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27. Marketing Legend Meagen Eisenberg, TripActions

Legends of Sales and Marketing

Discover how world-class marketer and CMO of TripActions, Meagen Eisenberg, quickly scales startups, establishes winning relationships with sales, and harnesses martech to achieve a competitive advantage. Find out how she masterfully orchestrates people, process, and technology to drive rapid and sustainable growth.Legends of Sales and Marketing is produced by People.ai.

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18 May 2021

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Ep #59: Becoming a Top CMO Through Advisory Roles and Disruption w/ Meagen Eisenberg

The Marketer's Journey

On this episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I interview Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at TripActions. Meagen is a sought after marketing leader who any company would be lucky to have, and interestingly she chose to become CMO at a company centred in the travel industry. Meagen and Randy discuss how Meagen finds time to balance her wide range of advisory roles with her day job and home life, steps her team has taken to find success throughout the pandemic, and the role of the marketing team when developing new products.Check out this and other episodes of The Marketer’s Journey on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play! Key takeaways from this episode:Business advising, or any new challenge can seem daunting but Meagen is able to advise more efficiently after doing it for so long. Companies at various stages in their growth cycle face similar problems and pattern recognition allows her to build models and give faster advice.To choose her roles, Meagen assesses five things: the addressable market, the investors, the team, the ability to execute, and whether she can add value.Marketing and product might seem like very different things but one important thing they have in common is that they’re key for connecting with your customers.Learn more about TripActions here: https://tripactions.com/Learn more about Meagen here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meageneisenberg/


23 Mar 2021

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Rethink Travel Management for Your Corporation - Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions

The Future of BizTech

Managing the travel for your employees can take an entire team. With TripActions, you can streamline corporate travel management using their cutting-edge tools and support. Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions, joins us for episode 17 of The Future of BizTech. Learn more about TripActions at: https://tripactions.com/Find Meagen Eisenberg on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meageneisenberg/_____J.C. Granger is the founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Group. The company provides marketing solutions and LinkedIn lead generation for B2B tech companies.Learn more at www.infinitymgroup.comReach out to J.C. on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jcgranger/ Find the show notes and full transcript of this episode: https://www.infinitymgroup.com/the-future-of-biztech-podcast/epi-17-rethink-travel-management-for-your-corporation-meagen-eisenberg-cmo-of-tripactions/


3 Mar 2021

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Marketing in times of crisis with Meagen Eisenberg

The SaaS Revolution Show

Meagen Eisenberg (CMO, TripActions) joins Alex Theuma on The SaaS Revolution Show. Before joining TripActions, she was CMO of MongoDB (Nasdaq: MDB) and VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign (Nasdaq: DOCU). Meagan talks to Alex about how TripActions has pivoted and adapted in an industry that’s been hard-hit by the COVID pandemic, and the biggest lessons she's learned from this experience.


29 Oct 2020

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Ep126: Meagen Eisenberg | Chief Marketing Officer at TripActions

20 Minute Leaders

Meagen is the CMO of TripActions, previously CMO of MongoDB and on the board of G2, TinyPulse and Reactful. Before joining MongoDB, she was VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign. Named Top 25 for B2B Marketing Influencers, Meagen has advised over 25 tech companies such as Branch.io, Chorus.ai, Sendoso, CoreOS, Accompany, TinyPulse and SumoLogic, seven of which were acquired in the past two years. She has an MBA from Yale SOM.


11 Sep 2020

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6 Meagen Eisenberg | DocuSign, MongoDB, TripActions. Meagen goes from early employee at DocuSign to CMO at MongoDB and TripActions

The Early Years

Meagen Eisenberg is the Chief Marketing Officer at TripActions, previously at MongoDB, and was an early executive at DocuSign. Meagen has been featured in Forbes, has been named one of the most influential martech leaders, was recognized as a Top 25 B2B Marketing Influencer, and Adweek's Top 50 most retweeted by mid-sized marketers.


7 Jul 2020

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Legendary valley CMO, Meagen Eisenberg shares her reflections on leading growth at TripActions and MongoDB.

Best in SaaS

Episode Outline[04:39] Meagen’s background[07:16] How leaders gravitate more towards fear to motivate and others gravitate towards love[10:13] A good frame is the carrot and stick. Meagen is more of a carrot because that's how she responds. If she’s praised or rewarded, she want more of that. So she work even harder.[11:18] How COVID changes things. We have to go online. We have to log in. We have to have security. We're remote. We have to collaborate all these different tools. [12:04] Having success means assessing people, their process and their technology. Bring in a lot of technology because it gives the data needed and the visibility into what's working and what's not working and what we can do to be more efficient as a marketing organization.[14:34] How to be effective and efficient and target the audience that you're going after. The future is full of technology.[16:35] Tips in cutting costs and moving into a recession, we've got to be very careful on what technology becomes critical and not.[17:04] Realize how many independent pieces of tech do you have in your stack right now,[19:22] On gifting, you send someone a plant, they set it on their desk naturally. So one, it's hard to throw it away, but also it sits on their desk and they look at it and your brand sits there and others in the company see it, and then people will take pictures and they'll share it.[20:19] You always have to improve the funnel. You always have to improve your messaging. You always have to, you know, get PR and respond.Meagen's inspirationsBen HorowitzConnect with MeagenLinkedInTrip Actions


6 Jul 2020

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Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at TripActions, on creating the #PassThePlane Challenge


Meagen Eisenberg is the CMO at TripActions, the leading corporate travel and expense management platform that combines industry-leading technology with best in class travel agency service. We go behind the scenes to talk about building a marketing organization, adapting a marketing strategy in the face of the pandemic, and the #PassThePlane Challenge that connects people even while most business travel is suspended.


7 May 2020

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Adapting to A New Reality with Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of TripActions

Marketing Trends

When your business is travel and the world suddenly comes to a standstill, your life and your business changes in an instant. That’s the situation Meagen Eisenberg founder herself in recently. Meagen is the CMO of TripActions, and when everything in the world started to shift, she was thrust into a new kind of action to find ways to address the situation and serve their customers and employees in the best ways possible. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Meagen opens up about what this process has been like for her and TripActions, and she walks us through the actions they had to take to switch gears and navigate through some of the hardest times we’ve seen in recent memory.  3 Takeaways: You need to remain close to your customer and find ways to deliver value so that you can secure renewals in the future Educational content is important in this time, especially when you give your customers a forum to connect and learn Cash flow is something that has to be a priority, especially in times of crisis --- Marketing Trends podcast is brought to you by Salesforce. Discover marketing built on the world’s number one CRM: Salesforce. Put your customer at the center of every interaction. Automate engagement with each customer. And build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey. Salesforce. We bring marketing and engagement together. Learn more at salesforce.com/marketing.  To learn more or subscribe to our weekly newsletter, visit MarketingTrends.com.


1 May 2020

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SaaStr 330: TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg on Making Trade-Offs In Marketing

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

The true test of marketers. Are you a revenue driver or a cost center? You cannot afford to be the latter. Marketing leaders must focus their teams on the areas that will drive revenue while they cut costs - the biggest impact for the business. Join TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg at SaaStr Summit as she highlights her approach to ensuring Marketing delivers on its mission-critical role even in times of uncertainty or crisis. This podcast is an excerpt from Megan’s session at SaaStr Summit. You can find the full video and transcript on our blog: https://www.saastr.com/making-trade-offs-in-marketing-with-meagen-eisenberg-video-transcript/


30 Apr 2020