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Wildness, Evolutionary Archetypes + Tarot for Choosing the Soul — Lindsay Mack

home—body Podcast

"Wildness belongs to everybody."In this beautiful conversation with Lindsay Mack, we discuss what it looks like to evolve with the Tarot and how to begin to build your unique relationship + perspective with the cards. She asks us to bring more wildness to our intuitive practices and shares ways she chooses the soul when seeking direction in life + business? Lindsay is the founder of the Soul Tarot School + host of the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast.We also discuss —How she first encountered the Tarot + started working with itWhat “wildness” means to her and how it became essential to her approachHow she has integrated intuitive practices while also healing trauma Using the Tarot for inclusion + evolutionThe Tarot archetypes both inside + outside of the deckHow the teachings of the cards can change as we changeThe successes + challenges when choosing to be soul-centered in businessSome of the reasons why we fear restingHow the Tarot can be a tool to bring us back to Self The evolution of the Tarot in the context of social justiceLINKS / If you enjoyed the episode, check out —Episode on the Full Moon in AquariusEpisode w— Tracee StanleyMore about our guest —Tarot for the Wild Soul websiteTarot for the Wild Soul podcastLindsay's InstagramMentioned in the episode —Jennifer Benetato, Integrative psychotherapistTarot of the Holy Spectrum, deck by Chase VoorheesFree Resources —free class — How to Not Need Instagramfree class — the Moon in your Natal ChartStay Connected —Subscribe to the home—body podcast on Apple + SpotifyMary Grace's websiteSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/mgallerdice)

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26 Aug 2021

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170: Critical Thinking for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories

On Episode 170 of You, Me, Empathy, queer intuitive Tarot teacher and founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul, Lindsay Mack, and I explore leaning into the stretch and speed of time, why the uncomfortable and the richness occupy the same space, the profound effect EMDR has had on Lindsay, why every tarot card is an invitation to anti-racism work, and the dangers of not honing our ability for critical thinking. Read the full show notes here! Empathy Links: Tarot for the Wild SoulSoul Tarot SchoolLindsay on InstagramLindsay’s first appearance on You, Me, EmpathyRegister for the Illustrating Empathy workshop on April 14!Beyond SurvivalFail, Fail Again, Fail BetterAdrienne Maree BrownLetter from a Birmingham JailAsian Hate and Gaslighting in GeorgiaBystander Intervention TrainingYou, Me, Empathy on PatreonSign up for the Feely Human newsletterSupport this podcast

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22 Mar 2021

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4. Lindsay Mack on how tarot is for everybody, intuition and dealing with uncertainty

The Forest Path

This next episode of The Forest Path Podcast is with Lindsay Mack, the creator of Soul Tarot, a radical reinterpretation of the Tarot as a healing tool, one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul.We talk about the winding path that led Lindsay to her tarot practice and teaching, how tarot helps her navigate uncertainty and becoming comfortable with the journey of not knowing. She also shares her views on intuition and how she believes it is for everybody. There is so much more here so take your time listening.As always, each guest also shares their personal advice on what to do if you are feeling lost on your own forest path.If you are interested in hearing more about my work, you can visit me at www.giuliawrites.com or visit my patreon to learn about journalling with the tarot: www.patreon.com/giuliawrites


6 Jan 2021

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65. Rising as the Well Ancestor with Lindsay Mack


In this episode of the Belonging Podcast, I am joined by Lindsay Mack — a queer intuitive Tarot teacher, writer, and the founder of the popular weekly podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul. She is also the creator of Soul Tarot, a radical reinterpretation and intentional utilization of the Tarot as a healing tool, one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul.I first met Lindsay at the Spirit Weavers Gathering where she was teaching Tarot and we've been tangentially weaving closer and closer together ever since. Lindsay asked to come on the Belonging Podcast to talk about her recent discoveries in her own ancestral healing process. She describes herself as a joyful survivor of childhood abuse, C-PTSD, and chronic pain/illness, and so I ask her to elaborate on that use of the word "joyful." We talk about the difference between being happy and experiencing joy and how unexpected moments of joy can come out of deep grief. We talk about being the caretaker for your child-self as an adult, the journey and intertwining of anti-racism work and ancestral work, how to work with ancestors if you don't know of any "well" ancestors and have patterns of abuse and addiction in your ancestry, and deepening into ancestry work through connecting with and learning about ancestral lands.Find show notes for this episode here: https://beccapiastrelli.com/lindsay-mack/Follow Lindsay on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildsoulhealing/Follow Becca on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beccapiastrelli/


