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The Java Off-Heap Podcast brings together the latest tech news for the java professional. We go over the news and current issues and discuss them in depth, bringing the knowledge of a top circle of professionals from Chicago. Come take a listen and figure out what's going on in the Java world!

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Episode 21. Java 9 is coming! And we're leaving things behind (also, does US immigration affect Devs, and how?)

Ah, well, it has been promised, and it WILL be delivered. Java 9 is feature complete! And we start taking a look at what is (http/2 finally?), and more importantly, what was cut-off from the release. We also did dive into what does it means when developers can't migrate to the US. Is it good for our industry? Or is it meh, as people just telecommute? And as long as we're talking policy we touched on Net Neutrality since it might be an issue this year. Do we have to say goodbye to those millions and millions of undeterred bit streams? We're going to be doing a live performance at DevNexus!. If you happen to go in Feb, come and join us there!   DO follow us on twitter @offheap No More MD5 Signing Http Client 2 Java 9 Features Left Behind MVC Given back to the Community Trump Immigration Ban Net Neutrality Going Away?

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16 Feb 2017

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Episode 13. The Good (Java Community Process w/Heather VanCura), The Bad (Corporations?), and the Ugly (Conferences and Controversial Speakers)

Do you know that Java can evolve right? Do you ever wonder how that happens behind the scenes? Well, we had a great opportunity to talk to the person that coordinates all that magic from the underside, and discuss, albeit briefly what we feel is great and not-so-great within the JCP. We also get to hear first-hand how changes are happening. Who really controls a change in Java (JSR)? how is leadership transition handled?, and what can we do about it. All questions raised by the most vested host we have (Michael), so take a listen! Also, what do we do with conferences that have great technical content, but controversial speakers? Is it right to attend? or is it one of those "Knowledge is neither good or bad"? LambdaConf lost support from its sponsors for allowing a very controversial speaker purely on technical merit, whereas StrangeLoop decided to go the safe route and ban him from the conference. Who was right? DO follow us on twitter @offheap https://www.jcp.org/en/home/index https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/Adoption/JDK+9+Outreach http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/04/02/crowdfund-launched-support-programming-conference-refused-ban-speaker/

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15 Apr 2016

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Episode 15. Change is in the air? Is Oracle really letting Java EE die? The EE Guardians' Petition and More

"Legacy is coming", is the call of those that are Guarding Java EE. The Java EE Guardians started a Change.org petition (and I Signed it) to get Oracle to re-engage in the Java EE space. Are there alternatives? What is plan B? Can the community take over? Is it even feasible without fragmenting? Is this all happening because of the Cloud? Some of these questions were asked in the public forum of the Java Community Process. So many questions, and very little answers from Oracle. Take a listen as we explore the different on-the-record responses, what are the possible outcomes and how the community can get involved. DO follow us on twitter @offheap Change.org Petition to get Oracle involved in Java EE again Java Community Process Executive Committee Minutes June 14, 2016

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4 Jul 2016

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Episode 48. On Jakarta EE 9 Band-aids, OracleCodeOne Debrief, Unionizing Tech, IBM vs Microsoft and Oracle JDBC Drivers!

Oh Goody, this is the first episode after coming back from both OracleCodeOne and ApacheCon... and things are happening! First off we start that Oracle JDBC Drivers are FINALLY in Maven Central (hey, missed the mark for a couple of years). We then dive into Jakarta EE 9 updates, including Oracle's position on the "Big Bang" approach to the namespace changes (Hint, you WILL be affected by this, even when you think you aren't). We then look at Java SE 13 (Woohoo!), and that we can finally have Text Blocks (yeah, go crazy with that Json String), and look at Java SE 14 Early builds (including Helpful NullPointerExceptions). Spring is in the news as their Conference SpringOne went underway, and we talk about OracleCodeOne and ApacheCon (good, bad, bust?) Lastly we cover Unionizing Tech Workers and what could it mean to our industry, and we end up by setting the record straight on an article that seems to imply IBM is divesting in Java (This is a far cry from the truth). In all, a fun and great episode to listen while having a beer. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Oracle JDBC Drivers on MavenCentral Jakarta One Livestream Java 13 - A deep dive JDK 14 Early Access Release notes NetBeans 11.2 Early Access Google Contractors Vote to Join United Steelworkers Union Oracle's Position on Jakarta EE 9 IBM vs Microsoft

