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Ep 33 - Sex Therapist, Vanessa Marin on Enjoying Sex After Divorce

After the First Marriage Podcast

How can you reignite your sex life after divorce? Can the transition phase after divorce lead to personal and positive sexual awareness? What are the benefits of building a strong communicative base with your partner concerning matters of the bedroom? In this podcast episode, I speak with Vanessa Marin, a licensed psychotherapist, coach, and writer who helps people stop feeling embarrassed and start having more fun in the bedroom, about enjoying sex after divorce. In this podcast we cover: Building sexual confidence after divorce Reclaiming your sexuality as your own Sexuality can exist in many forms Misconceptions to be mindful of Sign up for the FREE e-course for processing and moving past divorce here. SHOW NOTES: Click here Visit the website: www.afterthefirstmarriage.com


8 Sep 2021

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Sex Therapist Vanessa Marin

Behind The Rose

Blake gets some insight on his love life from sex therapist Vanessa Marin (@vanessamarintherapy) Get more info at her website - vmtherapy.comThanks to our incredible sponsors for making this episode possible! -BETTERHELP – Go to BetterHelp.com/behindtherose for 10% off your first month - SHAMELESS PETS - shop now at ShamelessPets.com and use code BTR for 25% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Aug 2021

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Creating an Exceptional Sex Life with Vanessa Marin

Raw Beauty Talks

Sex is part of the conversation around health, wellness, self love, and body image...That’s why we got Vanessa Marin on the podcast. She is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy. She’s here to help you stop feeling embarrassed about sex and start having way more fun in the bedroom! We are really going there in this episode and talking about “taboo” topics that you want to know about but don’t want to ask... Why you haven’t been able to orgasm (hint: there is nothing wrong with your body!) Your sex personality type  How to give a good BJ  The best thing you can do for your sex life (it’s not what you think!) What to do when sex isn’t perfect. Ways you can initiate sex without feeling awkward. Let's dive in!Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you: EATON HEMP: If you've been wanting to add in some extra nutrient-dense goodness into your daily meals for you, or even your family, use the code RAWBEAUTY to get 20% off order at www.eatonhemp.com.HYDROJUG: If you know me you know I am all about staying hydrated and getting your daily dose of water intake! Hydrojug makes this SO easy with their amazing water jugs designed to help you drink more and stay hydrated! It holds ½ gallon of water, so you won't be wasting your time re-filling your water bottle. Use code RAWBEAUTY to get 10% off your oder at https://www.thehydrojug.com/


29 Jul 2021

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Different Sex Drives and Compatibility in the Bedroom: Xander and Vanessa Marin Episode 167

EmPowered Couples with The Freemans

No matter the stage of relationship you are in, it can seem like you and your partner have different sex drives. Often we think this means frequency, but in this episode we interview Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, and her husband Xander who collaborates with her on content, to discover just what sex drive and compatability means.  In this episode you will realize the different forms and types of intimacy, how to raise your satisfaction in your sex life, and most imprtantly how to bring up this conversation with your partner. No matter where your satisfaction is now or how compatibility you feel, you will be able to take the steps to having a more open and pleasurable sex life and drive together. Questions Asked in this Interview:  It would be easy to assume that “sex drive” is just the level of desire and freqency for sex. But what does it really mean?  Do you see that most couple of the same or different sex drives? Is it biologically true that your sex drive diminishes with age (for women)? Or what are things that get in the way of sexual satisfaction? Do you think people should say “YES” to their partner’s attempt to have sex (if they don’t feel like it)? What should a partner say if they aren’t enjoying (or are just bored with) certain things in the bedroom without hurting their partner?  What are two new questions a couple can ask each other to take the next steps to a more understanding and satisfying sex life? Connect More With the Vanessa:  Instagram: @Vanessamarintherapy Learn more about her courses and sex drive guides: vmtherapy.com Resources For Your Relationship: The last opportunity for the 5 spots to take the Relationship Assessment and do the call with us. This assessment (paired with the call with us) is literally the most impactful thing you can do for your relationship and it’s discounted from $1000 to just $147. To snag one of those 5 spots, either text or email us: Text: 602-321-5652 Email: connect@newpowercouples.com


17 Jun 2021

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Taking the Intimidation out of Being Intimate with Vanessa Marin

Something to Share

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the sex therapy field who’s mission is to take the intimidation out of intimacy. She works with her clients to not only feel normal about their desires, but also to feel their very best in the bedroom. She works with couples and singles to help people better understand their bodies, their needs, and how to keep it fresh in the bedroom. We talk: why sex is such a taboo topic, how she helps women close the pleasure gap, getting out of ruts, getting back to the honeymoon phase, how to prioritize intimacy in our busy lives, and much more! Stay till the end as we go through all of your funniest experiences while doing the deed. Share this one with your partner, your friend with benefits, or anyone who needs to hear this candid and very entertaining conversation about sex and feeling better in our bodies!Reach out!@somethingtosharepodcast Host: @sydneylotuacoGuest: @vanessamarintherapyMore on Vanessa and her courses here! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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2 Jun 2021

