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PLP – 139 Know The History Of Your Property With Title Insurance With Rachel Luna

The Private Lender Podcast

When you buy a property, you want to be sure that it's free of any debt and lien. This is where title insurance comes in. You don't want to wake up one day, and your pool is torn down because it was built over a utility easement. Or the heir of the seller comes in and reclaims what is theirs. Title companies prevent these things from happening. Join your host, Keith Baker, and his guest, Rachel Luna, on the importance of title insurance. Rachel is the Agency Development Manager of Patriot Title. As The Texas Title Queen, she drops a ton of knowledge and discusses the parts of a title policy, what is covered, what is not covered, and why you need title insurance when you purchase a property. Learn the schedules of a title property and why title insurance is a must. If you're a lender, you better listen to this episode.---Know The History Of Your Property With Title Insurance With Rachel LunaThe Texas Title Queen Breaks It Down For Lender NationI would like to thank you for sharing your time with me. If you're looking for practical tips and advice on how to put the power of the banking system into your investment accounts, then you are in the right place. If you want to learn from my mistakes so that you can both avoid them and profit from them, then pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink, my friend, and take some notes because this show is for you. I'm dedicated to giving people, like you and me, the knowledge and confidence for successful and profitable private lending.In this episode, I sit down and talk with the Texas title queen, Rachel Luna from Patriot Title Company, who has graciously agreed to come on this episode and drop a ton of knowledge around the topic of title insurance, what it covers, what is not covered and where to find things in the policy. Before we get to the heart of this episode, first, a little bit of housekeeping, number one, I'm about to lose my voice. The kids had a soccer tournament. They won the first two games and lost in the third. However, it was exciting. It was a blood pressure event. It was a good tournament. I’m proud of the kids but I shot my voice. I threw it out. Rather than waiting, I figured, “I'm going to make everybody suffer with me.” That's the first bit of housekeeping.The second bit of housekeeping is, have you joined the Private Lender Podcast Facebook group? If you haven't, why the hell not? Simply search in Facebook Groups for Private Lender Podcast, click on Join. Answer a few questions to let me know that you are a private lender and not looking for deals or looking for money and not looking to boost up your groups, but going to help add value to the community. Answer those questions, I'll let you in and then let you get started. While you're at it, head on over to PrivateLenderAcademy.com and click on Apply Now to learn more about putting the power of the banking system into your investment accounts or get some one-on-one time with me, I can answer your questions and show you my mistakes. That's PrivateLenderAcademy.com/apply.The housekeeping is finished and now it's time to get to the heart of this episode. Our guest has been providing title insurance and escrow services for Houston area investors for about as long as I can remember. I caught up with Rachel Luna at the FlipCo Financial Meetup and was excited that she agreed to come on and talk about title insurance. For the simple reason, everyone, including me that says that you must have it, but very few people understand why you need it. I'm going to let Rachel answer that for you. I think you're going to enjoy this. She is dynamite. She is Miss Personality. She has a pistol, a load of fun, is very energetic, knowledgeable and smart. I'm going to let her get down to the brass tacks of this episode and let's get to the interview with Rachel Luna from Patriot Title.---Lender Nation, I want you to buckle up because we're going to have a fun conversation about a boring topic. Our guest is coming and is going to bring all the enthusiasm and the excitement into something that nobody or very few lenders even think about and that is title insurance, exceptions, exclusions and endorsements. Welcome to the show.Rachel Luna here from Patriot Title. It's going to be an amazing show with some amazing information with some boring topics.I can't thank you enough. You are the perfect person to come on and talk about this because you're going to bring life to it. You already have just started with this. Let's talk about you for a moment before we get into the doldrums and the coffee stuff. Tell us about you. How did you become the Rachel Luna?[bctt tweet="Title insurance is there to protect you from legalities that will forbid you from your goal." username=""]The Texas Title Queen, as they call me or The Title Queen. I started this business many years ago. I was passionate about it and being able to help people grow their business in real estate and help along the way people accomplished one of the biggest dreams and purchases of their life. If it's not investing, it's purchasing their home for the first time or transacting a sale. Being able to be the end part of that transaction at the title company, helping people protect their investments, but also be a part of their investment.I believe that as a title company and what we do is it's a very important piece of the whole puzzle. I love that being that piece and I love how every transaction is different. Every single day is different. Every client is different. This business has been nothing but learning and that's why I'm here. They call me the queen because I’ve self-educated, learned, evolved with this business and come out with solutions that can help all parties and all professionals in the real estate business in general, to help grow in their knowledge in real estate, but their knowledge and title and why it's so important. That's why we're here.We only met in person after the COVID thing, but I have seen you around in the Houston area for years helping investors and homeowners. In fact, Rachel has a new branch, so they're expanding. Is business good?Business is good. I'm expanding in Woodlands. This is going to be our Woodlands location. We're off of Sawdust over here and 45. We're in a conference and there's not much going on in here because we're setting up IT and getting phones implemented. We have a new conference room. We're getting this set up. There are computers over here on the floor. We're setting up stuff. It's a new shop, but it's all a process. I'm excited. I love opening up a new location to service and expand for our customers out there who need us in other areas of town.Congratulations. That's good news to hear. Let's start off with what is title insurance? I demand it as a lender. I always demand a lender policy. Explain why am I crazy?