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30 Oct 2019

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Episode 30. On Meltdowns, Payara, and the state of Java EE (with Eclipse's Executive Director Mike Milinkovich)

What an eventful time for being a Softare developer. We got a Meltdown, and a Spectre in our field to begin with, and we also have some interesting news brewing from Payara. But most importantly we secured an interview with no other than Eclipse Foundation's own Executive Director Mike Milinkovich! He takes us into an inner tour of what's going on with JavaEE (and the handoff between Oracle and the Eclipse Foundation). We talked on all topics EE, including namespaces, future names, clarifications on what is being open sourced and the relevancy of the JCP in today's climate. In all, even if you think you don't use Java EE (hint...you are probably using specs that are surviving under the EE umbrella...Json much?) you should take a listen!   DO follow us on twitter @offheap EE4J: Current Status and What's Next Meltdown

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5 Feb 2018

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OffHeap's Mark And Sweep Episode 1. Let's hear about the beginning of Java, from its creator James Gosling.

Hello there! We are so excited to bring you into our new segment at OffHeap. Called "Mark And Sweep", we dive into different interviews from notable developers across time. With Ed Burns (author of the Secrets of the RockStar Programmers), and the usual OffHeap crew, we listen, dissect, and comment on these interviews. Our First episode is none other than James Gosling. He is considered the "Father of Java", and he put the Java language on the map (which was named "Oak" at the beginning). Ed interviewed him for his book a little while ago, and incredibly, a lot of the advice and ideas he mentioned still holds very well today. So come and take a listen on this first pilot episode of Mark And Sweep. Also, stay tuned for the second episode of Mark And Sweep when Ed, Bob, Michael, Josh and me (Freddy) comment on Chris Wilson (The Browser Architect for Internet Explorer) interview. DO follow us on twitter @offheap


6 Sep 2017

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Episode 23. object.finalize() is deprecated! Privacy issues w/your ISP, and MicroServices are still in the news!

So Deprecation is getting serious! Nobody should be using object.finalize(), and if you are, shame on you! This deprecation will have some bite! Also, we just heard the rumours. If you use an Internet Service Provider in the US, that means they can sell all the information about you (yikes!). Lastly, there has been a new MicroServices survey out there and we want to take a look and see what's shaking (and who is shaking) the ever-evolving microservices world.   DO follow us on twitter @offheap object.finalize() is deprecated DZone Microservices Survey

1hr 14mins

12 Apr 2017

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Episode 25. On Java EE, a toast for Java.net (RIP), on React (JS), and MVCs

Oh boy, so we dive into this episode figuring out what's going on with Java EE 8 (and 9), pay our respects to java.net (it's now decommissioned), dive into Kotlin (this one seems to stick), and then discuss how JS is not as wild-west as it used to be (and some MVC pattern disagreements). In all, entertaining, and interesting podcast.   DO follow us on twitter @offheap

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6 Jul 2017

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Episode 33. Oracle vs Google, US Vs Microsoft, and now you can keep your salary a secret

We start this podcast swinging, looking like a 80's boxing series, we are in round 5 of Oracle vs Google (we just offer a small update). Then we dive into a new California ruling that's taking the tech world by storm (Wage history cannot be used to discriminate against minorities), and lastly we land into US vs Microsoft, which dropped their lawsuit because of the recently passed CLOUD act...Not a good thing. So take a listen as we dive into all of these topics while introducing a new pundit (Janine Patterson) to the group!   We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Oracle Vs Google, Round 10 More geeks in office Court: Women can’t be paid less than men based on past wages The Supreme Court fight over Microsoft’s foreign servers is over Graal VM Oracle Code One

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2 May 2018

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Episode 47. Microsoft flexing its Java Muscle, JavaFX is Alive and Well, and "Would you approve my low quality PR?"

