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Finanzas y espiritualidad con Chioma Njoku


¿Qué es el dinero? ¿Qué piensas de él? En este episodio platicamos con la  propietaria y operadora principal en “The Mindful Bookkeeper.” Contadora y asesora financiera, cuya misión es ayudar a los dueños de negocios a ser conscientes de todo lo que puede influir e impactar sus finanzas. Con la atención plena (conciencia), los dueños de negocios están mejor equipados para mantener una mayor parte del dinero que tanto les costó ganar en el banco sin sacrificar las cosas que aman. Espero que disfruten de esta charla que estoy seguro puede impactarte


7 Jan 2021

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Ep. 91 - Money Mindset with Chioma Njoku

In My Non-Expert Opinion

Today’s episode is about the money mindset. Chioma Njoku is an expert financial coach who uses her experience and even her failures, to help other people have a better mentality regarding finances. We touch on: Not feeling bad about investing in yourself first Using credit cards to your advantage How a state of constant gratitude actually brings abundance What to do if you keep overspending your budget The book that Chioma mentions is “Profit First”, by Mike Michalowicz. Also, be sure to check out the Master Your Money Masterclass, where you will learn what is REALLY causing you to struggle with money. Hint: It is not because you are bad with money and buy too many coffees!  At the end of the workshop, you’ll remove those barriers and prioritize your desires, not someone else’s. Connect with Chioma at: Instagram: @mindfullychioma Facebook Biz Page: @mindfullychioma Website: The Mindful Bookkeeper You can also join Chelsea’s Facebook Group “Reframe Your Mindset to Change Your Life” for podcast interviews, livestreams, discussions and many other resources. Follow Chelsea: @chelseariffe + @nonexpertopinionpod, visit www.inmynonexpertopinion.com, or write into hello@inmynonexpertopinion.com

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5 Nov 2020

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Money, purpose, and freedom with Chioma Njoku

Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast

Transform and transcend the “broke yoga teacher” narrative by taking a closer look at some of the common misunderstandings yoga teachers have about yoga, money, and being of service.  Episode Highlights:  The real reason yoga teachers struggle with money The number one mistake yoga teachers make when it comes to their money  The relationship between money and happiness  Pricing conversations and how to set your prices with confidence  What yoga teachers can do about resistance they feel around looking at their finances  The incredible opportunity that exists for yoga teachers with regards to the opportunity gap Links & Resources Become a patron of the yoga teacher resource podcast to support ad-free episodes and receive bonus content Join the Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group Sign up for Mado's email list and get a free download of 100 yoga class themes How to Price Your Offerings podcast episode Chioma’s website The Mindful Bookkeeper 


5 Nov 2020

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Money & Spirituality with Chioma Njoku

Life On Earth Podcast

Chioma Njoku is a successful financial coach and yoga teacher based out of Chicago, Illinois who is all about mindset, spirituality, and of course, money. She currently works with individuals and is looking to expand into working with groups in the future. Chioma tells us her background and how she went from the world of corporate accounting into fully embracing the power and spirituality of being a yoga teacher. Limited beliefs are a huge factor for many people when it comes to finances. Chioma discusses how she broke through her own limited beliefs and now manifests money on a daily basis. Furthermore, Chioma helps others to achieve the same by challenging their own beliefs and discovering their “money story.” Surrounding yourself with people who share the same financial views and goals as you can help reinforce your positive money vibes. Seasons have a purpose and signify regrowth. Nathalie asks how someone that is struggling to find their value can get clear on their purpose, and Chioma shares her tips and insights. The topic of money should be more normalized and we should be comfortable enough to talk about it as though it’s not a big deal. “Master Your Money” is Chioma’s masterclass that combines mindset and skillset to bring some peace around finances to help you to enjoy your life and hard-earned money. Connect with Chioma: www.themindfulbookkeeper.com/ Instagram: @mindfullychioma www.facebook.com/mindfullychioma www.shantiyogatrainingschool.com Join Nathalie's Friday Highlights HERE www.livinglifeinlight.com IG @shantiyogatrainingschool @nathaliecroix www.nathaliecroix.com

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7 Jul 2020

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Diving Deep into the Money of Yoga with Chioma Njoku

Mastering the Business of Yoga

This week on the podcast, I am re-joined by Chioma Njoku from The Mindful Bookkeeper! On this episode, Chioma and I dive deep into the money side of yoga once again. We talk about what Chioma has been up to since we last chatted in October 2018 and dive into why your relationship with money is important, how we can start to understand the emotional side of money and start bringing an abudance mindset into our personal and professional lives, as well as tips for starting to create a better relationship with money. Enjoy! ----- The FavYogis app is back with new features for teachers that let you create and manage your own private classes while making payment and registration a breeze. Find FavYogis on your app store and use code MBOM. ----- Punchpass has everything you need & nothing you don’t at a price you can afford. Their software is simple, yet powerful. So if you’re looking for support from easy-to-use software with great people behind it, visit punchpass.com/mbom to try Punchpass free for 2 weeks.

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20 Jan 2020

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Chioma Njoku from The Mindful Bookkeeper on The Money Side of Yoga

Mastering the Business of Yoga

This week on the podcast I am joined by Chioma (Chi) Njoku from The Mindful Bookkeeper. Chi is a business woman turned yoga teacher. After 6 months of teaching yoga full-time, Chi found that she couldn't create a sustainable living just off of her studio classes. She was frustrated and disheartened by the yoga industry. Then, after hearing too much "You can't make money in the yoga industry" and "I'll just do it for free", Chi decided to start her own business - The Mindful Bookkeeper - to help people begin to understand the power of money stories, relationships with money, and that it's okay to make money in your business!  On this episode, we talk about the money side of the yoga industry, why it's okay to make money as a yoga teacher, how to overcome your money stories, and much more.  Enjoy! This episode of the podcast is brought to you by OfferingTree. Most wellness professionals struggle with creating a website and a digital presence, so OfferingTree created easy to use software that guides yoga teachers through the process in about 30 minutes. That’s right, you can have a website in 30 minutes!  OfferingTree’s website tools allow teachers to put their schedule on their own branded website and allows their students to book classes and even pay online.  Your OfferingTree website will have a whole host of other tools to help you be a successful teacher like newsletter and a blog, website traffic analytics, search engine optimization, client communication tools and more.  OfferingTree really does make it simple to have a website and takes care of the tech side of teaching.  So if you’ve been putting off creating a website because you think it will be a headache, you should really give them a try.  To get started on your website today checkout offeringtree.com/mbom. Again, check out offeringtree.com/mbom to create your new website today.

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1 Oct 2018