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Forex and Option trading - the tactics & discipline as well as many other subjects associated with the markets.

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Traders Helping Traders - Review of xsprofits.com

For retail traders, there is alot of help available for those learning to trade usually at no cost. This is a review of a website xsprofits.com that has a great amount of information to help new traders and those looking to improve. This is especially helpful to those using Think or Swim or Tradestation platforms.


9 Feb 2013

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Trading or Investing?

Most people understand the concept of investing but has this allowed the average person to make any money in the last 12 years?Michael DiProniowww.donchiantrader.com


12 Dec 2012

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Live Training Presentation Part 1 of 6

I am posting the audio from a live training presentation that I recently made. There are 6 parts to the presentation. This is a discussion of the simple forex trading system that is offered on my website. The presentation covers the 10 steps to successfully trend trade forex.www.donchiantrader.com


15 Apr 2013

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Are you a Turtle Trader?

The most famous Trend Traders are the Turtles. Curtis Faith in his book, Way of the Turtle, was the first ex-Turtle to release the details of the trading system used by Richard Dennis that made him tens of millions of dollars. This podcast provides a review of, Way of the Turtle, and a description of the most important points from the book. The Turtle Trading System is an integral part of my Forex Trend Trading Basic course at www.donchiantrader.com


6 Apr 2013

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Silver as an Investment

Silver is probably the most versatile of the precious metals for investors, traders and those accumulating silver against a financial collapse. The type of silver asset to use for each type of buyer will be different. See the advantages and disadvantages of each.


21 Jan 2013

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Is Gold Investing All Hype?

Gold has fed man's greed since the begining of recorded history. Are you considering buying gold because of it's allure or for real economic and financial reasons?Michael DiProniowww.donchiantrader.com


13 Dec 2012

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Live Training Presentation Part 2 of 6

From the live presentation, in Part 2, we are discussing how to determine the strength of a currency and a forex pair. One of the keys to be successful trading forex is, to find which forex pair has the highest probability of following through with its trending move. Part 2 uses the manual calculation of strength, however, in the Basic Course there is a calculator available.www.donchiantrader.com


28 Apr 2013

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Part 4 of 6 of a Live Presentation

From the live presentation, in Part 4, we are discussing how news may affect forex pairs. We looked at a EUR/USD trade. We compared commodity currencies and European currencies. We learned how to calculate the risk per trade, choosing the number of lots to trade, calculating the trade opening price, calculating targets and stop losses. Also discussed was how to evaluate the strength of a forex pair.www.donchiantrader.com


12 May 2013

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Part 3 of 6 of a Live Presentation

From the live presentation, in Part 3, we are continuing to discuss finding the strongest forex pair to trade and why this allows us to choose the forex pair with the highest trade probability. This is important because when an individual currency is getting stronger, it may present us with 7 different pairs to trade, while only 1 pair may be the highest probability trade.www.donchiantrader.com


5 May 2013

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Does Platinum Hold a Spot in Your Future?

Of the 3 major precious metals, platinum is the rarest. Is platinum a metal that you should invest in or trade and if so, what is availabe?


14 Jan 2013

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