Oh gosh, there's so much news going around, beginning with Microsoft acquiring JClarity (and all that brain trust that comes w/it!). Martinj Verburg, Kirk Pepperdine, and Ben Evans are household names when it comes to Java (including their efforts on spinning and maintaining AdoptOpenJDK.net). It shows that Microsoft is serious, and they want to invest in a big way in the Java Ecosystem And of course! This is one of the few episodes where our local Curmudgeon (@michaelminella) won't be talking too much on the following topic, since VMWare came back and bought Pivotal (again!). We are pretty sure that VMWare just wanted Michael back, but they had to buy the whole Pivotal to do so. And then we check up on JavaFX, which its alive and well, thanks to many contributors, but one company is really putting tons of effort and making it a first-class citizen of the Java Ecosystem. GluonHQ! As an old Swing developer, I relish that while web is good, there's still something around desktop (and native-like mobile) applications. And we ended up with a big discussion on the Tampere University Study, called "Does Code Quality Affect Pull Request Acceptance? An empirical study". We all have different opinions on it as we come from way different backgrounds. In all, an interesting discussion that reveals what we tend to forget, that Coding is a social activity! In all a jam-packed episode with great news, announcements, and punditry. Take a listen now! (and if you can, buy us a beer!) We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap The Definite Guide to Spring Batch (By our own Michael Minella!) Microsoft Buys JClarity VMWare Buys Pivotal Payara 5.193 Released! JavaFX 13 RC1 Project Loom on GitHub Jakarta One Livestream and Archive Project Loom on GitHub Ivar Grimstadt is now a Developer Evangelist for Jakarta EE Does Code Quality Affect Pull Request Acceptance?

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1 Oct 2019

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Episode 37. JDK 11 is out! Java Licensing Model is changing! Linus gives an apology

Extra Extra! If you work in Java you gotta take a break from all other news, and listen to this episode! Java is changing its pricing model, and with that comes a lot of new consequences. You can still get it for free, but you gotta know what you're getting into (Move to OpenJDK!). In another news, Redis is changing is BSD licensing (while usually free, now comes with a ton a caveats for cloud hosts). Lastly, Linus Torvald (the only one who's a bigger curmudgeon than @michaelminella) has decided to apologize to those that had to endure his rants! Our industry is changing, and is moving forward!   We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap JDK 11 JavaFX 11 Struts Vulnerabilities RedisLab new License Java Still Free (Champions Document) Linus Torvalds Apologizes for his bullying behavior

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7 Oct 2018

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Episode 46. On Clouds, 10x Developers, JDK Mistery Meats, and Python bytes!

Ah, "cloud wars" are getting interesting (we claim dibs on the movie title!). With Oracle losing their bid w/the Pentagon, and Microsoft also reaching out and partnering with Oracle, there is tons of interest in what's going on. But that's not all! The twitters was set aflame by the 10x Developer twitter that has been going around (for the record, we think is mostly nonsense), and we dive into a hilarious take on what 10x developers are supposed to be. We also dive into Gil Tene's OpenJDK Mystery meat, and the threat of "just taking the latest Docker image". It's a sobering thought that sometimes even when you see the version of OpenJDK, it might not be the right thing due to the OS packaging, which in turn becomes a Docker reference image. In all a troubling precedent specially when Common Vulnerabilies and Exposures (CVE) are concerned. Lastly, there are predictions that Python is going to overtake Java as the most used language in the TIOBE index. Of course this crowd will not just take that proclamation laying down. So we went into a heated discussion why and how it is (in our humble opinion) a little rushed to say that python is going to overtake Java in mere four years. Tons of punditry, enough beer, and a whole lotta entertainment in this episode, so what'cha waiting for? Start listening now! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode We also thank OverOps for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap The Definite Guide to Spring Batch (By our own Michael Minella!) New Features from Java 13 Oracle Loses War Cloud What to Expect from Oracle and Microsoft Cloud Partnership The 10x Developer? OpenJDK Mystery Meat Python overtaking Java in the next 4 years

1hr 6mins

19 Aug 2019

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Episode 34. On twitter, IPOs, vulnerabilities, (Java)script name copyrights, and IBMs play on JVM Maintenance

