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19-2417: United States vs Robert Hensley

Oral Arguments from the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals

Oral argument argued before the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on or about 09/25/2020

25 Sep 2020

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#5 Why Being Me is Scary for People with Robert Hensley

Consent is Sexy

In this episode, I get to talk with Robert about so much from the wheel of consent, to body drumming. Yep – body drumming. It is the most sensational experience EVER! He shares from his experiences why there is this subtle feeling of discomfort in some interactions and in others it feels so natural and organically comfortable. Hint: Consent of the intention He shares some great practical tools on how to communicate what might seem difficult and scary. He shares about a very open and perspective-shifting view on the giving – and – receiving concept.“It is very fulfilling for the giver when the receiver helps them to be their hero and heroine”One of Robert’s very unique gifts is drumming. Not only drums and percussions. But also bodies. Listen until he talks about “We have eyes in our palms.” aahahha… I’m melting. Speaking of melting: I was also melting when he said: “Receiving and appreciating the person – that brings me the joy of touch “You may be able to tell that I am a very somatic person.. So is Robert. And maybe you too. It takes effort to find the setting we can feel safe to fully express ourselves the way we are in and with our bodies. Robert points out the importance of creating a safe space – stepping into the provider of safety role as the masculine so that the feminine part (men, women, trans) can fully let go and surrender. You can get more about Robert’s offering on https://www.drumyourway.com/Our sponsor, The Connection University, offers a variety of experiences to strengthen the muscle of creating a deep sense of belonging with other people in the community, at work and with Self. It is like a mental and emotional gym for all people who want to see culture shifting from loneliness, “I can do it myself” to togetherness, appreciation, and compassion.”Check it out at www.connection-university.com Next to their wonderful community events and retreats, they have powerful programs for teams that are now all working from home. Loneliness is an epidemic that often gets overlooked in the work environment, although its the main culprit for many of the pain points businesses deal with (lack of productivity, decreased engagement, poor performance. Creating a workplace culture that celebrates what we all crave – compassion, togetherness, connection, trust – these are the businesses that see increased productivity – allowing creativity to flow and growth to soar. The Connection University offers Virtual Vitality Program to support companies to thrive even during the time of “Working From Home”. Check it out and tell your colleagues: https://www.connection-university.com/virtualvitalityprograms/Also their 6-week online class “Arriving Home – Falling in Love with Self” is a life-changing experience of Self-acceptance, compassion, and Self-Love. To find out more and get on their waitlist go to https://www.connection-university.com/arrivinghomeThank you for listening and making consent part of your sexy life. Be sexy people. Be safe. Be brave. Be kind! Be great! If you like what we are doing here with “Consent is Sexy” please leave a review, thumbs up, send an email with questions, triggers, or interest to be on this podcast to consent@connection-university.com. Sending courage and love to you. Until next time. Steffi


30 May 2020

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When Christ Comes Again feat. Robert Hensley (11-09-2014 AM)

Sundown Church

When Christ Comes Again feat. Robert Hensley (11-09-2014 AM) by Sundown Church


22 Apr 2019

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Episode 185: Daisy Freund, Robert Hensley, and North Carolina’s “Anti-Sunshine” Law

What Doesn't Kill You

On this week’s episode of What Doesn’t Kill You, Katy welcomes Daisy Freund and Robert Hensley of the ASPCA to discuss North Carolina’s “Anti-Sunshine” Law. A coalition of animal protection, consumer rights, food safety, and whistleblower protection organizations recently filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law, which is designed to deter whistleblowers and undercover investigators from publicizing information about corporate misconduct. Under the law, organizations and journalists who conduct undercover investigations, and individuals who expose improper or criminal conduct by North Carolina employers, are susceptible to lawsuits and substantial damages if they make such evidence available to the public or the press. The law is part of a growing number of so-called “ag-gag laws” which are pushed by lobbyists for corporate agriculture companies, in an attempt to escape scrutiny over unsafe practices and animal abuses by threatening liability for those who expose these improper and, in many cases, illegal practices. “The public wants to see justice served when these kinds of abuses are documented, they don’t want to hear about, well, technically because we managed to get away with almost no regulation, that’s perfectly legal to do that to an animal – but that’s not the point.” [25:00] – Daisy Freund


14 Mar 2016

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13 Jan 2016

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Martha Wash, Todd Valentine Robert Hensley

On Air With Tony Sweet

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25 Jun 2014