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One man travels the world to van damn in your ear doors with art kung fu fury.

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BODP #28 - David Cheifetz - Pallet Knife to the neck

BrushesofDoom Podcast #28 with David Cheifetz. Renowned painter and fine artist is sitting down with us to by pass the formalities of Who and where to bring a fully loaded pallet of techniques for you

1hr 38mins

5 Jan 2017

Rank #1

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Episode 6 - Rc Kelly & Jill W.

Super power couple in art and general bring their topics of tattoos, painting and person voices in their heads 

2hr 27mins

8 Oct 2014

Rank #2

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BODP #30 - Kate Zambrano - Brush Strokes and Maple Bars

Kate Zambrano is an American artist who's work has been featured in books, magazines and galleries all over there world  who has now found herself creating and curating in New York State, sharing her experiences from modeling to painter 

2hr 6mins

23 Jan 2017

Rank #3

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BODP #29 - Nick V Runge - Seasons of Style

Renowned painter and fine artist sits down to chat about how moving from one form of physical painting to another cheapness like seasons. Figuring out that what you want to do is not always a plan but a process that happens out of, paint, paint, paint and when you're done Paint some more.

2hr 10mins

19 Jan 2017

Rank #4

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BODP #33 - Grime Life Podcast - Gang-Bangs of New York

On a Special episode of the podcast, I sit down with two pushers, podcasters and pretty rad dudes grinding in the Big Apple. Covering an extra long episode that shares a bit of themselves, myself and a bunch of nerd talk.  Be sure to check them out and subscribe on iTunes at Grime Life Podcast

2hr 48mins

16 Feb 2017

Rank #5

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BODP - #47 - Body Art Gallery - Tattoo Karaoke

2hr 52mins

28 Feb 2019

Rank #6

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BODP - #5 Ruthless

Sitting down with long time friend and family Ruthless and just sharing thoughts as well as advice from a artist in the busy highlife of the Travelling tattoo circut. 

1hr 20mins

5 Oct 2014

Rank #7

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BODP#24 - Brian Lawver - Hard work over Handouts

The amazing artist and art of Brian Lawver is a tale of torn comics, total dedication to your craft and knowing when you suck to start not sucking. 

2hr 30mins

22 Sep 2016

Rank #8

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BODP- EP#9 Angel Perez


26 Oct 2014

Rank #9

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BODP- EP#8 Marcos & Clarissa Alonzo

1hr 32mins

22 Oct 2014

Rank #10

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BODP- EP#10 Serge Lysak

Sit down the the ever talented Serge Lysak who speaks about his travels as a musician and going from a passion to pursuit of happiness 

1hr 19mins

19 Nov 2014

Rank #11

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BODP#25- Steven Russellblack - Story Telling Sketches

1hr 29mins

24 Oct 2016

Rank #12

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26 Sep 2014

Rank #13

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BODP- EP#3 Kenny "Slappy" Travis

Speaking with local artist Kenny Travis on his upbringing and views on art when you make due with what you have and turn ambition into reality

1hr 1min

25 Sep 2014

Rank #14

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BODP #23 - Joe Capobianco, Truth, Tattoos & Whiskey

2hr 46mins

21 Sep 2016

Rank #15

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BODP #31 Paul Shipper - Keep knocking, Mr. Sulu

Master Paul Shipper, Artist/ ultimate nostalgic wrangler, And I live in one hour on Youtube/BrushesofDoom for this special weekend edition of the BODP. Meet the man behind the art.

2hr 43mins

30 Jan 2017

Rank #16

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BODP#27 - Peter Koskela - Sacred Symmetry

1hr 40mins

10 Nov 2016

Rank #17

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BODP #32 - Thomas Horta - Still the Biggest Bully at my Middle School

1hr 52mins

14 Feb 2017

Rank #18

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BODP #34 - Blake Neubert - Mark of the Feast, 999

Special dual episode where I sit down with the amazing Blake Neubert to discuss his unique style of story telling with images of history, truth and the macabre.  This is a listen from the first ever World of Pencils Podcast where you can catch Blake and others that you talk more about their work and travels.  Follow him @BlakeNeubert

2hr 29mins

8 Mar 2017

Rank #19

Podcast cover

BODP#26 - Vince Sunico - Fear & Loathing in Canadia, Eh!

2hr 40mins

2 Nov 2016

Rank #20