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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jenny Karlsson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jenny Karlsson, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jenny Karlsson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jenny Karlsson, often where they are interviewed.

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Transform Your Relationship with Money with Jenny Karlsson

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What's your money type? What "money blocks" are holding you back in business? ūü§Ď

Certified Money Coach Jenny Karlsson shares her wealth (pun intended!) of knowledge in helping creative entrepreneurs improve their relationships with money. After six years as a professional pet photographer, Jenny realized that being creative with an MBA uniquely qualified her to help women entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money. She founded Financials for Creatives to help women gain confidence and know-how to manage the ebbs and flows of being an entrepreneur.
Jul 17 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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Att tänka nytt: Vi träffar Johan Söör och Jenny Karlsson. Avsnitt 14

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I Järnvägspodden 14:e avsnitt möter vi bokaktuelle Johan Söör, tidigare vd på MTR Express, och produktionsplaneraren Jenny Karlsson på Hector Rail. Känsliga öron varnas för nära en timmes mer och mindre initierat järnvägssnackande.

Att t√§nka nytt och v√•ga utmana √§r tv√• saker MTR Express tidigare vd Johan S√∂√∂r ofta √•terkommer till. D√§rf√∂r testar vi i avsnitt 14 ett nytt koncept med en f√∂r v√•r podd rekordl√•ng intervju. F√∂r det finns s√• klart mycket att prata med Johan om som nu debuterat som f√∂rfattare med boken ‚ÄĚNya sp√•r p√• gammal r√§ls‚ÄĚ. V√•rt samtal ber√∂r allt fr√•n MTR:s int√•g p√• den svenska j√§rnv√§gsmarknaden till vikten av att kunna h√•lla tv√• tankar i huvudet samtidigt, fr√•n risker med konsensuskultur till hur man k√∂r in 18 minuter mellan Sk√∂vde och G√∂teborg.

Förutom den extralånga pratstunden med Johan bjuder vi avslutningsvis på ett nytt avsnitt av Järnvägsliv. Den här gången har Staffan åkt till Hallsberg där han fått träffa Jenny Karlsson på Hector Rail, produktionsplanerare med en bakgrund som förare, som önskar mer flexibilitet och kommunikation.

Oct 29 2018 · 55mins

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015 | Making Your Money Mindset Magical with Jenny Karlsson

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Jenny Karlsson is a Pisces who incorporates the use of intuition, tarot, and oracle cards into financial coaching for creative entrepreneurs and offers a holistic one-on-one coaching program that is practical, behavioral, and spiritual to help women gain confidence and know-how to manage the ebbs and flows of being an entrepreneur.

For complete episode show notes, visit www.soulshineastrology.com/episode15 // 

Download Jenny's guide to using tarot cards to understand your money mindset by becoming a patron of the podcast at www.patreon.com/thecosmiccalling

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Sep 14 2018 · 38mins
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13 Vad gör en arbetsplats trevlig? Jenny Karlsson ger svaret

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Arkitekten Jenny Karlsson har gjort allt från förskolor till ismaskinsgarage. I detta avsnitt svarar hon på frågan -Vad gör en arbetsplats trevlig? Vilken betydelse har kaffemaskinen? Lyssna så får du veta svaren. 

Aug 29 2018 · 19mins

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Ep. 004 | Transforming Money Into A Supportive Tool with Jenny Karlsson

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Today I'm talking with Jenny Karlsson, who is the founder of Financials For Creatives and in this episode we dig into so much goodness!

We dig into systems and strategies around your money and your finances, we talk about bringing in spirituality and self-care when it comes to your money, and how to create a ritual around your financial topics so that it no longer feels like an intimidating topic, but is something fun.

Resources Mentioned:

Support for this episode comes from HoneyBook, the client relationship manager for creatives. You can get a free 7-day trial, and save 50% off of your membership, when you register with this link.

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Aug 07 2018 · 49mins
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12 Arkitekten Jenny Karlsson om lokalens betydelse för hur vi jobbar idag. Och imorgon.

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Jenny Karlsson har varit arkitekt i 20 år och berättar om hur hon ser på framtidens arbetsliv. Jenny har gjort allt från kontor, förskolor att skräddarsy inredningslösningar för olika verksamheter. Idag driver hon Moment Arkitekter. Jenny älskar problem - de är till för att lösas. 

Jul 02 2018 · 26mins
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Looking at money in a more soulful way (with Jenny Karlsson)

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Money. The very thought of it can make people squirm in the seats. The word alone has the power to conjure up feelings of anger, jealousy, despair, excitement, fear, anxiety, and gratitude.

The good news is, money doesn't have to be a dirty word. And our relationship to it can truly be life-changing. Which is why I'm so excited to be sitting down with my good friend Jenny Karlsson, the brilliant mind behind Financials for Creatives. Jenny is, in my estimation, the perfect combination of left and right brain, with a love for both photography and numbers.

Our conversation is a candid one and focuses on both the practical and softer sides of money. We talk money mindset and how the stories we carry around money, success, and work really impact our relationship with money. We also explore how Jenny uses tarot and crystals to support her work, as well as the more traditional approaches like budgeting, spending plans, and YNAB.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have and that it gives you plenty of food for thought when it comes to your personal relationship with money.

I’d love to hear from you!

What stood out most from Jenny’s interview? How can you begin to shift your relationship with money by embracing some of the tools Jenny shared?

Topics Discussed:
  • An introduction to Jenny Karlsson and the work she does through Financials for Creatives
  • Where Jenny's love for numbers came from
  • The problem with looking left to right versus inside when it comes to money
  • Money as a data point and how to make sure your spending and your values are in alignment
  • Money blocks, self-worth, and how those things relate to our feelings about money
  • The stories that we have told ourselves over the years about money and how they've impacted our lives
  • Why having a coach is a godsend when it comes to working through our money "stuff"
  • How Jenny uses¬†non-traditional tools like tarot and crystals to address money issues
  • Having a JOY budget and setting aside money for the things that bring you joy
  • Using crystals to help support your money goals
  • Why Jenny loves and recommends You Need A Budget
  • What everyday magic looks and feels like to Jenny
Resource Links: Hit me up:
May 21 2018 · 50mins
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Episode 24: Managing your finances like a boss with Jenny Karlsson

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Are you planning to get your financial life sorted out in 2017? Today's guest is Jenny Karlsson and she is a pet photographer turned financial coach for creatives. Before starting her business she got an MBA which gave her a really solid foundation to build on. She talks about the very thorough process she went through to set herself up financially before taking her pet photography full-time. Jenny has great advice for managing your finances to take your side hustle full-time or for creating a budget for your creative business so that you can pay yourself more. If you’re ready to put proper financial systems in place this year, this episode will be very helpful for you.
Jan 02 2017 · 1hr 33mins