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05. Sex & Intimacy After Baby with Vanessa Marin

The Balance After Baby

Let's talk about S-E-X. Yes, sex. I know it can be a scary word after having a baby. Your body just went through some major ish, your doctor cleared you for sex at 6 weeks and you're thinking "that's the farthest thing from my mind right now." Rest assured, this is very common and Vanessa Marin is here to save the day. This episode is all about sex, intimacy and partner connection. Not just after baby, but for really for any couple or individual! Grab a cold beverage- some steamy hot content up ahead! Check out Vanessa and Xander Marin's Instagram here! See their website for their courses and more right here! Find me on Instagram @thebalanceafterbabyAnd check out my website for more here.Don't forget to subscribe if you dig it, throw me some stars as a rating & maybe type a few words for a review to really impress me! All jokes aside, your support is appreciated for this one-woman show with no funding, ads, or sponsors. (Yet! Dream big...)


4 May 2021

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128: Sex Therapy with Vanessa Marin

You Can Sip With Us

Sex talk with sex therapist Vanessa Marin. For more information, visit www.vmtherapy.com Follow Vanessa on Instagram at @vanessamarintherapy Hello Fresh: Get 12 free meals free shipping Visit hellofresh.com/sip12 and use code “SIP12” Modern Fertility: Get $20 off your test Visit modernfertility.com/sip Billie: Get your starter kit for $9 Visit mybillie.com/sip Thrive Causemetics: Get 15% off your first order Visit thrivecausemetics.com/sip Get your You Can Sip With Us merch at the link below: https://thelockercustoms.com/collections/sip-squad-shop Join us for Another Round!  Get your extra episode every Friday at patreon.com/youcansipwithus Follow us on Instagram: @youcansipwithus Drop us a voicemail: 503-489-7282

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27 Apr 2021

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Vanessa Marin: The Choice to Feel Pleasure

Permission To Choose

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy. She writes for The New York Times, Allure, and Lifehacker, and has been featured in major publications like O and Harper’s Bazaar. Vanessa specializes in online programs that help you transform your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary. Join Stef and Vanessa in this fascinating conversation about choosing to feel pleasure. Produced by LegRoom Creative Engineered by www.podcaststudioservices.com


15 Feb 2021

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62. HERself Expert: Vanessa Marin, Sex Therapist. All of Your Sex Questions Answered PART 2


Sex therapist Vanessa Marin ( @vanessamarintherapy ) is back on the podcast today. Her first episode (episode 21) was the most listened to episode of 2020...and in this one she brings the SAME goodness.Sex and intimacy are a big part of relationships, but this information can feel underserved for those in long-term relationships. Sometimes as couples, we can let this important piece fall to the wayside as we try to do ALL the things (motherhood, working, keeping up with the house, trying to make sure everyone is fed, etc. etc.).Today, Vanessa helps remind us why sex is important. Not just for your partner- but for YOU. She dives into questions about female sex drive, how to make sure intimacy doesn't just feel like another demand, and how to start to reconnect to this part of your relationship.You can join us for Vanessa's 30 day sex challenge HERE!MEET VANESSALet’s connect!HERself PATREONHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY


8 Feb 2021

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370: Vanessa Marin on Having Better Orgasms, Improving Your Sex Life, and the Truth about the G-Spot

Christina The Channel

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex therapy. She’s here to help you stop feeling embarrassed about sex and start having way more fun in the bedroom. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Sexuality and Sociology from Brown University, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She writes for The New York Times, Allure, and Lifehacker, and has been featured over 1,000 times in major publications like O, The Oprah Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, and Real Simple.Vanessa specializes in online programs that help you transform your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Through courses like The Passion Project: A Couples’ Blueprint To Rediscovering Desire And Reigniting The Spark and Finishing School: Learn How To Orgasm, she finds immense joy in spreading the message that we all deserve more from our sex lives.In this episode of Christina The Channel:8:40 - How Vanessa became a sex therapist, what sex therapy is, and who sees a sex therapist13:30 - How sexuality is connected to everything in our life15:30 - Orgasming is a skill you can develop and actionable steps to orgasming22:20 - What the G-spot actually is and tips to learning to orgasm30:50 - The pressure of orgasming with your partner and allowing yourself to receive46:15 - Porn, performance issues, and low libido55:00 - Thoughts on threesomes and putting effort into your sex life1:00:30 - Gauging when to have sex with someone you’re dating1:03:13 - Sex personality types1:11:50 - How to have better orgasmsThis show is supported by:Just Thrive | Go to bit.ly/justthrivechristina and use the discount code “christina15” for 15% off your order!ClearStem | Visit clearstemskincare.com and enter code CHRISTINA at checkout for $15 off of product orders.Follow Vanessa:Website: www.VMTherapy.comIG: @vanessamarintherapy YouTube: Vanessa MarinReceive two free guides from Vanessa at: vmtherapy.com/christinaConnect with Christina:Learn more: christinathechannel.comPersonal IG: @christinathechannelSecret IG: @thechannelcrewThe Channel Crew FB Group This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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16 Nov 2020