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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ben Bidwell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ben Bidwell, often where they are interviewed.

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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ben Bidwell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ben Bidwell, often where they are interviewed.

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Evolving Sexual Mindset with Ben Bidwell

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In this episode of The Sexual Wellness sessions hosted by Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist Kate Moyle, we're discussing changing our sexual mindset. For my guest this week Ben Bidwell, this change in thinking about sex came from his own experience of struggling with aspects of sex. Through his difficulties with orgasm, Ben has been through a shift in the way that he thinks about sex, breaking away from the linear model of sex that we all so often assume; and challenging how he used to think and feel about sex as a concept. This conversation is about his relationship with sex, how it's changed and how he is taking this forward into his sexual and relationship future.Ben is a mindset coach, writer, public speaker and prominent voice in the mens mental health space encouraging men to connect with their authentic masculinity. As a part of opening up this conversation Ben has been very honest about his personal challenges with sex, and famously took this conversation to the This Morning Couch.This conversation was brought to you by Beducated Online Courses. With expert-backed methods and easy to follow instructions, Beducated streams video classes and sexpert advice directly to your bedroom. As a part of sponsoring this episode, Beducated are offering a free Communication Tools Video Training which you can access at http://beducate.me/km202008-cot-vt Follow Ben Bidwell on Instagram at @thenakedprofessorFollow Kate Moyle on Instagram at @katemoyletherapy Follow Beducated on Instagram at @Beducatedor to find out more about Beducated head to their website https://beducated.com/
Sep 04 2020 · 43mins
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116: CACAO & CONVOS with Ben talking about letting go of your ego so that you can experience more joy and fulfilment w/ Ben Bidwell

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In today's Cacao & Convos I'm welcomed on my sofa with the lovely Ben Bidwell and we are chatting about ego, and experiencing more joy in your life. 

This is an episode for both men AND women, and eye-opening for both. 

If you are experiencing the feelings of being 'stuck; or like you hit milestones and you still aren't getting DEEP satisfaction and enjoyment out of life, then this is the episode for you! 

You can follow Ben @thenakedprofessor 

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Jul 17 2020 · 1hr 1min

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S2 Episode #2 Ben Bidwell, The Naked Professor: “Our mess becomes our message.” [25-min listen]

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In today’s conversation we cover:

*how we can use these times as an opportunity to become better people; to recognise and live more in tune with our values, to change habits that don’t serve us, to educate ourselves, and to use any privilege we have to make a positive impact

*how connecting to a long-term purpose can help us better withstand short-term pain

*how to deal with overwhelm and people pleasing

*why a safe life is often an uninspiring one

*why Ben’s purpose is to show up everyday ‘without fear of failure, rejection or embarrassment’

Jun 25 2020 · 25mins
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#044 Ego, masculinity and relationships (with Ben Bidwell AKA The Naked Professor)

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Ben Bidwell, better known as @TheNakedProfessor, is a mindset & purpose coach, public speaker and a podcast host. 

Ben talks experiences in the world, concerning vulnerability ego and knowing what is important. Ben talks about his journey too, including how he was prompted to work with a coach because of a physical difficulty he had around sex. After that, Ben started to look deeper into his life. Ben believes that in his search of masculine status he had learned to bury my emotions, lost authenticity and lacked self-love as a result. This podcast shows a change from that and how he lives life now. 

Sponsored by BetterYou: http://betteryou.com/

Jun 17 2020 · 1hr 43mins

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How to stay positive during the crisis - Simon Dent & Ben Bidwell

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About the guests:

Simon Dent
Simon Dent is a former sports lawyer and founder of Dark Horses, a sports marketing agency. Simon had experience of mental health problems in his 20s and after launching a couple of failed businesses he finally got it right with Dark Horses. Dark Horses, the sports creative agency, is the fifth fastest-growing creative agency in the world.

Ben Bidwell
Ben, otherwise known as The Naked Professor, is a mindset coach, writer & public speaker who is pioneering a revolution to change the stigma about mental health. He invites his audience to connect more with their emotions whilst empowering the men in the room to retain their authentic masculinity.

What we discussed
  • Introduction – who are our guests and how did they get to where they are
  • Impact – how has COVID impacted on a fast-growing agency?
  • Challenges – what have been the biggest challenges this crisis has created for the agency?
  • Opportunities – have there been any opportunities arise from the pandemic?
  • Team – what has been the impact on the team? How should you lead others remotely?
  • Future – how do we look to the future and stay positive?
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May 06 2020 · 23mins
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EP47: The Key To Deep and Meaningful Connections (Part 2) Featuring Ben Bidwell

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We’re back with PART TWO of a phenomenal episode with Ben Bidwell, a man relentless in his pursuit of educating men on the importance of connecting with their feelings - after he burned out chasing big and impressive goals that didn’t truly inspire him.

