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The School of Engineering's vision is to benefit society by training tomorrow's technology leaders and engineering a technology-driven future: via our cutting-edge research, our collaborations with industry, and our innovative teaching programmes. In this way we help Deakin University to achieve its vision of being Australia's most progressive university. Deakin is already Australia's fastest growing research university, and the School has contributed enormously to this impressive research growth. The School offers a range of teaching programmes in Engineering covering a broad spectrum from water and wastewater engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, automotive product development, mechatronics and robotics and electronics. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees with specialisms in these areas, in addition to higher degrees by research.

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Designing a robot

Deakin Engineering students explain how they have built robots as part of their course.


19 Sep 2012

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Deakin Engineering CADET program

Professor Guy Littlefair is the Head of the Engineering School and he discussess the Engineering School's CADET program


11 Sep 2012

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Tomorrow's Car is ultra efficient

Tomorrow's Car - An ultra efficient cross over vehicle that combines the best of both worlds; very efficient and space saving like a scooter but very comfortable and safe like a normal car, says Mr Frank Will, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University


5 Aug 2011

Rank #3

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Reduce fuel consumption by OVER 7%

The OVER7 design: A typical car engine wastes about 80 per cent of the fuel consumed. Only 20 per cent of the fuel’s energy is used to drive the car forward. The rest is lost as heat. He believes his invention – which he has named OVER7™ – represents a smarter approach to vehicle engine design. The system, which can be retrofitted, works by diverting waste heat to bring engine oil up to its optimal operating temperature. It was developed by researchers at Deakin University led by Mr Frank Will of the School of Engineering during his PhD project.


5 Aug 2011

Rank #4

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