[caption id="attachment_3198" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Title Insurance: Title insurance exists to protect your investment. If you're someone purchasing a property, you want to know what is on that property. It protects you from many other different variables.[/caption] No, you're not crazy. You're being a smart man. I advise all to do the same. Title is protecting your investment. We do our due diligence from the sovereignty of a property. If you're a lender and giving money out to someone or if you're someone purchasing a property, you want to know what is on that property. Just because you see the person who signed the contract is the person that's registered in the CAD or the tax records and their name is on that. Let's use Harris County, Montgomery County, or Tarrant, it says, “XYZ person.” They're on the tax roll there and they're on the CAD and they signed the contract, it doesn't mean they're the only person that's entitled to that property or there are not any other issues.What it does is protect the consumer, the lender and all parties of the transaction because you don't know what exactly is going on with an individual, their personal finances or if they're filing for bankruptcy. There are so many variables I can go on and on why you need title insurance to protect yourself. Your money or investment or purchase could be in legality that will forbid you or not allow you going forward to sell the property, do a refinance cash out on that property because there might be some other encumbrances that prevent that in title that was not caught because there was no insurance and due diligence done prior to.It protects you because there are so many variables. In Texas, especially because it's a community property state as well. That's another wrench in there but there are so many variables of why a property can get. It could be an insurable, number one, but it could also be a bad investment when you thought it was a good investment. That's preventing bad investments. Why do you get titles? It’s to prevent a bad investment, is the bottom line.Texas being a community property state, that divorce may not be final. That spouse may have a legal right of 50% of that property or a son or daughter. The black sheep of the family could come back all of a sudden say, “That was granddaddy's house and I'm entitled to something from it.”“There's an interest that belongs to me. Where is it? Why didn't I get paid? Who sold this? Where's my money?” Go to the title company, but no. If you don't have title insurance, you're like, “You owe me money,” and then there could be the whole legality. That was what, at the end of the day, ended up being a bad investment that could have been prevented. At the end of the day, if you're asking me, why do you need title insurance? It’s to prevent you from making a bad investment.For one, I don't pay it. The borrower does. That's better, but it is a small price to pay to avoid letting your money be held hostage. Getting into that, we've got to clear up this title. It's going to take the lawyers a couple of years, “No. I only loaned it for six months.” I can foreclose all I want. It doesn't matter. I won't have clear title to that property if I have to foreclose. For me, it's avoiding holding your money hostage.You want to make money on your money, not have it tied up in legalities because of not being informed or not doing your due diligence. Not allowing a third party, like the title company to do the due diligence to protect your investment, to protect you so you can get your money to be in and out and move onto the next project, borrower or whatnot.That's the beauty. If there is something that's missed, that’s why there is title insurance. It’s to remedy the situation and make everybody whole.[bctt tweet="A property should be clear of debts and liens for the new consumer." username=""]That's why the title company does its job. In the case that there is, you're insured, protected and that's why the title companies have underwriters. That's why they're an insurance company. That's why you pay them to protect you and then fix the wrong. It gives you the mind.For everyone, a title company is no different than any other insurance company. They're going to be regulated by the state, whatever state they're in. They're going to have to follow the rules. They're probably going to have standard forms from that state that they use, at least to get started and then things change and go in all other areas. That's what we're going to go into all other areas. When my borrower finds a property and I agree to borrow, he opens the title. He begins the title search with Patriot Title and then we get a title commitment.That title commitment is going to talk about any exceptions that won't be covered in insurance. There are exceptions and also exclusions. Anyone who has an auto policy or a home owner's policy is going to know that certain things are going to be excluded. Radioactive waste coming from your garage would be excluded from a homeowner's policy, for example. When you get a title commitment, the title company had gone through, done their research and due diligence and said, “We can trace it all the way back to sovereignty,” which I like to say is when we stole it from Mexico or the Indians, either way, you want to look at it.Whenever