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A Pen And A Napkin-Book Club #37 "Great Teams" by Don Yaeger Pillar II

A Pen And A Napkin

In Part II of this 4-part Book Club series, we take a look at Pillar II of Don Yaeger's "Great Teams", which is Effective Management. When we look at our teams, we have to look at them from the perspective of their "boss", and the strategies and leadership styles it takes to get our players to "go to work" every day, build a great and deep staff and develop camaraderie!


9 Jun 2021

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A Pen And A Napkin-Book Club #36 "Great Teams" By Don Yaeger Pillar I

A Pen And A Napkin

In Don Yaeger's "Great Teams", we break down the essential qualities that a "Great Team" should possess to be considered great. These 16 qualities, broken down into four pillars, will help you figure out what you should be looking for to identify and/or build a great team, whether that is in sports or business. Over the next four weeks, we'll take a look at each pillar, starting with Pillar I, finding our "why"!


2 Jun 2021

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Episode 138: #138: Don Yaeger of Greatness, Inc — Storytelling: The Currency of Kings and Queens

Sales Leadership Podcast

Simon Sinek has called Don Yaeger the "Greatest Storyteller of our Time." Don joins us this week with a MasterClass on storytelling. Don has created a workbook for all listeners of the Sales Leadership Podcast. To get it, send an email to Don@donyaeger.com with the subject line of "Sales Leadership Podcast-Storytelling" and Don's team will send you the workbook right away. Get your free trial of Skipio's text messaging platform at www.skipio.com and use the promo code of springfree.


28 Apr 2021

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Weekend Pod: Don Yaeger

The Beat of Sports

On this weeks edition of The Beat Of Sports: Weekend Pod, we are joined by the author Don Yaeger to discuss his new book, Turning Of The Tide. Which chronicles the history 1970 college football game between USC and Alabama.


18 Sep 2020

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#04:9 Formula for an Invaluable Teammate with Don Yaeger

System & Soul

There's a formula for greatness - Walter Payton knew it, so does Michael Jordan, David Ross, and Lindsey Vonn.  In this episode, Don Yaeger, former editor for Sports Illustrated, 11-time New York Times best-selling author and leadership speaker, joins us to discuss how to be a good storyteller and what makes a great teammate from decades of interviews and research with some of the greatest athletes and leaders in the world. This episode is sponsored by Round Table Companies. They guide leaders, teams, and individuals to tell their stories and help shape a new world. Write your book, inspire your team, or bring a new purpose to your brand. Let’s work together to create your greatest impact. Visit RoundTableCompanies.com to get started. Resources: DonYaeger.com


21 Jul 2020

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The Business of Creating Legacies with Don Yaeger

INspired INsider Podcast

Don Yaeger is an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, and an eleven-time New York Times best-selling author. He has published more than two dozen books and has profiled some top leaders, athletes, coaches such as John Wooden, Walter Payton, Michael Jordan, and many more. In this episode… “Make each day your masterpiece.” This is Don Yaeger’s favorite quote from Coach John Wooden, and he tries to live by it by choosing to write books that can only be described as a masterpiece. Don has published 11 books that have landed him as a New York Times best-selling author and he intends to continue writing stories with meaning and impact. He is intent on creating legacies that will leave an impression on people’s lives and he is able to do this through the multiple hats he wears that allows him to touch people's lives, and quite possibly, to share it through a book. Join Dr. Jeremy Weisz in this episode of Inspired Insider as he interviews 11-time New York Times best selling author, Don Yaeger, about his work, his relationship with his mentors, and the stories he tells through his books. Tune in as Don shares how John Wooden and Mike Krzyzewski have influenced his life, his one-on-one basketball game with Michael Jordan, and the book he has written that left an impression on him that says, “this should be turned into a movie.”


7 Jul 2020

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Episode 162: Thriving In Chaos: Mindset and Teamwork, with Don Yaeger

The Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast|Real Estate Investing

Don Yaeger is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated, and author of over 30 books, eleven of which have become New York Times Best-sellers. He began his career at the San Antonio Light in Texas, and also worked at the Dallas Morning News and the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville before going to work for Sports Illustrated. As an author, Don has written books with, among others, Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton, UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden, baseball legends John Smoltz and Tug McGraw, and football stars Warrick Dunn and Michael Oher (featured in the movie The Blind Side). He teamed with Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade to pen the 2013 best-seller George Washington’s Secret Six, a look at the citizen spy ring that helped win the Revolutionary War and then again in 2015 for Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War that Changed American History, and in 2017 for Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle that Shaped America’s Destiny. Don left Sports Illustrated in 2008 to pursue a public speaking career that has allowed him to share stories learned from the greatest winners of our generation with audiences as diverse as Fortune 10 companies to cancer survivor groups, where he shares his personal story. More than a quarter-million people have heard his talks on “What Makes the Great Ones Great.” He collaborated with the Florida State University School of Business’s Continuing Education Program to build a corporate webinar program focusing on lessons building a culture of success within an organization. This naturally led to another keynote speech on “What Makes the Great Teams Great.” The release of his tenth New York Times best-seller, Teammate, was the inspiration for his newest keynote on “What Makes a Great Teammate: Becoming Invaluable Without Being Most Valuable.” What you’ll learn about in this episode: Why chaos is unavoidable and unpredictable, and why having the right mindset to face challenges is an important component of a great team Why not knowing when your current challenges will end means you have to act as if they will go forever and adjust your plans accordingly Why teams go through certain phases during challenges: the rally phase, the “this is hard” phase, the “fracture” phase, and the “need for grace” phase Why tough times should be treated like a “cancelled flight” rather than a “delayed flight”, and why your team should make plans around the current environment Why great leaders need to stay strong even during tough times, demonstrating hope to keep their teams motivated, and why regular check ins with your team members is key What steps you can take to form your own mastermind group with other entrepreneurs facing the same challenges you are Why it is important to limit your exposure to the news of the day to help maintain a healthy and positive mindset Why being disciplined and making a plan for yourself can help you keep your focus on getting through these challenges Why you should be asking yourself now what the world might look like after the pandemic is over, so that you can be better prepared and make better decisions Why the elements of high performing teams will be the same in the future but may be executed differently due to changes caused by the pandemic Resources: Website: http://donyaeger.com/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/donyaeger/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/donyaeger Additional resources: Email: support@SmartRealEstateCoach.com Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoachPodcast.com/webinar Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoachPodcast.com/termsbook Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoach.com/QLS/ Free Chapter: https://smartrealestatecoach.com/thriving/ Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast Sponsor: Paul G. Dion CPA, CTC


1 May 2020

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Don Yaeger

Live Your Best Life

“Always try to find one question that will make you better.” Don Yaeger’s father told him.And so he did. Over the course of his career as a journalist for Sports Illustrated, Don asked one question of everyone he interviewed, approximately 2,500 times.Don transformed his life through storytelling, moving from journalist, to best-selling author, and now to motivational speaker. Join us for his story and his take on the sports world in the midst of COVID-19. #liveyourbestlife @donyaegerIf you have a guest idea, or want to learn more about Brunner Communications, contact Liz at info@LizBrunner.com.


29 Apr 2020

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08 Don Yaeger, Author of "Shark Attack" - March 19, 2020

Rise and Fall of The Rebels

Ron Futrell talks to Don Yaeger about his experiences in Las Vegas while writing the book "Shark Attack".


19 Mar 2020

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LeadershipLIVE™ - Don Yaeger


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