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Hippy Feet Co-Founders Sam Harper and Michael Mader

By All Means

“When you bring someone to tears by describing what you do, that seems viable.” Michael Mader and Sam Harper started their sock business, Hippy Feet, with a mission: to support young people experiencing homelessness. Inspired by brands like TOMS and Love Your Melon, they launched in 2016 with a one-for-one model, a pair of socks donated to someone in need for every pair sold. But the business, a certified B-corp, really began to gel when they integrated the mission into making their product. “We were going into shelters, donating socks, and we started to see familiar faces,” Harper says. “We told customers we would do this great thing by donating socks, and we did, but we were seeing the same people. People were still homeless. It felt hollow.” Adds Mader, “[Socks] address a symptom of homelessness, but by just treating the symptom, you’re not doing anything to resolve the issue itself… We realized that simply donating a pair of socks was strong marketing, but it wasn’t a strong impact. We wanted to have a strong impact.”In 2018, Hippy Feet piloted a Pop Up Employment program, bringing socks to shelters and paying those interested in hourly work to package product. By 2019, Hippy Feet dispensed with the one-for-one model to focus on employing homeless youths. “A job moves you along the pathway to self-sufficiency,” Mader says. But in March of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought Hippy Feet’s Pop Up Employment program to a halt, along with sales. Mader says the company was within weeks of bankruptcy when a new plan came together that puts Hippy Feet in a better position for long term success. “The pandemic caused us to solve the issue of scale around employment,” Haper says. Hippy Feet now offers short term, part time contracts to those in need of a job—just enough to get them on their feet, with confidence and connections to plan their next move. They’re working on partnerships that would lead Hippy Feet workers to future opportunities. And they’re thinking about ways to replicate the Minneapolis employment program in other cities. As Hippy Feet hit its stride on mission, sales followed. “When we got our values dialed in, it allowed us to share our values with consumer in a way that was much more digestible,” Mader says. The company improved its digital marketing and e-commerce experience to grow direct-to-consumer sales.What this process has taught the founders about the one-for-one model: “There are much deeper ways to give,” Harper says. He encourages brands considering this approach to ask themselves, “Are you actually meeting a real need? Many times, you’re better off giving money—empowering a community, giving agency to whomever you’re trying to help.”“We’ve been able to bake mission into our core business,” Mader adds. “We never have to ask ourselves, do we want to donate an inferior product to save money, or delay a donation. If you’re holding a pair of Hippy Feet socks, it’s gone through the hands of young person experiencing homelessness. It’s a more authentic, deeper way of giving.”Then we go Back to the Classroom with the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business where David Alexander is an associate marketing professor. While he appreciates the Hippy Feet mission, Alexander says the founders could have crafted their business plan more efficiently.“Hippy Feet tried to create an opportunity. What we want, from a brand perspective, is people who buy into your commitment. Do the research to figure out who is going to support you and then change your dream to satisfy the opportunity.”


4 Aug 2021

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79. Increase Your Experience with Sam Harper

The Truth Evolves

You know by now here on The Truth Evolves Podcast that we are ALL about leveling up our lives intentionally. When I met Sam, she was an instant level up in the friend game. And now, I have her here ready to help you level up your entire experience. Sam is a successful executive coach and sound healer. She is a mother, a friend, a healer and and all around in tune human being that is helping elevate the experiences of people everywhere.In this episode we are discussing living in alignment and opening yourself up to what's possible. This convo is juicy and conscious. Enjoy!Visit her website at: www.samanthaharper.comOver on IG: @sam_e_pants


3 May 2021

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Episode 37: Receiving abundance with Sam Harper

Soul Saturations, The Podcast with Kendall Merritt

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend Sam Harper who is an Executive Coach and Sound Healer. During today's episode we talk about: How can you value and support women? What journey has led Sam to do the work that she does today? How did Sam get into sound healing? How do the frequencies resonate in the different chakras? What can you expect from a sound healing? How does Sam connect with the wisdom of her own body? How has Sam stepped into the space of receiving all that the world is proving for her? How does Sam support people through executive coaching? Connect with Sam: Instagram: @sam_e_pants Online: www.samanthaharper.com Let's Connect! Make sure you follow me on Instagram @soulsaturations https://www.instagram.com/soulsaturations/ Submit your questions for our monthly Q&A episode here!  Please feel free to email me (Kendall@soulsaturations.com) or slide into my DMs to share what you loved, any feedback, what you want more of and any questions you may have! Or if you are curious about coaching with me, schedule a virtual coffee chat with me to see how I can best support you: https://calendly.com/kendallmerritt/virtual-coffee-chat     Photography and Cover Art by: Catie Menke www.catiemenke.com Music by: Kayla Hope Gellerman


13 Apr 2021

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Joruney from Bachelor's in Fishery to User Experience Design? | Design Hat Podcast #2 | Sam Harper