we say, “We're putting a fence around this land and I'm calling it mine.” You go all the way back. You get a title commitment and there are certain things that the title won't cover. If somebody hasn't paid back taxes, for example, the title doesn't come in and step into that. As part of the closing process, the title company ensures that those taxes are paid or deferred, however, credit is given to the buyer. The bottom line is those taxes are going to be handled at closing such that exceptions will come into play. Before we got on the line, I had a bit of a thought about this.It's like, “The property is being conveyed clear of debts and liens for the new borrower.” The title company at closing will ensure and assure the lender and the new purchaser that the property that they're receiving is going to be free and clear of debt and lien and not to exclude taxes, HOA, any other underlining lien holders that might be on the title, or that might have any derogatory authority to foreclose that would affect the new owner. We make sure that all debts and liens are paid in full so the new borrower who's getting the property is receiving it with only their new lienholder or obviously as a free and clear investment to pay in cash. We do ensure that all debts are paid in full upon conveyance. Conveyance is transfer title.Conveyance means a transfer of title from one party to another or one person to another or entity. Another example is conveyance or the right of possession if the house is sold, and let's say there's a tenant or a renter in it. That new owner has to honor the lease that the tenant is under until the completion of that. However, if there's a problem with that title that is like, “It has nothing to do with the title of the property. That's the property.” That is an exception to anything as well.Tenants, anything with the physicality of the property in reference to being a landlord type of situation. Our insurance is only to protect the title, the actual debt in the lien, the conveyance of a predecessor-to-predecessor, owner to owner throughout the years, to make sure that every owner conveyed that property without any debt or lien or clouds in the title. A conveyance is a very clean and clear pass-through of the owner to owner throughout the years. We're here to ensure that no one from many years ago was going to come and have some right to your property that you purchased here many years later.We make sure that all of that is a clear conveyance of title throughout the years for you, the end buyer and owner, to have a good title. In reference to somebody living in the shack behind the house, we have nothing to do with it. That's something that's negotiated in the contract process. We are here to show the history, the debt and the ownership conveyance. The ownership lineage of title now in reference to who lives there and how or damage that’s contract stuff.You don't care about the use of the property. It's just the conveyance of the title.Also, the deb. That there's nothing there that's going to come back and the paperwork.Wells Fargo is not going to come back and say, “We're going to foreclose now. I don't care if you just bought it.” That's not going to happen.[caption id="attachment_3199" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Title Insurance: The person who signed the contract is the owner of the property. Someone who isn't the owner can't sell it, so look at schedule A to know who the owner is.[/caption] We made sure Wells Fargo got paid off in full. That's what we do. Some exclusions are he's talking about this vision, which would have been landlord stuff, but it would be some of the city stuff. Some of your exclusions to title would be city easements, some right of ways that the property might be backed up to a utility right away. Those are some of the things that are excluded in the title because of the fact that the utility districts and the counties have the right to do what they need to do for the community.If your property happens to fall in an easement, then that would be excluded from your title. We cannot ensure that the city won't come in on your property and dig up an easement or something to put new pipes or new fiber optics that might affect your property. That would be considered an exclusion. Those are usually on Schedule B. I’m discussing Schedules, A, B, C, and D.Let’s run through the schedules of a title policy.As we left off, you open the title, then we get the title back. The title commitment is ready from Patriot Title, and we send you out your title commitment. Your title commitment is ready. Here's a copy of the tax certificates, the preliminary taxes of what we've found. These are all our findings. This is what we do. This is our due diligence. The commitment I consider was like your Bible of what we do in due diligence. It's going to have everything on that commitment and the tax certs. This is what we're based on in our due diligence. This is all our research available now.Schedule A is going to show you basically who is purchasing it. That would probably be yourself or your client, who the lender is, who's lending the money. If they ask us to put it on that front Schedule A and what their loan is going to be for based on the contract that you provided us. At the very bottom, it's going to disclose who the vested owners are. Why that's so important is that it has to be the same person who signed the contract. Why?Because someone who signs a contract has to be an owner of the property, let’s say Gerald Jr. signed it, but it's Gerald Sr. who's the owner of the title. Gerald Jr. is not the owner. Gerald Sr. is, so Gerald Jr. should not be selling this property or doesn't have rights to sell that property as it states in the title at this point. There could be some variables that may be Gerald Sr. died and now he's an heir. We're going to a whole different spectrum of things.It's important that you look at Schedule A because it tells you who is the seller and if that person who sold it is the same person that signed your contract and/or is there someone else that's on the ownership as well as the person that's under contract?...


