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5 days a week, all year, internationally acclaimed author and life coach David Wygant brings you the best advice on health, sex, relationships, and radical self-help that doesn't suck. Because most self-help, well, does suck. But on the 10 Minute Daily Reality Check, you get nothing but the naked, unfiltered truth - whether you can handle it or not!

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Why Everyman Needs A Vibrator

The porn industry makes more money than the NFL because people don't have enough sex. People only really fuck once a month according to research.John here says he has a $200 vibrator because every man should have their own kits for fun. He believes that even if a woman doesn't like you, they'll like your vibrator.Add a whip and a collar and you have yourself a little kit.To bring women so much pleasure that your body parts can't do is such an incredible experience.Sex toys are a lot of fun and everyone should have them.Sex is a big part of our lives. Get into it and enjoy it. Step your game up. Get Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


17 Dec 2018

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Does Your Personality Match Your Job

What do you do if a deal doesn't work out for you like it was supposed to? Do you go back and sue the person? Do you bully the person?There seems to be lawyers just for buyer's remorse.Lawyers don't care about buyers and their remorse, it's just their job.Lawyers seem to be those kids who were picked on in life and they wanted to get people back. They create havoc.But then I think about doctors and some of the things they do. Doctors seem to really care about people.Think about the people you know in life and think about their jobs and if they fit.Can you look at your kid's friends and see which will be the lawyer and which will be the doctor?Are you truly utilizing your skills that you were blessed with?Get Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


29 Nov 2018

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Why Lazy Lips Are Part Of The Bullshit Story

How do you show up in life? Do you show up lazy?Write down for yourself how many hours you have a week for free, personal time. Then write down your goals and things you want, whatever it might be.Then be honest and ask yourself how you show up for those. Are you tired? Are you lazy?Did you do the best that you could? Or did you only give a half assed version of yourself?You don't need to be "on" every single day and every single moment, but when you show up lazy, you're showing the universe that you don't really love yourself. When you want something bad enough, you need to be "on". You need to walk, not talk. The talk doesn't create the life that you want.So ask yourself: Do you show up? Will you show up? When you show up, when you love yourself, when you stop being lazy- you get where you need to be. You accomplish your goals when you go after them with all you have. Challenge yourself to get what you want. Get Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


19 Sep 2018

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How To Thrive Not Survive

People tend not to know what's right for them.There’s SO much stimulation out there that we can’t focus on what our correct path should be.If you’re like me, it’s just “fight or flight” CONSTANTLY and sometimes we can’t fully let our guard down. Eventually, you hit a wall. You start to notice the bad programming you learned from a bad source in your past. Are you enjoying life in this moment? Are you stuck living to “prove something” to someone in your past?Sometimes “healing” means letting go of old negative patterns to finally be able to THRIVE, instead of just survive. Whether it's weight loss, mental health, emotional maturity, or eating habits, the things that hold us back will hold ALL parts of us back. You KNOW what you need to do. Your heart knows. Your body knows. Look at your health, What do you need? Be honest with yourself.What are you going to do? Are you willing to do what it takes to heal and thrive?Join me and my guest, holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert Elissa Goodman, as we discuss how you can not just survive, but thrive!https://elissagoodman.com/


17 Nov 2018

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The Worlds Best Therapist Nike

I'm wearing brand new Nikes today and it reminds me of so many things we're not doing on a daily basis.Nike's motto is "Just Do It" but so many people just can't do it.How long do you spend talking about what you need to do? How many therapists have you been to? How many times do you overanalyze the same situations every day?Imagine how productive you would be if you stopped talking about things that are holding you back.We don't get time back. Don't over analyze. Work on the thing that's been holding you back. It's time to just do it.Get Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


5 Dec 2018

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How To Get Rid Of Anxiety

We all have it. We all suffer from bouts of fear and anxiety.How many of you suffer from anxiety when it comes to talking to a sexy stranger that you are attracted to?How many of you find yourself making excuses and talking yourself up that the next time will be different only to find yourself doing that same behavior all over again?What about bouts of depression?How about I told you that this can all go away. Anxiety. Depression. Fears.Today I have a very special guest Dr. Claudia from the OC and she is going to enlighten you and share with you how this can all be a thing of the past.


22 Dec 2019

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I Have A Secret That You Need To Hear

Today’s show is a secret I have never shared with any of you.John Keegan joins me and the role is reversed as he puts me on the spot and interviews me.During the interview, he gets me to share some of the secrets that have allowed me to live a free loving powerful life.This is raw and real like you have never seen me before, so enjoy and have a great weekend.


7 Jun 2019

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The Number One Reason Why Sex Too Soon Ruins A Relationship

You want to know the mistake most people make when they desire a relationship? They have sex way too fast, before they've even built the friendship.And why is it important to build the friendship? Don't you want passion, romance, chemistry?Sure. But chemistry is an illusion. Friendship is everlasting. And sex is only greater when you do these three things - listen to today's podcast to find out what those things are.


