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Reaching Your Full Potential with Life Coach Kristy Hinds


Life can be filled with mountains and molehills, pot holes and well paved roads. The gift of a journey is being present in the moment and receiving the lesson it’s meant to teach. This week's guest Kristy Hinds reminds us to not just exist, but to be and see ourselves as the present, the true gift we really are.  Kristy is a seeker determined to live life to the fullest while encouraging others to do the same. Kristy shares a lot of her  life lived wisdom in this interview.   I pray it helps you evaluate were you are, where you want to be and the path you should take to get there.If you need help getting your footing, join Kristy’s Power + Possibilities Workshop at the end of this month!Details are on her website!Want to connect?website: www.kristyhinds.comIG & FB : @kristyhindscoaching 


16 Jan 2022

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Start Your Dream Today with Kristy Hinds

The Global Fringe

To anyone who thinks it’s too late or you’ve been through too much to step into your dreams...that’s just not true. If you’ve got a dream – no matter how big or small – everything you want already exists. Stop using the new four-letter word, “BUT” to defer your dream. In this episode Coach Kristy Hinds gets you started in living out your dream. And she encourages you to show up in your life, no matter what. Follow Here: Website: https://www.kristyhinds.com/ Instagram + Facebook: @kristyhindscoaching (IG & Facebook); Twitter: @kristyhwrites Book: Redeemed: The Power of A Single Story Podcast: What If You Couldn't Fail? - https://spoti.fi/2Rijlx8


25 Feb 2020

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40 | Redemption thru Prayer & Reconciliation | Interview | Kristy Hinds, Author & Pastor

The Desire Line

Today is a stand alone episode with Pastor & Author Kristy Hinds & Susette.  Kristy worked for years at a local Long Beach church as an Associate Pastor, now works in her denomination as a District Superintendent.  Or, a "Pastor for Pastors." She has recently written a book called "Redeemed: The Power of a Single Story."   Kristy and Susette talk about her experience with leading a group on Racial Reconciliation, and how they used prayer & a model from Ephesians 4 to join the group first in Unity in Christ before discussing their experiences & pain with each other.   We missed Brandon in this episode!  He'll be back in the next arc on Personality (starting with Episode 41).  Yea for personality theory! Check out Kristy Hinds'  Book:   Ephesians 4 Genesis 1:2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness covered the surface of the watery depths, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters." "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters Listening Prayer: 1.  Relax your brain, either by walking or sitting still.  Get comfortable. 2.  Notice your breathing, and slow it down in order to reduce your heart rate and any racing thoughts.  3.  Think on things of God, prepare your mind to listen to Him.    Here's some ideas:  The Trinity. God the Father, Jesus the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Think about passages like Romans 8:26 that talk about how they interact.  God is Love (John 1 or 1 John) Names for God "Almighty Creator" - God creates and sustains the world God sees me God is Peace God Will Provide God is my protector God heals The Lord is present with us God Emmanuel - God is with us 4.  Sit silently.  Ask God to speak

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5 Nov 2018

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#053 Redeemed: The Power of a Single Story (with Kristy Hinds)

The FMC Radio Show-- Your Officially Unofficial Source for All Things Free Methodist

How can your past pain be redeemed for good, and how could our stories impact the people around us to transform lives? That’s what we’re discussing today with Kristy Hinds, the author of the most recent FreeMo Journal!Get a copy of Kristy’s book: http://fmcusa.org/bookstore/product/redeemed-the-power-of-a-single-story/ Leave a voicemail for the show by calling: (914) FMC-USA1Please like the show page at www.facebook.com/fmcradio and follow us on Twitter @FmcRadioShowEmail Josh: josh@befreemc.org


23 Apr 2018

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Different Voices 2017: Kristy Hinds

Living Spring Podcast

The power of vulnerability. This week, guest speaker Kristy Hinds looks at Mark 3 to explore with us what it might be like if we were to choose vulnerability, going deeper with God and others and strengthening our walk and witness.

2 Jul 2017

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02-05-17: The Power Behind Faith (Rev. Kristy Hinds)

Free Methodist Church of Santa Barbara

1 Corinthians 2:1-12


5 Feb 2017