31 Aug 2021

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89. Rachel Luna on Confidence and Walking in Your Truth


If you struggle with confidence, judgment, or self-acceptance even in the slightest, this episode is for you. Rachel is a wealth of information on showing up for yourself and finding your truth so you can live a life you were meant to live. We dig deep into brain mechanics and how a lot of this stems from our need to simply survive.SO interesting and SO empowering. Thank you Rachel for showing up for our community in the ways you do best!MEET RACHEL15% off at VUORI 10% off at BETTERHELPLet’s connect!HERSELF SHOPHERSELF PATREONHERSELF INSTAGRAMMEET AMY MEET ABBY


16 Aug 2021

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23 Jul 2021

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Hold Onto Confidence in the Face of Fear (Ft. Rachel Luna)

SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

Have you ever struggled to find or hold onto confidence when walking through difficult circumstances? Maybe you’re in a tough season and it’s hard for you to even imagine a positive outcome. Or maybe you’re afraid of failure, and you’re not sure how to have confidence in the face of fear. In this episode, Jordan talks with life coach and author Rachel Luna to learn how to build confidence and hold onto faith in life’s difficult seasons. Grab those headphones and tune in to learn: The meaning of confidence and why it looks different for everyone How to build confidence through action The role that faith plays in building confidence How to have confidence in the face of fear and disappointment Ways to use journaling to build up confidence Want to learn more from Rachel? Head over to www.rachelluna.biz.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 May 2021

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Ep. 26: Unpacking Permission to Offend w/ Rachel Luna

Business Remixed

You can (and should!) stand up for your beliefs and values without apologies. My guest this week, Rachel Luna, is diving into this idea and giving YOU permission to offend when you speak your truths. Rachel is a Certified Master Coach, speaker, and host of the podcast “Permission To Offend” who helps people gain the clarity and confidence they need to achieve their personal & business goals. She’s joining me to have an open conversation about what it means to stand up for what you believe is right and true, so you can step into your identity and make a REAL difference in the world. On this episode, Rachel shares her journey to discovering her identity, what it means to hold separate truths, and why you NEED to stop worrying about offending folks when you stand up for your beliefs. Listen now to hear more about: How journaling will give you the confidence to activate your life and business Rachel gets real about the life-changing experiences that have shaped her identity What it means to give yourself permission to offend (and align with your values!) Why Rachel holds true to her Christian faith in her work  Being an empathetic offender to build better personal and business relationships What you can do to hold YOUR boundaries and communicate them mindfully Why you need to unpack your biases (no matter your identity) How Rachel is creating a safe space for women of color through her writing And so much more! Short on time? Check out the show highlights: [6:10] Rachel gets personal about the journey to discovering her identity [19:40] What it means to have “permission to offend” [29:40] Christianity as a core value of her life and work [34:00] Why you should be an empathetic offender [44:50] Unpacking your biases  [49:40] Why Rachel is writing a book to create a safe space Connect with Rachel Luna! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/girlconfident/ Website: https://www.rachelluna.biz Listen to her podcast “Permission to Offend”: https://www.rachelluna.biz/podcast-1 Connect with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trudilebron/