In PART ONE we shared our personal journeys, and how we learned that you can not have courage without being vulnerable. We also explore why a lack of vulnerability results in poor connections.

If you’ve missed PART ONE you can listen to EP39

In PART TWO we go deeper into how you can be more vulnerable. Sharing what we’ve learned from our experience and teaching you how to spot when you’re off track.

*Key Topics in PART TWO*⁠

> Signs you aren’t being vulnerable

> Why vulnerability is the key to great connections

> How to be more vulnerable and create the connections you desire

Connect With The Naked Professor:

Instagram: @thenakedprofessor

Website: https://thenakedprofessor.me/

Connect With Authentic Dating Series:

Instagram: @authenticdatingseries

Website: https://www.authenticdatingseries.com/

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Apr 22 2020 · 55mins
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EP39: The Key To Deep and Meaningful Connections (Part 1) Featuring Ben Bidwell

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[EP39: The Key to Deep and Meaningful Connection with Ben - The Naked Professor]

We’re big advocates of men getting in touch with their emotions and expressing how they really feel. It’s always a pleasure to meet like-minded gentlemen such as Ben Bidwell a.k.a 'The Naked Professor' who switched from running a Tech company to championing men & their emotions. We caught up with Ben to find out why it’s powerful for men to know how they feel. This is Part 1 of a two-part episode as there’s so much valuable gold that we spoke for more 90 mins in total!

Key Topics in Part One:

*Why you can’t have courage without vulnerability

*Our personal journeys to discovering the importance of feeling

*How a lack of vulnerability equals a lack of connection with others.

Connect With The Naked Professor:

Instagram: @thenakedprofessor

Website: https://thenakedprofessor.me/

Connect With Authentic Dating Series:

Instagram: @authenticdatingseries

Website: https://www.authenticdatingseries.com/

FREE GUIDE: 8 BIG MISTAKES Men Make on Dating Apps - Download

Upcoming events: 

MAN UP! Uplifting Talks for Men - 26th of March, London: Tickets Here

Deeper Dating - Speed Dating where Chemistry Begins - April 8th, London: Tickets Here

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Mar 04 2020 · 44mins
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Ben Bidwell: Let's talk about sex, baby!

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In today’s episode I’m talking to Ben Bidwell. You may know Ben as @thenakedprofessor, and you may not know his face at, just his naked bum! The clue is in the name, Ben really does pose naked in his Instagram photos and as you’ll find out in this episode there is sound reasoning as to why he does this.

I heard Ben on another podcast and something he said really stuck out for me and I contacted him right away to ask if he’d like to discuss it further on STATE OF MIND. He said that the last piece in his healing journey was resolving the issue he has around sex.

This really resonated with me and in our discussion on this episode I found that my eyes were being opened to the fact that sex isn’t always easy for men. For so long I’ve just thought that it’s us women that have the hang ups, the reservations, the lack of self-confidence but my eyes were truly opened talking to Ben and I’m very grateful to him for that.

For more details on Ben and to learn about his life coaching practice go find him on instagram @thenakedprofessor As ever, if you enjoy this episode I would be beyond grateful if you could help me to spread the word about state of mind by sharing the episode to your instagram stories and subscribing to the podcast via the Apple Podcasts App.



Feb 10 2020 · 44mins
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'Challenging Masculinity'...'Life Fulfilment'...big topics with Ben Bidwell aka The Naked Professor

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Masculinity...what does it take to be a man in this day and age? Happiness...is it the same as 'fulfillment' and how do we find it? This is a most mega episode...we cover these topics and compare ideas of traditional masculinity with toxic masculinity and then masculinity 2.0...!

Why is it that so many people feel empty today? Is society teasing us with the wrong emotional goals...and in doing so have we disconnected with who we truly are deep down? Ben is a master in discussing these big themes...but don't worry, we also have a laugh along the way! I really hope you enjoy this episode and get a lot from it...this conversation, and many like it, have certainly helped me. 

Nov 28 2019 · 1hr
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Ep.19 - Ben Bidwell challenges masculinity and how we can remove our masks to be happier

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1) What caused you to start looking and challenging masculinity?

2) What is masculinity to you?

3) What are the problems faced by men today?

4) What masks did you wear and what about now?

5) Do men have to be perfect?

6) What do you do to become less worried by the stereotype of men?

7) What kind of man succeeds today?

8) What would you say to the typical guy who was raised in the 80's masculinity?

9) How do you think this change effects relationships and society as a whole?

Check out Ben on instagram @thenakedprofessor

Get your questions in for future episodes by hitting me up on instagram @david.birtwistle

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Nov 26 2019 · 58mins