10 Aug 2020

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BTW 16: 3 of Wands – Taking Creative Risks with Lindsay Mack

Between the Worlds Podcast

In this episode we talk about the 3 of Wands, a card about risk, adventure, creativity, and going deeper into what you thought you knew, with our very special guest, Lindsay Mack of the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast. The 3 of Wands is often challenging for people, especially because it's so similar to the 2 of Wands. But here we make some distinctions and talk about how when the 3 of Wands appears, it's time to open up your creative horizons by allowing yourself to sit in your discomfort a bit. ********************************** Find out more about our special guest, teacher and wild soul Lindsay Mack ... Visit her website, LindsayMack.com Subscribe to her mailing list. Listen to her podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul. Or follow her on Instagram . ********************************** Amanda's References This Episode Include: Interview with the Chilean economist Manfred MaxNeef and Amy Goodman: https://www.democracynow.org/2010/9/22/chilean_economist_manfred_max_neef_us“Tarot as a Way of Life” by Karen Hamaker-Zondag“Tarot Reversals” by Mary K. Greer To sign up for Amanda's newsletter, CLICK HERE. To order Amanda's book, "Initiated: Memoir of a Witch" CLICK HERE. Amanda's Instagram Amanda's Facebook To book an appointment with Amanda go to www.oracleoflosangeles.com ********************************** Original MUSIC by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs ********************************** Get in touch with sponsorship inquiries for Between the Worlds at betweentheworldspodcast@gmail.com. ** CONTRIBUTORS: Amanda Yates Garcia (host) & Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs (producer). Often with editing help from Jiha Lee. The BTW image was created by Maria Minnis (tinyparsnip.com / instagram.com/tinyparsnip ) with text designed by Leah Hayes. 


2 Jul 2020

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Using Tarot for the Soul with Lindsay Mack

Master Your Mind, Business and Life

Hailed by The Wayward as, “one of the most important new voices in the world of modern spirituality and wellness,” Lindsay Mack a queer intuitive Tarot teacher, writer, and the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. She joins us this week to discuss how we can use tarot as a modality and tool, to help guide our soul. Grab the full episode notes on mindbizlife.com Connect with Lindsay further: Soul Tarot School on LindsayMack.com - https://www.lindsaymack.com/soultarotschool Tarot for the Wild Soul course - https://www.tarotforthewildsoul.com @wildsoulhealing on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wildsoulhealing Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast - https://wildsoulpodcast.com Tune in, Turn it Up, and Join the Conversation: Website: www.mindbizlife.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/mindbizlife Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindbizlife Twitter: www.twitter.com/mindbizlife RATE AND REVIEW: When you rate and review the show on Apple Podcasts (or similar), you’re helping others find the show + it serves as great feedback to me! Submit your review for your chance to be featured as the review of the week! FUEL YOUR LIFE FRIDAY: New Fuel Your Life Friday  (FYLF) mini episodes drop every Friday! Catch up on the latest: http://mindbizlife.com/category/fuel-your-life-friday/


22 Apr 2020

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EP51 Lindsay Mack: Soul Tarot

Stars Like Us: Astrology with Aliza Kelly

Aliza Kelly speaks with Lindsay Mack (Aries Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising), intuitive tarot teacher and founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. In this episode, the two discuss their "hot takes" on the tarot cards (yes, including the Death and Tower, as well), how Lindsay started her mystical business, and how Lindsay suggests beginners step into their tarot practice.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands


20 Apr 2020

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ESG022 Soul Family, Healing Trauma, and Empowering People Through Tarot with Lindsay Mack