13 Apr 2021

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Rachel Luna: Breast Cancer and The Power of Journaling

The Get Paid Podcast: The Stark Reality of Entrepreneurship and Being Your Own Boss

Rachel Luna is a highly sought-after international speaker, Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach to 7 + 8-figure earning entrepreneurs, and host of the popular podcast ‘Permission to Offend’ which has listeners in over 90 countries around the world. She teaches you how to completely transform your life and manifest your desires in just 5 min per day through her Faith Activated Journaling Experience program. Often referred to by clients as their "secret weapon," Rachel has a reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple, and quadruple their income.  In this episode of the Get Paid Podcast, Rachel took me on a wild tour sharing her values, beliefs, and how they’re in alignment with her identity. Rachel talked about the relationship between the power of your mind, brain, and manifestation, and how it all played out during her cancer diagnosis and recovery. And then we got into the one topic I’ve never discussed in depth with a guest: God.  “You must increase your capacity to be rejected. You must increase your capacity to be offended.”                Rachel Luna Connect with Rachel Luna : On her website On her Email list On Facebook On Instagram On her Podcast The Lead Lab: Get Paid to Grow Your List This episode is sponsored by The Lead Lab, the program where I teach course creators and coaches how to get paid from their ads as quickly as humanly possible. I created The Lead Lab in response to the NEW reality of Facebook and Instagram ads. Once upon a time, it was relatively easy to spend a dollar and make 4 or 5 in return. But now that everyone and their mother have discovered the power of Facebook’s advertising algorithm, costs have gone up. That’s why I teach a straightforward strategy for recovering most if not all of your ad spend on your list-building ads. In other words? You get paid to grow your list. To learn more, head over to clairepells.com/lab. If you’re running ads to grow your list, or planning to, come join us in The Lead Lab before you spend another dollar. Now it’s time to GET PAID Thanks for tuning into the Get Paid Podcast! If you enjoyed today’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe, rate, and leave your honest review. Connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, visit my website for even more detailed strategies, and be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media. Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.

1hr 30mins

8 Apr 2021

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Permission to Offend: How to be Unapologetic in pursuit of your Purpose ft. Rachel Luna | 218


In today's episode I am joined by Rachel Luna, and we are exploring how increasing our capacity to be offended can allow us to align with our purpose, create more impactful conversations, and build more bridges for deeper undrestanding.   Rachel Luna is a highly sought after international speaker, Certified Master Neuroscience & Life Coach to 7 + 8-figure earning entrepreneurs and host of the popular podcast, Permission to Offend which has listeners in over 90 countries around the world. Rachel is a former U.S. Marine and was named by Forbes as one of The 11 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram.   I know you're going to be fired up after this chat, so take a screenshot and tag us over on IG @heyjencasey @girlconfident   With that, let's dive into today's episode!  Haven't left a review yet? If you've had an ah-ha or breakthrough from the show, all you need to do is head to heyjencasey.com/itunes  to share some love! Struggling to effectively coach your clients? Learn how to reframe the 12 most common limiting beliefs, so that you can facilitate faster client breakthroughs! Download it free at: heyjencasey.com/guide For full show notes & links, visit: heyjencasey.com/218


2 Mar 2021

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68. Volume: Rachel Luna: Equity

Psychology of Entrepreneurship

What’s the difference between equity and equality? And why does it matter? Well, equality ensures that everyone has access to the same thing. Equity, however, is about getting everyone what they need to thrive. When we focus only on equality, we’re denying that there may be factors within our control, contributing to why some people aren’t thriving. And that makes ... Read More The post 68. Volume: Rachel Luna: Equity appeared first on Must Amplify.


