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Episode 303 - Garrett Tichy [Hygge]

Influencing Entrepreneurs

Garrett Tichy shares his experiences starting the company Hygge


11 Jul 2022

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catching up with garrett tichy

Zero To Ten

It's time for our 6 month check-in with hygge owner Garrett Tichy. In this episode we dive into our recent acquisition of Advent Coworking, talk about reviving community and share what it's like to grow a small team quickly.


31 May 2022

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Casual Babble #2: Business Ownership & Pandemic Survival ft. Garrett Tichy

Casual Babble

BC Babbles sits down with Garrett Tichy, owner and founder of Hygge Coworking in Charlotte, NC. Garrett opens up about owning a business through a pandemic and what he sees down the road for his ground-breaking company. We also discuss the issue of "Who keeps stealing the silverware?"


1 May 2022

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Garrett Tichy gives us an update

Zero To Ten

We sat down with hygge coworking owner Garrett Tichy to get a bit of a state of the union on business as the year begins. Hear what he's proud of over the last 6 months and where he plans to take the business this year. 


31 Jan 2022

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Garrett Tichy talks coworking post-pandemic

Zero To Ten

We sat down with hygge's owner Garrett Tichy to get an update on business as coworking adjusts to life opening up after the pandemic. He shares more about what hygge coworking faced during the pandemic and how we are still working through it all now as a small team of three. 


5 Jul 2021

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Separated and Dating with Garrett Tichy

Malaprops & Moxie

"What if we just say exactly what we feel?" Garrett Tichy walks us through this episode's malaprop in real life on being separated...and dating.  When do you decide to get back out there? Do you remember how to flirt? What are the rules after 12 years of being out of the game. We talk about all this and more. Happy listening!


8 Feb 2021

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Human Touch: Resilience with Garrett Tichy

Interact Studio

Join us for Human Touch, our bi-weekly virtual seminar series, on Thursday, January 28, 11:00-11:30am EST as we chat with Garrett Tichy, the owner of hygge coworking & co-founder of smpl coworking software, on the topic of "Resilience."????Garrett knows firsthand the impact that COVID-19 has created on small businesses and how much entrepreneurs large and small have had to rely on their own resilience over the past year.??


29 Jan 2021

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Garrett Tichy talks surviving a pandemic

Zero To Ten

"When you start to talk about stuff being really bad, I don't have a solution. I don't know what to do, and I don't know how to ask for help. I don't have a logical path forward because the landscape is changing every day." We've shared often over the past few months how the pandemic has affected small businesses and nonprofits we love, but we haven't given a ton of details on how we've been affected as a coworking space. This week on Zero to Ten we've got an extra special, long episode with hygge's founder and owner Garrett Tichy, and we get into the nitty gritty of what 2020 was like for us. He'll talk about our losses, how the tumultuous environment has affected his mental health, the decision to take on debt or not, and share the pretty grim, frank reality that there is no telling what the next few months will bring and if our small business will survive. It's not the cheeriest episode we've ever published, but it is one of the most realistic.


12 Jan 2021

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How I Got Into Co-Working with Garrett Tichy

At Home With Jonathan Osman

Garrett Tichy is the founder of one of the Charlotte area's most successful co-working businesses.  Not only is it where Tryon Realty Partners is based, Hygge is home to hundreds of smaller and emerging businesses. This week, hear from Garrett how he got into co-working, learn about Hygge and what he is working on for 2020.  


24 Feb 2020

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Garrett Tichy on life. Heavy.

Zero To Ten

"I think 2020 has a lot of bright, shiny things potential in the horizon but also has an incredible amount of work ahead of it for myself," he told host Mary Johnson. We recorded this episode a few weeks ago on Garrett's birthday, so we got to hear a lot of his outlook on the new year and on him turning 36. It's a damn good episode - and we're not just saying that because he's the one who pays the bills. 


27 Jan 2020