So we start with Twitter news (change your password) to then dive into exciting news this month. There are a couple of notable IPOs and Aquisition including @pivotal, and @smartsheet. (Congrats!). We then take a detour onto Mesosphere raising $125 million (and talk about if all these valuations feel right?) to then see Cambridge Analytica disbanded. Oh, and think twice about naming something with "Java" in your app as Oracle seems to flexing more Copyright muscle. Lastly we see a new play from IBM where they will provide support for OpenJDK's OpenJ9. What does this mean for Oracle and their commercial support? Only time will tell. But that doesn't stop us from speculating about it! So take a listen to a fully charged Java OffHeap!   We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Twitter Password Issue Java Mission Control Open Sourced Mesosphere Raises 125 million Intel has 8 more Spectre-Class vulnerabilities Cambridge Analytica shuts down Oracle IOS app Takedown IBM Providing support to OpenJDK OpenJ9 to keep LTS versions current Net Neutrality Vote

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11 Jun 2018

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Episode 41. Oracle payment equality woes. MongoDB and Amazon Spat. And beware of Cloud Lock-in!

Oh my, we start by going over the current Oracle Women Pay Lawsuit (really Oracle?) and we dive into the big spat MongoDB and Amazon are having about their cloud licensing (Amazon is winning). What does it mean for other open source contenders? Did Mongo needed to protect its product as it did? Was it worth it? We explore these and more repercussions as Jeff Bezos executes on its cloud lock-in strategy We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Oracle Women Underpaid Lawsuit Jakarta EE 9 - 2019 Outlook Economic Realities of Open Source Cloud Vendor Lock-in

1hr 11mins

3 Feb 2019

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Episode 45. Apache Roadshow in da HOUSE! Oracle says "NO!" to Javax, and A look at Diversity and Inclusion within Apache and Beyond

Oh snap! so The Apache Roadshow just happened, and we armed our own Bob with all our podcasting equipment, unload him at the roadshow, gave him a couple of beers, and turned the mics on! Recorded live from the bar we go into the interesting news (Java 13 is EA now), to the unfathomable (Jakara EE can't update, change, or enhance the "javax" space), to a great discussion with Gris Cuevas on D&I. In all, the collective Jakarta EE community jaws dropped once we heard that Oracle would not permit the evolution of the Javax package space. What does it mean for the community? What are the steps to evolve? Should we band-aid it, or just rip it off and move to the new space? Oh boy, and if you don't think that this will affect you since you don't use Java EE, let us mention...JAX-B, or JAX-RS.... or Java EE Security, or JSP.. or websockets... all of these are rolled into Java EE. So take a listen as we navigate this new and perilous world of Jakarta EE, while we also explore, what Apache, Google and others are doing to better our industry's D & I. In all, an episode to not miss! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode We also thank OverOps for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap The Definite Guide to Spring Batch (By our own Michael Minella!) JDK 13 is Early Access Jakarta EE Rights to Java Trademarks Apache Diversity Mailing List Community Health Analytics Open Source Software Community with the Linux Foundation


11 Jun 2019

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Episode 43. JCP: Hold my (white) Wine. The JCP welcomes the competition of Eclipse Foundation on spec creation + A recap on Reactive.

Episode 43. JCP: Hold my (white) Wine. The JCP welcomes the competition of Eclipse Foundation on spec creation + A recap on Reactive. Ah, DevNexus 2019! One of the better conferences to attend in the U.S. We ended up running our yearly offheap show in there with special guests Heather VanCura, and Ben Hale! We went through the deep questions on the role of JCP (now that Eclipse Foundation Spec Process is in town), and Heather replied that the JCP is agile, knows what they've been doing for a while, and that is still THE Source for Java Spec creation! Indeed, these are intertesting times! We also dove deeply on the current state of Reactive (and what Pivotal is doing to make it easier for everyone to embrace it). We got to hear about R2DBC, when to go Reactive, and what is a good criteria for adoption (hint: Don't go and rewrite your large app in reactive just because). To top it off, we ended up with a "Who wants to be a millionaire quiz" where we pitted our guests against our (somewhat tricky) quiz questions. All for the privilege of winning an OffHeap Mug!. In all, a great episode, with tons of information and interesting guests! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode We also thank OverOps for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Heather VanCura (JCP Chair) Ben Hale (Cloud Foundry Java Lead, Pivotal) Redis Labs gets a new License Age Discrimination only for employees SAP Machine Java Distribution

1hr 10mins

25 Mar 2019

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Episode 40. Oh What a Year...Hystrix is gone, Eclipse can now do specs, and we just toast for 2018.

