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Arabic for Beginners I

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:· recognize, write and correctly pronounce the Arabic alphabet as well as understand the diacritic marks (al-harakaat) that affect the pronunciation of certain vowels and consonants · acquire a basic vocabulary · understand and ask simple questions · communicate in Arabic about simple familiar subjects · use greetings· introduce themselves: family and background, interests · read short texts and write simple texts about familiar topics · recognize simple grammatical constructions and use them

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L06 Grammar lesson 5

The sound plural, questions, plural pronouns.


23 Nov 2009

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L08 Grammar lesson 7

Numbers 1-10, colours, prepositions.


23 Nov 2009

Rank #2

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L11 Grammar lesson 11

The days of the week, verbs in the present tense.


23 Nov 2009

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L09 Grammar lesson 8

Root letters, verbs past tense.


23 Nov 2009

Rank #4

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L07 Grammar lesson 6

Broken Plural, Plural agreement, plural demonstrative pronouns.


23 Nov 2009

Rank #5