can attain an outside perspective that will allow you to find ways to tune it, tweak it, innovate it, and make it not only more efficient, but more profitable. Jacobs provides interesting and valuable examples of how he has done precisely this with several of his businesses, from a successful attorney marketing firm, to an ingenious sleep/bed/pillow company, to a thriving podcast venue that draws more and more listeners daily. The successful entrepreneur talks in detail about the importance of letting things go, in order to just start. You have to let go of imperfections and just create. Once you establish a presence, a business, etc. you can then refine. Jacobs talks about the importance of utilizing the 80/20 principle, and using every tactic you can to simplify and release your time, time to take action and create. Jacobs explains how to understand and build systems, and provides a few reading recommendations that people can use to help them on their journey.


3 Dec 2019

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Episode 287 - Turning Every Caller into a Client During the Current Coronavirus Period

In this powerful podcast, Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., continues his series on marketing as he outlines some valuable tips and strategies to get the most out of every client you have during this coronavirus period. Richard Jacobs is a seasoned expert in the field of marketing, and his successful company, Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., has helped hundreds of attorneys improve their marketing efforts vastly, allowing them to bring in higher quality clients and increase profits. Jacobs discusses conversion. As he states, business may be a bit slower for some attorneys right now as we weather this temporary coronavirus period, so it’s important to convert every caller into a client. You need a strategy to make those conversions because as business has slowed, every incoming call matters immensely. Jacobs mentions the Virtual Closing System that his company has developed, a system that will enable attorneys to make the most of every interaction with their clients virtually. But the point of this podcast is primarily about focusing on what’s important to the client. To successfully convert, you need to ask potential clients targeted questions, such as “What’s the single most important thing that you want to have happen in your case?” Getting this answer will help you to maintain focus on what’s important to them, which you can return to later in your call or virtual conference online. If you don’t close them right then and there, you can take some time to research their answer/issue, and call them back later. If you reach their voicemail, you can leave a message and tell them that you have information for them about X (whatever their issue was) and this will create interest. This will create a feeling in them that you care, that you have taken time to think about them and what’s important to them. And as no attorney ever really takes this kind of extra time with a potential client, you’ll stand out and this will help you convert! Whether your potential client is concerned about estate planning or DUI, or whatever it is, focus on what’s critically important to them and they’ll respect you for it, and will be more likely to work with you. Turn these issues into successes for you and your firm. When you’re mindful of your clients they’ll be mindful of you. Jacobs states that by utilizing these client-friendly strategies you can build up your client base and turn the global pandemic period into a prosperous one for your business.


16 Apr 2020

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Episode 278 - Being Consistent, Following Through, and Winning in Business

In this interesting podcast from Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., Jacobs discusses the essence of a brand and the importance of ‘consistency of message.’ Jacobs is a noted marketing professional, and throughout his successful career leading Speakeasy Marketing he has helped many law firms and private attorneys nail their marketing goals, helping them bring in more, and better, clients. Jacobs recounts a story about a particular copywriter who had a client who was insistent that the copy written always be original, never repeated. This got Jacobs’ entrepreneurial, strategic mind thinking. Many of us do sell the same thing or things repeatedly to various clients and customers, and how we pitch it and sell it actually does need repetition; it needs continuity and consistency. Repetition of message is important. McDonalds, for example, is a brand that excels at consistency. When we walk in a McDonalds we know that there will be a sameness that we can count on… in taste of food, dining room, etc. And as professionals, we need to emanate that level of consistency.  Find out what works and repeat it. While your pitch might become boring to you, it’s new to new clients, so be consistent in your pitch, but find new ways to keep it spicy so you can deliver it with excitement, to get your customers and clients excited about moving forward. Jacobs states that customers and clients enjoy having a company or professional they can count on. Consistency matters. No matter what practice area you work in, you must follow up, and be consistent.


24 Dec 2019

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Day 4: 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas—Systemization Success—Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

Free time is important. It’s important for our health and happiness and should be enjoyed by everyone—especially those who’ve worked hard to get where they are. But for some, free time seems simply unattainable in light of all of the things on their list.  On this episode of the 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas series, Richard Jacobs doesn’t discuss how to check off the boxes faster, but simply how to have FEWER boxes to check off, without sacrificing business. Imagine working 20 hours a week instead of 60, and imagine that doing so would be the best business move you’ve yet to make.  Tune in to learn how and why the key lies within the systems and procedures you establish.