3 Apr 2019

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How To Heal And Trust Your Gut

Today, I had the opportunity to connect with Whitney Kell, a very special guest who will truly enlighten you.As you know, I always talk about following your gut. And when I connected with Whitney I followed my gut, checked out who she was and immediately thought, this fascinating woman needs to come on the reality check and share her wisdom.Today she will tell you how to heal your gut, as well as many other valuable life lessons on how to show up at a higher level in life. We get real and raw and I expose a side of me that has been hidden for quite some time.To find out more about Whitney, go to her website at www.whitneykell.com.


13 Nov 2019

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How To Keep More Money In Your Pocket

I'm upset because my fantasy football didn't do too well- but that's ok because Fantasy football is not real life.Real life- what you can do with your life? There's something called the stock market.When you get involved in the stock market, you hear the most negative things about it because of our programming. But we are going to lose money in order to learn how to make money.We live in a better world now full of some really great mentors.Today we're going to talk about entrepreneurial-ship with a really great mentor, Lex.Lex will speak with you on the phone when you need help with your entrepreneurial-ship in trading.Lex has an easy site that offers a "netflix" type model. Check it out here www.mytradehawk.comGet Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


1 Nov 2018

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Why The Risk Angel Is An Idiot

In order to succeed in life, you need to take a shot.Think about the things that hold you back.It's fear.Nobody wants to lose but how will we know if we don't take a shot at it?We are usually risk-adverse because risk is uncomfortable.That's ego. We don't want to fail.But what's the worst thing that can happen if we take a shot?We fail? Then we learn. Everything in life is risk.Do something that's life changing. Try it.Take the shot. Get Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


17 Oct 2018

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Episode 406: Step Out Away From The Talk Talk Zone

Do you have people in your life who just talk? They talk and they talk and they talk some more...Today I give you the raw and unfiltered truth about these talkers and how I feel on them - and how to deal with the talkers in your life.So listen, subscribe to the podcast, leave us a review and share us with your friends, and come back on Monday for more radical self-help that doesn't suck!


4 May 2018

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Stop Following Start Living

We live in a world where we follow more than we lead, and we reward people with our following skills... and by doing all of this, we tend to lose our own identity and take on the identity of others.Some of these "others" are total strangers. Some of them are people who we would not even like if we met in person.So why do we do this? Well, today is your lucky day, because today Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I go over the answer to this question.To find out more about Jerremy go to www.realifetrading.com.


17 Jul 2019

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Once In A While Syndrome

Let's talk about a disease a lot of people suffer from, a disease that can be prevented.The disease is called "Once In A While Syndrome" and it's a disease that has us "try" something every now and then, something we *should* be doing every single day.We "try" and then we "cry" because we think that one time didn't work. Then we give it. But we only "try" it. We don't actually "do" it.The end result always takes care of itself when we do it fully every single day. Think about trying to quit smoking. We can only quit if we DO it every single day.If you want to get good at anything, be prepared to get your ass kicked every single day. We can't get good at something if we don't do it every single day.Get Your Free Daily Advice about Life, Relationships and Personal Transformation ===>START HERE: bit.ly/2KkQdzA


5 Oct 2018

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How to Have Endless Great Sex With C60

Today I am joined by my new friend Ken The Scientist, and we go over the greatest new weapon in your sex life!Do you crave endless power to have erections that last all night long? Do you desire to be so sensitive to his touch that orgasms are as easy as baking apple pie.Today we dive into the science behind sex and how you can have the best sex of your life right now. So listen and be sure to go https://c60purplepower.com/ & use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!


5 Dec 2019

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How To Put The Sexy Back Into Sexy

Sexy is how you look... or is it how you feel inside?Today, join Fern Olivia and myself as we go over what sexy truly is. All of us have sexy inside, and it’s how we let it out that we're going to explore.


6 Jul 2019

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It's Time You Met Your Body's Best Friend: C60

I am super excited about today's guest. As all of you know, I am super into health. And I recently discovered something that I know will not only change my life... but will truly impact your health as well.I am really happy to be sharing gift of C60 with all of you today. Today's guest is Ken Swartz, aka “Ken the Scientist,” the founder of C60 Purple Power, listen and make sure you use the coupon code wygant10 to get 10% off your purchase!


27 Nov 2019

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How Trends Can Change Your Finances

How can trends that happen day to day, month to month expand your finances and allow you to make serious money...?Join a friend of the podcast, Jake from Trend Spider, today as we explore how daily trends can truly give you the financial freedom that you desire.To find out more about Jake check out: https://trendspider.com?fp_ref=david59. He has a very special free offer waiting for you!

1hr 4mins

16 Jul 2019

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Why the Word I'll "Try" Sucks

I’ll TRY. I CAN’T. MAYBE I can do this.These are all feared-based words that people use when they truly don’t believe they will ever get good at something (and lack the skills to make it work).Today, join my good friend Greg and myself as we go over the main block to people’s success: the word I’ll “try” and the lack of actions that come with it.


14 Aug 2019

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Episode 363: Are You a Denim Dude or Dudess?

Ah, the feeling of that perfect pair of denim. If you understand what I'm talking about, then THIS podcast is for you.Today I'm talking to Amy Leverton, denim designer, consultant, and author of the book Denim Dudes. Listen to our conversation about denim in today's podcast, share it with your friends on social media, and check out the book at http://www.denimdudes.co/. And stay tuned for her new book, Denim Dudettes, which comes out April 3, 2018!


9 Mar 2018

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