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754: More Than Enough With Kim Bao

The Tao of Self Confidence

Kim Bao is a life coach with a background in commercial finance.  She helps overachievers discover fulfillment, and consult businesses in making their next dollar.  Her philosophy is that being the best is great, creating and nurturing a healthy community is even better.  Her work is about having honest, authentic, conversations and leveraging it to ignite change.  Kim is also the host of Trauma to Triumph podcast where she interviews everyday superstars about how they make their mark despite the trauma they've faced.Kim shares how she realized that she was more than enough as her true self to be the confident woman that she is today.  She also shares her tips that can help you in your own journey to self confidence.Check out https://thetaoofselfconfidence.com for show notes of Kim's episode, Kim's website, resources, gifts and so much more.


6 Feb 2020

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Kim Bao- Trauma To Triumph

Slay and Shine Self-Care, Spirituality, & Empowerment

From Fitness to Finance to Fighter. Hear how this single mom of 2 quit her job, became an online entrepreneur, and her lessons from the boxing ring to settle in her body, relieve stress in her shoulders, and usher in peace. KimBao.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/slayandshine/message


29 Sep 2019

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Trauma to Triumph with Kim Bao

Starve the Doubts

Learn more about Kim Bao - https://kimbao.co/Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CQWQVRBGQCK7E&source=url)


31 Mar 2019

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019: How To Survive The Emotional Struggles of Single Parenthood w/ Kim Bao

Trauma To Triumph

Whether you’ve planned to have kids or not, finding yourself a single parent is not something you set out for with intent. Being a single parent is hard work. And trying to co-parent with your ex can be an even bigger struggle. As a single parent, you’re going to struggle with feelings of shame, guilt, and pain - and the most likely source of these feelings is you. Single parenthood is a struggle that no one’s going to prepare you for and your relationship with your ex is going to be different from anyone else’s relationship with theirs. Co-parenting with your ex isn’t always going to be easy. And having an amicable relationship with your ex isn’t a one person decision. The moment you split, there are two different attitudes to parenting, two different lives, and two different opinions that will all have to be taken into account. In this solo episode, I’m talking about my personal experiences into the crazy hard world of single parenting. I tell you how I knew that my ex wasn’t “the one” and how I wish so much that we had a friendship to fall back to. I’m explaining why it’s so important to get validation from yourself and no one else. Why the other parent to your children is going to fall into their own unique ex category - and how that’s going to impact you for the rest of your life. Perhaps most importantly, I’m talking about forgiveness: why you need to forgive yourself, your ex, and all the other people that will have an opinion on your broken relationship. When my son gave his mother’s day project to his dad’s new partner instead of me, I thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest it was so broken. But thanks to my own dad’s tough attitude, I learned that it’s okay for your children to love other people in their lives. You can’t waste time sitting in shit for a long time - there always comes a point where you just have to move forward. Are you going through a divorce? Do you have children with your ex? How do you talk to your children about love and forgiveness? Leave me a comment on the episode page! In This Episode: Why it’s so important to be friends with someone you’re going to date What you need to understand about your own self-validation What the different kind of breakups are and how will impact your life going forward Why you need to accept that you will have different parenting styles than your ex How to parent with intention Why you should consider therapy as you go through a divorce How important it is to have good friends when going through separation Why it’s so incredibly important to practice forgiveness Quotes: “Even if you want to be Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, doing the right thing for the right reasons and die with honor - an amicable relationship as a single parent isn’t really a one person decision. It takes two.” (4:35) “My only job in our interaction at this point was to demonstrate and role model parental behavior. Outside of that, friends or not, I’ve done my job.” (6:27) “Becoming a single parent, you’re redefining everything. You’re redefining who you are as a person, as a parent and what life looks like in the aftermath.” (11:24) “Allow people to show as much healthy love to your kids as possible. No matter how much they get on your nerves. And make sure your kids know it’s okay to love them back.” (15:30) Links Find my website at KimBao.co If you liked this episode, you should probably check out these past episodes: 018: How To Turn Tragedy Into Fuel For Living Your Best Life w/ Steve Datte 016: How To Build A Stronger You By Working Through Your Trauma w/ Kim Bao 015: The Trauma Of Divorce From The Male Perspective w/ Mike Kim Come hang out with an amazing group of badass women in a private, supportive community, Bad-Ass Women Owning Sexy Check out the full show notes for this episode! Keep up with me and everything Trauma To Triumph Follow me on Instagram | Facebook


6 Mar 2019

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004: How To Address Toxicity In Your Workplace w/ Kim Bao