Earthside Survival Guide

In this episode, we are joined by Lindsay Mack, host of the popular weekly podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul. Lindsay is passionately dedicated to honoring and helping to bring space, light, and healing to those who are experiencing mental, emotional or physical suffering. She is also the creator of Soul Tarot, a reinterpretation of the Tarot as a healing tool, one that can assist us in differentiating the noise of our brain from the truth of our soul.In this episode we also explore:Differentiating between soul family and biological family, who Lindsay’s people are and what they needHealing trauma with tarot vs operating from habitual social dynamics Themes intuitive are seeing in private practiceChoosing guides who share information in a way that feels safe and empowering to usUnpacking some of the less popular cards in the deckLearn more about Lindsay Mack by visiting her online at:www.lindsaymack.com @wildsoulhealing (Instagram)Tarot For the Wild Soul PodcastVisit Our Patreon page to support the podcast, receive discounts on Lindsay’s courses, and for bonus content from this episode: Our Patreon page

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27 Feb 2020

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Lindsay Mack: On Wildness + Evolving with the Tarot

home—body Podcast

"I think that the wildness within us is the purest form of who we are."Lindsay Mack is an intuitive tarot teacher and the host of Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast and the host of Soul Tarot School.In this episode, Lindsay shares on her values around "wildness", choosing the soul, integrating PTSD with intuition and her evolving relationship with the Tarot.We discuss:How she first encountered the Tarot and started working with itWhat “wildness” means to her and how it came into her work.How important choosing the soul is in her life + her business every day.Her integration work with PTSD, hyper vigilance +intuition. Using the Tarot for inclusion + evolutionHow she believes the archetypes of the Tarot have existed long before the cardsHow important it is to connect individually to the cards, readings + archetypesHow 6 of Wands held a new teaching for her recentlyWhat being a soul-centered person has taught her about entrepreneurship and vice versa.Her practices and experience with embodimentStruggles and fears around restHow the Tarot continually brings her back to herselfHer perspective on the Tarot reflecting social justiceWhat card she’s resonating a lot with in this momentWho are the people inspiring her right nowLINKSSupport the PodcastSubscribe to the newsletterOnline yoga classesMary Grace’s IGMary Grace's websiteIf you enjoyed the show, check out these episodes:Episode 10 w/ Michael J. Morris - On Connection as Healing, The Politics of Witchcraft, Liberation + the Aesthetics of EthicsEpisode 4 w/ Blake Beckham - On Somatics, Dance and Learning + pleasure//Lindsay's websiteLindsay's IGLindsay's podcastNext World Tarot DeckJennifer Benetato(therapist)Chase Voorhees (tarot deck)Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/mgallerdice)

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9 Jan 2020

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Sobriety, Intuition, and the Tarot with Lindsay Mack

Sober Curious

When quitting drinking is a catalyst to deep soul healing, a massive awakening, and a whole new career! In this episode, Ruby talks to tarot reader and healer Lindsay Mack about how sobriety was a gateway to the breakdown / breakthrough that helped her finally confront the ghosts of the past and step into her healing gifts. A survivor of childhood abuse, Lindsay acknowledges how she turned to medicating with alcohol as a stand-in for more profound healing modalities—and how this prevented her from moving forward. In this episode we also discuss: -What our body is telling us when we have an allergic reaction to alcohol. -Using alcohol to mask misunderstood intuitive, psychic, and empathetic healing gifts. -Being the only sober person in a family of “passionate drinkers.” -The breakdown / breakthough that led to her addressing her childhood trauma and PTSD. -Emotions and feelings as signposts for how to use our power and our gifts. -Alcohol as a way to perpetuate abuse and self-harm when it's all we know. -Using the tarot to understand addiction and as a tool for self-healing. You can learn more about Lindsay and her work at Lindsaymack.com and check out her podcast, Tarot for The Wild Soul, for more mystical wisdom. My partners for this episode are Gruvi and Lyre's, and you can check out all my upcoming events and retreats at Rubywarrington.com/events

1hr 12mins

31 Oct 2019