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Learning Math with Mnemonics - Conversions

Here's an easy mnemonic to easily remember miles-to-feet conversion.So.....how many tomatoes in 20 miles?

4 Aug 2009

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Learning Math with Mnemonics - Nine's Table on our fingers

This mnemonic helps student easily remember the multiplication table by using their fingers, magically.

4 Aug 2009

Rank #2

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Learning Math with Mnemonics - Introduction

Introduction to the Mnemonic for Learning Math series

4 Aug 2009

Rank #3

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Ms. Abernathy - "Let's Podcast"

Another fine example of using technology to engage students and enable learning that sticks.


3 Aug 2009

Rank #4

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Room 208 Example

Room 208 has several great examples of possible lesson plans - this is just one excerpt.


3 Aug 2009

Rank #5

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Hurricane Katrina stories

This podcast was created by high school students. Apple Education Community originally hosted several podcasts but they can not be found -- glad I saved this excerpt.


3 Aug 2009

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Hardware for creating podcast episodes

In this podcast I list and describe the hardware I use to create digital audio files. I do not have an extensive list of hardware and none of the sound boards or various microphones called for by many pundits...my goal has been to use hardware I have or only purchase equipment that has multiple roles beyond creating podcasts.My next episode will include the software I use to create podcasts....stay tuned.


9 May 2007

Rank #7

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Sound tour of a car rally in the woods

This audio is my first attempt at a sound tour, sharing the sounds and feelings of being at a car rally. I had my iPod with a mic in my hand as my friend Marilyn, her son's family, and myself enjoyed watching a car rally through the graveled country roads in Dent County Missouri. I captured several bits-and-pieces of the sounds and conversations. Two months later, I selected audio files to share with you the feeling of "being there".


6 Apr 2007

Rank #8

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Teacher explains

One of the mnemonic I included in my presentation was a device to recall the number of feet in a mile."Becky" uses a very simple device.

29 Mar 2007

Rank #9

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Presentation for March 7th 2007

I was practicing my presentation for RCET-SW...thought I would share with others. Let me know what you think about the content.I hope to see you at RCET-SW on March 7th, 2007


1 Mar 2007

Rank #10