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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for George Bettany. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about George Bettany, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for George Bettany. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about George Bettany, often where they are interviewed.

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James Routledge and George Bettany | I Wasn't Strong Enough To Speak Up

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People don’t talk about mental health. In men, it is seen as a weakness. James and George are changing the perception of mental health in the workplace. They see a world where people view mental health like physical health and we want to put the world’s first mental health gym on the high street.

Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2019.

Watch James and George's full talk here: www.thedolectures.com/talks/james-routledge-and-george-bettany-i-wasnt-strong-enough-to-speak-up


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Jan 13 2020 · 19mins
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#71 - The Mental Health Gym / LIve Talk - Avec George Bettany and Hosted by Julia Cockcroft at London Business School

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This was a first.  George and I got invited to do a live talk / Q&A at London Business School's  mental health awareness week.  Below are some of the topics we spoke about / were asked about.

  1. The background of both of our businesses.
  2. How our mental health journeys tie in with our businesses.
  3. Involvement/importance of mental health in the business idea.
  4. Biggest challenge and how you overcame it/did the challenge change the course of where the business was going?
  5. Biggest success so far and what does the ultimate success look like?
  6. Biggest barrier to initially opening up the conversation about mental health?
  7. Biggest barrier to maintaining the openness of the mental health conversation? Both personal and business contexts 
  8. Methods/exercises/coaching examples which have been useful? 
  9. Stress management techniques. 
  10. Responses to The Inspiration Space/Talking Business/Sanctus podcasts. 
  11. Sleep. 
  12. The financial bottom line and ROI of mental health. 

This was great fun and has sparked up a few ideas for the future of this podcast.


May 26 2019 · 1hr 4mins

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Building The World's First Mental Health Gym - Sanctus (George Bettany & James Routledge)

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Ollie Scott, Junior Eldstål, George Bettany and James Routledge


In this episode, we meet the entrepreneurial duo behind Mental Health coaching business; George Bettany and James Routledge. We’re given a raw insight in to the duos journey with entrepreneurialism and the life lessons taught through courageousness, failure and passion.

The pair are consistently open about their journey and leave no detail spare with exactly How and Why Sanctus was founded.

Raising awareness around mental health is one thing. Changing perceptions within business and moving mental health to something we view as important as physical fitness is a completely different challenge, and one we whole heartedly agree with.

We were blown away by their chemistry as a business partnership and friendship and there is no doubt that their closeness has been a core pillar in the success Sanctus has seen so far.

A pleasure chatting to two people with such connection to their purpose and business... enjoy! 

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Apr 21 2019 · 1hr 17mins
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#114 Why being yourself is good for business with George Bettany

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What if I told you there was a mental health startup, here in the UK, who after just three years of starting, are on track to generate seven figures of revenue in 2019, without having the need to make ANY outreach sales calls, emails or cold messaging.

Who not only don't have a sales team but who also don’t pretend to be bigger than they are, and aren’t afraid to tell a potential client, “actually, we don’t know” to a question they don’t know the answer to.

Oh, and who call “clients” , “partners” and who turn down more businesses than they take on.

Would you think I'm crazy?  

Meet George Bettany, the co-founder of Sanctuss, a mental health startup on a mission to change the perception of mental health and put the first mental health gym on the high-street.  George is an incredible purpose-driven leader with a big heart who truly believes that the key to being truly successful is to find a way to be yourself, no matter what you do.  

If stand-up comedians and musicians taught us something it’s that being yourself is good for business.

It's a truly amazing conversation and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.


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Mar 08 2019 · 1hr 5mins

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#56 - Finding Your Purpose - George Bettany Co-founder of Sanctus, A Leading Organisation in Mental Health

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George Bettany, co-founder of Sanctus alongside James Routledge, has become a dear friend to me.  One of the many fantastic relationships I have built off the back of this podcast.   I first spoke to him on this show in October of 2017 just before I did the Wadi Rum Ultra.  It was Episode 7 of The Inspiration Space and it was one I was very eager to do since starting.  

Sanctus is a company that is doing some unbelievable things in the mental health scene,  The work they do in changing the perception of mental health is massive.  They are doing unbelievable work within the corporate companies they work with and I hope that it continues at the rate it currently going.

George and James are also best mates who have opened a company together.  George talks about the importance of communication in business and general life circumstances…. We also talk about some other more difficult reflective topics:

  • I ask George about his biggest success in 2018.
  • I ask George about his biggest learning curve in 2018.
  • I ask George about his biggest failure in 2018.
  • Where Sanctus is going in the next 12-18 months.  What direction are companies going in that operate in mental health?
Feb 10 2019 · 40mins
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#10 - Changing the Perception of Mental Health - George Bettany, Co-Founder of Sanctus

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“We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health. We are all just on this spectrum at different points on our journey.”

Sanctus are a community of people who believe in mental fitness. They talk openly about mental health, they talk publicly about it and champion Sanctus and it’s mission with pride. They do this by sharing their story on SanctusTV, wearing Sanctus clothing or coming to Sanctus meetups.

Sanctus work with businesses to help them create an open environment where mental health is accepted within their workplace. They do this through their workshops and by putting Sanctus coaches into businesses.

They believe that to change the current perceptions around mental health; they must make it relatable, accessible and aspirational; not dark, depressing and expensive.

Their ultimate mission is to change the perception of mental health. They see a world where people view mental health like physical health and want to put the first mental health gym on the high street.

What this episode has in store for you

“Our mission is to change the perception of mental health and try to inspire people to work on their mental health and fitness, just like you would your physical fitness. Physical fitness is a normal, everyday, positive thing that everyone should do – we think mental health should be the same. Our biggest mission is to put the world’s first mental health gym on the high street within the next five years.”

“We help people work on their mental health in a number of ways – we create space to do a number of events each year, we have coaches who work with a whole range of businesses to help try and change the conversation around mental health in the workplace, as well as helping to create a space for people within the workplace to work on their mental health.”

“James, the co-founder of Sanctus, and I met at university. We became best mates and pretty quickly started an app, which after some time of working on it, didn’t grow the way we thought it would. We realised that underneath that exciting journey of building a company, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes which is really hard, and no one talks about that part of a business usually”

“So, it was after the closure of that initial business that Sanctus came to fruition. James and I both went into jobs investing in start-ups, and it was during this time that James started to suffer from anxiety attacks in meetings. It was the first time that mental health for either of us was a thing, and neither of us understood it. For us, it was the moment where we realised that for years, even as best mates, we had never talked about these kinds of things or really known where to go when we had mental health issues. Even at this point, the perception and ill-understanding of ment

Oct 18 2017 · 44mins