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Lon Winters | Graphic Elephants | Shirt Show 90


Lon Winters is the legendary printer behind Graphic Elephants, whose long list of accolades and experience in this industry are truly elephant sized, and are hardly in need of introduction. So, simply just experience this conversation with a smile on your face. Topics of discussion include: The magical balance of Math & Art, potato salad & boats, lie detector tests, getting fired, partnerships, building a multi-million dollar shop in Mexico for Nike, the dream setup, picking a manufacturer and sticking with them, choosing between perfection & good enough, consulting, and embarrassing failures turned opportunity.

2hr 55mins

28 Feb 2022

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The Perfect Screen Print Shop Workflow | Lon Winters (Graphic Elephants) at PrintHustlers Conf 2020

Printavo PrintHustlers Podcast

The perfect print shop workflow? Lon Winters from Graphic Elephants joins us at PrintHustlers Conf 2020 to show HOW you can solve one of screen printing's riddles: what makes for a great workflow in your shop? Showing real screen print shop layouts and floor plans, Lon shares decades of experience consulting with print shops to improve their operations and make big strides toward the perfect print shop workflow. Learn more here: https://www.printavo.com/blog/printhustlers-conf-2020-lon-winters Try Printavo: https://www.printavo.com Join us at PrintHustlers Conf: https://www.printhustlers.com Check out Printavo Merch: https://www.printavo.com/merch Follow us on Instagram for all of the latest updates: https://www.instagram.com/printavo


22 Aug 2020

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PrintHustlers Conf 2020 Sneak Peek | Lon Winters on Taking Your Workflow to the Next Level

Printavo PrintHustlers Podcast

Graphic Elephants’ Lon Winters spoke with us about pushing your print shop’s workflow to the next level. He will share a further look at how your culture and workflow combine to impact your bottom-line on July 23rd at PrintHustlers Conf 2020. Lon told us the success of a screen printing business relies on thousands of variables. He said that “[t]here is a magic balance of controlling the variables and still being creative that is critically important. I will go into more detail during PrintHustlers Conf [...] But ultimately, the key is beginning to start to wrap your head around the right variables.” The right variables for success: https://www.printavo.com/blog/printhustlers-conf-2020-lon-winters One of these variables? The culture of your company. Through years of experience, Lon has found a crucial fact about the culture in any business: “We can’t teach culture. The only thing we can do is identify it.” The difference between day-to-day positive or negative energy in the print shop can completely transform the business. “Usually, that attitude comes from the top down. When there are internal things that a business owner has to look in the mirror about, that [crisis] is when you’re in a position to reevaluate,” Lon shared. During unsettling times, it’s easy to have disappointing and upsetting conversations. But according to Lon, it is also the perfect time to recognize flaws in your workflow – and strive to become a better business. “It’s key to create a sense of ownership. We really push on that constantly. If you take pride in your own work space, it will reflect on how the rest of the operations set up,” Lon added. Join us on July 23rd to hear more about the variables that Lon Winter believes will set you up for success. Reserve your space here: https://www.printavo.com/blog/printhustlers-conf-2020-lon-winters Try Printavo: https://www.printavo.com Join us at PrintHustlers Conf: https://www.printhustlers.com Check out Printavo Merch: https://www.printavo.com/merch Follow us on Instagram for all of the latest updates: https://www.instagram.com/printavo


18 Jun 2020

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Raising your Game with Lon Winters | The BIG Idea by InkSoft

The Big Idea Podcast by InkSoft

We are joined by Lon Winters, industry expert and consultant. Lon knows everything about running a successful shop, and he share some of his insider tips and tricks to get your screenprinting/decorating shop on track for success. In this episode, we discuss things like: How to continually improve Measuring and improving incrementally Using (and understanding) a production log Staging organization and efficiency finding extra time in every job the importance of screenmaking the most common shop mistakes much more!


12 Oct 2018

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An Hour with Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants, LLC

2 Regular Guys Talking Decoration and Personalization

Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. On this week’s program, we’ll welcome industry veteran and icon Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants onto the show to discuss his 30+ years in the industry and his time as a screen printing expert. Lon is founder and president of Print This, Inc. and Graphic Elephants, LLC.Sponsored by: Equipment Zone and Pic The GiftOur regular listeners know this, but 2 Regular Guys are all about garment decorating, a bit of fun, and no rants or lectures or selling. We are not doing this for our employers, but rather for our industry. For the past three and a half years, 2 Regular Guys have been the first and the most listened to garment decorating industry podcast on this planet! We are humbled by all of you tuning in each week. We work hard to bring you information that will make your business better, and our industry better. Take a look at our incredible weekly guest list and you’ll understand where this industry goes for news, interviews and the heartbeat of garment decorating. Thanks for listening!!Lon Winters of Graphic ElephantsTerry: Lon, we like to ask our veteran friends on the show about a little history. Tell us how you got started in the garment decoration business.Aaron: Graphic Elephants… we see large booths and large displays of your graphics at trade shows. Also, we visited your website. Maybe the easiest question to ask about Graphics Elephant is what DON’T you do? But seriously tell us more about GE and who your customers are.Terry: Lon, tell us about the consulting services you offer customers through your company, Print This.Aaron: We know you’re doing some other projects outside your printing and consulting projects with Dane Clement. Could you share with our listeners about the different educational products and services you offer the industry? Operation Screen PrintTerry: Lon, we talk education regularly on 2 Regular Guys. When you’re helping customers with educational needs, what’s the #1 issue you see in the industry where these customers are seeking your help? What are they struggling with?Aaron: You’ve mentioned your outreach program through Christian Edge Apparel. What’s that all about? Printwear Magazine Article - Out soon.Terry: What are the next few events where you’ll be exhibiting and of course speaking?Aaron: How can our listeners contact you and find your companies?P.S. Lon is going for a Reggie this year!!! Stay TunedAbout Lon: Industry consultant Lon Winters is founder and president of Print This, Inc. and Graphic Elephants, LLC. During his nearly 30 years in screen printing and decorated apparel, his companies have won well over 50 international industry awards. Those include SGIA Golden Image Awards, "Printwear" Awards, "Impressions" Awards and FESPA Honors, among others. He has been an Honorary Golden Image judge for the last 15 years, has published hundreds of feature articles and monthly columns and leads seminars and workshops for a wide array of industry professionals internationally. Lon was inducted into the Academy of Screen Printing Technology in 2014 and is recognized for his contribution to the screen printing industry.Trade Shows ISS Ft. Worth Oct 6-8 NBM Portland Oct 14-15 NBM Charlotte Oct 27-29 NBM Denver Nov 11-12Other News/Events Complete Screen Printing Business Course - Atlas Screen Supply in Chicago - November 12-13 Complete Screen Printing Business Course - Reece Supply in Dallas - November 19-20 Complete Screen Printing Business Course - Workhorse Products in Phoenix - December 10-11 The New World of Digital Decorating - Mind's Eye Graphics in Decatur, IN - February 24-25 The New World of Digital Decorating - Equipment Zone in Franklin Lakes, NJ (NYC Area) - :::Coming Soon:::Terry's BooksScreen Printing: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Own T-Shirt Business Just $4.95 as an e-book.


23 Sep 2016