People-Centric Business

There’s often a lot of toxicity in the typical corporate workspace. But how can employers change that and really support their employees and make them feel valued? My guest today has seen it all and has some great insight that all of us can benefit from. Kim Bao has a truly amazing and inspiring story. While she eschews titles, she’s a college drop-out, former corporate executive, trauma survivor, vegan blogger, podcast host, and single mother of two. Kim has a strong desire to change the world for the better and it is clear that she approaches everything she does with that in mind. This episode is all about not being defined by your title. Kim has done so much with her life that could never be encapsulated by a mere title anyway. We chat about her story of entering the corporate world and applying her own people-centered approach to sales. Kim has seen first-hand what happens when a corporation does not treat its people well and she talks about what they should do differently. We continue the conversation to talk about what it means to be fully present with the people in your life. Kim has taken this to the next level with a social media fast and she shares her takeaways from that. Kim also talks about her podcast and the courage it took to launch it. In this episode: Kim’s story of entering the corporate world and eventually becoming disillusioned with it What corporate cultures need to do to create a supportive and healthy workplace How employers can support their employees in finding meaning and purpose in their work no matter what their work is The impact of being fully present both at work and at home and why maybe it’s time to take a break from social media How to be amazing even when nothing is perfect The importance of paying attention to the goals of your employees and clients Quotes: “When I watch people in the corporate environment, the biggest challenge that I had was watching people not take care of other people. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves is when people are treated like commodities.” [8:15] “One of the biggest things for me is that creating a different environment is to really appreciate people and where they’re at, to understand that people can be replaced but always making sure that they know they’re unique.” [15:10] “One of the things that companies miss is they forget to ask what their employees’ goals are or their clients’ goals are.” [27:34] Links: Find Kim Bao online Follow Kim on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter Trauma to Triumph Podcast Check out the full episode post here Tell Studios Follow us on Facebook | Vimeo | Instagram


4 Mar 2019

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017: How To Guard, Maintain, and Replenish Your Energy w/ Kim Bao

Trauma To Triumph

If you find that you’re dragging yourself through the day with absolutely zero energy, you’re not alone. An alarming amount of people have a severe lack of energy - and I used to be one of them. Can you believe that I actually used to fall asleep in school? Like, head in textbook, passed out? When we’re children, having energy is just something that comes naturally. But as we get older, from teenage years and up, hormonal changes can cause our bodies to just be huge energy sucking machines. But it is possible to rebuild our energy reserves. Today on the show, I’m talking about my own personal journey from having literally no energy to having so much, it’s pretty much a never-ending flow. I’m giving you my top ten list of ways to naturally increase your energy and letting you know why it’s so vital to prioritize energy in your life. The biggest and, perhaps most important, factor to rebuilding your energy levels is to find and practice something that brings you joy. I’m not talking about buying a new pair of shoes and feeling happy at that - I mean something that sets your soul on fire and brings you purpose. Then I’m going through the rest of my list: getting enough sleep, exercising every day, playing and having fun, eating well, and practicing meditation. These are all pretty straightforward, easy to implement steps, but the fact is that so many people don’t do them! That’s why I’m talking about them today. Do you keep a daily journal? Do you build rest and recovery time into your life? How do you prioritize self-care and meditation? In This Episode: How to be calmer What energy is, exactly How to guard and lift your energy and why you need to How to create joy internally How helping people can drain your energy Why you need to learn how to say no and hold yourself accountable How energy can help rebuild your energy levels Why proper nutrition is essential to building your energy levels Why you should practice gratitude every single day Quotes: “Harnessing good energy is following what brings you joy.” (5:08) “Understanding the importance of play and learning to build it into your daily life is a huge game changer.” (6:36) “Journaling is critical to having an objective understanding of what it is we’re working on and what’s working and isn’t working.” (14:27) Links Find my website at KimBao.co Check out the full episode post here If you liked this episode, you should probably check out these past episodes: 016: How To Build A Stronger You By Working Through Your Trauma w/ Kim Bao 014: How To Break Up With Social Media w/ Kim Bao 011: How To Allow Your Passions To Dictate Your Future w/ Wynona Karbo


13 Feb 2019

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016: How To Build A Stronger You By Working Through Your Trauma w/ Kim Bao

