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Everything you ever wanted to know about RC flying, but were afraid to ask! Weekly talk about Radio-Controlled Aviation and CNC as it pertains to the RC Hobby. Hosted by Michael 'Crash' Hancock, an active participant in the hobby for almost 30 years.

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And That's A Wrap!

In this 355th, and FINAL installment of our little show, wecontinue with the second part of last week's show where we wererecapping our SEFF 2016 experience (what a great time we had!). What a wonderful ride it's been! I've been pluggin' away withthis weekly show for more than 7 years now and as much as I hate tohang it up, I really think that it's time to walk away for a while.With the treatments for my cancer putting a "hurtin'" on me everyother week, it's just become a little more than I care to dealwith. I plan to leave all of the podcast episodes available fordownload for at LEAST the next 18 months, since there is just somuch timeless information available that many new hobbyists canbenefit from.  There is some good news here, though - a NEW podcast will berising from the ashes of TheCrashCast! The Angle Of Attack podcastwill be a weekly show that's expected to start Wednesday, May 18,2016. Just like my show has been, AoA will be broadcast LIVE eachWednesday night (including a live audience chat) and will be hostedby our usual group of suspects (IFLYOS, NavionFlyer, LMopar69,KarlK (aka "The Duck"), and Cathead Biscuit). Heck - you may evenget a chance to hear ol' Crash pop in from time to time! :) My heartfelt thanks goes out to my co-hosts and guests forhanging in there with me over the years. Sometimes pulling off ashow has been challenging, but it's always been fun. Most of all,though, my biggest thanks goes out to all of our fans that havestuck with us over the years. I have enjoyed answering your emailsas well as meeting so many of you in person. You all have meant somuch to me, and your well-wishes and kind words have really helpedme during the challenges I've faced over the last few months. Take care, God bless, and... Get out there and build something, fly something, and enjoy thisgreat RC Hobby!! LINKS: Angle Of Attack Podcast AoA Facebook Page

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5 May 2016

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Just The Tip

Episode 353 is full of all kinds of tips in regards to setting up your own charging station, as most of our group got to see some very creative solutions during our meeting last week. LINKS: BumpCharger Lenovo Stick 300 Computer Dual USB Cigaretter Lighter Socket LCD Digital Display MultiMeter Drew's SketchUp Template For Rigid Case Rigid Pro Organizer Case Karl's Power Supplies Power Supplies On eBay RadicalRC Power Supplies OG Racer Power Supply PanaVise Junior (Like Nav has) PanaVise 324 Electronic Work Center Castle Connectors Clint's Castle Connector Quick Tip Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Solder Station

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21 Apr 2016

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The Old Man And The Sea

First off, I want to apologize for the poor sound quality (on my track) in this 169th installment of our show. I have torn everything up in my workshop while doing this 'Studio build' and unfortunately, all of my professional-grade recording equipment is BURIED! LoL If all goes as planned, I'll be recording our next episode in the new digs and the quality I have always prided myself in should return. This week, we take a little diversion from our normal RC aircraft discussions and delve into the world of RC Sailing, and who better to tap on this subject than our buddy and avid sailer, Grandpa Tony! This sounds like a great way to keep those thumbs (and brain) nimble on those days that are just not quite right for flying, and Tony shares with us the gear he uses and how it all works. LINKS: Proctor Antic Monoplane (Karl is trying to score one of these) Laine's FB Page (Look for pics of the "Cobra's" Successor LoL) Thunder Tiger Victoria (This is what Tony sails) Victor Models V-12A (Here's a foot-long boat you can build!) Footy Seniors (A place to get plans and kits) Build A "Bottle"! Retrieval Boat (For retrieving that snagged sailboat)

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9 Jul 2012

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Candy Angels And Ramen Noodles

