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From daytime to primetime, we talk about all things sudsy with your host, Soaps In Depth’s executive editor, Richard M. Simms. With weekly hot topics, preview and more, the show also gives soap fans a voice. Want to join the conversation? Call and talk about the storyline you love... hate... or love to hate!

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More Questions Than Answers

Everywhere you look, daytime is being rocked by change. A headwriter change here, a contract dispute there... and of course, the kiss that had tongues wagging. Tonight, join Soaps In Depth's exeuctive editor and tweetmaster general, Richard M. Simms, as he looks at what these changes mean... and why fans find themselves with more questions than answers. Want to join the conversation? Call in during the live broadcast, or leave questions and comments via Twitter @soapsindepthabc or @soapsindepthcbs!

1hr 11mins

8 Aug 2017

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What’s Working — And What’s Not — Around The Dial

Bad deeds are being exposed, favorite characters are returning and big changes are taking place behind the scenes of your favorite soaps. But what’s working… and what’s not? Tonight, join host Richard M. Simms — executive editor of Soaps in Depth magazine — for an hour of lively talk about the drama unfolding on and off screen at THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, GENERAL HOSPITAL, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Plus, as always, call during the live show to share your thoughts!

1hr 16mins

18 Sep 2017

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"Ask Me Anything... Within Reason!"

They say there are no stupid questions... and tonight, there are also no questions off limits! Join host Richard M. Simms, the executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine, for an hour of no-holds barred soap talk. Got a burning question? Call in and ask. Plus, we'll discuss the latest news, attempt to figure out exactly how General Hospital intends to work Steve Burton back into the canvas and try to figure out exactly what the heck is going on with The Young & The Restless' Hilary and Devon, as well as their fellow Genoa City couple in crisis, Lily and Cane. So join us for what promises to be a spirited hour, and call in with questions or comments about your faves!


2 Jul 2017

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Big Changes From Around The Dial!

Ingo’s back… but not as Jax! Steve Burton’s back… but is he Jason? And Will Horton’s back… but is he dead or alive? These are just some of the questions soap fans have, and we’ll be talking about all the latest news on tonight’s edition of Tune in Tomorrow. Join host Richard M. Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth, as he takes your calls about all this and more!


27 Sep 2017

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Can Julexis Be Saved?

"Will he stay or will he go?" It's the question every fan of GENERAL HOSPITAL's Julian and Alexis are asking amid rumors that his portrayer, William deVry, has taped his last episode following an extended contract negotiation that ultimately resulted in a stalemate. Tonight, join Soaps in Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms as he discusses the latest developments, speculates on what's next and takes your calls. Plus, fans of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Hilary and Devon recently saw hints that the couple might be on their way toward a reunion... but will Hevon fans really, finally get their wish? All this plus a preview of the week's hottest plots!

1hr 15mins

10 Jul 2017

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Dark Shadows: Night of the Living Soap Opera

Despite having run for only five years, Dark Shadows is a legend... even among people who have never before seen a soap opera. It's been immortalized in comic books, continued in novelizations, rebooted for screens big and small, and kept alive by an adoring fan base who can't get enough of the cursed Collins clan and their most notorious relative, a 200-year-old vampire named Barnabas. Tonight, host Richard M. Simms is joined by Danny Horn, author of the Dark Shadows Every Day blog for an insightful hour of spirited conversation about the show that forever changed what soap operas could be... and may serve as a cautionary for some of today’s daytime dramas!


11 Aug 2017

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A New Day In Salem

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but at long last, Days of our Lives began airing scripts written by Ron Carlivati -- former top scribe at One Life To Live and General Hospital. What was the first episode like? Plus, host Richard M. Simms -- executive editor of Soaps in Depth magazine -- will share what his dream scenario for Carlivati's first episode entailed! Plus, we'll discuss all the latest soap-related news and offer up preview for the coming weeks! Want to join the conversation? Call in during the live broadcast, or post a message in the chatroom!

