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130: The Venus Star Point® with Astrologer Arielle Guttman

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Today I have on astrologer Arielle Guttman. I wanted to have her on the show this month because I consider her a Venus expert. And since Venus just went retrograde it seems timely to have the expert on the show to give us a little more information about what all that means. In the early 2000's she received a download from spirit about this incredible planet and developed a system called the Venus Star Point® - it's extremely fascinating and further explains who we are and how we operate. What I find so fascinating about every healer that I have on this show is that the universe has literally provided us all the tools and clues we need to better understand things - we just need to choose to see it!  Her website, which I highly recommend you visit is chocked full of incredible articles and information, and is called SophiaVenus.com - which literally translates to the wisdom of Venus! Today you will learn more about Arielle, what the Venus Star Point® is and why this unique information helps us better translate who we are and why it sets us apart.  


15 May 2020

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Venus Retrograde ~ Reconsiderations with Arielle Guttman

Turning of the Wheel Podcast

Venus stations retrograde approximately once every 18 months.  This current retrograde cycle finds the planet spinning in reverse in Gemini.  What does this opportunity present to us?  Gemini is all about communication.  Can we discuss our future path and rediscover what's important to us in this most unusual time?  Join Chris Flisher as he discusses this with Arielle Guttman. 

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8 May 2020

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Mythic Astrology and Venus Retrogrades with Arielle Guttman

The Astrology Podcast

Episode 247 features an interview with astrologer Arielle Guttman about her work on using myth as an interpretive device in astrology, as well as the importance of the synodic cycle of Venus, providing insight into the upcoming Venus retrograde. Arielle is the author of the books Mythic Astrology and Mythic Astrology Applied, as well as […]

2hr 9mins

23 Mar 2020

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The Venus Cazimi with Arielle Guttman

Turning of the Wheel Podcast

In the middle of August the planet Venus will form a direct alignment with the Sun at 21 degrees Leo.  This is called a cazimi.  This alignment may affect you personally if you know your Venus star points and the coordinates of your astrology profile.  This powerful alignment brings forth the bold, creative capacity we all have embedded in each of us.  Listen as your host, Chris Flisher speaks with Arielle Guttman about this beautiful alignment. 

1hr 4mins

9 Aug 2019

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Mythic Astrology with Arielle Guttman Pt. 2

Astrology & The Hermetic Arts: Holes to Heavens

In this show, Arielle returns to speak about Mythic Astrology and how it might be helpful for these "troubled" times. She likens our moment to a pressure cooker (something I'm sure many of you can relate to) and how we can best release the steam. Palles, Chiron, Pluto, Saturn, and Ketu all make appearances.  I always enjoy talking to our elders in the field. May you find exactly what you need by listening. www.Holestoheavens.com https://sophiavenus.com/

1hr 32mins

9 Jun 2019

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Astrological Highlights of 2019 with Arielle Guttman

Turning of the Wheel Podcast

2019 began with a bang as Mars stepped into the sign it rules; Aries.  Although Mars' time in Aries is a mere six weeks it does portend a degree of activity for the year to come.  Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Saturn is in Capricorn, and Neptune is in Pisces.  All three planets are in the signs that they rule, giving them an added boost and visibility.  These are troubled times and it is best if we prepare accordingly.  Listen as your host and astrologer Chris Flisher speaks with author and astrologer Arielle Guttman about what is in store for 2019. 

1hr 6mins

11 Jan 2019

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Mars Retrograde with Arielle Guttman

Turning of the Wheel Podcast

The planet that symbolizes ambition, aggression, action, and anger has turned retrograde and is spinning backwards from our view on earth.  This action is combined with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto retrograding as well.  All of this backwards motion has a profound impact on all of our trajectories.  Are we stunted in our progress?  Does this slow our political process?  Does this bring new information to light?  Listen as host and astrologer, Chris Flisher speaks with author and astrologer Arielle Guttman about this experience.

1hr 6mins

13 May 2016

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Exploring Venus with Arielle Guttman

Astrology & The Hermetic Arts: Holes to Heavens

In this show, Arielle and I explore the Venus Star Point.  It relates to when Venus aligns with the Sun--both the Interior and Superior conjunctions.  I also share some exciting news about a new podcast and leave you with some venusian music to integrate with. Enjoy www.Holestoheavens.com

1hr 37mins

17 Aug 2015

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"The Venus Star Point" ~ with Arielle Guttman

Spiritual Awakening

Discover your unique talent and special gift to the world by identifying your Venus Star Point, apowerful, ground-breaking tool, never before utilized in astrology in this way.  Prior knowledge of astrology is not necessary to gain a meaningful and life-chaging insights from this amazing technique.  Join me as I speak with noted astrologer, Arielle Guttman about this remarkably accurate interpretation of your horoscope.

1hr 16mins

12 Dec 2014