We are all present in the workshop for this 139th installment of the show, and our title this week is related to last week's Halloween shenanigans. Yes, I know - I'm not a very nice person. LoL In this show you'll get some interesting news, some of the greatest deals on the 'net, and the RCadvisor is back this week to discuss "Swing-Wing" aircraft designs. LINKS: Piper J-5 Like Tim Won First Manned MultiCopter Asteroid Headed This Way! 6 Channel DSM2-Compatible Receivers CHEAP! Rewards Program Over At Todd's Models RCadvisor (Carlos is working on a 3rd book!) Hobby People has some new planes! (No foam here!) 105" Edge 54090" Edge 54070" FW-190 Guillow's P-40 Warhawk (got mine for only $24 HERE!) If you've been contemplating purchasing one of the fine pieces of equipment from the PhlatBoyz (Original PhlatPrinter, PhlatPrinter III, or the PhlatFormer), be sure to enter Coupon Code "CRASHCAST" to get $25 off your order! Please note that this offer ends when 2011 is over.

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7 Nov 2011

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This week we get the opportunity to visit with Chris Thomas of MultiGP fame. If you have been taken in by the fascinating world of FPV Racing, then you're certainly going to want to hear this one. Take a minute to go and sign up on the MultiGP website and see what it's all about! LINKS: MultiGP Getting Started With MultiGP FPV Live Apache Pass Event

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9 Oct 2015

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Venturing Into FPV

Well, it's official - I've begun the process of getting an FPV plane in the air! I'll tell you all about the preliminary equipment that I've ordered and share a little about how I'm going about my adventure legally and following our AMA's guidelines. I've even started the wheels in motion for getting my Amateur Radio Tech-level license! Additionally, we share some cool things found on the interwebs as well as some listener emails, and we even have the RCadvisor back for another segment. LINKS: 3D Printed Airplanes? A Creative Way To Select A Winner Dynamic Foamy Yak-55 MikroKopter With "Follow Me" (Thanks, K!) RadicalCast #6 - The Street Sweeper Skunk Wurks Project FPVPilot - A Great Place To Start 3 amp Switch-Mode BEC for $6 Frosty's SPADFest'11 Links: Kodak's Pics Team Abby Normal's photos by Mo Frosty's Pics Joe's Video (he's emailbanter at SPADWorld.net) FPV Equipment: 900mhz Transmitter and Receiver That I Bought 1.2ghz Transmitter and Receiver that would also work Camera I Am Buying This Week For Smaller Projects Learn How To Be A HAM If you have been interested in getting one of our bare Pro Mini-based QSC Interconnect boards for your Multi-Rotor project, we have 8 of them in stock for only $25 each shipped (we've qualified a new supplier that's a little cheaper). If you want one, please email my buddy John directly and he'll tell you how you can get one - JBernard810ATgmail.com.

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27 Jun 2011

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In this week's 'Thanksgiving Eve' show we talk a bit about the DOT Task Force Recommendations that came down on November 21st, as well as some great Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals! Oh, and if your Turkey is all prepped to fry up but you find yourself without propane for your fryer, we've got you covered on that front, too! LoL LINKS: Task Force Recommendations AMA's Reaction To Said Recommendations MultiGP Recognized As Official S.I.G.! FT Community Podcast K2R Spotlifter CrashCast Listeners Group On FB HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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26 Nov 2015

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Cows, Goats, And Velvet Ropes

Oh, you guys are going to really like this installment of our show. Just from the name of this one, you just KNOW you're in for a wacky ride this week. LoL LOTS of good information in this one, though, so I hope you enjoy! LINKS: Carbon Cub 15cc ARF Carbon-Z P2 Prometheus BNF DRAK 5.8ghz Video Tx Sawn Craft Zero Front Yard Fighter MultiGP FPV Wing Racing Rules Announced The "Beeker"! Hakko Soldering Station (The one we talked about) AtomsRCers

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14 Jan 2016

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F3Expo...And Goats

This week we actually have a guest on the show. Patrick Fox had an opportunity to attend the inaugural F3Expo and he met with us to share his impression of this new, and hopefully annual event. Oh, and if you've never had the opportunity to see 'Fainting Goats" in person, JUST DO IT! LoL LINKS: A 'ParaCuda'?? FB Drones She-Drones (An organization for the ladies!) Xnova Motors (MultiRC has 'em!) WTH Celina, OH? (Sorry, kid. No flying toys for you!)

