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Episode 10 Hiberno Goethe: Mia Gallagher

Hiberno Goethe

This episode features Dublin writer and performer Mia Gallagher. Graduating at the time of recession in the late 1980s Mia is of a generation that was still emigrating and Dublin city a much more mono cultural place to live than we know it today. Having German roots allowed Mia to be in a position to observe and process life through another lens which fed into her creativity as an artist. We hear about the journey of Mia’s paternal Oma/Grandmother, Liese Gerhard, who moved to Kilkenny in the 1930s to teach gymnastics at a girls school and a couple of years later marrying her husband. Mia also tells the story of Liese voting during the Nazi era and later living a social life in Waterford. The house in which Liese grew up at the seatown Warnemünde remained a place to return to for the family holding fond memories for Mia. Mia tells us about her time as an au-pair in Freiburg and talks about speaking German with Germans who are too quick to use English, and ending up in a kind of ‘language stand-off’, with both parties determined to continue in their non-native language. We hear about a fondness for the Irish language despite her teacher, former minister Moira Geoghgan Quinn, calling her dunce at school.acting, performing and failing helped Mia in her writing, to understand characters inside out, the layers of consciousness and unconsciousness.Mia reads the title story Shift of her short story collection, an excerpt of her second novel Beautiful pictures of the lost homeland and an excerpt of Altes Land by German author Dörte Hansen.


18 Jun 2021

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What The Hell/Heaven Are We Doing - 04. Mia Gallagher

The Arts Council Podcast

The Laureate for Irish Fiction, Sebastian Barry, hosts a series of brief conversations with fellow writers asking what is writing. What is its purpose and mystery beyond the pragmatic notions of academia and journalism? This series will form part of a visual archive highlighting the golden age of writing in Ireland.Mia Gallagher was born in Dublin, where she lives and works. Her debut novel, HellFire, received the Irish Tatler Women of the Year Literature Award in 2007, while her award-winning short fiction has been widely published and anthologised. Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland is her second novel and Shift is her first short-story collection. Mia hasreceived several Literature Bursaries from the Arts Council of Ireland and has enjoyed the role of writer-in-residence in many different environments, both at home and abroad.The Laureate for Irish Fiction is an initiative of the Arts Council in partnership with University College Dublin and New York University.


16 Feb 2021

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Writing for Our Strange Times (with Mia Gallagher)

Public Intellectual

Jessa invites Irish author Mia Gallagher (Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland) onto Public Intellectual for a thoughtful discussion on what it means to be a fiction writer in these strange times. Together, they talk about Mia's work, identity and consequences in writing, gender, historical responsibility, and the brilliance of post-war German writers. Jessa even talks about drinking from a contaminated well in Ireland!


25 Sep 2019

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Mia Gallagher Reads Jennifer Brady

The Stinging Fly Podcast

In this month's episode, Sally Rooney is joined in studio by Mia Gallagher to read and discuss 'Ten Days, Counting Slowly', a short story by Jennifer Brady. 'Ten Days, Counting Slowly' was first published in our Summer 2008 issue, and is included in our new anthology, 'Stinging Fly Stories'.


29 May 2018

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Mia Gallagher - Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland

The Irish Times Books Podcast

Visitors are reminded that they are about to enter the Wunderkammer, a floating chamber where normal spacetime conventions no longer apply…Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland has been described by Claire Kilroy as a book about how we process trauma and by Rosemary Jenkinson as less of an airport novel, more of a “rocket launch pad novel”.In a podcast recorded at the Irish Writers Centre in February, The Irish Times talks to its author, Mia Gallagher, about how and why she wrote this strangely compelling and compellingly strange epic.The writer and actor discusses using 1970s Dublin as a setting, the creation of her trans woman character Georgia Madden and why she wanted to write about the experiences of German speakers in the Sudetenland in the aftermath of the Second World War.The Irish Times Book Club podcast is produced in association with the Irish Writers Centre. If you would like to attend a recording of the book club podcast, visit www.irishwriterscentre.ie/irishtimesbookclub. You can also follow the conversation online at #ITBookClub.


27 Feb 2017

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Behind the Wall – 14 – Mia Gallagher Interview

Dead Medium

Download: Behind The Wall – 14 – Mia Gallagher Interview Mia Gallagher is an actress and author who plays one half of the lead role of Claire in the Wall in the Mind. We talk about playing a complex tormented character, collaboration between actor and writer and the physicality of performance. Mia’s latest novel ‘Beautiful pictures of the lost homeland’ also launches this week. You can order it here. Synopsis below. Sometime around now a bomb-blast in the London Underground rips through space and time, unearthing four inter-whirling stories from the present and the past. Geo (once Georgie, now Georgia) receives a call offering work and a way to escape her home, her memories and her own inertia – and so begins a road trip spiked with the hidden dangers of her past and present. In the lead up to the Underground explosion, an elderly German woman, Anna Bauer, recounts her own war story to a film crew. In the 1970s, as the Madden family begins to disintegrate, a disruptive stranger arrives who will bind them, if only briefly. And all along, pinballing in a parallel reality, we the ‘visitors’, are guided through an unsettling and volatile tour of the ‘Museum of Curiosities’. In Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland, the past crosses, weaves and whispers by the present; generations are bound together and cleaved apart; and as they unspool, the fragmented lives of four people become a whole, where time is unknowable. Behind the Wall Behind The Wall is a series of special feature podcasts accompanying ‘The Wall in the Mind‘, an ambitious new on-location drama series, coming to Newstalk and podcast starting on Saturday the 16th of April @ 7AM & 10PM. Each episode features an interview or behind the scenes clip. Think of it like the ‘making of’ special features on a DVD or Blu-Ray. You can subscribe to these bonus episodes, and download or stream the podcast of ‘The Wall in the Mind’ at the following places – iTunes, RSS, Soundcloud. Credits – Images, Cast & Crew, Dead Medium Productions.

14 Apr 2016

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Behind the Wall – 14 – Mia Gallagher Interview

Crazy Dog Theatre

Download: Behind The Wall – 14 – Mia Gallagher Interview Mia Gallagher is an actress and author who plays one half of the lead role of Claire in the Wall in the Mind. We talk about... Roger Gregg has been creating work for theatre for 35 years. This podcast includes all new radio drama and music as well as classics from the Bee Loud Glade and Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

14 Apr 2016