1hr 18mins

19 Jul 2017

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What The Heck Is Going On?

It’s not surprising that many soap fans feel as if they’ve whiplash. Two soaps have seen writer changes, and it feels as if every day we're getting news that another actor is on their way out. No sooner do GENERAL HOSPITAL fans find out that William deVry’s Julian will be staying than they are hit with the news that Robert Palmer Wakins (Dillon) is on his way out. THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Rome Flynn stunned everyone by announcing on social media that he'd be leaving the role of Zende. THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS viewers are dying to see what executive producer Mal Young will bring to the table when he also takes on headwriting duties. Tonight, join host Richard M. Simms as he talks about all these changes and how they'll impact what you see on your soaps in the coming months. Want to join the conversation? Call in during the live broadcast and share your thoughts!


21 Aug 2017

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Are Supercouples Bad For Soaps?

Supercouples. Fans know them, love them and "ship" them. Hevon. Lane. CarSon. Brill. And they're not a new phenomenon, as anyone who followed the adventures of General Hospital's Luke and Laura, or the love/hate relationship of One Life To Live's Todd and Blair, can tell you. Tonight, we'll look at what makes a supercouple... and why sometimes, the very thing that inspires so much devotion from fans can also be very bad for the overall canvas that they are a part of. Join Soaps In Depth's executive editor, Richard M. Simms, for a spirited discussion... and be sure to call in during the live broadcast to join the conversation!

1hr 29mins

26 Jun 2017

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Why Our Soaps Need Some Tough Love

You can say anything, as long as you say it with love. And tonight, host Richard Simms — executive editor and tweetmaster general at Soaps in Depth magazine — will be dishing out a little bit of tough love. Some of it will be directed toward the soaps and some of it will be directed at the fans who love them. Because we're all in this together. So join us — and the conversation — as we look at what's working, what's not working and what needs to change! Got thoughts on your favorite daytime dramas? Join the conversation by calling in and voicing your opinions live!

1hr 30mins

21 Jun 2017

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Sheila's Back... Is Adam Newman Next?

It ain't easy keeping a secret in this day and age... but the folks at The Bold & The Beautiful managed to keep Kimberlin Brown's return as Sheila Carter -- one of daytime's most notorious characters -- under wraps. Tonight, join Richard Simms -- executive editor of Soaps in Depth magazine -- as he looks at how they kept the secret, what's next for the soap and why their ability to keep everyone in the dark is important to the future of soaps. Plus... every time you turn around, a spoiler site is reporting that The Young & The Restless is about to bring Adam Newman back. But is it true? And with General Hospital co-headwriter Jean Passanante announcing her retirement, might we see big changes rocking the soap, which has seen its ratings slide in recent months? We'll talk all this, offer up some preview for the week ahead and take your calls, tonight on Tune in Tomorrow!


12 Jun 2017

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Hits & Misses, May Sweeps Edition

GENERAL HOSPITAL hosted the annual Nurses Ball. THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL saw a major rift develop within the Forrester family. DAYS OF OUR LIVES headed for a deserted island. And THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS saw both the Newman and Abbott clans deal with major shake-ups. But with May now behind us, did the stories trotted out for the all-important Sweeps ratings period deliver? Plus… what should fans expect to see in the weeks to come? Join Richard Simms, executive editor of Soaps in Depth magazine, as he takes your calls to find out what you, the people who matter most, really thought of May’s sudsy events. And what do you really want to see happen next?


5 Jun 2017

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Carlivati Out! What's Next For General Hospital?

Depending on who you talk to, GENERAL HOSPITAL axing headwriter Ron Carlivati was either the biggest shock on the planet or completely predictable given the recent ratings. Tonight, we'll discuss theories as to where things went wrong and look toward the future of the legendary soap. What changes would you like to see made? Call host Richard M. Simms, the executive editor of Soaps in Depth, to share your take on how to get things back on track!