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19 Nov 2015

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QSC QuadCopter And FSS Orders

We covered quite a bit of ground again in this 118th installment, but perhaps the biggest news is the release of the files for the new QSC QuadCopter, so if you've been holding off on starting your own multi-rotor project because you wanted an inexpensive Quad instead of the TriCopter we did, now is the time to get started! The other big news item we deliver this week is that you can now order your bare, v2.1 QSC Interconnect Board so that you can build your own FSS. So many of you have been asking for this (since the minimum board order through ExpressPCB is 3 boards), and now we are ready to take care of you. This is how it works: PayPal the money to me ($35/board USD) using the email address I provide in this show and tell me which bare board that you want (Arduino Pro Mini-based or ATmega 328-based). I will place the group order on Monday, May 23rd, 2011. As soon as I receive the boards here (7-10 working days from date of order), I will put them in a padded envelope and send them out to you within two days via regular post. Remember, the ATmega 328 board will require you to flash the chip, but if you don't have that ability, we can do it for you (just email me and we'll work it out). Also, we hope to publish the build instructions for the ATmega 328 board, along with the shopping list, very soon. Everything you need to know about the Pro Mini-based board is already on my site. Please remember, these are bare boards only. You have to buy all of the goodies for them and populate them yourself. Also, the RCadvisor is back again this week with further discussion on thrust angles with this week's discussion concerning downthrust. LINKS: WeatherUnderground An ESV that should be a staple in your flightbox if you use NiCd or NiMh flightpacks Tim's Nall Pics New Futaba 6 Channel Radio OS Electric Motors QSC QuadCopter Info Hooked On RC Planes Site Precision Routers (A new CNC machine on the market) DevFus (Interesting new CNC software)

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16 May 2011

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Let's Build A TriCopter!

Last year we kicked off Crash's Scratch-Build Club with a design of my own, the eQSC. The project was aimed at helping first-time builders successfully build a great flying model via easy-to-follow instructional videos, plans, and templates. This year, we're making this an annual event by jumping in on the Multi-Rotor craze with comprehensive resource materials (plans, templates, documents, and videos) so that ANYONE can build their own Quick, Simple, and Cheap TriCopter! We're going to kick it off this week in our 108th installment by talking all about the airframe! Also in the episode, the RCadvisor gives us the low-down on Lipo safety and, of course, we talk about a bunch of other stuff. :) Stuff we talked about: Inexpensive X-acto Blades (Thanks, Randy!) Send Your Letters To Congress! Great e-QSC Landing Gear (Yep, people are STILL building last years' project plane!) National Balsa (Great prices on the plywood and sticks we'll use onn the Tri) HobbyPartz (I LOVE the ExceedRC Alpha Motors!) Quanum Telemetry System (Currently on backorder, but I've got MY order in!) FancyFoam Going Out Of Business :( If you are diggin' on TriCopters and you plan to build along with us, following is a Bill Of Materials you'll need to gather for this weeks' segment: QSC TriCopter Airframe: Two: 12" x 24" x 1/8" Light Ply or Birch Ply One: 3/4" square, 48" long dowel (or Two 36" lengths) Six: 4-40 screws 1 - 1 1/4" long Six: Blind Nuts (preferrable) or locking nuts Six: 4-40 sized washers (or Twelve if you use the locking nuts instead of blind nuts) One: 4 1/2" - 4 3/4" x 1/4" diameter rod (aluminum or music wire) One: 1/4" I.D. Wheel Collar Three: Nylon Washers, 1/4" I.D. Two: Nylon Shoulder Bushings, 1/4" I.D. I am planning to have the templates, instructions, and videos up for the airframe build in the next day, or three. Keep checking AllThingsCrash.com, as that's where all the dope will be!