14 Nov 2019

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Episode 272-Secrets of Attorney Marketing–Carrie Chitsey, Co-Founder & CEO of One Touch Video Chat – The Power of Video Chat

Carrie Chitsey, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of One Touch Video Chat, provides an overview of her company’s innovative video chat software. Chitsey and her team are passionate about communication and interaction. The One Touch Video Chat system helps create customer loyalty by creating memorable customer experiences. By strengthening the customer experience and boosting sales through bold communication, their system provides customer satisfaction and convenience and is a driving force in the exciting mobile video chat industry. Chitsey talks about the formation of her company and her background in technology innovation. She recounts her work with attorneys and her passion for getting attorney firms up to speed on current technologies. She explains that we enjoy and seek out personal connections, and video chat can provide business owners an opportunity to connect face to face through technology, which enhances the user/customer satisfaction experience while increasing efficiency and saving money. The technology innovator discusses the many outdated methods of ‘getting in touch’ and connecting that are truly relics in today’s technology-oriented business world. From the email contact form to appointment scheduling, etc., many businesses are using outdated methods to connect with customers. Chitsey discusses some of the best practices for utilizing video to enhance their overall business profile. She explains that while video chat is exciting and efficient, you still need to market this service and let your customers know that they can use it. You need to promote it on your social media, blogs, etc. to get the message out. But the bottom line is you need to get these potential customers to the video experience because once you do… the conversion rate is significantly higher. In short, the video connection really brings in new clients and customers in a way that other methods simply do not.  With Chitsey’s One Touch Video Chat you can empower customer connections right from your website. While many potential customers already utilize the ‘text now’ options on websites, to initiate a text chat with a person or a chatbot, imagine how bigger and more impressive the experience would be with actual video chat. Imagine a scalable B2C solution that utilizes far superior technology to create a powerful user/customer experience. That is what Chitsey’s One Touch Video Chat provides, and it’s the reason why video chat is exploding in the B2C support market. Chitsey discusses some of the particulars regarding how to use One Touch Video Chat, and she expounds upon the various options and packages that consumers can choose from when they make the decision to step forward into current technology connectivity. And in regard to attorney firms, she discusses how video often weeds out the ‘free phone call’ types who really just want to get a bit of free legal advice but aren’t serious about becoming clients.


18 Sep 2019

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Episode 274 - Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc - Achieving Primary Goals and Reducing Anxiety About Secondary and Tertiary Goal Setbacks

In this informative podcast, Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., continues his discussion series on marketing, as he delivers powerful information that can help attorneys bring in not only more clients, but the higher quality clients every attorney wants to serve.  Richard Jacobs is a well-known authority in the marketing world. His company, Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., regularly assists hundreds of attorneys as they seek to maximize profits. Jacobs discusses a personal experience, a car accident, that ultimately led to the discovery that he had thyroid cancer. Going through his treatment, he made a promise to himself to find less stress in the daily anxieties we all face, because, he thought, if he could get through cancer treatment, everything else should pale in comparison. But as life settled in, he found that eventually, he moved back into old patterns, of getting upset about the small stuff. By trying to make his way back to the positive energy, he discovered that there were great parallels between his personal experience and what happens in the business world.  Jacobs explains that if we think about our business, our law firm, in a way in which we focus on achieving a primary goal and not getting upset about the lesser goals if we do not have success up and down on all fronts, that we will be making a positive step toward fulfillment and an overall sense of accomplishment. Jacobs explains that we all need to make that promise to ourselves, to take advantage of the ‘now’ and enjoy the daily moments and successes, staying positive. If we are aware of how we feel each day and stay in the moment, we can have a higher purpose and clarity as we achieve daily, weekly, and long term goals. 


23 Oct 2019

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Episode 283 - Practice Areas That Are Positively Affected By Covid19

In this podcast, Richard offers advice on how your practice will be affected by the CoronaVirus.  He reminds listeners of the importance of flexibility in the face of the CoronaVirus, advising criminal attorneys, for example, who focus solely on DUIs to consider opening themselves up to general criminal defense and/or looking into expungements. He establishes that actually the need for lawyers will go up and explains why for several practice areas, including: Criminal Defense: because of the closer quarters, domestic violence cases will most likely be on the rise. Furthermore, job losses may increase crimes. Family Law: again, because of the stress and increased time together, divorces may be on the rise. Estate Planning: because of the CoronaVirus, more estates will have to be administered and this may engender more conflicts. He touches on additional practice areas and also tell listeners about the changing competitive landscape for lawyers normally dependent on in-office selling of their services. To help listeners up their phone-selling game, Speakeasy has developed a program on video chatting. The program will be released Monday, March 23rd. It includes some great video-conferencing innovations, e-signing, and docu-signing techniques, and information about speak-a-book.  For information and questions, email us at support@speakeasymarketinginc.com, visit our web site at https://www.speakeasymarketinginc.com/, or call 1-888-225-8594.


