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12 Unleash Your Sparkle with Sherri Nickols

Lunchtime Quickies Podcast

Hey beauties! We know this can be a challenging time so we have a special treat for our ladies. Betsy talks with Sherri Nickols, relationship and female empowerment coach, about her journey and mission to help women unleash the diamond within. Her "Heal Your Heart" program is based on the 4 C's of a diamond and will help you become the leading lady of your life in just 4 short weeks. During this Covid time, take control of your life and get ready to be a shining star once we've emerged from this crisis. We see lots of opportunities during this time and here's one of them. Enjoy the conversation & take care of YOU! Much love xoxo Especially for our Lunchtime Quickies fans, Sherri's Heal Your Heart program is 50% off! Click HERE for all the details. 


14 May 2020

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Journey Back | Sherri Nickols

Intimate Conversations

Sherri Nickols joined us on Brave, Bold, and Raw as a bonus addition to a spectacular program. I wanted to share my own personal experience working with Sherri ---------- Sherri is so loving, kind, clear and tender… in our session she showed me where I wasn’t willing to receive. As we dug deeper it wasn’t so much a worth issue, it was a core SAFETY issue. She got it and took me through a powerful series of clearings to come to peace in my being. She held space with unwavering love. While I had the courage before to ask for things, that blind spot of not feeling safe would somehow block people from saying yes to me. Now I am asking as before, yet the answers are coming back in my favor professionally and personally… I am truly able to receive more than ever before. AND I’m able to GIVE more than ever before- my coaching sessions are on fire. I'm literally able to see, know and shift things with lightening speed and grace. Thank you Sherri! We all need help finding our blindspots and I am grateful for Sherri helping me find mine. I would love to help you find yours. Show was originally part of the Brave, Bold, and Raw Series from August 2017 p.s. Take our FREE Assessment. Our Intimacy Blindspot Assessment is a quick, simple yet effective assessment so you can discover how to have the sexual freedom, healthy communication and deep connection you deserve - https://allanapratt.com/quiz Gentlemen…End the Fear of Rejection. Enjoy your "How To Be A Noble Badass" Complementary Training at www.GetHerToSayYes.com Ladies…Be irresistible. Feel sacred. Attract him now.Enjoy your "Vulnerability is the New Sexy" Complementary Training at http://allanapratt.com/vulnerability


21 Feb 2020

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Women's Wealth 2014: How to Sparkle Your Way into Your Wealth Zone with Sherri Nickols

Wealth Alchemy Lab

This is an interview from the Women's Wealth Revolution 2014. The links have expired, but the content is still awesome which is why I put this interview on the podcast! To find out more about Sherri Nickols, go to https://www.unleashyoursparkle.com


24 Sep 2019

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Episode #130 with Sherri Nickols

Rise Up For You

Episode #130 with Sherri Nickols by Nada Lena


24 Jul 2017

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Sexy and Sparkling After 40 with Sherri Nickols & A Beautiful, Terrible Thing with Jen Waite

Moments with Marianne

Sexy and Sparkling After 40 with Sherri NickolsSherri Nickols is an award-winning author, international teacher/speaker, and women’s empowerment coach. Trained in transformational healing, identity shifting, Chakra Sound Tuning Fork Therapy, and PSYCH-K she is passionate about helping women get unstuck, increase their confidence and happines, and create deeply loving relationships. http://sexyandsparkling.comA Beautiful, Terrible Thing with Jen WaiteWhat do you do when you discover that the person you've built your life around never existed? When "it could never happen to me" does happen to you? These are the questions facing Jen Waite when she begins to realize that her loving husband—the father of her infant daughter, her best friend, the love of her life—fits the textbook definition of psychopath. In a raw, first-person account, Waite recounts each heartbreaking discovery, every life-destroying lie, and reveals what happens once the dust finally settles on her demolished marriage. http://www.jenwaite.com

1hr 5mins

20 Jul 2017