7 Mar 2011

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Multi-Rotor Flight Stabilization

In this 106th release of our show, Tim and I continue on with our discussion from last week regarding "Unconventional Tools". Also, the RCadvisor tells us about using Expo in our radios for the throttle channel (something I honestly never thought of doing, but will certainly check out!), and we have a special guest in the workshop to talk with us about an inexpensive flight stabilization system for our multi-rotor designs. LINKS: RCRepublic 468mph World Record! Rascal in Foam? Fiskars Mat The Clamps I Like To Use My New TriCopter!


21 Feb 2011

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AUA v2

In this episode of our little show, we do another segment of "Ask Us Anything". You guys asked some really good questions - so many, in fact, that we barely made a dent in the list! We'll be revisiting this from time to time as we find ourselves looking for content. Lots of fun was had recording this episode and we all hope that you enjoy it. LINKS: New Foam-Flite Soldering Jig FT VersaCopter 280 FT Bushwacker *

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24 Sep 2015

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Drowning Emus

In this week's episode we continue our trend of covering all kinds of weird stuff, but there's also some seriousness. I get a chance to give my impression of my first MultiGP event (which was AWESOME!) and we get into a discussion regarding this whole Drone Registration mess that surfaced this week. Pfft! LINKS: US DOT Press Conference sUAS News Article 10.7.15 Drone Safety Hearing Foxx's Written Press Conference Document FAA Grants 333 Exemption To....Paper Airplane! Slideshow Pics 

1hr 25mins

22 Oct 2015

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Six Days Old

So in this 327th installment of our little show you'll find our crew up to our typical nonsense (which includes corrupting even our youngest of youth), but we do have some fun info for you. Tim 'IFLYOS' King is back from his adventures at this year's Heli Extravaganza and he's here to share all of the fun with us. LINKS: IOTW New MultiRC Knowledge Base Two Drones Building A Bridge Small Plane Breezing Casually Through Intersection Loopin' Chewie! Digital Battery Capacity Checker This Week's Slideshow Pics TCCSS FB Page If you're interesting in participating in TheCrashCast Secret Santa gift exchange this year (it was so much fun last year!), send an email to TheCrashCastSecretSanta@gmail.com and include your name, mailing address, and a little about yourself (be sure to give some HINTS about what you might like to receive!). This year's them is "Building With Balsa" and we've set a $40 (USD) minimum.

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1 Oct 2015

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Another Crashless Cast

This 337th show was recorded LIVE on December 9th, and is the third show WITHOUT your fearless leader. No worries though, as IFLYOS steps in to host a darned good show! Also present to round things out are LMopar69, HatefulGravey, NavionFlyer, Vintauri, and Rumbuilder. LINKS: Foam-Flite Small Charger Box JR Colt Retro Transmitter (Nice!) Multiplex TwinStar Brushless Unique Model Tilt-Wing New UMX J-3 Cub WMPF Skinny Dipper Vortex 250 PRO MultiRC NAZE32 With BlackBox Legislation Averted In Albany

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27 Dec 2015

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Doing The Safety Dance

Yes, that's right - three "40-somethings" out looking for a safe alternative to the "pogo". I bet that left a lot of you behind in the dust! LoL Seriously, though, it's that time of year again where we will be blowing the dust off of our toys and making weekly pilgrimages to our favorite flying sites. Once a year we like to talk a little about safety in this hobby and we start the ball rolling in this episode where we discuss some tips for safe travel to and from your flying field. In this 155th installment, we've also got some news, as well as another great segment from the RCadvisor - this time it's a bit of a continuation on last week's tips for becoming a better RC pilot. Carlos shares a great site that details aerobatic maneuvers, as well as their "K Factors" ( level of difficulty), and how you might select the maneuvers right for you to become a more accomplished pilot. LINKS: PhlatBoyZ Tax Return Sale FormUFit (Hard-to-find PVC parts for racks, etc. Thanks, Justin!) Congrats to Tammy Crespin!! (Carlos, you're a lucky man!) RCPilot (A new "eMag" for the RC hobby) PlaneInsaneRC (A great place to get that DT750 motor here in the USA - Thanks, Nick!) BluuMaxCNC NSRCA Aerobatic Maneuvers Solar Balloons? EggBot (Time made something like this) LipoSack Mini Intern Build-Along COMPLETE! (Video 8 is up!) Our next GiveAway will be a Mini Gremlin Combat Flying Wing from our friend Jim over at RACores. All you need to do to enter the drawing is to upload your personal best CRASH picture over on our FaceBook Fan Page. Yep, that's it! We will accept entries until April 15th and we'll draw a lucky winner during that following week. (Thanks to Matt M. for providing the idea for this GiveAway!)

