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"WPR Politics" is a weekly podcast about the ins and outs of Wisconsin's political news. Host John K. Wilson and WPR reporters clue listeners into stories they may have missed and tell them what's actually interesting about stories they've already heard a thousand times.

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A special announcement: Pod on ice (but just real quick)

Attention dear listeners, we have an announcement: The WPR Politics Podcast is taking a quick winter break!!

19 Jan 2022

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About that year we had!

Do you remember 2021? That's OK, neither do we! But that just means it's time to take a look back at the year that was in Wisconsin state politics news on another episode of everyone's favorite fake podcast game show! Let's play!!!

18 Dec 2021

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This changes (nothing) everything!

The Wisconsin Supreme Court's conservative majority issued a ruling this week laying out how they'll handle the political map-drawing process in the state: basically change things from the existing, GOP-slanted maps as little as possible. And how better to make sense of the news? Soft rock piano!

3 Dec 2021

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A sticky issue

A new bipartisan bill sparked fresh discussion about marijuana policy in Wisconsin this week. It would standardize penalties for marijuana possession across the state, and while it would mellow out restrictions in many areas, some communities that have lax rules aren't feeling the vibe. Plus, can it actually pass, or will it go up in smoke as so many week bills before it?

19 Nov 2021

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Hark! News of redistricting

Our very own Shawn Johnson has been away on a journey for many weeks, but today is the day he returns, and with news of Wisconsin redistricting no less. Just in time for GOP lawmakers' passage of their political maps. So sit back and let yourself be regaled!

12 Nov 2021

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1 year, 3 days

It is just over 12 months until election day 2022 in Wisconsin, and that means it's high time for a podcast breakdown of the major races to keep an eye on over the next year — you've got your governor's race, the U.S. Senate, the 3rd Congressional District — so much excitement it's going to be hard to stay calm. But we are going to make it through this year if it kills us!

5 Nov 2021

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It came from the LAB

Deep in the bowels of the Capitol square, shrouded in mystery, you’ll find the LAB. What goes on there, nobody’s quite sure. But for months, day and night, something has been growing, bit by bit, taking on a life of its own. And now it’s in the light of day — a massive, incomprehensible entity that’s already started to spawn!! It has long, nonpartisan tentacles wrapped around the core parts of state government. It is … the Legislative Audit Bureau 2020 elections administration report !!!!!!!!

29 Oct 2021

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No tiny tweets or scrawny stories here! This week we have literally all the information there is on crane hunting, school transfers, election investigations, you name it! Hours and hours of state Capitol news on this special extended cut!

15 Oct 2021

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