19 Mar 2020

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Episode 273 - Secrets of Attorney Marketing–Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. – Getting More Bang Out of Your Marketing Bucks

In this informative podcast from Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., Jacobs explains how to get more marketing value out of the marketing budget you are already spending.  Everyone wants to get the most value they can for every dollar spent, and Jacobs has a way to not only maximize the value of your marketing efforts but expand them, without spending even one more penny than you already have been.  Jacobs discusses how everyone needs a skilled attorney from time to time, to handle a traffic ticket issue or auto accident, a divorce, estate plan, DUI, etc. It’s inevitable that every now and again most everyone will need some legal help. As Jacobs’ mission is to help attorneys improve their businesses, get more quality clients, and make more money, he and his team are constantly testing their theories, seeking to find every area where an attorney can improve their business in some way. When Jacobs has a real issue himself and needs to hire an attorney, he’ll have his assistant call attorneys, mystery shopping, to see what kind of response or service they get. In a recent situation, 30 attorneys were called, and only 5 answered. Surprisingly, of those 25 who didn’t answer, most never even reached back out, even after they were left an extensive message that explained the legal matter, and requested a return call. The bottom line: if you aren’t answering calls and questions, or at least returning calls or following up via email, then you’re missing out on new, potentially great clients.  If you want to make more money without spending more money, Jacobs states that you simply must answer calls, respond to your voicemails, follow up with emails, etc. If you’re not doing that, then your marketing dollars are going down the drain. As Jacobs explains, if you don’t have the time to do that yourself, then you need to hire someone who can.  Jacobs talks about the kinds of ‘answering’ options that exist, and he underscores that if you simply answer the call and then grill the potential client with endless questions, but don’t make a connection, then you may miss an opportunity. Also, if you answer the call and tell the potential client that a particular attorney is ‘out of the office’ and don’t follow up, then you’re not really effectively answering those calls. You must be friendly, and you must follow up. But as Jacobs states, if you follow up and really connect, it will be shockingly effective. 


26 Sep 2019

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Day 12: 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas—blackOut Calender—Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

Richard Jacobs, founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., continues his thought-provoking series on the power of marketing, as he delivers impactful information that can help any type of attorney, no matter their specialty, bring in more clients—better clients. In this special holiday series, Jacobs presents “The Twelve Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas,” a once-a-day series that will be a true stocking-stuffer and bring new possibilities for 2021. Richard Jacobs is a noted authority in the marketing profession. His company, Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., has helped literally thousands of attorneys succeed in their goal to provide better service to all their clients, while increasing profits.  Jacobs discusses the importance of planning, making a real plan to get ahead of your marketing efforts and make them happen. As he explains, the holidays roll up on us, and when we get back from all the celebrating and family time, January will bring catching up, and before you know it, it’s February, then March, and we’ll just be reacting to what is happening and not really executing a plan, a vision for creating the success and opportunity we really want.  Jacobs makes suggestions about putting things into a calendar and looking intensely at it, making sure our efforts are going to be focused throughout the year. He talks about making an effort to take time each day, away from the computer, to simply think, and let our ideas flow. Jacobs explains how we can measure our efforts by studying our 80/20, and working backwards to make sure we hit goals that come out of our overall plan that we’ve put on paper. Take an hour each day to make those plans, and look ahead, and your success will come.


2 Dec 2019

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Episode 279 - Putting Your Best Foot Forward, Even When You Make Mistakes, Especially When You Make Mistakes!

Richard Jacobs, the president/founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., discusses his thoughts on kindness and humanity, and the importance of both in life, and business.   Jacobs is a respected leader in the marketing world, and throughout his long career, he has successfully guided countless law firms and private attorneys to their greater success, advising them and putting marketing efforts into action, efforts that yield new, and better, clients. Jacobs recounts a recurring experience that happens at his local pizza joint. As a regular patron of his local, delicious pizza joint, Jacobs has found that they consistently screw up his order. But his love for the restaurant and their pies keeps him coming back. But he states that he would not if the circumstances were different. And by that, he means that the restaurant owner is kind, concerned, and truly apologetic each time Jacobs’ order is prepared improperly. It is this kindness, care, and concern that the owner puts forth that helps Jacobs to keep a good attitude and forgive the mistakes, though they are regular and often.  Jacobs relates that this is a good lesson for attorneys as well. While professionalism and competence are important, and that should go without saying, however humility and humanity are also important. Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes, and when we do, in the business world, it’s important to own that mistake, apologize for it, and extend our best efforts to make it right, in a friendly and kind way. And you have to consider this all the way down the line… while you might be extending this to your clients, is your admin staff? It’s important that every member of your team show this kind of sincerity to your clients, or it could alienate clients and cause them to leave and look for other representation. You need to make sure the quality of service is being extended to your clients at every level.  To learn more, go to www.speakeasymarketinginc.com


10 Jan 2020

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Day 3: 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas - On Taking Control—Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

According to a philosophy developed over 2,000 years ago called stoicism, you should only spend your energy on the things in life that are within your control. It makes sense, right? Why waste your mental energy and focus on things you can’t do anything about anyway? But the real question is this: what can you control, and how do you control it in a way that will provide you the most benefit? Can you control your online reviews? What about which platform you’re on (or kicked off of)? How can you control the way you communicate with prospective clients? These are a few of the questions answered on today’s episode of the 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas series. 