1hr 31mins

27 Jul 2015

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The Walking (Un)Dead

Tonight, join Soaps in Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms as he takes your calls on the hottest topics from around the daytime dial. Want to talk about the resurrection of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Little Jake, or maybe what challenge THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Maya will face next? Whatever your show, whatever your topic, call in and share your thoughts and opinions or listen in the archive to find out what you missed!

1hr 3mins

13 Jul 2015

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Smart Women, Foolish Choices

Is it something in the water? On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Liz has decided to keep the truth about Jason under wraps. On THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, Sharon decided to put her freedom on the line in order to attend the re-opening of The Underground. And on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Maya has put off revealing her secret so long that it seems inevitable someone else will tell Rick before she can. Tonight, we’ll talk about these head-scratching decisions... and much more. Call in to share your thoughts on the latest twists and turns to rock the daytime landscape!

1hr 2mins

6 May 2015

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The Winners, The Losers... And Me!

Tyra Banks gave away vacuum cleaners and cruises, two out of the remaining four soaps were declared to be the best and, perhaps most important of all, the Daytime Emmys were finally brought back to broadcast television... and the show wasn’t even a big ol’ ad for Las Vegas! Tonight, join Soaps in Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms as he takes your calls to dissect all things Daytime Emmys 2015. Call in and join the conversation!


27 Apr 2015

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We’ve All Said It… Now, Prove It!

Every soap fan on the planet has uttered the words, “I could write better storylines than this” at one point or another. Even the best of shows go through slumps, whether it be across the entire canvas or one particular story that seems not to connect with the audience. Well, tonight is your chance to offer up a story you’ve long dreamed of seeing unfold on your favorite soap! Maybe you have something in mind for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Sharon? Or an idea about how to snap DAYS OF OUR LIVES out of its recent duldrums. To kick things off, host Richard M Simms, executive editor of Soaps in Depth, will tell you his vision for GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Ava. Then, he'll open up to the lines to hear your sudsy suggestions! Ready to talk soaps? Then give us a call!

1hr 1min

6 Apr 2015

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Buh-Bye, Sami!

We've known it was coming for months, and this week, soap fans bid farewell to DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Sami Brady as she heads for... Hollywood? Only weeks after losing her beloved EJ, it looks as if Sami is ready to start a whole new life... and tonight, host Richard M. Simms -- executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine -- wants your thoughts on all things Sami. What were your favorite moments? What storyline do you wish never happened? And what do you think of her exit story? Plus, we'll be taking your calls to talk all things soapy!

1hr 27mins

27 Oct 2014

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EJ's Death, Jason's Resurrection & All Things In Between

Last week saw DAYS OF OUR LIVES fans mourning the death of EJ DiMera even as questions remained as to whether or not he might actually be alive, while GENERAL HOSPITAL fans got better acquainted with Jason 3.0. How will these two major plot twists impact Salem and Port Charles, respectively? Tonight, join host Richard M. Simms, executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine, as he takes your call to discuss these topics and asks what you'd love to see happen during November Sweeps on DAYS, GH, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Want to join the conversation? Simply call in during the broadcast! And if you miss any of the fun, you can still catch the show in the archive!


20 Oct 2014

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The Jason Morgan Countdown

While the folks at GENERAL HOSPITAL aren’t confirming anything, it’s pretty much a given that, as Michael Easton (Silas) said during the Fan Club Weekend, “Jason is coming back.” But how will that impact the town of Port Charles and the folks he left behind? Tonight, join host Richard M. Simms — executive editor of Soaps In Depth — as he looks at the possible scenarios that might play out once Jason hits the screen. Plus, as always, we'll be taking your calls to discuss anything and everything soapy! Do you think THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Liam overreacted to Liam giving Hope the Electirc Boogaloo Blue Diamond? How much longer can THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Hilary stand by the man she’s married to when she really wants to be with his son? And can DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Kristen really win back Brady? All this and more!

1hr 3mins

4 Aug 2014

Rank #20