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Need more time? Want to get more stuff done? Join us as we talk about productivity, time management, and developing simple life habits in your life.

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The 80-10-10 Principle About Critics, Praise, and People

In this episode, Jonathan shares with you an important life lesson he learned from his father at a young age. This simple life lesson will help you to gain a new perspective on how you handle both criticism and praise. Links Mentioned:30 Day Get Productive Challengehttp://JonathanMilligan.com


4 Feb 2015

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The #1 Secret to Finally Accomplishing Your Goals with Michael Hyatt

Have you ever set new goals only to abandon them a few months later? In this episode, you'll learn from New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Hyatt what the #1 secret is to finally accomplishing your biggest goals.  If you'd like to watch the entire webinar I held with Michael Hyatt about goal setting, you can watch it here: http://JonathanMilligan.com/webinar-hyatt Links Mentioned: 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever Goal Setting Course http://bestyearever.me/blogpassion


6 Jan 2015

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How to Get Rid of Negative Thinking

Are things worse than they really are in reality inside your head? Do you have what some people call stinking thinking? In this episode, I’ll be talking about ”How to get rid of negative thoughts and 4 practical tips you can use starting today.”  This podcast is brought to you by the EverFocus System for Creatives. It is a simple time management system you can use with Evernote. It is ideal for creative professions such as bloggers, writers, teachers, pastors, speakers, and entrepreneurs. To check out the course contents or join the course just go tohttp://www.jonathanmilligan.com/the-everfocus-system-for-creatives/ My Evernote template for journaling: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/68bce7cc-10f3-4416-aefa-7d375e0abf16/e…


5 Dec 2013

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How to Rise Early and Get Stuff Done - with Andy Traub

Do you want to add more time to your week? In this episode, Jonathan and Andy Traub discuss how to become an early riser and the massive benefits you will receive from rising early. Want more time for exercise? Want to start developing the habit of reading your Bible? Want time for journaling? Want to write a book? Listen as we discuss what rising early has done for us.  Click here to download the MP3 (right click and select 'save as') Links mentioned: http://earlytorisebook.com


31 Jan 2013

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3 Habits You Should Do Every Morning.mp3

Are you strategic about your mornings? In this episode, Jonathan shares with you his morning routine. He has 3 simple habits he does every morning that fuels him to be productive for the rest of the day.  What simple habits can you begin doing that can help you start your day off right? Links Mentioned: 30 Day Get Productive Challenge http://SimpleLifeHabits.com/start


17 May 2013

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Try These 7 Simple Tips for a Week, and Be Twice as Productive

Want to be twice as productive in just 7 days? Employ these 7 simple tips and you'll get there! Links Mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


4 Aug 2014

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How a Simple 3x5 Card Can Change Your Habits for the Better

What do you do when what you want to do and what you actually do don’t line up? Have you ever felt that way before? Why do I keep repeating the same destructive behaviors? Why do I choose to be selfish, when we should be loving? Why do I choose to eat unhealthy, only to feel awful 30 minutes later? Why do we choose to live stressed, when Jesus promises us rest? I think it comes down to this one main principle.  Links Mentioned:  Free Audio Book Download http://AudibleTrial.com/Habits


18 Jul 2014

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2 Calming Strategies for the Risk Averse Entrepreneur

"I'm not a risk taker, and yet I really want to build my own business." That was the flavor of a recent conversation I had with a coaching client. They are risk averse and it is keeping them from really going for it! Have you been there? Maybe you have been dreaming about starting your own business for awhile now, but for some reason you haven't passed go and you're definitely not collecting $200. Links Mentioned: 30 Day Get Productive Challenge http://jonathanmilligan.com


19 Aug 2014

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3 Simple Ideas on How to Stop Procrastinating

Do you procrastinate? Jonathan shares with you two questions and three simple ideas on how to get you moving again. Links Mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


4 Jul 2014

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How to Immediately Eliminate the Clutter in Your Life

While cleaning out our garage one day this past week, my wife said to me: ‘I’d like for us to just eliminate the “what if’s and “the one day’s." That was the key to totally eliminating the clutter at our house.  Links Mentioned: Free Audiobook Download http://AudibleTrial.com/Habits


22 Jul 2014

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The Secret to Reaching Any Goal with Dennis McIntee

Are you frustrated with setting a goal only to sabotage your success? In this powerful episode, Dennis McIntee shares a few secrets to reaching any goals. This is not your typical goal setting workshop.  Links Mentioned: http://SimpleLifeHabits.com http://LeadershipProcess.com http://GoalSet101.com


23 May 2013

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The 7 Day No Complaining Challenge

How often do you complain about others to others? How often do you complain to yourself about your day, your life or your circumstances? Probably way more often than you realize. I want to offer you a 7 day challenge that can change your life. It’s called the “No Complaining 7 Day Challenge.” Links Mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


7 Jul 2014

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3 Keys to Developing Good Habits

How do you get rid of bad habits and create good ones in their place? In this episode, Jonathan offers 3 keys to developing good habits. You will be inspired to select one key area of your life in which you will create a new habit. Links mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


4 Oct 2013

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How to Control What You Can and Let Go of the Rest

Are you a control freak? Today, Jonathan describes the difference between being a micro-manager and a steward of your life. He offers some practical tips to help you set down that heavy load that you were never intended to carry. Links mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


11 Oct 2013

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What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Passion

What do you do if you or someone you love has lost their passion for life? Jonathan shares two powerful questions you should ask along with 3 passion killers you should be aware of. Links mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


1 Jul 2014

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How to Discover Your Career Sweet Spot

We often follow a career path based on the money it will provide us. What many people have discovered is that money won't feel your purpose bucket. Doing meaningful work goes way beyond your W-2.  links: http://JonathanMilligan.com


15 Aug 2014

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5 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated in a Job Search

Staying motivated during a job search can be the hardest thing in the world to do. Yet, it is so important that you walk in confident to each and every job interview. How do you do that? Jonathan shares some practical ways of how. Links Mentioned: http://JonathanMilligan.com


14 Aug 2014

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How to Change Your Life for the Better with Just 5 Habits

Are you disappointed with where you are in life? Did you think you would be further along in life than where you are now? Jonathan offers 5 simple habits that you can begin using today to pull your life in a better direction. Links mentioned: Everfocus System for Creatives http://JonathanMilligan.com


31 Oct 2013

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Chapter 3: The Gift- Breaking the News

Have you ever felt the pressure of delivering bad news? In this episode, the main character of our story, Mack Johnson, has to tell his wife some bad news. This is an audio excerpt of a new book called: The Gift – What You Have That the Richest Man Can’t Buy. This book is ideal for anyone who wants to discover their gift so they can bless others. You can download the first 4 chapters of the book here: http://JonathanMilligan.com/thegift


15 May 2014

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A Simple Formula to Turn Your Day Around

How does your thinking grow? Does it grow more negative or more positive? Which sounds better? Why am I always tired or what can I do this week to boost my energy? Why am I drowning in debt or what can I do to boost my income? Why do things never seem to go my way or what is going right in my life right now? Learn the habit of asking better questions. Your internal questions direct your focus. Shifting your focus alone, will change your emotions and feelings. Links mentioned: Free Audio Book Download http://AudibleTrial.com/Habits


21 Jul 2014

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