11 Nov 2019

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Day 6: 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas—Follow-Up Faux Pas—Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

Distractions are absolutely everywhere in the modern world, including the palms of our hands—we’re constantly receiving notifications from email accounts, text, social media websites and more. This is something you need to take into consideration when thinking about your clients, either past, present, or potential. In addition to being distracted, your clients are likely going through a difficult time in life, whether because of a divorce, DUI, death in the family, auto accident…you name it.  To top it off, in the eyes of potential clients in this whirlwind of distraction and stress, you’re just another attorney like all the rest—that is, unless you understand the importance of following up rather than giving up. On today’s podcast, you’ll learn: How much follow up is too much or not enough What to do if you can’t find the time to follow up as much as you should When to follow up, and what to remember when you do Tune in for all the details. 


18 Nov 2019

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Episode 270-Secrets of Attorney Marketing–Richard Jacobs of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. – Working to Be Our Best

In this informative podcast from Richard Jacobs, the president and founder of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc., Jacobs explains how Speakeasy supports clients in all their endeavors to manage their own information, and Speakeasy’s efforts to maintain the highest quality work and service. Jacobs is a marketing expert, and throughout his career leading Speakeasy Marketing, he has assisted many law firms and private attorneys with their marketing goals, helping them reach new, and better, clients. Jacobs discusses a defamatory review with a false claim, that they received regarding a particular website. As Jacobs states, the review was posted anonymously as it was clearly flawed and totally inaccurate. Speakeasy, over its 10 years of success as a top marketing firm, has helped over a thousand clients reach their goals. As we all know, if you’re servicing over a thousand clients and all you get is one bad review, clearly, that speaks volumes about the anonymous reviewer because 99%+ are satisfied clients. Jacobs strongly underscores that he works with attorneys, and attorneys don’t let things slide, so of course, that’s proof that Speakeasy is delivering solid results and providing excellent service. And that the attorneys Speakeasy works with are pleased with the customer service, and—the results. Jacobs states that Speakeasy’s goal is to bring each attorney-client they work with to a point of great success, to a point in which their firm is able to have such a flow of new clients that they are able to pick and choose which clients they want to take on. And as attorney loyalty is high with Speakeasy, with clients coming to Richard Jacobs and his team for all their marketing efforts, again and again, it’s obvious that attorneys are seeing results. Speaking honestly, Jacobs says that they are able to help most clients, but not everyone. And Speakeasy works hard every day to perform at the highest level, and if there is ever a problem on Speakeasy’s part, they rush to fix the problem immediately. Customer service is incredibly important to Jacobs and he expects the highest level of quality service from each and every employee who comes to work with Speakeasy Marketing.  Jacobs wraps up by talking about why he chose to work with attorneys specifically. He speaks about how he values attorneys and what they do for the community, helping others with their important legal problems.  


20 Aug 2019

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Episode 279 - Facing Unjustified Censorship Online—Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

“Google, Facebook, Twitter, even email…all these places are actively censoring what they don’t like...and if it goes against their narrative, you may be in the crosshairs for literally no reason at all,” explains Richard Jacobs, as he discusses a growing problem for attorneys: acts of censorship that come with no explanation and no recourse, leaving many without an online presence at all, and thereby costing potentially thousands of dollars in lost marketing. So, what do you do about it? One of the best defenses to this unpredictable censorship is to maintain multiple channels of marketing so that getting kicked off of one platform will have only a minimal (if any) impact on you and your practice.  To learn the latest techniques and strategies for navigating the world of online attorney marketing, call Speakeasy Marketing, Inc. at 888-225-8594.


12 Nov 2019

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Day 5: 12 Days of Attorney Marketing Christmas—Answering the Phone in An Era of Automation—Secrets of Attorney Marketing with Richard Jacobs

According to Richard Jacobs, “Answering the phone is a superpower, especially in this computerized, AI world of 2020.” This might sound silly at first, but why might it be true? For one, because so many other attorneys—those who would otherwise be your competition—don’t answer the phone or don’t have someone there to answer it and get critical information from potential clients. In an era of automation, making sure that your potential clients talk to a real person who can personalize the conversation will make them feel heard, understood, and important, and it will make them that much more likely to hire you. In this episode, you will learn: · How to ensure that you don’t lose potential clients, even if you’re a solo practice · In what ways public perception of attorneys has changed over the years and how to use this to your advantage · What to say (or what to have your admin staff say) when returning a phone call to a potential client Tune in for all the details.


18 Nov 2019

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