Design Hat

Former filmmaker 🎬 and marine biologist 🐳 turned passionate user experience designer, published Medium author, and frequent contributor to the UX Collective blog, Sam Harper has contributed greatly to the design industry. 😍 He is also a UX career coach with experience at two 🏆 award-winning agencies, the first-place winner at the 2019 San Diego Zoohackathon, and the list doesn’t end here. 😌 With so much experience, we can only expect some very interesting insights from him. Join our Community: https://linktr.ee/designhatofficial​ Sam's Social: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharperux/


19 Mar 2021

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52 - Job Search Masterclass - Sam Harper Pt2

The Way of Product Design with Caden Damiano

Sam provided so much value in the last episode, we had to record a part 2! Sam is known for his UX Careers business, Conscious Career Shift, where he helps Jr Designers land their first role.For part 2, we discuss tools, tactics, and techniques to stand out in the hiring process. Sam also shares a technique that is guaranteed to turn hiring managers heads if you pull it off correctly. Enjoy!Connect with Sam: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharperux/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thewayofproductdesign/message

1hr 1min

1 Feb 2021

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51 - Setting Realistic Expectations in You Job Search - Sam Harper @Entrata

The Way of Product Design with Caden Damiano

Today I chat with Sam Harper, who is a UX Designer at Entrata. Sam is better known for his UX Careers business, Conscious Career Shift UX, where he helps Jr Designers land their first role.Today we talk about the hard truths of being a Jr UX Designer and try provide some tempered expectations so you can start out with the right experience in mind. Connect with Sam: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharperux/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thewayofproductdesign/message

1hr 7mins

25 Jan 2021

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How to embrace your Masculine and Feminine energy- with Sam Harper

Find Your Sexy

Have you heard of masculine and feminine energy, but have no idea what it means? Maybe you know what they are but feel stuck in one, unable to channel another. This can absolutely prevent you from feeling you're sexiest! Well, this week I interview Sam Harper of Sharper Advising, and she answers all of our questions (and MORE!)Sam Harper is an executive leadership coach who helps high-performance leaders increase their efficiency and impact through her creative approach to deep coaching. She holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with over twenty thousand hours of experience in a clinical setting. Her areas of expertise include expressive art therapy and trauma. Her experience working with some of the most challenging populations allowed her to develop transformative solutions even for those with immense barriers to success.In this episode we talk about:[2:20] The first time she remembers feeling sexy[5:45] How being a therapist for sex offenders shaped her view of sexuality[10:25] How leaving her career and starting over has transformed her confidence[11:55] Masculine vs. Feminine energy explained[14:20] How to channel your feminine energy[16:53] How to channel your masculine energy[22:30] How balancing your masculine and feminine energy can help you feel sexier[23:25] SEXY[28:58] What sexy means to her now[33:00] Her advice for not letting what people say about you affect youCONNECT WITH SAM HARPER: www.samanthaharper.com (coming soon!)Instagram: @sam_e_pantsCONNECT WITH KELCY AND FIND YOUR SEXY:www.findyoursexy.coInstagram: @kelcyvalletta


28 Sep 2020

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Back Pocket Banter Episode 9 - Sam Harper

Back Pocket Banter

The boys are joined by rising wicketkeeper-batsman Sam Harper. He currently plays for Victoria and the Melbourne Renegades. He is an exciting player and was dominant for the Renegades last year scoring the most runs. We chat about his journey and career to date. Watch out for this man in the future. Thanks for coming on Sam🤙🏏🎙


3 Aug 2020

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Sam Harper | Success in adversity

The Athlete Diaries

One of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life, it doesn’t seem fair what Sam has had to go through in his blossoming career. From a young age Sam has been touted as a future Australian test cricketer, a man with enormous talent. His journey to the top has been obvious for so many given his talent, but what he has had to go through to get there hasn’t.Sam speaks about the incident that put him in hospital for 3 weeks. An incident so bad that he wasn’t even thinking about getting back onto the cricket field, but to get back to the smaller things in life, like being able to walk again and even watch TV. Even though it wasn’t a great time in his life, Sam speaks about how it taught him so many lessons about resilience, mental health and how important gratitude is.


30 Jun 2020

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Sam Harper discusses how he went from playing in the backyard to playing in the BBL

The Cricket Mentoring Podcast

Today’s guest has developed into one of the most exciting T20 batters in the country with his performances for the Melbourne Renegades in the past two Big Bash tournaments. Sam Harper is the Victorian and Melbourne Renegades wicket-keeper batsman and we caught up during my time in Melbourne recently to discuss his journey from the backyard with his dad and brother to playing professionally. Harper was a big reason the Renegades won the Big Bash in 2019 with his dynamic batting at the top of the order regularly getting them off to a flyer.  It hasn’t all been easy going though and at the time of this interview, Sam was waiting to be cleared to play again from concussion. I love hearing the story of players at the beginning of their careers who often haven’t shared their journey so I hope you enjoy this episode and take something valuable from Sam’s journey.


16 Mar 2020