That's it folks, we say goodbye to an interesting 2018, where we look back at release trains (we started on Java 9, now we are at 11), mergers (Microsoft + Github, and IBM + Redhat) and past conferences (JavaOne is no more). And after that we put our gipsy hats and gaze into the future. Will the Train Release keep delivering? And is the OpenJDK in risk of fragmenting (more)? We speculate and keep the punditry going for the last closer of an episode. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Gradle 5 Released Spring Boot 2.1.1 is out Hystrix is on Maintenance JDK 12 is on Rampdown Eclipse Foundation Specification Process vs JCP Netflix Announces move to Spring Boot

1hr 7mins

3 Jan 2019

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Episode 27. Java 9 is out! Java EE to end up at the Eclipse Foundation? And on Breaches

Oh my gosh! When it rain it pours. We have tons of news for this podcast, starting with the actual release of Java 9 (wow, it is finally OUT!). And on the toes of that we have the news that Java EE is going to be moving to the Eclipse Foundation (and outside the JCP)! Lastly we dive into the big Equifax vulnerability (and see what was the vulnerability about). In all, an exciting episode on which we make predictions to the uncharted territory Java is heading towards!   DO follow us on twitter @offheap MicroProfile 1.2 is out Oracle to keep control of the Java name Struts/Equifax breach Analysis of the Equifax Vulnerability

1hr 14mins

8 Oct 2017

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Episode 42. Move over JCP! There's a new Specs Maintaining Organization in town with Eclipse Foundation Spec Process.

Episode 42. Move over JCP! There's a new Specs Maintaining Organization in town with Eclipse Foundation Spec Process. Oh goody, this episode is special in many ways! First, I got to travel to Chicago, and meet in-person with our usual suspects. We went to the bar where everything started, and we recorded our 42th episode in-person! (very Douglas Adams). But aside from the reminiscing, we actually got the Executive Director of The Eclipse Foundation to go on the record on what's happening with Eclipse Foundation and Jakarta EE! We went into what does it mean to have the Eclipse Foundation Spec Process (and how is that affect the JCP), and dove into maintainers, and the future of Jakarta EE (Glassfish is released!). All in all, an incredible episode, with "you-heard-it-here-first" content. Go ahead an play. Also, a big shoutout to Dr. Heinz Kabutz who plugged our podcast in his newsletter. If you haven't subscribed to it, you definitively should! His Java newsletter is unparalleled and is always full of excelent topics and Java tips/trick. A must for every Java developer. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Red Hat Launches CodeReady Workspaces Kubernetes IDE Corretto 11 is out! Java SE 8 End of Public Updates Microprofile Starter Launched Splunk stop selling its product in Russia Micronaut 1.1 Milestone 1 Released Jakarta EE Working Group Jakarta EE Github

1hr 14mins

2 Mar 2019

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OffHeap 52. Ooh...Spring and Graal, sitting in the tree...i-n-t-e-r-o-ping!

First comes hate(rs), then comes committers. Then comes a tag, in the github app reporting its woes, committing new code doing the hula hula dance! Ok, so one of the biggest stories is that blooming collaboration (romance?) that's happening between Spring and Graal. Yep, the most popular framework is teaming up with the hottest VM in town (this sounds like a movie script already!). We also dive into some unexpected releasers like Jython 2.7.2, new leadership for the ASF (And its board of directors), and a game of "where in the world is Istio (not Carmen Sandiego) going?" played by Google. In all, with drinks in hand, on remote, a fun episode to listen to. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap JFrog's blog on Carl Quinn Java Posse Episode, where JavaPubHouse (and later OffHeap) was (1:15:00 mark) SpringOne, virtual and free Lightbend Layoffs? Spring-graal Native Confluent (Apache Kafka) Seed Round Jakarta EE Developer Survey ASF Board of Directors Java 15 Release Date Quarkus 1.3.2 Final Jython 2.7.2 Released! Istio goin to a Foundation

1hr 19mins

7 May 2020

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