Trauma To Triumph

It was seeing my therapist once a week for an entire year that made me realize that trauma and traumatic experiences are more common than I thought. Trauma to Triumph is about showcasing inspiring people who have gone through something incredibly traumatic but have come out on top. Today is another solo episode with me, Kim Bao, to talk about what living and dealing with unacknowledged trauma is. Trauma is a psychological and emotional response to an event that is deeply disturbing and it’s a response that’s perfectly normal. However, there are times when our bodies don’t accept what has happened to us or even try to completely block it out. This means that there are some pretty bad things that have happened to us that we might have no idea about. And that’s what unacknowledged trauma is. Trauma that’s affecting you in so many ways - psychologically, physically, emotionally, and mentally - but you have no idea that it’s caused by something in your past… or present. So it means that we can be medicating for the symptoms, but we’re not treating the cause. In this episode, I talk about why it’s so important to acknowledge all your trauma and to start to work through it. This might take more than just writing in your journal. You might need professional help to do it, and that’s totally okay. There is no quick fix to trauma. You need to acknowledge it and work through it day by day. You’ll be stronger, better, and healthier for working through it. I talk about triggers as well. Triggers are huge, and if you don’t know what yours are, something can come out of nearly nowhere and knock you for six. Self-reflection is super important. Have you acknowledged all the trauma in your life? Do you know how to talk to others going through traumatic experiences? How do you deal with the red flags in your life? Let me know in the comments on the episode page! In This Episode: Why you diminish your worth by not allowing your experiences to come to light Why you can’t address trauma with a quick fix How it’s possible to overlook trauma and try to medicate other aspects of your health Why you need to acknowledge that trauma exists in order to start working through it What would help other people acknowledge the trauma that you’re going through Why you will be stronger because you’ve worked through your trauma How to trust yourself and your own gut instinct What triggers are and why it’s so important to know what yours are What the difference between internal and external triggers are Quotes: “You can alter how you feel with a pill, but you can also alter it by acknowledging how you feel and doing something with it.” (1:24) “A lot of the time we don’t acknowledge the trauma that we’re going through because we’re in it. We’re knee deep in it. And it’s hard to see outside of it because we’re inside of it.” (5:25) “Acknowledging your trauma is so much more than just looking at it. It’s about self-acceptance, it’s about self-love, and it’s about self-care.” (11:07) Links Find my website at KimBao.co If you liked this episode, you should probably check out these past episodes: 004: Learning To Trust & Love After An Abusive Relationship w/ Melinda Hopper 001: It’s Time To Destigmatize Therapy. You In? w/ Alexandra Wright 012: How To Confront Sexual Trauma & The Road To Recovery w/ Alison Forsyth Come hang out with an amazing group of badass women in a private, supportive community, Bad-Ass Women Owning Sexy Check out the full show notes for this episode! Keep up with me and everything Trauma To Triumph Follow me on Instagram | Facebook


6 Feb 2019

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014: How To Break Up With Social Media w/ Kim Bao

Trauma To Triumph

On a scale of none to forever, how much time do you spend on social media a day? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably a lot. A lot of time you spend scrolling through your feeds trying to engage with people you don’t know to grow a following because that’s what you’ve been told to do by all these business gurus out there. What if I told you there was a different way? I’m Kim Bao, host of Trauma to Triumph, and this is my first solo show. I wanted to share with you all today why I’ve decided to remove my profiles from all social media. I was always hesitant to start a social media account in the first place, and while I did dabble in 2011, it wasn’t until 2016 when I got fully hooked. I was on my way to an Unleash the Power Within event with Tony Robbins and my friend told me he was connecting to others at the event through Facebook. Intrigued, I signed up and immediately started networking. Don’t get me wrong, I grew a (comparatively) small, but highly engaged audience and have built some pretty solid relationships. But this past Christmas, I decided to do a social experiment with myself. I detoxed from social for 10 days, and when it came to head back online, I really found I didn’t want to. The benefits of being away from social media far outweighed what I got from being present online. Today, I’m sharing with you what that experience taught me and how I’m using that to explore other means of connecting, engaging, and growing my audience. I want to find out once and for all if I can do this without these social networking platforms. And above all, I want to win the way I want to, not the way someone else tells me I should. When it comes to social media, and really, all aspects of your life, ask yourself these questions: Will it help you perform at a greater level? Does it bring you joy? Do you like it? Do you plan on asking yourself these questions? What impact do you think they will have on your life? Leave me a comment on the episode page! In This Episode: How you can connect to other people you normally never would have without social media What taking a break from social media allows you to do in its place How leaving social media can make you a better person and a more in tune friend Why social media can prevent you from following your true happiness How much time it takes to grow an engaged social media following How to grow an engaged audience without using social media Quotes: “I have this love/hate... But not really hate… this love/disinterest of social media.” (5:39) “I really wanted my creative space to be mine and mine entirely. I wanted my voice to be more uniquely mine without the influence of competition, comparison, and distraction.” (7:52) “This isn’t where my heart is with social media. I needed to reevaluate, set up some different rules for myself and watch myself win the way that I wanted to win.” (14:45) Links Find my website at KimBao.co If you liked this episode, you should probably check out these past episodes: 013: The Importance Of Owning Your Sexuality & Why You’re Not Alone w/ Brandon Meneses 011: How To Allow Your Passions To Dictate Your Future w/ Wynona Karbo 009: The Importance Of Spiritual Wellbeing On All Aspects Of Your Life w/ Exavier Pope Come hang out with an amazing group of badass women in a private, supportive community, Bad-Ass Women Owning Sexy Check out the full show notes for this episode! Keep up with me and everything Trauma To Triumph Follow me on Instagram | Facebook


23 Jan 2019

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Introducing Trauma To Triumph w/ Kim Bao

Trauma To Triumph

This is the show for bad***es who know that they are greater than what they are doing, but haven't slowed down enough to breathe. Overfunctioning, overachievers who want to do more with their lives then what societal norms would have us do. Here we're able to take a look at how others have been able to say "no" to things that don't serve them, take control of their own lives, and connect with what they ultimately want to do. See how everyone from celebrities, doctors, and everyday superstars make their mark despite the trauma they've faced. It's a place to explore and understand the hero's journey, as you move into embracing your own.


23 Nov 2018