25 Feb 2021

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26. Why Speaking Up for Yourself is a Matter of Life and Death with Rachel Luna

CEO School

In today's episode, you'll hear from Rachel Luna, Certified Master Coach, International Speaker, Forbes rated Top 11 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Follow on Instagram, and Chief Confidence Creator at RachelLuna.Biz. Rachel shares her journey with her cancer diagnosis, why we need to be our best advocate for all things, especially our health. You'll learn why you need to get clear on your identity and who you are, having a 5 year plan for your ideas, and using failure as a compass. Tune in to hear Rachel's three step faith activated method for starting an impactful journaling practice today.  Find out more about Rachel’s journaling program Faith Activated: https://www.myfaithactivated.com/ Connect with Rachel at: https://www.instagram.com/girlconfident/ Follow @ceoschool on Instagram for inspiration and exclusive behind-the-scenes you won’t find anywhere else. We also have an absolutely incredible FREE resource for you–it’s the 7 lessons we learned building 7 and 8 figure businesses, these are complete game changers and we want to give it to you, completely free. All you have to do is leave a review of the podcast–why you love listening–screenshot the review, and email it to hello@ceoschoolpodcast.com and we’ll send it your way.


19 Oct 2020

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16: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams with Rachel Luna

Let's Get Uncomfy Podcast!

Today I am joined by an AMAZING GUEST that I am so excited about!! Her name is Rachel Luna; she is a master life coach, best selling author, one of Forbes's top 11 inspiring women; she is a mom, ex-marine corps veteran, a wife, a breast cancer survivor and someone who shows up fearlessly as herself. In this episode, we dive into the work that really goes into manifesting your dreams. Rachel is a master of manifestation who shares with us her steps to becoming the person you aspire to be so that you can live the life you dream of and how you get there, girlfriend, is by taking messy action, journaling, and healing yourself. There is no quick fix formula anyone can give you to get you from A-Z and live your dream life because you are the one who holds the map. You are the one who has to heal and mess up so that you can grow, so you can level up and change the world by being your most authentic self. The world needs you to be your truest self, my friend. I promise you by taking the leap into the uncomfy and implementing the tips Rachel gave us today, you will move closer to living the life of your dreams.  Powerful moments in this personal development podcast episode: [3:10]  How Rachel is a statistic defiler [6:20] The three permission slips you need to give yourself to be the person you dream of. [11:38] How to visualize your future 15 years from now and manifest it into existence. [14:44] Why journaling is such a game-changer in getting you out of a life that is just fine and into the dream life you have been wanting. [17:00] How to get past the infestation of your subconscious beliefs. [23:44] Rachel’s three steps to manifesting. [35:20] Rachel’s Hell no & Hell yes! [40:01] Rachel’s most embarrassing moment. Links & Resources: Work with Rachel by checking out her website https://www.rachelluna.biz/ Follow Rachel on Instagram for daily inspiration and journal prompts to keep your healing journey going https://www.instagram.com/girlconfident/ Check out my latest fitness apparel or join my fitness app through my website https://www.anniefitlifefitme.com/about Get daily personal development inspiration,  mindset practices, workouts, and lifestyle fun by following me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/annie_fitlifefitme/ Get podcast updates, inspiration to boost your day and, personal growth quotes by following the Let's Get Uncomfy Podcast on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/letsgetuncomfy.podcast/ About Annie Annie Graft is the CEO of Fit Life Fit Me; she has a passion for fitness, health, and personal growth. Annie found her love of fitness through her career in the Air Force and gymnastics. Her mission is to stand for more than just fitness or workouts because life is much more than abs! She wants YOU to find what sets your heart on fire and pursue that! Your life is in YOUR hands, so get up and go after your dreams! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/annie-graft/support


24 Sep 2020