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12 Mar 2012

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Broadening The Spektrum

This week we discuss perhaps the hottest product announcement this quarter - the release of a new flavor of Spektrum's DSM technology. Was it the "J" standard like what Futaba has with their FASST system that I predicted quite some time ago? It doesn't look like it. Spektrum continues the love with their release of the new DX10T transmitter with a form factor reminiscent of what the folks in Europe have enjoyed for many years. In addition to these discussions, we'll talk about some listener emails, the BluWing Tim is getting at SEFF, and the RCadvisor discusses the use of digital servos with FM transmitters. LINKS: How To NOT Be Safe With Your Heli (Thanks, Stef!) Matt's TriCopter Adventure (Lots Of Data, Vids, and Pics - Thanks, Matt!) Spektrum DSMX Announcement Spektrum DX10T (Mikey Likes It!) HellRazor_77's BluWing (note that when this drops off the first page you can find it in the ALL ARTICLES section of my site) Discussion Of HellRazor's "454"


7 Feb 2011

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2010 In Review, Pt 2

Sometimes an hour is just not enough time to cover all of the materials we want to, so in this week's 99th installment we'll pick up where we left off with last week's show. Did you get some really cool swag for CHRISTmas? If so, SEND ME SOME PICS! LOL With this show, we bring 2010 to a close. May each and every one of you enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe New Year, and may 2011 off you more properity than you know how to handle. We'll be back in a week, or two, with our 100th episode! Woot!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


26 Dec 2010

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All I want For CHRISTmas...

Well, the Holiday Season is upon us and, after our personal updates, Dennis, Tim, and I each share what's on our wishlists to Santa this year (as well as some listener lists, too). Additionally, you'll hear me talk about cutting MDF on my new Phlatty, you'll hear about some new feats in the full-scale aviation arena, and the RCadvisor will tell us about how we'll know when our design project goals have been fulfilled. LINKS: Flying Buggy An Electric Home-built Takes Flight Dear Santa, We hope you have had a great year this year and are ready for eating LOTS of milk and cookies during your trip around the world this CHRISTmas. I hope you're not working those elves too hard! Leo wants a brand new HK600GT helicopter to take his skills to the next level. Santa, would you happen to know a good, reasonably priced power system for one of these helis? Maybe your elves will know, huh. He would also enjoy someone putting in a local hobby shop in the St Augustine Florida area. Hance just wants some warmer weather so he can fly more, so if you should happen to bump into that Jack Frost character, could you ask him to lay off with the cold weather just abit? If not, he could prolly use some coal in his stocking to help him stay WARM! :) Dennis has been a really good boy this year and would really like an E-Flite Blade mSR to help him get into helicopter flying. Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could he also get an FPV system? That would be so cool! Little Timmy has also been good and would LOVE to have a Radian Pro,  an R/C Ultralight from like one of THESE or maybe even one of THESE , and maybe even a 108" Mud Duck from Mud Duck Aviation. Mikey has prolly not been the best he could be all year, but he'll certainly try harder next year (I promise!). In addition to one of everything those other guys have on THEIR list, I would really dig on getting a SlowBipe, a DIY Drones ArduPilot System, a Go Pro Hero HD camera system, and a Parrot by AR Drones! Oh, a Dubro EZ Bender would make a great stocking stuffer! Sincerely, Leo, Hance, Dennis, Tim, and Michael PS - Oh yeah, I guess Peace On Earth would be an okay gift, too. PPS - Last time I saw you, you looked like you were losing weight. Looking good, Santa!

1hr 2mins

6 Dec 2010

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